antonio Antonio Pinto Renedo

This book is intended to understand the metaphysical meaning of the universe.

Spirituelles Alles öffentlich.
AA Teilen


Antonio Pinto Renedo

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Antonio Pinto Renedo

Published in November 2020


01-The stages of life

02-Life is not just eating

03-The drug trap



06-Children are special

07-Blood and food

08-We must be firm

09-Right and duty

10-The future of cinema

11-The moral duty

12-The great crossroads

13-The scattered mind

14-It is not worth living in debt

15-Prophets or leads

16-The suit of the future

17-The bermuda triangle and other myths

18-The predictable universe

19-The colonization of the planets

20-The universal network

21-Life in the future

22-The original particles

23-The three intelligences

24-Conflicts between living beings

25-The ancient myths

26-The universal symbols

27-Soul and spirit

28-The path of a teacher

29-The end of rituals

30-The Lost Society

31-The reason for existence

32-Spiritual progress

33-The sound of silence


35-The will

36-Justice and injustice good and bad

37-The creation of a myth

38-Indian philosophy


40-The two lives

41-Sex power and happiness

42-The lost spirits

43-A constructive criticism

44-The primitive spirits

45-Death and reincarnation

46-Existence or nonexistence

47-The tests of the spirit

48-The dilemma of inspiration

49-The truth is everywhere


With this book, I try to transmit those ideas that I consider appropriate to favor the progress of humanity. Every time we meditate, we extract from within ourselves the small proportion of God that we all have, and then we become creators of a new and better world. We must not waste this possibility with a life dedicated solely to the stimulation of the senses. When a philosopher meditates and has enough inspiration, he becomes the discoverer of a better world that we could have if we believe in it. Pirst the idea exists only in his mind, but when the ge nte believe him becomes reality, to putting his ideas into practice. That is the key to evolution, because all the wonders that we know today were once the dream of a philosopher.When a person is only concerned with feeling the pleasures of the bodily senses, the pleasure of feeling the essence of the universe that can only be obtained with meditation is lost. Someday perhaps there are no more discoveries to find and then stimuli are the only way possible, but in a world in evolution only those seeking the truth so n able to understand the universe in its whole. Because a materialistic man only knows how to travel through a geographical territory, whereas a philosopher when he has enough intuition, is able to travel with his mind through time and space and discover a better world that he can then share with the rest of humanity. I also try to offer readers what Jesus called "the water of life" that is, the food for the spirit that philosophy provides, because just as the body feeds on matter, the spirit feeds on emotions, which is what philosophy represents. I hope this book is like a light that guides people in that ocean of lies that is the contemporary world.

I also want to warn the reader that the way in which the world is presented in this book is different from usual, because it deals with the foundations on which the universe is built from a metaphysical point of view, therefore, it may be hard to understand. This knowledge has not been acquired by reading it in other books, but by going to the same source of knowledge, because if we let go of the pre-established dogmas and topics, we can find the truth for ourselves simply by studying nature carefully, because the truth that governs the universe, is eternal and constant in any time and place, and is just waiting for someone to discover it.

This book has been translated from the original Spanish version.


It could be said that life is divided into two main parts, in the first, nature protects us from most evils due to the strength of our youth. But in the second, after 40 or 50 years, that force that nature has to regenerate our body is reduced, so that only those who act prudently achieve health. Those who when they were young were dedicated to abusing drugs or obesity inadvertently destroyed all the genetic reserves that their bodies had to regenerate and now see their health deteriorating rapidly. It is as if nature takes its death toll for death, because those who abuse animal fats end up causing obesity that ultimately kills them. This means that in the end they end up dying for the animals they have killed.

It is not that these people die or become ill for the simple fact of consuming fats, but because the sedentary lifestyle and low caloric expenditure that is common today makes the most appropriate diet is the vegetable type because it contains less fat, In addition, vegetable fats are healthier than those of animal origin. But those people who persist in eating fats that their body does not need eventually end up causing their own suicide. For this reason, those who insist on encouraging meat consumption at all costs are leading society to death.

In this second part of life, only those who act with caution manage to survive, therefore, it is necessary to reject all kinds of drugs, exercise and eat especially vegetables. It is true that some diseases are not caused by negligence in our behavior but most of them are, for that reason, it is important to apply common sense to our actions before looking for a doctor. The order is also essential to have health, because when we maintain an orderly life our mind can do things automatically, this allows us to free space in our memory to dedicate it to more important things. It is true that an excess of customs can lead to mania, but if we observe nature we can see that progress would not be possible if nature did not have the “mania” of always following the same patterns. If our planet did not have the habit of always maintaining the same distance from the sun it would have long since frozen or burned, if it did not have the habit of always maintaining a harmonic tilt or rotation rate, humanity would not have been able to organize crops in a stable way and civilization could not have advanced. For this reason, the human being should establish stable habits such as having the same time to go to bed and get up both on weekdays and on holidays, because in order to be healthy, the body needs a stable system that avoids disorder in our lives. Progress would not have been possible if it were not for the existence of stable laws of nature on which to support progress. This shows that order is not only useful but necessary.

To be healthy, it is essential to take only the calories that our body needs, because food should never be used for entertainment, in addition, an orderly life will always allow us to reach higher levels of development and live better. During youth, the strength of our body saves us from many of the mistakes we make, but in mature age nature weakens and only a firm will to reject bad habits can help us, this is so, because the degeneration of the body that occurs with age in the form of obesity or certain diseases is not always the consequence of age, but occurs because the ability that the body had to regenerate naturally is not replaced as it should by an iron will to maintain the body in the right way. This occurs when the spirit has a lower level than the body that uses what causes it not to know how to replace the lost qualities. For this reason, a body that was perfect in youth can become deformed in mid-life through no fault of age. Only when the person replaces the strength of youth with the will to keep the body healthy and athletic, renouncing the abuse of fats or other unhealthy behaviors, can old age be reached in the best physical conditions, but that, only the spirits evolved are able to understand it instinctively.

It is true that some diseases are caused by genetic flaws or toxic substances that enter our body without our knowing it, but it is also true that many people when young had perfect bodies and in the second half of life they become deformed monsters. When that happens, sometimes the cause is ignorance and the backwardness of our spirit, but other times it is our own pettiness turned into bad habits of life that ends up destroying our health and that perfect body that we had. It will always be better to prevent a disease from appearing by acting with common sense rather than looking for remedies to cure it, therefore, we must respect the right that our body has to be treated according to the use for which it is designed.

So far we have planned life divided into two parts taking into account the relationship between health and responsibility, but, if we divide it into smaller parts, then it could have 4 stages. In the first one that goes from 0 to 20 years we have all the youth but also all the ignorance, which prevents us from extracting the maximum benefit from life, therefore, we want to learn to be adults and live our life independently. From 20 to 40 years we feel young and it seems that this situation will last forever, it is as if time does not pass, we are also cultured enough to get more out of life. From 40 years on, physical decline begins and that makes us feel old, although it is not true, in this period our body loses physical faculties but maintains the same potential because we compensate by adding knowledge. After age 60, the sum of knowledge no longer compensates for the lost physical faculties, which means that old age begins, but we must have the illusion of living and doing activities to keep our body and mind agile, because people who exercise and they take care of their health nature often rewards them with a healthy life and a quiet death when the time comes. But if we suffer from a disease that seriously damages our quality of life, we should not be afraid of euthanasia either, because this way our spirit will be free from a damaged body that no longer fulfills its purpose.

From a certain point of view, life resembles the seasons of the year, because in winter, which is like childhood, we get cold and we want spring to arrive. When spring arrives, which is like the age of twenty, we are delighted with the arrival of a pleasant climate, when summer arrives at the age of thirty, we are fine, but when this season reaches its peak at forty or fifty years of age. We get scared when we notice the first symptoms of physical decline, then we start to think that summer is not as good as we thought and we start to miss winter. When we reach eighty years the heat is already scorching like a midday in summer. With the climate at this time the decline begins until autumn returns and the temperature comfortable, then the temperature continues to drop until the cold returns again and we miss the summer again. This is so, because with the seasons of the year the ideal climate repeats itself twice, unlike human life. This means that both winter and summer are unstable seasons that are not very comfortable to live in except if you live in very cold or very hot places. But, in places with intermediate weather, only spring or fall has perfect weather. With life it is the same, because only in the period between thirty and sixty years old can it be said that life is lived fully, before it is not possible because you have a lot of youth but little knowledge and later not because you have a lot of knowledge but few youth, only in the intermediate period is the balance between youth and knowledge.

Life and the seasons of the year are two more examples that show us how universal polarities are present in all kinds of situations. Winter represented in blue would coincide with childhood and summer represented in red would coincide with old age. Winter is ideal when it is not too cold and summer is also ideal when it is not too hot, this shows us that, as with the rest of things that have polarity, perfection is found at the intermediate point of the two polarities that is represented by the color green.

Nature needs this process of continuous change from pole to pole because only then can it be recycled. Life is like a wheel that begins with childhood and ends with old age just as years begin with one winter and end with another, just before another spring begins. In the same way, reincarnation serves as a means to renew our old body and change it for a new one, because just as the planet continues to live regardless of the death of days or years, the spirit continues to live regardless of the death of the body. , and this process can continue indefinitely in the same way that one year happens to another.


It is true that food is essential in life and that it can even be an excellent antidepressant, but it is unacceptable that some people use it as their sole source of stimulation. This occurs mainly among retirees who abuse food as a way to counteract their boredom. When they do that, instead of behaving like human beings they behave like simple ruminants who have no other purpose in life than to be constantly chewing. All this absurd behavior is caused by the excessive prejudice that exists with respect to work, as people forget the great antidepressant effect it has, but because of these prejudices, society dedicates all its efforts to seek retirement as soon as possible and as Consequently, it goes from excessive activity to none. In this way retirees suddenly find themselves with a feeling of emptiness and boredom that they foolishly pretend to solve with food. It cannot be acceptable that the life of a retiree is limited to getting up and having breakfast, a while later having a snack between meals, a little later having lunch, then going down to the bar to continue eating, then going home to eat, then having a snack while watching television, then go back to the bar to continue eating, then have a snack, then go out to the street for a walk and as you walk, enter the bars to continue eating, then go home for dinner and before going to bed have something to avoid starving for the night. What seems like a joke is very real in many people, so only when you establish a firm meal schedule is it possible to control your diet. Because ignoring this truth is the fastest way to get sick and die, it is like committing suicide by eating. The fair thing would be to eradicate the prejudices that exist towards work and eliminate absolute retirement so that older people do not have to stop their work activity altogether. Therefore, the ideal would be to create workshops where they could carry out simple jobs for three hours a day, this would be great to keep the mind exercised, spend energy, entertain themselves and feel useful to society, it would be four benefits in one. It seems that humanity has forgotten the great importance of older people in the past, since in all ancient tribes the councils of elders were fundamental in making political decisions, but an excessive appreciation of the youth coupled with contempt to work has provoked that senseless interest in stopping work activity completely at a certain point in life. By doing this, society is deprived of the great wisdom acquired by these people and the great use it would have if they dedicated themselves to sharing it by acting as tutors for young people in any type of profession.

Another effect that causes an inadequate diet is the emotional repercussion, because extreme thinness favors excess nervousness and obesity causes a bad mood and aggressiveness, due to the apparent increase in gravity, this makes a person in that situation feel all tired the day and the normal thing is that he vent his discomfort among those who are closest to him. Therefore, it is necessary to create firm lifestyle habits that limit the calories that are consumed only to those that our body needs. There are also those who say that with age it is normal to have obesity, but that is only a way of normalizing aberration, because it is our right, but also our duty to maintain good physical shape throughout life. Obesity only serves to ruin the lives of the elderly, because it fills them with diseases, forces them to live as if they were carrying a sack of stones on their back and also slows them down. The truth is that the elderly could live almost without eating, firstly because when energy expenditure is small, the amount of calories consumed should also be so, and secondly because the older the age, the greater the difficulty in processing foods especially fats.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes man from animals is that by having more nutritious food, he does not need to spend as much time eating, this allows him to have more time to devote to more important tasks. But we must not confuse more nutritious foods with the consumption of meat, because today all the necessary nutrients can be found without resorting to it. In addition, the sedentary rhythm of modern society determines that the calories that are needed each day are very few, therefore, plant food should be the main component of the diet. In the past, people often did not have enough food to live on and therefore their only goal was to get more food, but in a time of sufficiency like today, the main goal should be to learn to settle for only what our body needs.

