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The seemingly endless tower created by a God calls many Warriors for whoever reaches the top will be given a prize.

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Part 1

A massive black tower sprouts from the ground, raising up past the clouds, A man dressed in black and purple armor stands atop the tower and calls out to the world: Mortals of the world, I've come to give you a chance of a life time...For those with an ounce of competence within their thick skull, come to the entrance of Eternity Fall Tower and try to receive a reward beyond your wildest dreams"

CHAPTER 1 Challenges of Floor 1

After just one day, dozens of challengers came to the large golden doors leading into the tower where the being in the noble warrior armor stood before them, long purple hair going down his back with golden eyes.

One young pair stood in the front of the crowd, Nori Oyama and Zera Yumi. Both were 19 years old; Nori was a male with black hair brushed to the right with hazel brown eyes. He wore a long sleeve brown shirt with blue jeans and black shoes with red lines. Zera had long light-brown hair with green eyes. She wore a gray tracksuit with pink shoes. Both had battle training from the same master: Nori Ultama, an elderly man that studied Shinzuro; a form of fighting that awakens the inner-potential of the user depending on the mastery of the user...


"To become a Shinzuro master you must open your mind to the possibilities of the world. Don't allow defeat and doubt to limit your potentials. Negative thoughts will shrink your capabilities as a warrior. True power, comes from the hope and happiness of the fighter"

End of Flashback

"Welcome mortals, I've called you all here for one reason...the power of a god...For the one that reaches the top of this tower, they will fight one last warrior. If they manage to defeat them, they will gain the power of a deity and use it however they like without restraint"

"Heh, sounds simple enough. With my power I should be able to destroy the competition with ease" Many looked to see a man with short white hair, blue eyes dressed in a tux. "You all have no chance, my power far exceeds you all noobs"

"So then, let us begin the challenge, you all will work your way through each floor, fighting either monsters or fellow contestants until one of you has reached the top for the final battle. I wish all you mortals good luck" With that the gate opened revealing a rift of light. The crowd of warriors rushed inside ready to meet the challenge.

Nori Oyoma found himself in a large rocky terrain instead of a small tower floor. "Strange, this must be some kind of illusion by that god who created this tower. Never the less, I should be capable of defeating anything or anyone that I face here" As the young warrior walked through the sand covered plains, a rift of purple mana formed out in the distance, demonic wolfs with black fur with lava seeping from their bodies and fire from their eyes emerged from the rift.

"Hmph, demon hounds...should be easy enough to deal with" The pack of wolves charged the young fighter as loud growls echoed throughout the area. (Strike pose 1...Normal melee strike) With a swift strike, Nori punched one of the demons in the jaw, sending it smashing into a large bolder just 20 feet away. "Who's next?" That's when three at once lunged right for him. Oyoma put his palms up preparing himself for the coming attackers.

"Strike pose 2: Smashing Blow!" Seconds before his targets could reach him, he leapt up into the air before coming back down with a devastating blow to the ground. All three of them were sent staggering backwards as the plains were breaking apart.

"Come now is that the best you creatures can do?"

Meanwhile Zera Yumi found herself in an endless void with only a tiled floor in view beneath her feet. "What? Where am I? Nori?...anyone?" Suddenly a cyborg stepped out of a rift just like the wolves had. It basically looked like a skeleton made out of metal with red eyes. She watched as it turned it's hand into a semi-machine gun, firing off dozens of bullets per second. With her skills in agility she was fast enough to evade the barrage of bullets as she charged toward him while dodging them just seconds before contact.

Once in range she struck the cyborg with an uppercut with all her strength. A shockwave of immense force shook the void but hadn't done much damage to her opponent. Zera found herself jumping back before her target could grab her. "Damn it, why didn't that have any effect on him? Surely a piece of metal isn't that strong" In a sudden movement the robot advanced right for her, sending a massive blow to her abdomen with incredible power.

