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What would you do if the most popular girl in your school smiled at you at a party you were invited to out of obligation? What would you do if that same girl, on that same night, invited you to enter her world of complicity and adventure? For Thiago the answer was simple; accept everything Silvana wanted from him or with him. As if the product of a dream, Thiago sees his life transformed by Silvana's ideas and revenges. He gradually discovers that, in the excentricity of the black-haired girl, he will find the opportunity to meet love for the first time. Not just love, like the window to be himself and feel good. In the background of that adventure that Silvana embarks him on, a list will mark both of their destins to never go back. Thiago has no idea that meeting her will become his sentence, but sooner rather than later, the truth will arrive.

Thriller Nur für über 18-Jährige.
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Detective Calum

When my boss approached me a few days ago to give me a gift, I didn't think it was the worst case that has come my way. I look at the photo of Silvana Pérez until someone makes a noise in the office. I feel like I'm doing something forbidden; try to find a justification for all the accusations against her. I place the folder with the information collected so far in the center of my desk. My elbows rest on the wood, while I hold my head to give myself a bit of privacy to analyze her face. Why would a girl as young and pretty as her go to the extreme of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide? And that's just to consider one of the many versions that run among the testimonies. The reality is that nobody knows for sure what happened. Maybe it was an accident. The only thing that is certain is the body found in one of the city's forests.

I place the photo of Silvana Pérez behind the set of images. I focus on Thiago's lifeless face. Five years of service is not long enough to retain the nausea caused by having to analyze the remains of such an innocent-looking person. This boy had a future and that future was cut in half by Silvana. Is it true? Is what everyone is trying to conclude true? I stir Thiago's inert body among the papers, because from having to study the abnormal color of his body to forcing me to observe the accused, I prefer a thousand times to focus on Silvana, although everyone is organized to say that she seduced him to commit his own suicide. I don't agree with the opinion that has been formed among the few people who know the case; I don't think Silvana would do something like that. What would she gain? No one has asked my opinion, but from the girl's solely appearance and personality, my hunch runs to a completely different story; a story where it's Thiago who decides to leave this world because Silvana Pérez broke his heart.

If I was Thiago's age, I know I would feel depressed if my girlfriend left me. In addition, we are not talking about just any girl, but about the school princess: the one everyone wants to be or who they want to be with. I close the folder to search for Silvana Pérez's profile on the most famous social network of the moment. My computer quickly suggests a profile with 6,314 followers. Judging by the number of photos and activity on it, I know that this is a legitimate account, not like the pair of fake accounts that take photos of her to impersonate her, and that appear as related accounts. I wish I wasn't looking at these posts, because Silvana may not have a lush body, but she knows exactly how to provoke. In some photos she appears in a bathing suit, in others with suggestive pajamas. She even has what looks like a professional photoshoot. There would be no problem with that, if it weren't for her too tight clothing that invites one to observe her again and again.

I cover my mouth as a kind of protection against her. I can't deny that, despite having a couple of facial features very different from conventional attractiveness, my eyes have not been able to detach from her image. Maybe it's her uninhibited way of showing herself to her world, her long black hair, or the constant use of red lipsticks that makes my heart rate almost by inertia. I enlarge a photograph where she appears with a strap falling down the end of her shoulder. I know that pose is not natural, but it leaves you with the feeling that this girl is nothing more than a victim of the testimonies envy. Who wouldn't want to be with someone like that? Who wouldn't die by being rejected by her? 6,315 followers. One more. I go to the first photograph to understand why people continue to join the account of someone who is currently serving a sentence of house arrest.

All the recent comments reflect what the statements added to the case have concluded: that Silvana is a malevolent person. However, I prefer to keep my mind open to other conclusions, because so far no one has been able to gather evidence to justify the opinions they give. Saying that she ignores unsocial students or that she is the queen bee of bullying is not a factor for condemning a young girl to spend 9 years of her life under the scrutiny of police officers, interrogations and accusations. I'm not surprised that her family appealed the decision made by the judge, and that is why this case came to my possession. I must say that my role is not to defend her or accuse her; my job is to get to the root of this story and unravel the mystery behind Thiago's death once and for all. I hide the screen of my monitor when I perceive a colleague is about to walk behind my desk, but not before taking a snapshot of the photograph with the strap down, because for some reason my head recommended to save it in my personal folder. I want to get to the bottom of this problem, not to take off the weight my boss threw at me as not to do it himself, but because my intuition forces me to think that there are many things that don't fit with the testimonies. And in the remote case they are true, which I honestly force myself not to believe, the defendant should be serving her sentence in a formal prison. If Silvana Pérez is the monster everyone describes, someone else could be in danger.

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