It is also disappointing to see some people who, unable to control their weight, choose to flatter obesity as the eighth wonder of the world. This is arrogant behavior and a flight forward, not wanting to acknowledge the obvious. For this reason, I find the relatives of those who suffer from morbid obesity despicable and look the other way before this serious problem, because they should not help them to obtain an excess of food or fat just because they ask for it, their duty is to reject it energetically that if they were drugs, because by doing so they are bringing evil into their own home.

Nor should they be fooled when they are told that obesity is caused by a change in metabolism or by retaining fluids, because the truth is that these people have neither changed their metabolism nor are they retaining fluids, because what they retain is fat for using an improper diet.

The truth behind all this is that obese people gain weight because they are hungrier than normal, sometimes it is due to a genetic failure and others due to simple boredom, but if instead of controlling that hunger using a stable diet they let themselves go Due to the impulses produced by an unbalanced body asking for more food, they will end up developing a morbid obesity that, as with drug addicts, will become an addiction and then it will be very difficult to control. But, if these people get used to eating only what is necessary and following a fixed meal schedule without eating anything between hours, the brain will adapt automatically and will stop sending hunger signals outside the corresponding hours. It should also be taken into account that when a person eats excessively, it favors the premature aging of their organism, because every digestive process also includes a certain biological waste, in addition, fats are difficult substances to process, therefore, it is absurd to take more than we need.

From a metaphysical point of view, I consider it better to divide the day into four meals instead of five or more, because it is necessary to teach the mind that most of the time should be spent on other things and not just eating, and when it increases much the number of meals what is caused is the break of control over diet. In other words, we must tame our brain so that it sends us the hunger signal only at the correct times. If we follow this strict system and only eat at the established times and between those hours we only drink water, then the brain will adapt automatically so that outside those hours, even if we see food, it will not cause us to feel hungry. But that is only achieved if we are firm in that custom. The number four is the ideal because it symbolizes stability, the square or the cold. In contrast, dividing the day into five meals or more is worse, because this number represents among other things heat or instability, which is less suitable when it comes to establishing a fixed and stable pattern. Number five is as if it invites us to overindulge in meals. In other words, to control the calories we consume it is necessary to limit meals to four a day and always at the same times, so that only water can be taken between meals. In the case of young children it is different because as they grow up very fast they need to feed more frequently.

The alternation between meals and the spaces between meals is similar to the relationship that exists between the crest of a sling and its valley, therefore, those who do not respect the separation between meals cause an interference that destroys the body's ability to self-regulate. The relationship between the majority and the exception is also fulfilled in this, the majority that would be the time that should exist between meals and the exception that corresponds to the time we must dedicate to eating. An evolved being must spend little time eating because that way he can have more time to devote to higher tasks.

Living in an orderly manner is not only good for meals, it is also good for other aspects of life, for example, the ideal would be to get up or go to bed at the same time whenever possible regardless of whether it is a weekday or a holiday. It would also be good to organize life so that at each hour of the day we carry out different tasks so as not to get bored and leave one or two days off at the end of each week, because the smart thing is to work to live and not live only to work, because all that that is well must be done in its proper measure.

Also despicable are those politicians who, in order to obtain money, charge a multitude of foods with taxes under the pretext of avoiding obesity, but at the same time remain silent in the face of the serious damage that the consumption of animal fats causes in the population, and all this In order not to harm their own meat industry, these politicians are hypocrites, because they are trading lives for money. It is a mistake to blame salt or sugar for obesity, since they are essential elements for health, what is wrong is abusing them, because with food, as with the rest of things in life what matters is to maintain a balanced attitude, therefore, it is logical that obese people avoid them, but it does not make sense that a punishment in the form of taxes is applied to the rest of the citizens for consuming necessary food.

To defeat obesity and most diseases, it is necessary for our spirit to impose itself on matter and the mind to impose itself on our body, this means that the natural capacity that our body had to regulate itself and that it has lost over the years must be replaced by the firmness of our will to reject all that is insane. Because age favors the gradual deterioration of our organism, therefore, we must compensate for this deterioration by establishing firm lifestyle habits. We must also exercise to keep our bodies athletic and eat a balanced diet. If we act in this way, we have many possibilities to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance throughout our lives.

Another paradox of today is that at the same time there is half the world going hungry and the other half eating twice what they need and suffering the consequences that this causes, that is, some suffer from hunger and others from diseases caused by the food abuse. There are those who say that if all the surplus food were delivered to the countries that need that food, the hunger in the world would disappear, however, although this sounds good, it is completely false, in the first place, because it is absurd to propose that a country deliver its goods to another in exchange for nothing just because he says he needs it, because in order to progress, each person and each country has the duty to adapt to their own limitations. Secondly, because if the most developed countries gave half of their food to the poor countries, then hunger in these countries would disappear, but only for a very short time, because the sudden increase in food would also cause a rapid increase in number of inhabitants which would lead to the same situation again. This shows that the true origin of poverty in these countries is not their difference from rich countries, but the fact that they have more children than they can support. Therefore, it is necessary that these countries establish strict birth control to prevent their number of inhabitants from exceeding their own economic resources, because if they do not, poverty will never disappear, although there are organizations interested in making us believe that if they we give our money everything will be solved.


It is not that it is wrong to try to feel pleasure, but it is a serious mistake to use drugs to achieve it, because the great problem that drugs represent is that they act by circumventing the mechanisms that the brain has to regulate its stimulation. This causes a deterioration in the brain that makes the addict feel less and less stimulating sensations, which leads him to seek more drugs and higher doses to try to compensate, and he does not understand that the more he consumes the greater the damage caused in the brain, because being unnatural stimulation methods they do not respect the regulation system that the brain has and therefore force it until it ends up unbalanced. Because happiness is not derived from a chemical process as drug addicts think but is the consequence of living with dignity and common sense. It is true that in the sensations of pleasure there are also chemical substances that the brain is capable of producing according to its needs, but these substances are only released according to the biological rules that the brain itself has. But trying to elicit those reactions by force as drug addicts claim only serves to destroy health.

People who get into drug use do not understand that they destroy the mechanisms that regulate pleasure in the brain, which causes them to receive less and less stimuli, with the consumption of these substances the brain loses its sensitivity, becoming Like a stone, it is as if the soul were like a glass lens and the drug was a handful of earth thrown on that lens, which prevents the passage of light and feelings of happiness. This immerses the soul in bitterness, which leads the drug addict to believe that stealing to get more money or more drugs can solve it, but he does not understand that his greatest enemy is his own vanity, because it was his dedication to vice and not the lack of money which made him unhappy. To resolve this situation, it is necessary to return to humility, because the brain can only regain its sensitivity when drugs are rejected and one lives in harmony with nature. The universe has so many wonders that it is absurd to get carried away by the false path that drugs represent, therefore, it is necessary that humanity reject them completely and use natural forms of stimulus so that it is possible to start an era in which common sense and living in harmony with nature are two of its fundamental pillars.

It is necessary to always reject drugs as a means of stimulation, because among the many damages they cause they also break family cohesion, because once the addiction is acquired and the brain is damaged, the drug addict stops feeling the sensations of pleasure that life offers When you live in harmony with nature, then you stop valuing all those things that make normal people like your family happy, and your only goal is to get more drugs that in turn will cause you more harm.

It is impressive how many doctors or pharmaceutical companies have agreed to turn their patients into drug addicts in order to get the most money out of them, that would not have happened if society did not mythologize drugs as it does so, because to combat pain resulting from injuries or accidents it is always possible to use medications that suppress pain but without having a stimulating or addictive effect.

Although it is surprising, many pharmaceutical companies do not seek to cure patients but to achieve a world full of drug addicts in order to ensure a constant flow of money, that is why, when treatments are considered, they only refer to consuming chemical substances, but they never ask patients to give up the bad habits of life that cause most diseases. Doctors generally do not take enough interest in explaining to patients what the true cause of their ailments is and they limit themselves to prescribing chemical substances that are sure to cause new diseases. Because the drugs they prescribe, although they cure some diseases at the same time cause other new ones, if they really cared about their patients they would tell them to stop those unhealthy behaviors that cause their diseases rather than prescribe harmful substances.

The truth is that there are many natural remedies that without using medicines serve to cure disorders or diseases, an example of this is in the case of simple abrasions, because in this case instead of using medicines it is enough to wash the wound with Tap water, which in most cities is chlorinated, which is used to clean and disinfect wounds for free, then nature itself produces a scab that acts as a bandage until the wound is healed. Another example is insomnia, because many people turn to chemical products to combat it without realizing that their body will generate an addition that will prevent them from sleeping when the cause that caused the insomnia disappears, thus becoming dependent. . It is better in this case to sit on a sofa and try to rest on it until the insomnia passes without taking any medicine, because sometimes the cause of insomnia is a problem that needs reflection, and other times it may be the effect of the south wind or the heat on our body that also cause these effects, in this case insomnia can go just like it came in a short period of time.

Nor should we take anti-inflammatory drugs every time we have pain, because sometimes, especially with colds, our body uses inflammation to increase the diameter of the veins to make it easier for antibodies and nutrients to reach the infected areas and thus prevent them from the infection spreads, because when that inflammation is mild it is better to let it continue rather than eliminate it with aggressive methods. On the other hand, when the inflammation is severe, it is necessary to use methods to control it, because otherwise this inflammation can cause the rupture of the blood vessels. People have to understand that the human body has its own self-healing system that helps us in most health problems and the only thing it needs from us is that we respect its own limitations and live without abusing fats and rest of the elements that intervene in our life, therefore, when we have a health problem, the first thing we have to do before looking for medicines is to try to understand our body and find out if the cause of these problems is our own wrong behavior. Because just as we do not fill the tank of our vehicles with fuel every day if we plan to travel a few kilometers, in the same way, we do not have to fill our stomach with food and our body with fat if we are not going to burn that fat.

To be healthy, we must respect the limitations of our body and always reject stimulant drugs, with the sole exception of those that are for use with terminally ill patients, because, although pharmaceutical companies do not want to recognize it, there are many remedies that the Nature has to avoid depression without the need to resort to chemicals. In addition, when patients have chronic pain, it is best to eliminate the cause of these pain through surgery or using medications that act by overriding the mechanism that causes pain rather than using stimulant drugs, because these substances disturb the sensory mechanisms and consequently can deteriorate seriously the quality of life of patients.

It is unfortunate to see so many young people wanting to give moral lessons to adults, but when the weekend arrives they load up on drugs such as alcohol or tobacco, this is undoubtedly an act of hypocrisy, because the lessons they have for others they don't apply them to themselves. It is necessary for people to understand that vital degeneration is often the consequence of moral degeneration and that is what happens with drugs, that is why society should not allow those who commit crimes while intoxicated to be rewarded with criminal mitigations, because the damage caused to the victims does not change according to the state of their executioner. Nor is it logical that addicts are called "sick", because many of those who are in that situation do not find themselves that way by chance but because they are scoundrels, because first came the loss of moral values and then the addition did, and no one has become addicted in one day but many of vice and depraved behavior. This is the same thing that happens with gamblers, because it is their own vanity that leads them to that situation, and they do not hesitate to steal or betray their friends to get more money to spend on gambling, and all because their vanity prevents them accept defeat. They think they are so smart, that they think that if they continue betting they will be able to recover the money invested, but they are not able to understand, that with the game it is impossible to win money, because it is designed so that the client always loses, except for the prizes that are They give only as bait so that people fall for the deception.

Something similar happens with some cult followers, because they are so arrogant that they prefer to continue in a cult that hurts them, rather than endure the trauma of admitting that it was a lie when they were told that they were better than others just because they belonged to the sect. That is, the leaders of the sects flatter the followers to rob them, but many of these followers after losing their life and their money prefer to continue believing in their lies rather than admit that they have been deceived and that they were no better than others but worse than them It could be said that then that the sect uses the own evil of the adepts to deceive them, because they pay money in exchange for flattery. It is clear that in both cases they are not only deceived by the scammers, but above all by their own vanity. These people do not understand that a superior society is defined by its humility, but the vanity that is common in the sects is in contradiction with it.

We must not forget that although a drug addict may be influenced by the effects of the addiction when he commits a crime, however, that does not prevent him from knowing that what he is doing is wrong, in addition, that addition did not appear suddenly, but was the a consequence of their voluntary desire to take drugs for a long time, therefore, the best way to demotivate anyone who is tempted to resort to drugs is not the police persecution of traffickers or users, because then, they should also imprison those who they consume, produce or sell tobacco or alcoholic beverages, which would land half the population in jail. The best thing is to promote education in moral values and encourage citizens to reject drugs completely. We must also demand that the law stop protecting drug use, because that is what it does when it applies mitigating measures for crimes committed under its influence. In other words, the law must stop punishing drug trade or consumption because it only serves to create mafias and fill prisons with people who have not harmed anyone, and punish only those who commit crimes regardless of whether those crimes are committed. They have committed drugged or not, because the freedom to decide must have a price. On the other hand, it is fair to persecute those who try to sell drugs to minors, because they do not have the capacity to reason.