Zera went staggering backwards across the tiled-floor before stopping herself, sliding a few feet. (There's no question, his offensive power is nearly equal to his defense. This may be the 1st floor but he seems far overpowered to be the first opponent. "I hope Nori is doing better than me right now"

Meanwhile Nori found himself surrounded by the wolves. Many of the demonic hounds were badly wounded but wouldn't succumb to their injuries. (Shit, how are they still getting backup? At this rate I'll have to use one of my advanced Shinzuro techniques. Though some attacks use a lot of energy therefore could leave me defenseless)

"Shinzuro style: Lighting strike!" Ascending into the air, he put his index and middle finger together aiming it toward the horde of beasts. Suddenly dark clouds formed over the bronze plains as golden lightning strikes came down nearly Instantaneously, electrocuting each and every hound in the area. Nori landed back on the rocky terrain to find every one of them laying on their side with electricity still surging around their corpses.

"Good, looks like that took care of them, to I get to the next floor?" In an abrupt flash of light all the deceased enemies became a flow of red mana, slowly swirling together creating a red shard that slowly floated over to it's victor. Oyama watched as the shard floated in his palm. "Hmm, I'm not sure what this is for but I'll hold on to it" Placing the strange item in his pocket, the entire environment turned to a white void for a moment before becoming a large city but with no life or vehicles in sight.

Zera stood covered in wounds as her combatant aimed it's fingers in her direction, each finger with a red laser sight pointed toward her torso. "Crap, at this rate I won't even make it past the first floor...No, I will use my signature technique to destroy this pile of scrap metal!" Charging right for the cyborg her body became outlined in a violet light. "Shinzuro Style one: Potential release gate one!"

She could feel immense power surging through her. It fired of beams of energy from each finger at high speed but couldn't keep up with the girl's boosted speed. "Potential release gate two!" The outline suddenly became flame-like energy as her capabilities were pushed farther beyond her body's limit.

"Target lost" The robotic foe commented unable to locate the girl. "Shinzuro strike level 3!" With her multiplied speed and strength, she struck the creature in the abdomen, causing it to break into dozens of pieces from the sheer force of her attack. All the pieces went shooting in random directions. Meanwhile Zera fell to her knees as her legs gave out on her. "I did it! But what do I do know? Even if I knew the way out of here, I'm too weak to continue fighting"

At that moment a ray of light filled the void above her. A man with white long hair dressed in golden armor descended down to her placing his hand upon her bruised cheek. She could only watch with wide eyes as her body flashed in a faint green light before vanishing. She realized her injuries were gone and she could stand up again.

"T-thank you" She said as the man vanished in a flash of light. Once they were gone, she was brought to the city where she found Nori walking through the never-ending streets. "Nori! I'm so glad I found you!" She ran over and hugged him when Oyama felt something, as if someone was nearby.

"Oh, how sweet, is this brother and sister reunion? Or perhaps longtime friends? Do tell I'm forever interested to know" Both turned to face a street bench where a man dressed in black with blood-red hair that went down his back sat. They noticed he was also wearing make up like a clown, his face was pale with red lips and pink eyeliner. Nori stood in front of his friend to guard her.

"Aww what's wrong? Can't the poor girl fight herself? Or must she be protected by a man her whole life" She clinched her fist in anger when their target dashed forward. Oyama closed his eyes, feeling for the man's faint power...Instantly he spun around, throwing a punch right past Zera hitting the assailant square in the face. Yumi jumped back while her partner just waited for their opponent.

"Hehe, not bad. I'm quite impressed. That attack you threw was very...stimulating. I'm afraid I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Otoki Keozuma. I want to reach the top of the tower and see what lies atop this mysterous tower. If I am to do that, heh, I'm afraid I can't let either of you get past me" With that Otoki pulled out a handful of daggers in both hands. "Now the real game begins" He threw every dagger toward Nori, each one flying at great speed.

