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From those that brought you the award-winning Series "Battle For Berk", comes the second chapter in the saga. After Ashley reunites with her Light Fury Snowflake, an old evil has reemerged and threatens the very life of a world that is more then fantasy. Will the Valerix protect and save the Hidden World in time, or will it perish.

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This Is Berk, well, of course it is.

A home that's, well, our home. Everyone would think that we are overpopulated, but it’s to us not a massive deal. While a percentage of people has luxury cars, mansions and fine jewelry

we have dragons, lots, and lots

of dragons.

So, this is who we are now, full-fledged Sirenix fairies and ready to take on any villains that are out there.

The one question is, where do we start?

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