Society needs to reject the false path that drugs represent, and understand that happiness must be achieved through science, technology, and life based on order and justice.


Today, many social discussion is there around the usefulness of euthanasia. In my opinion, it is not only useful but even sometimes necessary, because current advances in medicine are causing many people with severely impaired health to be forced to live beyond logic. Because it is evident that when, due to extreme old age or a disease, the quality of life is below an acceptable minimum, it makes no sense to prolong life artificially, because by naively trying to help the sick person, they are actually harmed by force him to live in a decrepit body incapable of producing the least degree of happiness. In the past, it was common for living beings to never live beyond the limit point for an acceptable quality of life, because in nature there are two methods that serve this purpose, one is predatory animals, which are responsible for selecting the animals weaker and by hunting them they avoid the final agony that occurs when the extreme deterioration of the organism is reached, and the other are viruses, which like a kind of cleaning service are dedicated to looking for dead organic matter to decompose it, but, as to these tiny beings a weakened living being is not very different from a dead living being they try to destroy it in the same way.

It is not that the ultimate goal of viruses and bacteria is killing animals or people, but just make sure of that only live those beings capable of having an acceptable average health, and if that fails try to cause death quickly, because its function is not to kill but to clean. In this way, they avoid the slow final agony that living beings would have if these microorganisms did not exist. It is true that predatory animals also hunt the young, which is unfortunate, but in the case of older animals they can be useful by causing the moment of death to be quick, in addition, predation avoids the slow decomposition of corpses. In fact, predatory animals have most likely evolved from scavengers. It is also true that viruses sometimes kill young people with a long life to live, but this only happens when the immune system of the victim is unaware of that virus and consequently is not prepared to defeat it, as is usually the case. Because microorganisms are actually nature's cleaners tirelessly dedicated to breaking down dead matter for the sake of the living.

Nature is designed so that viruses cannot harm healthy people, but when hunger occurs in a population due to an economic crisis, immune defenses decrease and viruses attack malnourished people because they mistake them for organic matter dead, although this may seem cruel, these microorganisms are only trying to keep the natural environment clean. Furthermore, when it is evident that a person or an animal is going to starve due to lack of food, it is preferable that the microorganisms act to avoid suffering a slow final agony.

Therefore, it is surprising that the Catholic Church shows its anger at euthanasia, does it bother her that remedies are found to avoid the agony of the terminally ill? Or is it rather that it bothers you that euthanasia robs you of the clients with whom you can bill human suffering? because at that moment of weakness is when people are most vulnerable and consequently more exposed to speculators who try to snatch their savings. With this type of behavior they show which side they are on and it is evident that they are not on the side of the common good. We must not force a person to live in conditions that we would not want for ourselves, it is better to let their spirit run free when the body is unable to offer a reasonable quality of life.

One of the main reasons that explains the conflict between animals is their inability to control the world around them, which leads to confrontations and the appearance of viruses and bacteria, luckily, in the future, humans will not have those problems, because being able to control all the biological circumstances that surround us through knowledge and technology will make it much easier to avoid situations that favor confrontations.


In ancient times, maintaining virginity before marriage was very useful to protect women, because in this way they made sure that their partners could only have them after committing themselves, in this way, the woman was protected by marriage before the possibility of having children. Furthermore, as this ceremony was public, everyone became a witness to the possibility that one of the spouses could deny the engagement. In this situation, reaching a virgin marriage in addition to being an example of responsibility was also a gesture of respect for the couple. However, to argue that virginity must be maintained throughout life to have a decent life is completely absurd, because if having sex was wrong, then how are children going to be conceived? For this reason, those who affirm that Mary the mother of Jesus conceived her virgin son, what they do is despise all women, because they are suggesting that the fact of conceiving a child naturally makes women lose some virtue. It is clear that with this attitude the Catholic Church makes a serious mistake, because the wrong thing is not to have sex, but to do it in an unworthy way. Because of this wrong way of looking at sexuality, Catholic monasteries have been filled with traumatized people who think that being a virgin is a necessary requirement to get to heaven. It is true that giving up marrying and having children to dedicate oneself completely to a task can make sense in exceptional situations, such as when a soldier has to go to war or those who risk being persecuted for their beliefs as happened with Jesus and the apostles. But defending virginity in an extreme way doesn't make sense.

At present, we live in a materialistic age in which dignity or morals are valued very little, but without a doubt this will change in the future and then all citizens will remarry virgins as they did in the past, because it is with the consummation of the sexual act as the marriage is sealed. This is also useful for requiring the partner to commit before the woman becomes pregnant. It is necessary to understand that a society that encourages disorder and promiscuity also favors crimes and violations against women, because in the past, virginity was considered a sacred value and consequently women were protected by the entire community until they got married. Therefore, those young people growing up in the midst of an immoral society are more likely to try to abuse women that those who as children were h has taught that sex is something that is only for those who previously committed. It is evident that a society that does not give importance to the virginity of its daughters is much more exposed to rape than one that does.

It is true that if a relationship does not work it is better to terminate it, but it is also true that those who lead a promiscuous life before getting married are much more predisposed to cheat on their partner than those who married virgins. It is also important to emphasize that sex is a good thing, even when you do not want to have children, because sexual desire is something constant that lasts a lifetime, and without it, it would not be possible to renew the species.

For this reason, when the moral value of virginity is exalted in the Bible, surely what is being appreciated is not virginity itself but the ethically correct attitude of those who reject promiscuous behavior, because if to be moral it was necessary to be a virgin Then no children could be born and that obviously doesn't make sense. It is possible that the cause of the confusion is due to a translation error or also to the fact that in ancient times it was understood that "virgin" was the one who came to marriage without having had sexual relations previously and not the one who spent his whole life without having them as is understood now. Therefore, if understood that way, all those who would have waited for marriage to have sex would remain virgins and morally blameless, regardless of whether they had children or not. We must not forget that in ancient times it was normal for couples to marry in this way, being considered a disgrace that the spouses did not become virgins at marriage.

It can also have a symbolic meaning when in the bible it is said that the child Jesus would have been born of a virgin, because perhaps what is meant is that the child would have been conceived naturally in its physical appearance, but its spirit would come from a upper world.


The beauty of children is that they have a mind free of prejudices and a positive attitude towards life that makes them special. They also have qualities such as the ability to see the ghosts of the deceased, an ability that some animals also have. This is a quality of spirit that is temporarily preserved during the initial years of life after reincarnation. During childhood, the brain is flexible, allowing it to adapt quickly to new situations, but, once adulthood is reached , the loss of flexibility is combined on the one hand with the acquisition of a fixed personality, which In some cases it represents an inconvenience, because with that personality the prejudices and superstitions that are part of our contemporary culture are acquired, because unfortunately many of those beliefs are wrong, but, until we are able to differentiate the true from the false, they undoubtedly reduce our potential as human beings is also conducive to conflict. Because our brain becomes rigid at the beginning of the aging process, in most cases those prejudices learned in childhood are preserved for the rest of life. Only those people who have an open mind and are willing to accept that what is normally considered impossible can sometimes happen can get rid of this inconvenience.

Childhood is a special state, because although it is true that children need a lot of attention from their parents, it is also true that they give as much as they receive, because they provide the illusion of living that many adults have forgotten. In my opinion, playing with children is one of the most rewarding experiences there can be, because at that moment it is as if time stands still and all the problems in the world seem to disappear. For children, playing is important, because half of their mind works as imagination due to their difficulty in understanding the world around them, that means that we can use games as a means to teach them and help them progress. Imagination is also important for adults, because through it we can create new things, so it is a shame that many have forgotten what it means.

Regardless of the time and place where they are, all children seem the same, because they have not yet been contaminated with the prejudices that are common in adults. At that moment in life, they just want to learn and have fun, this allows those who are with them to forget about the problems of life for a moment. Another good thing that children have is that they are a guarantee against boredom and that is what lonely people fear the most.

With these comments I do not mean to deny the importance of adult life, because all stages of life have their importance, and it is when we become adults that we can live on our own and fulfill the dreams that we develop during childhood. Furthermore, it is only when we become adults that we can become cultured and acquire the wisdom that allows us to live life fully and that we then teach to children. What I want to emphasize is that we must always preserve the illusion of living that children have and their ability to accept that what seems impossible to us may be real, therefore, we must not rule out any hypothesis without conclusive evidence, because that attitude is essential in order to progress.


Newborn children , it is as if they are at the bottom of a well in which they can only see the light at the end, they have a great memory, but due to their weakness they are unable to learn by themselves, therefore adults, you must go down into that well and get them out. During the first years of their life, adults should be their personal guides and teach them everything that they have around them, that they see it, that they touch it and that they feel the proximity and affection of their relatives, this is fundamental for their development intellectual. Many parents boast of giving everything their children need, but they refuse to give them affection, which is just as important. Then, when these children reach adulthood, they ignore their parents, because they do not feel any affection for them, and the parents wonder, curse their children and say that they do not understand the reason, but, in this case, they do not they have reason to complain, because they have received what they gave.


In my opinion, in the future, food will end up being completely of plant origin or rather it will no longer be of animal origin, because an evolved society does not need bloodshed to achieve the nutritional principles necessary for a healthy life. It must be borne in mind that a society that accepts the death of animals without being necessary may inadvertently be favoring violence among its own fellows. This is so, because blood calls for blood and a soldier who has killed in combat is more likely to commit a crime upon returning home than a normal citizen, the reason is simple and that is that once the soldier kills for the first time He partly loses his fear of killing, it is not that that makes him a murderer, but it makes it easier for him to become one. I do not intend to discuss here whether or not it was necessary to eat animals in the past, because it is evident that there were many villages that only had this way of life, as was the case of fishing villages, but in the future, technological advances will allow for man to completely detach himself from the association between food and bloodshed and that will undoubtedly make humanity more peaceful. In addition, once the human being colonizes the planets and moons where it is difficult to grow plants, they will surely opt for the production of artificial foods, these foods will have the same nutritional qualities as vegetables and a similar texture, so it is possible that in those places is left to grow indefinitely plants. In any case, this could be considered more as a matter of principle than nutritional, because it is reasonable to think that a vegetarian society will always be more peaceful.

A society that wants peace must strive to achieve it, therefore, ideally, firearms can only be used by the armed forces or the police. Nor does it make sense that in many countries the use of firearms is prohibited to the population, but instead it is allowed to have them if it is to use as entertainment, in hunting or in competition, the logical thing would be for them to be prohibited or to be allow them all, because the life of an animal or of the victims that may be caused by the improper use of these weapons must be more than a game. A society that allows the use of weapons indiscriminately not only shows that it is a sick society but above all that it is a disunited society.


Today, there are many unscrupulous sects and writers who sow the world with lies just to make money, because of them, some people get to have real psychological disorders. Because the truth is that many of those writers of the so-called new era or personal self-realization are nothing more than simple amateurs whose hypotheses in most cases have been copied from books of dubious reputation and not from contacts with superior beings as they claim. They call themselves spiritual teachers when they are nothing more than simple con artists. The true mastery in philosophy or metaphysics is not acquired simply by reading books, but when one has the gift of intuition that is necessary to see where others do not see, a gift that is derived from spiritual progress. Therefore, the most prudent thing is to keep our principles firm and not accept any ideological hypothesis until we have clear our doubts.

Those false contactees or cult leaders are like psychopaths, they have no shame in lying or plagiarizing the work of others to get money or prominence, they are people without a soul. People usually believe them because they do not conceive that there can be someone so mean as to lie so continuously, but empty and insubstantial people often represent a false personality to give themselves more importance than they deserve.

Psychopaths are not only interested in money but also in power, because they have such a dominant character that they do not hesitate to lie in order to manipulate people, that is why they try to be seen as teachers when they are just scoundrels. When a person is evil, impulsive and dominant at the same time, they acquire the personality of a psychopath who is characterized by trying to impose their interests by force, therefore, they do not hesitate to lie to achieve their goals.

These scammers are easily discovered, because they tend to absorb like sponges all the lies that have been written about aliens, because they copy each other and the sum of everything they say is like a bad science fiction movie. That approach they make of aliens or the universe is as crude and mundane as the people to whom it is addressed, because a spiritually elevated person knows that all this is nothing more than a sum of lies.