"Don't worry, I'm just getting started! Shadow art: Dagger duplication!" The dozens of daggers were now multiplied to the point it seemed like hail raining down on the young hero. However, Oyama didn't give up he waited a moment longer before clapping both hands together closing his eyes...

"Defensive art: Physic barrier!" Each projectile struck a transparent dome protecting him as they deflected-off the barrier hitting the ground. Otoki smirked with his arms crossed. "Well, well, to think you'd stop my attack so easily. Just how much power are you hiding from me? Let's see just how much power I can make you reveal to me"

This time Keozuma cinched his fits as black flames surrounded his body. "Come! Cry of the black dragons!" Two black dragon spirts made of the flames manifested as one went for both heroes. Zera jumped out of the way just as the left dragon charged right for her opening it's mouth to catch her. It hit the street creating a large crack before quickly shooting straight up for her. Yumi placed her hands together taking a deep breath. Once she couldn't take anymore, she exhaled it all at once, a vast force of air hit the creature.

The dragon was slowed but only for a mere moment before it continued forward unleashing a breath of blue flames. Zera was engulfed in the flames, impacting a small flower shop below. Immense burning went all throughout her body as she got up. Her assailant was getting ready to attack again but the burning was nearly too much to handle.

Meanwhile Nori evaded each head-butt the dragon threw at him. Oyama noticed his ally was in trouble and took off right for her. "Oh no you don't!" Otoki sent both spirits for the young fighter, one between him and Yumi while the other was catching up from behind. Both dragons realized a wave of blue fire from both sides of him. "Shinzuro: Gate one!" The man watched as a red aura lit up around the boy's body, his speed surpassing both dragon's and their wave of flames.

"Shinzuro: Gate two!" As Nori's aura whipped around him he aimed his palm toward both spirits. "HIKARI DARAKU" (Light of damnation) A ray of light came down from the sky washing over the city before slowly fading. Once the light had cleared, they noticed the dragons had been wiped out by Oyama's attack. He stood protecting Yumi with his palm still out in front of him when his feet finally gave out on him. Nori fell to one knee, his powerful aura now gone.

"D-damn, that took a greater toll on my body then I thought it would" She watched as her ally collapsed from the stress on his body. "My, my seems the poor boy pushed his body too far. He hasn't been transported from the I assume this fight's to the death. Very well. Allow me to go all out for such a match between such fascinating foes. I doubt many other participants will give me the rush that boy did. demonic form!"

Keozuma's hair had turned black, his skin became gray and his eyes became blue and red. "It's been three years since I've had to use this. So then, what will you do girl? Will you fight? Or will you stand there and die with him. Cursed Art: Shadow demons!" Yumi watched as three doppelgangers made out of dark energy manifested next to Otoki. "If you can't even match my base form, what makes you think you can even give my final form a challenge!?"

She looked at her partner who was still unconscious. A tear ran down her cheek as she clinched her fist. "I-I won't let you kill my Nori, I-I love him too much for either of us to die here!" She charged the group of opponents with her fist glowing with aqua blue mana. Keozuma stood and watched as his clones protected him from the young girl's attacks. She threw a barrage of punches but were either dodged or blocked by the three shadows.

"Come girl, you want to save your friend, don't you?" With an instant step he moved past his clones, striking the hero in the abdomen with such force, she could feel the force go through her ribs and out her back like a blast of wind. A faint cough of blood escaped her lips before she was sent crashing through a hotel with several glass windows shattering with shards of glass flying in random direction.

She could feel her body filling with pain but still managed to get backup. "I...I can't lose here" More blood dripped from her lips as she stood shaking with a puddle of her own blood beneath her feet. "No...i'm not finished...i...will push past my limit! With great speed she flew back to her target. Shinzuro...Gate four!" A crack formed across her face emanating her aura's blue light as she reached Otoki, throwing an instant strike right for him.

