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Secrets were never the traits of the angels but all that changed when one was brokenhearted. The heavens were forced to be silent regarding the other side of the story of the FALL. Sent on a mission to retrieve the Stone of all life force, Gabriel stumbled upon Aphrodite and an impromptu echoes of the past.

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Broken Heaven

The cool breeze wandered into the massive library which housed a multitude of ancient scrolls. Gabriel sat in a staidly manner as he read over the ink stained scroll of reports he summated and needed to present to the Council of Elders in the court room.

The sound of swords clicking against each other constantly minimized his famous rigid level of endurance as the distracting noise irritatively scratched against his eardrums.

"Do you need more ink, Gabriel? You seem to be out of ink." Titus pointed out as he patrolled the red carpeted aisles. Gabriel's eyes snapped towards the container which sat on the table with an eagle's feather dipped inside. The librarian was right, he was out of ink and he still needed to sign the scroll.

Gabriel let a smile slip onto his sedated face. "No need, Titus. I just need to sign this and I am done here."

Gabriel informed as he motioned towards the scroll. Titus slightly nodded in response and then carried on with his patrol.

The clicking of swords once again invaded the silence and provoked Gabriel to scribble out his signature on the bottom of the scroll with the trifling remnant of ink and rolled it, safely hiding it in its case.

Stepping out of the door, Gabriel employed a stern look on his face as he matched towards the improvised training ground where muscled and sweaty angels were scattered on the field in pairs as the practiced.

"So you couldn't find a better place for your training but a space closer to the library?" Gabriel questioned Michael who was barking out orders to his trainees.

"Now is not the time for your shenanigans, Gabriel. Run along and go do whatever you do best. Write a book or deliver a message to the world, I don't know." Michael countered, not paying Gabriel any attention, before he scolded a trainee who was out of line with his sword skill.

Gabriel glared daggers at the back of Michael's head as he began to seethe. Michael had always seen him to be a weakling to protect and Gabriel hated it. Ever since he called for Michael's help to defeat the Prince of Persia who hindered him from delivering the request of the biblical Daniel in ancient times, he had always been seen as the soft spoken messenger.

Although he wanted to defend his ego, he knew now that Michael was in the middle of an urgent training for the war, was not the best time to exchange words with his brother. He huffed and turned towards the path he should have taken originally to the Court House.

Gabriel strolled through the hallways of the Royal Castle with the scroll in hand when the ground suddenly vibrated in a tremulous motion. He ducked and braced himself against one of the solid pillars which held the building erect as he clutched the scroll to his side, dust and sand rained from the ceiling.

The voices of the guard angels were heard firing commands as Gabriel was left confused of what was happening.

"They've breached the sanctuary!"Gabriel heard amidst the sea of voices flowing throughout the streets. He peeped out from one of the cracks on the wall to see some angels in battle with demons.

Had the war began? He thought within himself before he sighted a guard angel sprinting towards the exit of the Royal Castle.

"What exactly is going on?" He grabbed the guard and shoved him to the wall.

"The Stone of Life is mis...sing and I have to go re...port it. The demons have it." The guard stuttered as he maneuvered his way out of Gabriel's grasp and dashed for the exit.

Gabriel was left conflicted at the news. The Stone of Life was lost to the demons who could use its power to win the war!

He scootered in his journey to the Court Room, itching to break the news to the Elders.

Angel of Light, Angel of Might Standing in the Corridor, Open the Door.

He recited the code and the Seraphims which stood watch at the entrance unlocked the gigantic door to the Court Room. He entered and approached the diamond table around which the 24 - Elders were seated in purble robes and golden crowns on their heads as a blanket of hush whispers engulfed the room.

"I have the scroll you requested for, my lord." He announced and placed the scroll on the table. The Elders kept murmuring among themselves for a little while before the chief Elder, Zebulon, directed his attention to Gabriel.

"There is an issue of the Stone of Life missing, Gabriel." Zebulon informed as he paid attention to the messenger. Gabriel wasn't mystified that the Elders already knew what was going on outside the Castle. They were gifted with impeccable and matchless powers to rule the heavens and no secret could be hidden from them.

"I am aware of the perilous situation, my lord." Gabriel replied with meekness of voice, daring not to stare into the golden orbs of the Elder.

"And I assume that you are also aware of its implications." Zebulon questioned.

"The Stone of Life is the life force of the universe. Without it in its rightful place, the foundation of the Heavens and the Earth will crumble and all life will be lost." Gabriel stated and he gulped heavily. His own words were a searing knife on his skin, the death and chaos that awaits the universe would be unprecedented.

The Elders once again ignored his presence as they resumed to whisper their debate on the situation at hand until Zebulon finally raised his hand to instill silence.

"Michael has been assigned a duty he alone can adequately perform which is why you are going on a quest to retrieve the Stone of Life from the demons. The Stone is not only the life force of the universe but it holds powers no mind can begin to fathom, powers beyond life itself and in the wrong hands, it can be the harbinger of death." Zebulon expatiated as he walked around the table to Gabriel.

Although Gabriel wanted to pontificate on the idea of going on a dangerous mission alone, he knew he might be the last hope humanity and the angels needed. Plus, he needed to prove to Michael that he was not as feeble as he had always seen him to be.

"I accept the quest to find the Stone of Life and stop the demons from winning the war." Gabriel succumbed to the Elders' request before he was released to begin his quest.

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