Some sell books, others ask for donations from the followers under the pretext of maintaining the sect, but in an amount that does not correspond to the cost of the sect and that goes to the pocket of the leader. Other times they ask for money to build churches and the deeds are written in the name of the owner of the sect, then they sell the church under the pretext of building a larger one or somewhere else and the leader keeps the money, then the process starts again from the beginning. There are also sects that try n sexually use the adepts to get money from new assumptions followers who adhere to and paid only in exchange for sexual favors in this case it is to deceive the followers to engage in prostitution without charge for it. Another common method is to try to convince followers to give a large part of their salary to the sect, but all the goods that are acquired with that money are not registered in everyone's name but only in the name of the owner of the sect.

These methods are often used to scam the followers and in all of them there is the same common denominator which is the desire to obtain power and money. Sometimes they deceive people who feel lonely or depressed and believe that the sect is going to be like a family for them, and other times they use fear or vanity to adhere, because they scare them by saying that the world is going to destroy and only the members of the sect will be saved, and if that is not enough they try to inflate their ego. In this way, if the method of scaring is not enough, they use the promotion of vanity or evil that the adept may have to deceive him, because they make him believe that if he adheres to the sect he will be better and smarter than the others, it is say that in the end they end up paying in exchange for false flattery. Then, when they see that things don't fit together, acknowledging this truth becomes the main obstacle to leaving it. This phenomenon of paying for believing better than others is very common also in occult groups or Masonic lodges, but may also be exceptions, because the followers believe that by simply joining them will pert enecer a é a lite p rivilegiada and consequently consider that all what is outside them is ignorance.

Some of these scammers proclaim themselves contactees or channellers of aliens just to have a leadership position over their potential victims and with that advantage they try to manipulate them according to their convenience, now they are also very active on social networks or the internet being so enormous the number of scammers than the authentic cases that there are also are every day less in proportion, that is why it is so important to distrust everything they tell us and to analyze each situation with impartiality.

The great religious organizations of the world usually use the same methods of mental manipulation to obtain power, the only difference is that they hide their methods a lot as they are very widespread organizations. They all have in common that they try to nullify our mental freedom and our creative capacity because they are not superior beings nor do they represent God, they are only false prophets and minions of Satan. The world must free itself of this burden and understand that we are all creators because we are all part of God.

There are also scammers, who try to scare people by setting a date for the end of the world and, of course, they propose themselves as the solution to that danger with the intention of making a profit by creating sects or selling books. When that date arrives and the end of the world does not occur, then they invent another to continue with the same deception. It is sad to see how some people trust them to get out of danger without understanding that the real danger is them. It is true that one day there will be an end of the world, although no one knows the date, but the fact that there is an end of the world does not mean that it is the physical end of the planet, but rather it will be the culmination of a process of evolution technique and morality that will allow the world to see the light at the end of the tunnel and when that happens , the scammers and scoundrels who are the true definition of evil will no longer have more opportunities to continue deceiving people and then the evil will disappear from the land.

Other scammers claim that all the evils in the world are caused by reptilian aliens, but do they believe that mammals cannot be evil? Because if they think like this they prove to be very naive It is not at all impossible that intelligent beings based on a biological system such as reptiles can exist, because on a planet with a very high ambient temperature and that would remain that way indefinitely, only cold-blooded animals would make sense, as happened in the past, when reptiles were the masters of the Earth. However, nature waited for the planet's temperature to drop before favoring the appearance of intelligent beings. In any case, if there were reptilian intelligent beings at some point in the universe, it is evident that they would have to face the same or similar problems that terrestrial man has had to live, and consequently, it is also logical to think, that they would act in a similar way in similar situations. It has also been seen that reptile mothers have the same interest in protecting their young as mammals, which shows that the type of biology does not have to influence too much moral behavior, especially when it comes to higher species. For this reason, those who associate reptilian beings with evil beings is because they want to pose the question in a simplistic way, as if everything were summed up to a question of sides in which the mammals, that is to say that we, would be the good ones and the rest of biologies that may exist in the universe would be the bad guys. E writers hese pretend to be our allies and protect us from evil, and use fear these supposed beings to disguise actually bad they are, and they want to take away money using lies and fear.

Mean people are willing to believe anything that enlarges their ego, so when scammers present aliens as bad and ugly beings they immediately accept it, because by proposing that earthlings are morally superior, by accepting it they are giving value to themselves, that is to say that in the end they deceive them using their own vanity, But, only a stupid would believe, that a being that is ahead of us in thousands of years could be inferior to us in something.

In my opinion, it is very unlikely that there are reptilian extraterrestrials, because I consider it more likely that nature is inclined to use the biological system of the mammalian type in higher species, because it allows to regulate body temperature better, but, if they did exist, without a doubt they would be much better than us, because the progress of any civilization cannot be complete only with the development of technology, moral progress is also necessary. Because if these beings are technically many thousands of years ahead of us, then it would not be fair to pretend that they were at the same time inferior to us in moral values.

I does not seem logical to think that there are intelligent aliens with insect form or other, for example we have our planet that is filled with thousands of species all different and yet only human h to come to develop intelligence completely, surely This is so, because intelligence is associated with this shape, therefore, it is most likely that all intelligent beings that may be in space are similar to us, except for simple differences such as height.

I do not think likely to exist in other beings planets based on silicon or other atomic elements as substitutes for carbon, because as the universe has the same physical laws in all galaxies, MI s mo so it seems more logical that the carbon the element common to all of them to develop biological forms.

But the scammers, try to show the aliens as wolves so that we do not see that the wolves are them, and they scare us by pointing to what we have in front of us to distract us while they approach from behind and thus hide their true intentions, they show themselves as our allies, but they only intend to take away our money and increase their ego at our expense. It is the same mental manipulation technique that the Nazis used, first they flatter their victims by telling them that they are the best so that they are more inclined to accept their dominance and then they choose a social minority to blame it for all the evils, in this way, they use the fear of that minority to hide that they are the evil ones, so they can steal the goods from that minority without producing social reactions against it. Finally, when they are in power, those who had supported them also become their victims, when they annul the democratic systems to provoke a dictatorship. It is also the typical way of acting of any abuser, because they use a combination of threat and flattery to control their victims.

In my opinion, degenerate aliens do not exist, because it is a characteristic of evolution that technological progress goes hand in hand with moral progress, regardless of their biology, that is why these scammers only manage to deceive those who do not they want to accept that they are the inferior or degenerate beings. These individuals use ancient mythology to invent false evil aliens, as they do with the Anunnaki of Sumerian mythology, because how can anyone believe that the aliens were going to use primitive humans to get gold, considering that they have vastly superior technology and consequently can be obtained more easily? In addition, primitive humans had very rudimentary and ineffective methods to obtain this metal.

There are also scammers who use the reverse system and claim to know or be the representatives of beneficial extraterrestrials from the Pleiades or other stars, these are not different from the previous ones, because just as they try to take advantage of the credibility of people to create sects or simply enrich themselves by selling their books. It must be borne in mind that the pleiades are young blue giant stars predisposed to explode and it is unlikely that there are planets like ours in them, because rocky-type planets like the earth arise from the ashes left by the explosion of those stars. . Blue stars are made mainly of hydrogen, on the other hand, to create planets like the earth provided with all the chemical elements such as iron or carbon that are necessary to form organic life, it is necessary for these stars to explode and with their ashes form the planets. Therefore, it does not seem very likely that there are advanced civilizations around these stars.

Then there are sincere writers who try to tell the truth without exaggeration, although they are a minority, therefore, we must be suspicious and not deny any hypotheses beforehand, but we must not believe in someone just because they say they are not lying. We must not forget that in the universe there are many wonders and surprising things and the fact that there are many scammers who spend the day thinking about how to deceive us does not mean that for this reason there are also surprising but real facts. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to differentiate them by seeking the truth without prejudice.

Currently, there are many who say they have seen flying saucers or extraterrestrial beings and each one describes them in a different way, in my opinion , this does not happen because there are many different races, but because they show themselves to us not as they are really, but in the way that they consider most appropriate to show themselves, because when we see one of their ships, it is not because they have been distracted, but because they really want us to see them so that we become familiar with their presence in order to make the day closer in that can be shown to us openly. It is also possible that those humanoid beings of small stature that are usually seen are not authentic living beings, but machines with human form operated by remote control, that is, they would not have the capacity to act autonomously as occurs with a robot, because being remotely controlled what they would do is represent the will of those who handle them, that means that if someone talks to them, who they would really be talking to is with the beings that control them from ships or base stations. This would have the purpose of avoiding the risk of suffering any damage during their missions, either because of people or animals in the case of being on the ground, or because of the possibility of being attacked while in the air. Furthermore, these robotic bodies would be immune to the deleterious effects of high accelerations attributed n the UFO. With this system, the risk of biological contamination would also be avoided.

Another myth is the propulsion method, because there is a generalized opinion that they work by means of an anti-gravity system, but if we take into account the large number of descriptions that exist about UFOs, a clear conclusion cannot be drawn about it. Some models may work with a system that rejects Earth's gravity, but it is also possible that they work by repelling the planet's electric or magnetic field. Other models could work by flotation such as balloons, this would explain its great luminosity, because by heating the interior air to a high temperature, flotation would be achieved by reducing its density. Another option is that they work by reaction using rockets. They could also work with a propeller system built into the fuselage. But most likely they will use ships with different propulsion systems and choose the most suitable one depending on the circumstances.

Some say that UFOs cannot exist because they defy the physical laws of nature due to their great accelerations, but how do we know if what we see are their ships or the image of their ships? Perhaps all this is part of a program so that the population gets used to its presence and in those cases in which there is some risk they prefer to use images of their ships instead of the authentic ones. It is also possible that in some cases a spirit is being mistaken for a UFO, it is true that people associate paranormal activity with ghosts, but there are many cases in which luminous spheres have been described inside haunted houses. This is possible, because in reality a spirit is a sphere of energy, although it normally manifests in human form. Nor can we rule out that aliens prefer to manifest themselves in spirit form on some occasions. It is true, that in most sightings UFOs are usually described as objects of large size and metallic appearance, but we do not know for sure what things a spirit can do, and it is evident that the properties that are attributed to UFOs as luminosity, speed and sudden change of direction could also be applied to spirit beings. For a materialistic society like the one that exists right now on earth that denies life after death to speak of spiritual beings seems inconceivable, but the fact that they do not accept it does not mean that it cannot be true.

Therefore, when we speak of superior beings, we should not rely too much on our knowledge of science to give an opinion on how they can be or how they can act, because their superior technology uses systems that go beyond what we consider predictable.

In any case, we have to understand that what we know about them is not what we have managed to discover, but what they allow us to know. This is so, because our ability to understand the truth is limited, therefore, they give us the filtered information to adapt it to our own ability to understand.

Nor do I think likely that there has been any contact between the aliens and the governments of earth, because as long as the technological or moral level of this planet is not completed, the cultural difference that exists between the two civilizations cannot be avoided. We must not forget that some beings who are capable of coming to Earth from other stars have to have such advanced technology that they do not need to agree with anyone to do what they consider appropriate, because when scammers speak of pacts between human governments and aliens propose something as absurd as saying that it is necessary to make a pact with ants in order to study them. They study us according to their principles and laws, but they do not need to establish pacts with inferior beings to carry out their projects. The truth is that for aliens, humans are not men but the sun or prototypes of men, because although in the physical aspect there are exceptional cases in which almost perfection has been reached, on the other hand, in the intellectual aspect there is still much to do.

It is not that aliens have any problem in dealing with men, but there are few on earth who can be considered as such, because for them "men" are not those who run governments or have large companies but those who have a great spiritual level, therefore , they only communicate with them individually. This means that humanity will not be able to be considered an adult society in the cosmos and consequently to establish normal communication with the rest of advanced civilizations that populate the universe until the evolution process is complete.


In the universe, there are an immense number of different beings and each one of them represents a different will, if only a single being existed, differences of opinion or insults could not exist. However, it is good that there are multiple beings in the universe because each one of them brings variety, novelty and new emotions to the others as a consequence of the relationships they establish with each other, because being different beings they also create different situations, but, the The fact that they are different wills also determines that the existence of ethical or moral laws is necessary that provide an adequate means for everyone to be able to relate safely. However, despotic people act as if they were the only beings that exist and without thinking about the consequences of their own actions. This behavior occurs when there is a big difference between what you think can be done and what you can actually do. They are aware that they act with evil and against the rights of others, but they insist on their attitude because their arrogance prevents them from understanding that by acting in this way they are leaving a valid behavior in a civilized society and consequently they are exposed to suffering reprisals. Arrogance is like a disease of the soul, because those who act like this behave as if they were the only beings in the universe, which is not true and they think that whatever they do, nothing can happen to them, this is obviously a wrong belief, as a result From this attitude they end up living an unhappy life because the fact that they do not recognize the rights of others does not imply that others will not fight for their rights. Some think that to correct a moral deviation it is enough to give advice, but they forget that despotic people behave in this way because they have assumed evil as their reason for being, this means that only an energetic attitude on the part of the law or citizens can make them change.