Neither of his clones had time to protect him from the coming attack. The force of her blow was so powerful, it sent Keozuma smashing into the barrier of the illusion of the city. "Hehe, wow. Does this mean she's even stronger than the boy? This might get interesting" Cracking his shoulder back in place, he soared through the sky back to the city where she was taking on both clones of Otoki.

"Heaven's shield!" Throwing her left palm out, a yellow shockwave of light sent both targets impacting a tower causing it to fall, pieces of it raining down. (I can't keep this up much long. At first, I was relying on adrenaline, now I'm beginning to feel the consequences of using a gate above my level. Never the less, I must defeat him. Even if it means only Oyama moves on)

Clapping her palms together she created a clone of her made of a golden aura. It took off right for Otoki while Yumi knelt down beside her childhood friend who was beginning to move but still out-cold. Placing her hand upon the boy's cheek, she began transferring her multiplied power inside him. A flow of blue light flowed inside him. "With my power nearly 30 times higher, this should boost him just enough to fight against Otoki. This...will be the rest of my power"

As she completed the transfer, Keozuma came soaring across the city at such speed, the sheer force caused windows to shatter like bullets. "Insolent welp, I've been nice and playful with both of you...but my patience has run out! Prepare to die along with the accursed boy!" She attempted to jump back in response to the coming attack but wasn't quick enough. The villain struck her with a blade made of his fierce mana. Blood gushed from her chest as the light began to fade from her eyes.

"No-ri..." Oyama came to as the girl's body began to crack apart into wisps of blue light. "Zera! Though his body was still badly wounded, he managed to get to his feet with his partner's energy flowing through him, his body shaking from all the immense power within him. Yumi vanished before Nori's eyes.

Rage filled him as he clinched his fist turning to Keozuma. "How dare dare you! I wanted to reach the top with her and you've ruined it! Gate three: Divine gate!" As golden energy swarmed around him. "I can only use this power once since it was transferred, but I won't let it go to waste"

"Hmph, your friend is gone, what can you possibly do?" A smirk grew across his gray face as he threw his left hand up toward the sky. Oyama saw hundreds of swords made of red light aa they began falling like rain. Closing his eyes the young martial artist sensed the signature of each coming projectile. It was as if time had slowed down as Nori advanced for his foe, evading each blade as if it were nothing. "It's over!" Aiming his palm just two feet from Keozuma, he unleashed a wave of gold light, far stronger than anything he could do alone.

"Shit! Noooo!" Overwhelmed by Nori's power, Otoki was utterly obliterated by his power. Once the assailant was killed, Oyama felt the last of Yumi's power leave his body. Finally, the large city revered back to a gray dark tower rom. "Just need-some sleep" with that the young participant collapsed onto the cold dark floor...

CHAPTER 2 Other Challengers

With Nori out-cold, more warriors continued their struggle in reaching the top floor of the tower. One warrior had just made it to the 5th floor. His name was Neosis Unakai. He had long white hair, orange eyes and wore a sleeveless white shirt with black pants. Reaching floor five he found himself in an endless cemetery, miles of tome stones.

"What is this?" Just then dozens of undead began rising up from their graves all around him. "Should've figured this would happen. Even so, an army of undead can't stop me...Sword art: Instant 50 slash" Quickly pulling his katana out, strikes of blue light went past all undead within 20 yards of him before he withdrew his sword back to his side. Many skeletons fell to pieces even though it seemed as if Neosis hasn't even moved from his spot in the grassy field.

An abrupt shake began beneath his feet as a massive built zombie came up from the ground. "Oh please, if this is their trump card then this floor is just wasting my stamina" It approached, shaking the area with each step. "Sword art: Instant 50 slash level 2" Quickly pulling his sword out toward the massive monster, dozens of strikes hit the undead monster. Each strike was red causing critical damage. Blood gushing from each hit until it was nothing but a pool of blood and body parts.

"Now then, if there aren't any more distractions, why don't you come out and face me yourself?" A woman dressed in a dark-purple mage outfit stepped out from one of the large gravestones facing him.