The universe is populated by multiple beings, each with their own life and their own will, this determines that moral standards are necessary to make peaceful coexistence possible. But it is also necessary that there are laws that punish the crime. Because it is not possible to create an evolved society if the law is not capable of preventing crime. For this, it is necessary for the law to apply a punishment large enough so that the offender does not want to commit a crime again, but at the same time light enough so that the punishment does not turn into abuse. For this reason, a society that wants peace must consider the right to self-defense as one of its greatest values, because it is impossible to put an end to evil if the same energy is not applied to crime that he applies when he commits his crimes. When a person acts with justice and fights against criminals at that moment he becomes the hand of God, because with his action he contributes to the progress of all humanity. It is also essential that society reaches out to those who do not have what they need to live, so that it is possible to end begging, so it will be easy to know who commit crimes out of necessity and who do it out of evil.

A society that wants peace also has to end the mediocre penalties that are applied in some countries to those who commit crimes through misappropriation, because this is the method preferred by politicians when they steal from public budgets. In order to ensure their impunity, these individuals created laws that establish ridiculous penalties regardless of the value of what was stolen when the crime is committed using their own work or when there is no physical violence. This is how bankers, politicians, and all manner of corrupt individuals rob society knowing that they have the law on their side. With these types of laws, it does not matter if a banker steals the savings of a lifetime from the elderly, or if a politician empties the state coffers, because after a negligible period in jail they will be able to leave without having to return the stolen. There can be no peace in a society if its laws are made to protect criminals with sham penalties. It is true that losing a large amount of money is not the same as losing a life, but many people need to dedicate a lifetime to earn that money. L to civil peace is only possible when criminals fear the law and not decent citizens to criminals. Citizens have to remove the blindfold and understand that this theatrical act that politicians do every day when they insult each other is not to favor democracy but to favor their privileges, because they know that they have power with them independence of the party that wins the elections. That means that only when the laws can be voted on individually this deception can end.

From a moral point of view, there are several aspects that regulate the relationship between people, one is the belief in the cyclical nature of the universe, who thinks like this, considers that the best option is to defend total justice because they think that what one does to others in this life it will one day happen to ourselves in our future reincarnations and consequently, any act of injustice that we do now will eventually happen to us. This belief is based on considering that all beings will live all their lives and consequently the hypothetical benefit that can be produced by acting unfairly in the present would have to be returned some day in the future. This would be so, but assuming that this unjust act has not been punished in the present. Keep in mind, that although a cosmic cycle can last billions of years, however, for eternity any amount of time does not mean anything. In this case, the important thing is not the time, but to think that sooner or later it will happen to you.

Then there is what could be called police justice, which is derived from self-defense, in this case each individual is in charge of defending their own rights individually or by delegating those functions to the police or the army. In this case, the act of justice is immediate and is not subject, as in the previous case, to a hypothetical cyclical process. The truth is that in human conflicts it is police justice that intervenes in 95% of cases and only 5% is exposed to change due to the application of cyclical justice. This percentage would correspond to acts of injustice that had not been discovered, but it must be taken into account that this depends on chance and not on who commits the injustice. It must be taken into account that the so-called police justice intervenes in all areas of life from family relationships to work, this means that any act of deviation can find many forms of correction.

In the case of those who defend total justice, the logical thing is that they add both forms of justice, so that one can resort to police justice as a normal means of self-defense, but, at the same time, defend total justice as a form of behavior towards others. That is, he would consider legitimate defense as a fundamental means to do justice, but at the same time he could defend total justice by believing in the cyclical nature of the universe. This is in my opinion the best option.

There are those who think that the cyclical nature of the universe does not exist and consequently the actions that we do to others will not have a direct impact on us in our future lives, but even if that were true, in no case would it imply that justice ceases to be fundamental in human life, because the fact that we do not accept that there is a cyclical justice in the future does not prevent the existence of a police justice in the present, this form of justice is the most important of the two whether there is a cyclical character of the universe as if not. This means that it is necessary to defend justice as the main moral conduct in any case if we want to be happy and live in peace with the rest of the citizens.

It can also happen that someone accepts the existence of the cyclical character of the universe and consequently assumes that all beings will truly live all the lives and all the situations that occur in those lives, but, nevertheless, they think that it is still better to defend the justice with exceptions. This could happen, if you think that defend the full justice could cause some comparative injury in the present with respect to those who do not accept and consequently was worse than the supposed future benefit they could get. In this case, these people would also defend justice as the main norm of conduct but accepting exceptions.

Unfortunately, there are people who, due to their own vanity or because of a misunderstood overprotection of their parents, end up choosing being unfair as their main behavior, because they think that whatever they do, nothing will happen to them. An excess of optimism can also favor this behavior, because when we are happy we all believe that things are easier than they really are and when we are sad we believe just the opposite, therefore, when things go well we must not lose consciousness common or forgetting to live with dignity, because accidents often go too closely linked to overconfidence. In human relationships it is similar, because when overconfidence degenerates into vanity, it leads to loneliness, bitterness or prison. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that in the universe we are not alone and the fact that someone does not want to take others into account, does not mean that others will not act accordingly to their behavior. It is not bad to be happy, but we must not allow optimism to lead us to arrogance, we must try to be happy but applying common sense. A society that wants to be peaceful needs to have strong laws that demotivate criminals, but it also needs a strong code of moral values that teach citizens that only with justice and dignity can happiness be achieved.


In the past, the cinema emerged as an evolution of the theater and was intended to show real or fictional stories through actors. Later, television emerged, which meant a shift from cinema to that medium. By cinema or theater, citizens could see how present, events centuries before. It is true that this is an ideal medium to develop the imagination, however, the great flaw of cinema is that it is based on made-up stories or only partially real. This means that these media run the risk of becoming simple instruments for the dissemination of personal opinions of those who make the novels or participate in the filming, which in the end can significantly alter the reality of the stories that are told, especially when people think they are inspired by real events.

Unfortunately, on many occasions the content of the novels is considerably removed from reality to adapt to the prejudices in fashion at all times. At other times, politicians give "aid" to the world of cinema, which is actually bribes, to make films in favor of their political ideas or to support them during electoral campaigns. Perhaps that is why, in the future, novels will be replaced by cultural or essay books and cinema by programs where the presence of actors such as musical, informative or documentary programs is not so important, everything will depend on whether these entertainment methods are capable of contributing the same things that novels or acting films now offer. Another drawback of cinema is the moral aspect, because in order to make interpretations more real, actors are forced to exceed the limits of what could be considered ethically correct in any other profession and in the end it is quite difficult to find a difference between what they do and prostitution.

There are also those who consider it immoral to watch war films, but in my opinion, it makes no sense to reject them just because they deal with that subject, because the important thing is not the fact of watching them but with whom the viewer identifies, because if he identifies with the character that defends justice and human rights then it does not have to suppose any moral contradiction. In addition, the logical thing is that the cinema shows the reality of society and if there is violence in society it would be absurd for the cinema or documentaries not to collect it. This also happens with sports, because the existence of opposing sides not only serves to represent the reality of present -day society, but also serves as gymnastics I n such, so that the public is Mentalic of the risk, because when we see or participate in a competition, in reality, we are simulating a fight in legitimate defense to prepare our body and our mind for the risk of real danger. The same is what happens with movies or documentaries.


Nowadays , it is very common to hear how many criminals try to justify saying that they had difficult childhoods, but forget that there are many who have problems in childhood just like them, however, they made an effort to live with dignity, because life is not only what we have but also what we try to have. In the end, it becomes clear that those who have never tried to live with dignity are the ones who always resort to that difficult childhood argument. Because if that were true, how is it possible then that there are so many cases of rich people who commit crimes or even crimes, when they have everything they need? The answer is simple, because dignity does not depend on the wealth that one has but on one's own will and in many cases the evil does not begin because of a lack of resources but because of the vain attitude that is acquired when someone is given every whim.

We have another example in criminal trials, they often say that the reason for their behavior is in their childhood and they claim to have been abused children. But what credibility can those who have spent their entire lives lying to do evil have? If we now believe what they tell us we will only give them more opportunities to continue with their crimes. Because for them the lie is their reason for being and their work tool and presumably what they say is only to give pain and avoid their conviction.

It is true that many children have had difficult childhoods, but the truth is that only a small part of them end up committing crimes, because in the end, everything depends on the path that each one decides to take. There are also abusers who have had abusive parents, but in these cases they do not act the same because they think it is okay, but because they do not want to admit that their parents were scoundrels, and by acting like this they become accomplices of them. This is arrogant behavior, because first they refuse to question their parents' behavior, and then they pretend to do the same. Therefore, they cannot be considered innocent, because instead of demanding responsibility from their parents, they prefer to deny reality and act like them. When they were children they could not help it, but as adults they know how to differentiate good from evil and even so they insist on acting evil, therefore, their behavior has no justification. It is true that on some occasions criminal behavior begins when an inferiority complex is combined with a desire for revenge, but the fact that these people hold resentment towards someone does not give them the right to take revenge on innocents, because whoever is just fights against those who are just criminals instead of behaving like them, and when they do it is because they use their own problems to hide that they are scoundrels. It will always be better to regain your confidence by fighting the criminals before them than to join them. Our moral duty is to fight evil instead of imitating it, and many people use their problems as a pretext to hide the degeneration of their own personality.

Forgiveness is necessary, but not for those who say they are repentant only as a means of avoiding their conviction, but for those who deserve it for their example and always after paying their debts to society. Because the fact of saying that you are sorry does not cancel the damage caused, and if by being benevolent, society easily frees criminals, it can end up provoking in them a sense of impunity and thus favor an increase in crimes. It is true that parents also have a responsibility in the future behavior of their children, but in most cases this criminal behavior is not the consequence of having been mistreated, but of having been too spoiled.

It is also common for criminals to try to get rid of their sentences by stating that they are violent from birth, but the truth is that genetics can only favor someone having an excess of character that makes them be more authoritarian than would be desirable, but in no case does this force him to do something unjust or prevent him from differentiating good from evil. Because every adult man either demands the right to use his free will or must also assume his own responsibility for his actions and resorting to that argument is more than a simplistic excuse. It is true that a genetic failure could favor someone to become a criminal or a homosexual, but in no case does it cause it, because in the development of the personality there are many factors that intervene, and although our body has birth defects that may disturb our emotions, we also have an intelligence that allows us to understand what our moral duty is. However, it would be reasonable to apply sterilization to criminals, to prevent them from having defective genes. The spirit must dominate matter and the mind must dominate the body, therefore, we have a duty to act with common sense regardless of the obstacles that we may encounter along the way.

We must not be fooled by tyrants, those who since childhood have believed that they have to do whatever they want just because their parents were so permissive that they let evil grow in them until it completely dominated them, ending up as antisocial people. Psychopaths, in addition to being evil, tend to have an excessively dominant personality, therefore, they behave like tyrants when they are with people who have low self-esteem, and if they consent to their whims they will become more and more evil. When that happens, abused people must choose between cutting off that behavior from the beginning or cutting off their relationship with them permanently because if they don't, their evil will grow without stopping.

Psychopaths, when you have a problem with someone they cannot control, hide their aggressive and dominant personality and pretend to have normal behavior, then wait to be with their partner or with those over whom they have an influence to show their violent personality. They do not do this simply because they are impulsive but because they are scoundrels. Because a fair person, even being impulsive, tries to solve their problems without looking for innocents to vent their discomfort. It should also be emphasized that although psychopaths are usually spoken of as if they were men, in reality there are both sexes equally, the difference is that women have less physical strength which makes their evil less visible.

Sometimes, parents, believing they help their children, actually corrupt them, because when they commit an act of evil they oppose their being punished, thus favoring their behavior to get worse and worse, because by preventing the punishment they make them think that the it badly compensates them. These parents have no dignity, because if they really cared about their children they would teach them to be decent people instead of turning them into simple scoundrels and they would do everything possible to expel evil from them. When parents act like this, it is because they care very little for their children and that is why they want to pretend that they are their friends by supporting them on those occasions when they should be punished, they want to hide in this way the little time they dedicate so that they do not reproach him, but that behavior turns his children into hooligans and them into hypocrites. It is a pity how many families end up destroyed by being dominated by evil, this would not happen if they tried to live with dignity.

It is true that there are criminals who have been mistreated as children, and they affirm that this gives them the right to do what they want, but this is not done by simple imitation, but by vanity, because they know that their victims are not to blame for what what happened to them and they still insist on their behavior. This shows that they use their own problems as a pretext to hide that these crimes are committed out of simple arrogance. Because an abused person when he is decent fights against those who are abusive but does not imitate them. On the other hand, when the fact of having been mistreated is used as an excuse to mistreat others, it is because they are trying to hide their own vanity behind that argument.

Nor is it fair to apply mitigations to those who commit crimes under the influence of drugs, because it is like giving them a prize to encourage consumption. We all have a duty to respect our fellow human beings regardless of other issues. Because if we voluntarily decide to consume hallucinogenic substances, then we have a duty to pay for the damages that we can cause under the influence of those substances. We must not forget that being fair is not the same as being stupid, a just society is one in which decent citizens feel safe and criminals fear the law and not the other way around, because evil only disappears when the law fights delinquency to its last consequences, therefore, those who act with justice should never accept condescension towards criminals if they seek to achieve peace. It does not matter how many police officers there are or how many laws are made to combat crime if then the penalties applied are mediocre as is the case in some countries, because a criminal only stops committing crimes when the punishment is strong enough to find no compensation in continuing with that attitude.

The problem of contemporary society is that the eradication of crime is not proposed, but only living with it, which is quite absurd, and all because it is not able to understand that it can be achieved simply by taking the necessary measures to end poverty and combine it with the punishment of those acts in which intentional evil is evident. One of the biggest obstacles to achieving this is the politicians' intent to commit crimes, because they refuse to apply the necessary reforms to prevent their own crimes from being exposed. Because the truth is that in many countries the laws support crime or, in other words, weak or inadequate measures are taken to end it, in this way, politicians have the law on their side when they consider crime. A first step to achieve this would be to create a work program by the state to prevent those who did not have it from being left behind, because it will always be better to give a job rather than financial aid, in this way they are prevented from achieving their goal those who make a living from stealing and asking for social assistance without having any real intention of working. And because true l humanitarianism, not to d ar money to those who ask, but give work to those who sincerely want to integrate into society. Logically, there would be exceptions in those cases in which a disease prevents it.

It is the duty of society to be fair to criminals, but justice is not the same as impunity, because applying a weak sentence to those who commit a serious crime is above all a contempt for the victims, as well as a way of favoring the crime, because a penal system that takes crimes as something unimportant causes a relaxation of society when it comes to complying with the law. Therefore, the Justic ia and have no mercy for what to contradict, because justice requires that the offender p u and for crimes committed, and calls for clemency that the punishment is only necessary to do justice. The key to clemency lies in the intention of the offender, because it is not the same who commits a crime out of necessity or by mistake as who does it out of vanity, therefore, the law must differentiate between the two situations, because those who act with arrogance and evil, only the force of the law can make them change.

If we analyze the relationship between punishment and clemency from a biblical point of view, it can be said in conclusion that there is no contradiction between the eye for an eye that Moses defended and the clemency that Jesus defended, because each of them defends the same thing, but raised from different points of view. Moses, as head of his tribe, demanded the right of the victims to be compensated in proportion equal to the damage caused, and he told the criminals that the law will not rest until the evil is eradicated in them. Because the meaning of an eye for an eye is that evil can only be eradicated from society, when the force of the law is the same as the violence used by the criminal. On the other hand, Jesus emphasized clemency, because the forcefulness of the law should only seek justice, but it should never be used as a pretext to abuse the offender. This means that both were right, but each raised it differently.

In the most successful countries, it is usually easier for psychopaths to appear than in those that do not have it, this is because despotic people believe that if their country is successful then they will also have it in their personal sphere , and they think that implies that they can do whatever they want without worrying about the consequences. This happens because optimism reduces the distance between what we think we can do and what we can really do. When vain people hear that news about how great their country is and that no one can beat it, they think that they are talking about themselves, and they believe that if this is true it is because of them, so if they were already vain and arrogant before, Upon hearing this news, his arrogance increases to the point of abandoning all judicious behavior. This would not have happened, if from childhood their parents and educational systems had been concerned with offering them moral education.

A society that wants to have social peace has to be energetic against crime, because a country that applies weak punishments to serious crimes is condemned to see anarchy and disorder grow in its streets. It is also necessary for the state to take pity on the poor, and therefore have a work program so that no one is unemployed. In this way, it will be easy to know who commit crimes because they are scoundrels and who do it out of true necessity.

Although it is true that an effective judicial system can contain a lot of crime, however, every evolved society needs to have a solid code of moral values that has the defense of justice as its greatest value, because those societies that lack this moral reference are condemned to have many conflicts inevitably, this would not happen if since childhood they had been educated in the defense of justice and human rights. Because learning that every act has a consequence should also be a fundamental part of education.

Every society that wants to feel safe needs an effective police force, but it also needs an army to defend it, because it is not the army that causes evil but the existence of evil that makes an army necessary, therefore, those who are wrong He says that being a pacifist implies rejecting the existence of an army, because if a country did, it is clear that it would be invaded by its neighbors immediately. The fact of not wanting to see a problem does not imply that this problem does not exist and the fact that a country can dismantle its army does not mean that for that reason others will respect it. True pacifism does not consist in saying phrases that sound good but lacking in meaning, but in defending justice and coexistence starting with oneself. In my opinion, one day humanity will be civilized enough to make it possible to do without the army, but it is clear that this will not be possible as long as there is selfishness on earth.


The hypocrisy of society with respect to homosexuality is surprising, because from the point of view of those who support it, it is ethically correct for a mother to reprimand a son who becomes a drug addict, but instead and in order not to contradict current topics, she must support him if he becomes homosexual. This is obviously a contradiction, because if a father must encourage his son to be on the right path and therefore must oppose drug use, then according to the same reasoning he should also oppose when he decides to become homosexual. They claim that in this case they oppose their son's behavior because he is wrong, but if becoming a drug addict is the wrong option, then becoming homosexual can be too. Then they respond, that homosexuality is by birth and therefore does not depend on their own will, but this hypothesis is as simplistic as any other, in the first place because they try to support a deviant behavior against the natural sense of things, and secondly because they deny that a child can choose and therefore make mistakes in this matter. How can they determine that becoming a drug addict is degenerate behavior and becoming homosexual is not? How can they know that it is not an absurd fad? Because, even if there were genetic failures that could favor it, that does not mean that it has to be supported, because it is our moral duty to go towards nature instead of away from it, even if a genetic failure could confuse us. It is evident that with this matter the political parties are trying to force us to accept their arguments by manipulating the sense of things and only in order to promote those points of view that provide them with more votes and consequently more power, but without caring about the social damage that cause.


We continually see the world full of racial disturbances and everyone talks about it but without pronouncing the key word of the problem which is LANDS, because the best solution to resolve interracial conflicts is to divide the territories and give each race the proportional part that corresponds to it. They can create their own independent states. Why does a black have to bear the humiliations of the whites, when he can have a country where the policemen, the judges or the politicians are of his race? It will always be better for each race to live separately and in peace rather than to live mixed up and thereby favor discrimination. That is why I find it surprising the white supremacist groups that exist in the United States and that defend racial separation but at the same time forget to recognize other races their right over the land. Because, unlike Europe, most of them are immigrants, and also the blacks were taken by the force, therefore, it is absurd to deny them their right to land. White people who claim to be in favor of recognizing their rights to racial minorities also seem hypocritical to me, but just as supremacist groups refuse to recognize their right to land, with that attitude they pretend to give support without being true.

Meanwhile, left-wing parties, as if they were a reflection of the ancient and materialistic Athens, are favoring miscegenation only for profit motives in order to economically exploit these minorities and without caring about the social damage they cause, because people publicly proclaim the supposed benefits of miscegenation, but privately they feel uncomfortable with it, although they do not dare to admit it. It will always be better for each race to have the lands that correspond to it than to live facing each other and each with a weapon to kill their neighbors as it happens now. With this attitude, what they are doing is putting the profit motive before the dignity of the people. They say they seek the good of those races by favoring miscegenation, but all they are doing is selling their country for a handful of votes. This is so, because every time the Democrats rule they open the borders to immigrants knowing that later most of them will vote for them when they obtain nationality, in this way they are falsifying the elections by exchanging votes for the residence permit. Under these conditions, Republicans have no option but to follow the policies of the Democrats if they want to govern, this is in a way what they have been doing since the end of the Second World War, but especially after John F. Kennedy and Ly ndon B. Johnson, because encouraging miscegenation, immorality or bad feminism, are policies supported by Democrats but now also accepted by Republicans as if it were an unquestionable truth. This is encouraging left-wing parties to go a step further to try to get everyone to assume that their policies are the only possible even though that is not true.

This all stems from one side of the trauma caused by the second war world, because it makes what and the think people who oppose the Germans implies necessarily accept miscegenation as if it were the same thing. This is a mistake, because miscegenation was already rejected by the majority of North Americans and Europeans before the war so there is no reason to relate one thing to the other. But on the other hand, there is also the interest of governments to benefit from the rrota of Germany in that war, because even if people do not like the mest lifting, I do not want to recognize because that would also mean recognizing that the losers the war was right about something and that could undermine the authority of the victors and with it their plans to dominate the territories of the other races.

This interest of governments to promote mestizaje to justify global domination is carried n do people suffer a blackberry contradiction l, because they know in the depths of his soul that miscegenation is tá wrong and anti naturally, therefore, they feel uncomfortable with it, but, at the same time, from the organs of power they are told over and over again that it is their obligation to accept it. D fter the war that did not have too much, because although miscegenation was accepted in theory, however was not accepted in practice, but today, those speculators who try to obtain positions of power in this situation are driving me NDO miscegenation because they give them equal dignity and are only interested in power regardless of the consequences, this, is causing increasing discomfort of the population is greater. This situation is pushing the people to decide whether to follow his heart and definitely rejects or accepts miscegenation what power tells them it is b ueno but know that it is not. It is ta, is in short, a struggle between the soul and mind suffering duped try not listen to your soul, because it merely believe in what they have said they have to believe since childhood. People must free themselves from this trauma and understand that this feeling that struggles to get out is not bad, because what is bad is trying to use support for miscegenation to justify the invasion of the territories of other races. This happens, because those who are dominated by greed think that a society that supports miscegenation will also support the invasion of the territories of other races, as has already happened in Vietnam, Iraq in 2003, Panama and many other nations. But in doing so they are selling their race and culture for the sake of profit. And all this because people are not able to understand that each race was made by nature to live in different territories and in different climates.

When John F. Kennedy tried to impose racial mixtures, he believed that the differences between them would thus disappear, but not only did they not, but rather they increased, this is so because if you put many races together in the same place, what you get is not having a single race, but many mixed. In the same way, if you put water and oil together, you don't get a different liquid but two different ones in the same space. This shows that ignoring reality does not make it cease to exist.

The truth is that miscegenation is lowering the spiritual frequency of the United States, which favors chaos and social anarchy and feminism is killing the birth rate, this will most likely determine that China will surpass them as the first world power in a few years. It seems that this country is entering a phase of social degeneration reminiscent of the imperial era of Rome, because the behavior of some presidents such as George Bush Jr. or Donald Trump is very reminiscent of the emperors Caligula or Nero. But the truth is that both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for this situation, because to benefit from their victory over Germany they favored miscegenation and now that miscegenation is destroying the cohesion of the country, that would not have happened if they had not put it ahead the profit motive over dignity. Because just as a tree with rotten roots cannot bear good fruit, in the same way a disunited country cannot.

It is typical of both people and nations that when things go well but there is no solid code of moral values, a process of social degeneration occurs, this is what caused the Roman Republic to become a system totalitarian before the empire disappeared. This happens, because people or dominated government s for vanity rely too pensa NDO that this positive situation will last forever regardless of what they do and leave the grounds and humility that had them strong indeed causing disorder, waste and consequently the loss of everything achieved. Therefore, when things are going well, it is necessary to defend dignity and common sense more than ever to prevent vanity from dominating us.

Unlike them, China is experiencing a period of rapid growth because its foundations are solid due to the fact that it is a united and racially homogeneous country just as the United States was in the past, in addition, it has the necessary humility to live mainly on its own resources by making your economy competitive instead of getting corrupted by continually borrowing like others do. The only thing missing to be a model for the world is to improve the labor rights of its citizens and favor the creation of a democratic model.

It is not that there is anything wrong with immigration, but to avoid that causing social chaos it is better that both race and culture coincide, because it is absurd to mix a society that is in the stone age with another that is in thousands of years more advanced. What is clear is that the United States is going from being a traditional and white country to another mestizo and without a defined culture, the difficult thing is to know what the result of that change will be.