'Didn't expect you to find me so easily"

"Well, you must be an idiot, using all that magic makes it easy to sense you out" Neosis gripped his sword tightly as the woman stepped forward. "Don't worry my dear, I shall crush you here like the insect you are so I may travel higher up the tower and claim the prize. My name is Keona Avradon. Time to show you high tier spells that put mere resurrection to shame! Dark magic: Life siphoning" The swordsmen watched as all the grass and trees around him began dying, a dark mist swarmed around her as Unakai gripped his blade lightly ready to strike her at any moment.

Just then it began to feel colder as the sky blackened. The young swordsmen could see his breath as black snow began to fall. "Dark magic: Wrath of the death dragon" Avradon made a swiping motion a dark-blue dragon made of dark magic manifested in front of her, charging right for him. Holding his ground, he flooded his blade with his mana, throwing it right for the mage and her mana dragon. The katana spun around like a boomerang as purple energy swarmed around it.

Her dragon went to attack when his sword sealed the dark magic within itself. Keona teleported just before the sword could slash her coming at her at such speed. Manipulating his energy within his blade, he had it come right back to him quickly catching it. (Hmmm, where did she-) That's when vines of the witch's dark magic wrapped around the warrior's arms, legs, torso and neck lifting him up, trapping him like a web.

"Hehe, you thought you'd best me in a fight. Let me tell you something...Magic beats swords every time. So then...let us finish this little squabble so I may reach the top and prove to the gods I'm worthy of their grace. High-tier magic: Life essence siphoning" Neosis struggled to move as the vines tightened around his body as a red aura outlined the magic restrains, traveling up toward her target.

(Shit, if I don't figure something out soon, my life energy is going to be drained!) At that moment, an immense pain began ravaging his body, Unakai could feel his body growing weaker. Each move grew harder every second. His body felt cold as if his heart were going to come to a halt. (Maybe if i-) Forcing his blade toward one of the vines, Neosis managed to make contact with the flow of mana. Keeping a firm grasp on his blade, the young swordsmen began simultaneous-siphoning.

Both warriors were draining each other's energy at once. With his blade in hand and his opponent siphoning a few feet away, he began regaining his power faster than she could take it. (Got it!) With most of his power restored, Unakai used his specialty instant 50 slash to free himself from the bonds while stealing the power from his opponent.

(What's going on, why do I feel so weak? Is this boy using some type of power sapping move as well? Even so, I should have enough power to pull it off...)

"Forbidden magic: Demonic awakening!" Neosis took a deep breath as the witch's body became pure mana. Her body black with white dots that looked like stars. "Behold, my awakened form. So long as I have magic, I can take this form which multiplies my offensive and defensive power. I may not be nearly as strong as I would be in this form thanks to you, however, should be strong enough to rid this world of your accursed pestering and keeping me from ascending to the next floor"

"If you're so confident, then prove it and kill me here" With a smirk the transformed witch clinched her fist attempting to trap her target within the ball of earth. Neosis easily freed himself from the trap, merely slashing the rock with his blade. "It's gonna take much more than just rocks to stop me. Lightning: Heightened Speed" Swarms of gold lightning surged around him as he advanced toward her at immense speed. With his velocity multiplied, Unakai advanced toward his foe clutching his sword tightly.

A barrage of red slashes filled the field as the swordsmen unleashed his fierce attack, moving at incredible speeds. However, Avadon managed to just barley evade each attack that came her way. The cemetery filled with red light. (Hmph, seems I'll have to use my new attack: Sword art: Blade multiplication!" The sky darkened blood-red as millions of swords made of Neosis' power fell like rain from all over. Keona quickly threw both her hands up, creating a dark-purple barrier to stop the falling projectiles.

Each impact was like water shaking. She could feel the strength of her shield weakening with every blow. (Damn, at this rate...i'll be done for!) Just then a single sword fell from the sky, it was nearly a mile long as it came down. Unakai could feel himself growing weak from putting so much power into one attack. It struck her barrier as it began to crack.