The United States, like ancient Rome, considers that those countries that have a different political system make them inferior and consequently make them susceptible to being invaded because they are considered barbarians, for this reason, for the Romans, they favor technical progress or defending their republic gave them, according to their point of view, the right to invade and enslave those who did not have those social systems. This, evidently was not more than a simple pretext, but it was used in those times and is still used today to cover up that the coercion or invasions that are made to other states are out of greed and not to help them as the invaders claim, this it is what happened with the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which was made using lies even at UN headquarters to conceal the economic interests that had n behind.

At present, the difference that exists between dictatorships and democracies is simpler than you think, because as with a dictatorship, in democratic countries the power that politicians give to the people is limited to a simple vote each four years to choose electoral proposals that to a large extent then do not comply. It is clear that a democracy is better than a dictatorship, because a government whose decisions depend on the many will always be better than another one that depends on the few, but the difference is less than what is thought and many times the suffering of the civilian population Of the countries that have such dictatorships, it is not the consequence of the malfunctioning of their political system but of the commercial sanctions that are applied to punish the rich but that only poor citizens suffer. Because in reality, there is no difference between the dictatorships that exist now and the absolutist monarchies that existed in the past. It is fine to favor democracy, but this cannot be allowed to be used as an excuse to impose political systems or destroy countries that do not submit.

It is also regrettable, that in the twenty -first century there are organizations like some NGOs as they did in the past slave traders loaded their ships only illegal immigrants to gain publicity and affiliates increase their incomes and all with the connivance of governments they hope to avail themselves of the cheap labor of these immigrants. Because those, whom they pick up at sea, are not rescued castaways as they say, but people who are picked up from the same ships on which they embarked, for that reason, when the word `` rescued '' is used, the reality of what happens. It is you is an act of apparent frivolity, because modi fies the meaning of words to cover up what only a traffic per systematic Sonas established and designed to publicize these organizations and thus increase their income and membership.

Each person should fight for the good of their race but respecting the independence of others, unfortunately Germany forgot this fact, which led to the appearance of two world wars. The problem with the Germans is that they are bad losers and have little perspective of the things that surround them, because they prefer to ally themselves with anyone in order to achieve their ends, an example of this are the many times in which they have betrayed their brothers from race or religion to ally with Muslims or Asians against Europe and only because of the envy they feel towards England. Because the existence of rivalries between European nations should never be a reason to lose perspective, by acting in this way they have expelled themselves from the world vanguard. Surely, this lack of perspective is the consequence of having been outside the Roman sphere, which is where the avant-garde of European civilization developed in ancient times, this impaired its technological level and consequently decreased its ability to participate in world events by same level as those nations that were inside. Distrust of Germany towards its western neighbors probably began with the attempt of the Romans to invade his country and was avoided p or Arminio, this Roman failure prevented the invasion of its territory, but also determined separates tion with its western neighbors yes They had come under the control of Rome, thus creating a cultural separation between them.

It must also be said in favor of the Germans that they were not the first to try to defend the integrity of their own race against miscegenation as many people think, because long before them the Hebrews had already opposed racial mixing. This shows that the fact of considering a thing as good or bad often depends on the color of the glass through which it is viewed. Unlike the Germans, other nations favored racial mixing only out of greed and not caring about undermining the unity of their country. For this reason, when the North Americans considered bringing slaves to America, it was like making a pact with the devil, because they tried to get wealth in exchange for destroying their racial integrity, and now it is precisely that lack of integrity that is destroying the roots of their country. The truth is that all nations have made mistakes and reprehensible behaviors throughout their history, although now it seems that it is only interesting to show in the media those committed by Germany, but in my opinion, fighting for the defense of their race is not it was one of his mistakes but one of his successes, although that, at present, is not considered politically correct. They did well to defend the integrity of their race, because if you have neither race nor culture, then what is left for you? It is evident that during the Second World War the Germans committed crimes against other races, but, people should ask themselves who is worse, the one who destroys other races as the Germans did or the one who destroys their own as the Westerners do today.


Have nothing to do with these peoples who have remained among you, do not pronounce the name of their gods or swear by them, do not worship them or bow down to them, but remain attached to Yahweh your God, as you have done up to this day. Yahweh has driven out great and strong peoples before you, none of them have been able to resist before you until today. One of you alone persecuted a thousand, because Yahweh your God fought for you, as he had promised you. Put all your efforts to love Yahweh, your God. Because if d and either way you turn away to join with the rest of those people who remain among you, and if contracting ma trimoni you with them I joined s to them and they to you, be understood with certainty that the Lord your God, will not continue to drive these peoples from before you, but they will be for you a snare and a snare, a whip in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until you are exterminated from this good land that Yahweh, your God, has dice. Joshua 23: 7

When the world finishes its evolution, there will only be one race and one religion. It will be a single race because due to its natural evolution in the end they will all be the same. And it will be a single religion, because with technical and philosophical progress the truth will be available to all, therefore, it will no longer make sense that there are great differences of opinion on fundamental issues. This will cause that only one religion remains, which is the one that is derived from the truth. But, until that moment arrives, it is our duty to preserve our values against the chaos that miscegenation supposes, or the mixture of cultures beyond all reasonable criteria, because the progress of humanity is not achieved by mixing everything, but by preserving the most evolved and discarding the most primitive. It is not wrong to join different opinions, what is wrong is to join people with different evolutionary levels. Because we live in a world in which some countries are in the space age, but others are close to the stone age, therefore, progress is not achieved with miscegenation, but by helping the most backward countries, so that Reach the technological level of those ahead.


One of the most important requirements to be able to meditate effectively is to have the courage to think differently from the rest, because in reality, most people are incapable of thinking about something like that, it is as if from a certain point of view They were in a state of hypnosis and were not able to understand anything beyond what the fashions or group concepts mark, because their will is summarized in copying what others do. This behavior could be defined as a state of mental dispersion by which the individual mind submits or disperses in the behavior or attitude of the group with which it is related for fear of possible reprisals that they could suffer in the case of thinking differently, or also because too much trust in them. When a person behaves like this, it is as if for them only the physical part of life existed, based on the action of their body, but without recognizing the spiritual part, in which it is necessary to discover our existence as individual beings and trust in our ability to think and influence the world around us. These scattered-minded people do not see beyond what their group marks and do not understand that the world has to be built from the inside out, that is to say that first it is necessary to meditate to understand what we must defend and only then choose with whom relate. But people with a scattered mind, first look for a group or political party with which to feel protected, but without thinking enough about the attitude of that group, because what they are looking for is someone who provides them with a borrowed mind since they or cannot or they don't want to reflect on the world around them to find the truth. This is how destructive sects grow, the followers give up their will to these leaders, hoping that they will help them without realizing that this leader is not an enlightened one as he claims but a psychopath thirsty for power. That is, they accept what he says without discussing it at any time as if they equated it with God. The truth is that by acting in this way they are betraying God, because they accept any charlatan as their representative only for laziness, not wanting to spend time searching for the truth, and as a consequence they fall into his networks of lies paying times a high price. Therefore, we must discover our creative capacity and not accept anything in advance without a fair and impartial analysis, because only in this way will we discover the truth and the world can progress. Dispersed-minded people confuse their mind with the group attitude and think that people are wonderful and that everything will be fine, but they do not understand that for this to be true it is necessary to distrust what surrounds us and work to convert that dream actually. It would be great if what they believe were true and thus be able to trust those around us, but until the world is no longer dominated by materialistic interest and selfishness it is necessary to strive to break the membrane of conformism that prevents us from seeing the light and breath pure air. These people are so outgoing that they go to city parties as if dominated by a hypnotic impulse associating party with profit, when they are nothing more than vulgar taverns for alcoholics to satisfy their addiction. They do not understand that to have fun it is not necessary to gather a huge mass of people or alcohol, nor do they need worldly entertainments such as carnivals or Halloween that turn cities into vulgar circuses destined only to promote consumerism and enrich the municipalities that during Those days they behave like mafia organizations, because they abandon their duty to serve all citizens by blocking the streets to dedicate them only to that orgy of noise and alcohol, without caring about the people who do not want to participate. These scattered-minded people are unable to meditate deeply, this attitude condemns them to see only the materialistic side of life, therefore, they have to understand that to be happy it is necessary to reject coarseness and drugs, and discover that within of your soul there is a mind that can find the truth for itself. It is necessary to open what in India they call the third eye and which is based on understanding the truth through the use of our mind, in order to improve our own faculties to the maximum, because when a person does not understand it is as if he does not see.

It is necessary to understand that the true party does not arise by organizing false and mundane entertainments, but by living in harmony with nature, because if a person wants to be entertained, he does not need a city hall to block an entire city so that everyone comes en masse, because it will always be more logical that people use the premises for that purpose in an orderly manner. Another wrong behavior is to choose certain dates to give gifts, because the logical thing is to do them only when necessary, because if everyone gives a gift on the same day to the same person, this can be found with a multitude of gifts at a time and none the rest of the year, this system only serves to promote consumerism and vanity in children, who due to this habit suddenly receive a number of gifts they do not need. It is necessary to understand that it is not necessary to do everything en masse or at the same time as others, we have to learn to discover ourselves.

Mental dispersion is not only the consequence of our own lack of effort or caution, it also occurs when we have a genetically out of focus body, that is, the poor finish of our body makes it more difficult for us to understand the reality of the world around us and reduces our biological intelligence. Because in reality, up to 85% of the population has hereditary genetic diseases that diminish their potential as human beings and consequently the potential that humanity can develop. These genetic deficiencies in most cases do not cause serious consequences, but they reduce the quality of life and in the long run they favor the appearance of other diseases. Our bodies have been evolving for billions of years, but this process of fighting for progress is continually slowed by the attack of chemical or radioactive substances that attack our genes, destroying the fruit of so much evolutionary work. Throughout the history huma na only we could fight these diseases through sexual selection trying to have healthy couples, but this system does not work when it comes to hidden diseases naked eye. For this reason, it would be desirable for governments to initiate a program for the eradication of these diseases, so that it is possible to extract the maximum benefit that genetic evolution can provide. Because our bodies are actually machines at the service of our spirit and having a genetically defective body is like building a telescope with a dirty lens, that means that it will not matter how hard we try, because as long as these defects are not eliminated we will never achieve precision that it would be desirable to have. For this reason, the silence that pharmaceutical companies show on this issue is surprising, because it is evident that the day that a program for the eradication of these diseases worldwide begins will also be the day that their influence on the world begins to diminish in theworld.

It is striking to see that most people, when faced with an intellectual dilemma, the first thing they think is what will be the attitude that their political party or social group will have regarding that issue and only after knowing that the attitude of their group is they go on to consider whether it makes sense or not. That is to say that when they believe that their group is going to reject that dilemma then they will try to find reasons to reject it as well in order to avoid colliding with the attitude of the majority, because many people prefer to reject the truth if they avoid staying out of fashion or group to which they are linked by fear of possible reprisal. That is, many people do not follow a fashion because it makes sense but because others do, and often stupid customs are followed and in contradiction with previous fashions just because that is what those who spread the rumor of what fashion is determine. . This explains why during the Second World War the support that the Nazis had in Germany was so intense, but that also explains why they are now rejected with the same energy, that is to say that this rejection is simply due to the fact that they lost the war and consequently they are no longer a threat to those who despise them. In other words, they can be criticized without fear of reprisals, but they cannot be publicly supported, because in this case there would be retaliation by those who won the war or by those who obtained their positions for praising the victors.

Before the word "fascism" was used to identify those who supported the extreme right, but now it is used to identify those who do not accept democracy, because they equate one with the other, but, if we understand it that way, then by fascists we must consider both the extreme right and the extreme left, because many communists also support leftist dictatorships and therefore are also anti-democrats. This shows us how political formations use words frivolously to induce citizens in a previously planned direction and hide that they are the same as those they criticize.

Another example of mental manipulation is when politicians encourage young people to participate in wars using the patriotic argument as bait not to give them anything in return, because when they ask them to risk their lives, not to defend their country, but to attack others Abroad, soldiers risk their lives, but the only ones who benefit from these wars are politicians and businessmen with the business they hope to do, therefore, citizens must not fall into the trap and must demand that the armed forces be professionals so that each man can voluntarily decide if he wants to participate in the army or not. Thus, if they want a man to participate in a conflict, they will have to pay him for it, and that soldier will have a tangible benefit for his sacrifice. Because the life of a young man is worth more to him or to his parents than a vulgar sheet of tin, which is what they give them in exchange for their lives.