"Damn it! I won't lose!"

"Blade of destruction!" Swiping his hand left, the monstrous blade erupted in a ray of blinding light. Keona was destroyed along with her protective shield by the fierce power of the man's attack. "Ugh, it's about damn time" His red aura dissipated as he fell to his knees. Using his sword as a cane he got back on his feet as a rift of dark light opened in front of him. With that he weakly made his way through before it closed behind him...

Meanwhile Nori Oyoma had finally regained enough stamina to continue to the next floor. "Alright, I should be on the 5th or 6th floor by now. Hopefully I'm stong enough to get through this alone. I'll reach the top; I'll do it for you Yumi" The young martial artist found himself in an endless cavern made completely out of ice. "G-great, it had to be a cold arena. Maybe if I raise my power I can w-warm myself u-up" However, when he looked up, he saw dozens of sharp icicles. (Of course, if I raise my energy too high, the icicles might fall wasting my stamina to avoid them or worse, injure me")

Just then he heard loud booming footsteps heading in his direction. "Damn, I'll try my best, but in this state I'm not sure if I can handle a giant creature" Just then a green orb floated over to him. A voice whispered: "A gift, new challenges come" Reaching his hand out, the wisp of green light phased into him as his wounds were healed and his stamina restored. "Wow, I feel great, now I can do this!"

Meanwhile The god sat upon his throne filled with gold and gems. "Heh, seems there are warriors with potential, that gives me an idea for a challenge for that young warrior..."

Nori watched as a giant green troll stepped into the round ice cavern a few meters from his target. "Fresh meat, me kill you" Oyami clinched his fist preparing for the coming assailant. It welded a great sword in one hand, something most trolls wouldn't be smart enough to get their hands on. "Shinzuro style: Dragon Barrage" Blue fire-like energy covered his fits as he rushed the large troll.

"Pitiful human, me chomp on your bones and use as toothpick!" It threw it's arm down preparing to slash Oyama with the great sword but missed just moments before contact. With his fist surging with power, Nori struck his opponent in the gut, sending it crashing into the wall of the cavern. Icicles began falling as the walls cracked apart. The martial artist evaded most of them, moving in different directions when one of them pierced his shoulder while the last few shattered on the floor like glass.

"Ugh, least it was just a cut. Worst it'll do is make my right shoulder hurt when I move my arm. Could've been much worse. Now then, time to deal with this dumb monster. Just then the troll got up from the wall, his sword began igniting a flame around itself. Ice around the cavern began melting around them, filling the area with water. In mere moments the ice was already a foot high.

"Why does this trick not surprise ne. He's trying to drown me. However, trolls aren't really fast or good at climbing...does he plan on taking himself with me? Hmph, what a stupid idea, I've come too far to lose now and still have awhile till I reach the top" Aiming his index and middle finger toward the creature like a gun, he fired a blue energy blast up at the melting ceiling, causing it to collapse, trapping the troll and dropping the great sword as it continued to melt everything around them.

"Hmm, seems the blade still retains it's flame even without it's welder. Now then" Throwing his left palm toward the ceiling once more, he charged up more power, blasting a hole through it's thick layer of ice. With the opening Nori escaped as the cavern as it continued to fill with water. Meanwhile Oyama found himself in the outskirts of space.

"Huh!?...That's when he realized it was filled with oxygen. "Wait, I can breathe. Strange, then again this is just an illusion. So then, I assume I have more than one opponent on this floor" At first it seemed as if nothing was going to happen, that's when an asteroid was headed towards him. It was half the size of the moon. Nori floated motionless at first before preparing to fire a blast head on for the coming rock.

"Move!" A voice called from behind. They rushed past him toward the coming projectile. "Sword art: Instant 200 slash!" Oyama watched as the rock lit up in red light before being completely obliterated. Nori saw Neosis Unaki, he kept a tight grip on his blade searching for their target. Suddenly a figured dressed in a pure white hooded cloak came into view. "So then, you both are my opponents? Very well, allow me to show you a taste of my godly power. Divine magic: Warping projectile!"

Both combatants prepared themselves as rifts began opening all around them. (Shit, there must be hundreds of those things! What exactly is going to come out of them!?) Nori thought darting his head in different directions, suddenly a comet came flying from one of the far-out rifts but was traveling at such a speed it was mere moments when the projectile was about to reach the young warrior.

"Divine mana: Holy Sheild!" Oyama threw both hands out in front of him as his body was incased within a bright golden barrier as the soaring light struck his barrier head on. The martial artist could feel every nerve in his body shaking from the traumatic force that surged through his force field.

(What force, and from just a single projectile!?)

"Don't worry, for I have far more tricks up my sleeve. I had planned on sending dozens of space rocks at you both through these endless portals...But what fun would that be? Instead, I have something better in mind...Sage Art: Universal Duplication...behold, one of my high tier spells that took months to perfect" The pair watched as three dark rifts manifested. That's when more hooded men emerged from the portals. Each representing an element by the color; red, blue and black.

"Hmph, this may prove troublesome" Neosis commented still in his battle stance. Each alternate versions of the foe flew forward, heading toward their targets. "I Noragami Totaro will let my alternate-selves deal with you both" Unaki surged his blade with as much energy he could. His katana lit up in an immense flash of purple light.

"Take this!" The swordsmen manipulated the power flowing within the blade, launching it right for the black-cloaked enemy. His target floated motionless facing the coming projectile. Rasing it's hand up a rift manifested in front of him, sending the blade somewhere else. Unakai waited... Just then a rift instantly opened behind him. Mere seconds before impact, he leaned his head to the right getting a mere slash across his left cheek.

"Damn, to think I nearly got killed by my own attack. Very well, let's try this: Sword art: Weapon duplication!" As a purple flame-like aura outlined his body, his single blade still soaring across the open space now multiplied into 20 different blades, each clone made entirely of pure energy.

"Let's see you stop these!" As the dozens of blades surrounded the target just moments away from piercing them all over, several portals formed all around him, stopping all but one blade, slicing their right arm off. Nori's eyes widened to see the foe's arm floating beside him when it suddenly reattached itself back to the dark warrior quickly healing.

"Hehe, if you can't even hurt one of me, what makes you think you can defeat them all?" Noragami taunted as he crossed his arms out in the distance.

"Enough of this!" Neosis shouted before charging toward the real target. Nori decided to back his ally up by flying behind him in case of an attack from behind. Meanwhile the duplicates aligned themselves in a straight-line protecting their true self. Darkness sealed Totaro in a dark-purple barrier, fire created large tentacles made of flames and ice created hundreds of sharp projectiles aimed back at them.

"Sword art: Zeus' might!" Neosis' sword became an energy blade five times bigger than a great-sword. As the fire and ice versions unleashed their attacks, Dozens of shards flying right for them while the tentacles followed behind. The swordsmen used his powerful blade to deflect each coming projectile as they shattered like glass. Meanwhile Oyama used divine gate to boost his offensive and defensive power to reach their foe.

Colossal fire vines reached toward him when the young fighter threw his palm out full force toward the coming trap. With his attack multiplied, the sheer force of his movement managed to slow the tunicles down just enough to fly over it getting closer to Noragami. Aiming his palm toward the dark barrier, he fired an energy blast head on, hoping it would be just enough to break the shield.

A crack formed from the attack there by motivating Oyama to continue the assault. However, just before he could fire off another attack, the flame vines managed to bind Nori's arms behind his back while also burning him severely.

"He damaged the barrier, but at this rate we're going to run out of stamina before we defeat even one of these clones...If I can rescue him and use the forbidden attack I taught myself years ago, we might have a chance in wining this fight"

(To Be Continued...)

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