The fact that the population is so inclined to have a single thought also explains that after the war the world was divided into blocks, for that reason, in the western bloc it was thought that everything related to the eastern one was bad and in the eastern bloc was thought to have everything related to the western as well. It is true that there was a dictatorship in the Soviet Union, which is objectionable, but it is also true that the political persecutions that the McCarthyists carried out in the United States against those who did not agree with the fashion or thinking of the majority were also equally rejectable, and the surprising thing is that being a country that presumed to be a model of democracy, however, nothing was done to stop these persecutions against freedom of thought, even many people were judged only for their political opinion . This process of favoring single thought is also frequent in religious organizations, for example, Islam was imposed by force in most of the places it arrived and therefore, it is unfortunate that many of those who now follow that religion they do so believing that their ancestors joined voluntarily, but are unable to understand that if they joined it it was by force or under threat of paying more taxes than those who agreed to join. Something similar happened with Christianity, because at the beginning, this religion was prohibited by the Roman state and the people who adhered to it did so voluntarily, however, once it was established as an official religion in Europe, it became almost mandatory belonging to it at the risk of being persecuted for thinking differently. This is so, because religious organizations in union with governments knew that whoever controls religion can have control over the citizens who adhere to it. But, it is important not to blame religion for what religious organizations do in their name, because a religion is only a sum of philosophical ideas about life and the universe, which is good and necessary for the progress of humanity, On the other hand, a religious organization is a company that uses religion to obtain power and wealth and for that reason they proclaim themselves representatives of God as a way to nullify any attempt to favor freedom of thought on the part of those who are under their control. This is not divine but diabolical behavior and can only end when citizens get rid of them and begin to think freely.

All this shows us that the established power acts in the human mind as a powerful force of gravity that considerably hinders our ability to think impartially, therefore, it is our duty to first try to find out what the truth is regardless of the truth prevailing opinion and if we discover that the truth does not coincide with that opinion, then we must learn to live with the two realities to avoid that knowing it harms us.

Actually, the mind can adopt two positions, one is the passive one in which we dedicate ourselves to work and seek pleasure through the use of the senses and physical experimentation, and another is the active or spiritual one used by philosophers and inventors, in the one that the pleasure is obtained with the search of new emotions discovering the secrets of the universe to transform the world. These scientists and philosophers turn a dream into reality so that it can be enjoyed by those who, due to life circumstances, cannot do it for themselves. This is so, because most people cannot dream like inventors or philosophers do because work and family draw them to matter that is coarser and rougher, while philosophical tasks can only be found In the subtle and spiritual world, the problem is that the spiritual world can only be reached through concentration, but to be happy, it is also necessary to perform material tasks. This shows that they are actually two poles of the same thing and both are equally necessary, because material life offers the possibility of enjoying experimenting with what science and progress offer us and spiritual life represents the pleasure of discovering what It is possible to do to improve this material life, but, without one being better than the other, one is action and the other reflection, one is experiencing what has been created and the other is discovering and then experiencing. This means that it is not a question of choosing between matter and spirit or between the life of the sensations that derives from physical experimentation or those that derive from meditation, the solution is to take into account both things so that they are in balance, because to be happy, it is necessary that our material life is in line with spiritual values.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with living a physical life, based on the pleasures of the senses and the experimentation of our body if it is done with justice and dignity, because for that we have a material body, in addition, the ability to invent or changing the world is a secondary task that scientists and philosophers already do. This means that the correct thing is that people dedicate 85% to physical and extroverted experimentation and only 15% to spiritual and introvert meditation. Therefore, it is only necessary that a small part of the citizens do it the other way around. Because in reality, the work dedicated to changing the world carried out by scientists or philosophers is intended to serve society and only when these inventions are used in practice do they find their meaning. This process of continuous change that the world is experiencing today will not last forever and it only makes sense when there is a difference between the world we have and the world we have to reach. This process, at the beginning of civilization, was very slow and however, today it advances very quickly, this is because the less remains to finish the evolutionary process, the faster the speed of changes. This means that the world has little time to finish its current process of evolution. When that happens, discoveries will continue to exist, but at a much slower rate of change than today. This is so, because all the discoveries that have been made in the past and present are aimed at completing the process of technological evolution of humanity in order to make the world become an adult planet of the cosmos.


I do not mean to say that having debt is always wrong, because if it is an exceptional case such as buying a house in the case of a citizen or avoiding the consequences of an economic crisis in the case of a government, then it may make sense, but as long as the money that is requested is within the margins that we have to return it. What is neither dignified nor logical is trying to base the economy on debt continuously, as some political parties suggest.

They say that with debts growth is achieved, but what growth is going to have a country that has to pay a lot of interest on those debts? It will always be better to base growth on a competitive economy than to live on accumulating debt. Furthermore, a country that is competitive and functioning may even lend to others in exchange for interest and thus increase its wealth.

Because in the end whoever lives by asking ends up being dominated by whoever lends him for that, it is a mistake to believe that one can live beyond our means through debt. A permanently indebted economy ends up being a drugged economy, because its economic behavior does not depend on its own efficiency but on borrowed money that must be repaid, which in the end can lead the country to ruin. Furthermore, we must not forget that the debts contracted by governments in international markets may be subject to an unforeseen increase in the event of a rise in the risk premium. That means that by getting into debt they put the future of the country in the hands of others.

It is also hypocritical that the same parties that propose debt as a panacea claim to be called "progressive", as if that word were their property, because progressive is the one who favors progress and not the misery that living in debt causes. It is true that there are countries that have such a strong economy that they are not afraid of getting into debt, but, in that case, the risk is much lower as they are competitive economies, but weakening the economy of a country with debts when it is already weak is an act own of fools.

Another thing that citizens do not usually take into account is that the money that comes from loans is much more exposed to disappear due to corruption than that that comes from taxes, because it is easier to spend it without giving explanations than that collected from fo Normal signature, but of course, those political thieves, then they will say that the debts that they have contracted, the citizens have to pay.

For this reason, the communist politicians seem paradoxical to me, who say they seek the good of the workers but, nevertheless, propose indebtedness as a solution for everything, because by doing so, they condemn the workers to pay for debts that it was not necessary to incur, because if you don't have money to buy what you want, then the right thing to do is save until you have what you need. Contract debts in an exceptional way and in an amount that is acceptable may make sense, but whoever tries to live with the money of others permanently is a fool, because sooner or later they will have to return to reality.

Trying to make the economy work with borrowed money in addition to being a consumerist measure is also polluting, because if the economy goes bad, it will always be better to adapt to the situation by living with what is produced and sharing it with those who are in a worse situation instead of think only of producing more and polluting more. Because what makes the economy strong is not living off debt, but creating solid economic conditions to make it more competitive. Those who act in this way forget that those who have more merchandise are not happier than those who know how to adapt to circumstances with humility. But politicians cannot resist the temptation to ask for money, because this way they create a false and momentary economic growth with which they try to trick people into voting for them again in the next elections, it is like an indirect way of buying votes, But by doing so, they are lending money to citizens that later those citizens will have to repay with added interest. What those hypocritical politicians never explain is that the money they ask for on behalf of everyone is for only a few to spend.

It is true that the theoretical objectives that communists claim to seek are good, but the consequences of what they do are bad, because in reality, communism leads to the opposite result of what the theory says. Because his demagogic theory is based on proposing things that no one would reject, because they tell workers what they want to hear, which shows that it is only a bait to cover up what is behind it. The truth is that the methods that communism uses to achieve these assumptions are completely wrong and in the end they end up ruining the economy of the countries where they are applied.

Because when a government dedicates itself to maintaining vacancies by giving them aid in exchange for nothing, what it is favoring is the ruin of companies, because if instead of encouraging its citizens to work it accustoms them to living off the public budget, then it will be companies and its workers who will have to maintain that social cancer represented by those who without a real reason try to cheat the system to live on social benefits. This situation causes companies to lose competitiveness by discounting the work that these individuals should and do not do. In the end, many companies are forced to close and the whole society is harmed by having this myopic vision of the economy.

Similarly, capitalism is also good in theory, but if applied uncontrollably, it can lead to the enslavement of citizens just like communism. History has shown that the market economy is the best, because competition between companies favors technological and business progress. An example of this is China, because when it accepted the free market economy it experienced spectacular growth, and that, without a doubt, is the best there can be for workers. In any case, the duty of politicians is to create the laws that are necessary to guarantee that the rights of workers are recognized. It is also essential to ensure that no worker is left abandoned in the event of losing their job, because that is the best way to show that we all belong to the same society. All this shows that no political party has the solution by itself for all problems, therefore, it would be best if citizens, instead of limiting themselves to supporting parties, demand that they be allowed to choose the laws, in this way they avoid falling in party networks.


Today it is normal to refer to biblical prophets as a species of visionaries or philosophers who supposedly acted as spokesmen for God in the world to communicate their teachings to us. However, few people realize that in reality in many of these cases it would be more logical to regard them as religious leaders rather than as mere transmitters of divine ideas. This is the case of prophets like Samuel who, in addition to being a religious leader, had the power to choose kings, since Samuel was the one who chose the kings Saul and David. That is to say that although this is not stated clearly, it can be understood by reading the Bible that in reality the functions of these prophets more closely resemble the role that kings currently play in a parliamentary monarchy. In other words, in ancient Israeli society, the religious chief would have the same power as the king and the latter could only hold the position if it was previously approved by the religious chief. In this situation, the king would be like a prime minister today. He would indeed be a King, but provided that the religious chief approved it. It can then be deduced that the qualification of "prophet" could serve to reaffirm oneself in office by assuming that being a religious leader also implied being the voice of God on earth. In other words, this supposed communication with God could be used in order to establish itself in the position of religious leader before society. This is similar to what the church of Rome does when it describes the pope as "infallible" so that citizens assume that the church and God are the same.

However, it is fair to say that in the Bible there were also prophets who did not hold any religious office and were even reluctant to take up that role at first. It is also fair to recognize that philosophy and religion are useful to promote the progress of humanity, since the function of religion is to try to explain those phenomena that, although real, cannot yet be fully explained by classical science. Nor can we deny based on these circumstances that these prophets had the ability to communicate with superior beings, spirits or extraterrestrials, since there are many things that the world still does not know and that official science tries to ignore saying that they either do not exist or are difficult. To prove. The truth is that modern science abuses an arrogant attitude by trying to deny everything that it cannot measure or weigh. Because if they were really impartial or scientific, they would do a serious investigation to clarify the truth of spiritual or UFO-type phenomena, because the evidence exists even if they do not want to recognize it, but the inability to determine all the circumstances that revolve around to these phenomena they provoke the arrogant reaction of scientists who choose to deny everything, angry at not being able to put these phenomena in their test bottles. But it must be taken into account that in nature there are many things that are difficult to understand exactly and although some of these things are strange, it is not a reason to deny their existence.

The truth regarding the claims of biblical prophets we may never know exactly, but only a fool considers that the Bible must be accepted as it is written without admitting other possible explanations. Perhaps it on other things as truth and falsehood are intimately mixed da s without it easy to determine what things are true and which are not. But we must not forget that in the universe there is not only a material world, there is also a spiritual world, although scientists do not want to recognize it. It is difficult to know if these prophets were helped by superior beings or not, but even if this were not true, we should not therefore underestimate the philosophy that is immersed in religion, because it is in charge of the important function of explaining the spiritual part of religion life.


In my opinion, in the future a suit will be used that will consist of a single piece of fabric and a single main color and divided by a central zipper to be able to put it on. A suit in one color but divided into two pieces at the waist would also be possible. In either case, a main color would be used. The purpose of this suit would be, on the one hand, to make the dressing process easier, but on the other hand, it would also symbolize justice and equality between all citizens by wearing an identical garment, because the homogeneity of the color also symbolizes justice. This suit would be the same for both men and women and would be cinched at the waist, sleeves and ankles with a rubber band, although each person could use a different color. This garment would be complemented with the underwear that would consist of short pants and short-sleeved polo shirt, the underwear would be with short extremities unlike the outer one that would be long, in this way, in case of heat it would always be possible to remove the part upper of the garment and take advantage of the greater cooling capacity of the polo shirt. The underwear would also be of a different color. The outerwear symbolically represents the feminine values such as cold, constancy or the horizontal line, while the underwear symbolizes the masculine values such as warmth, the exception or the vertical line, therefore, they would be still different. This difference would not be a contradiction because they are different planes. This suit is actually nothing more than an extension of the shape of the human body, because like him it has a homogeneous appearance. Costumes would walk n usually simple, but the work would have any color or a distinctive symbol to differentiate from other trades. These differences could be horizontal or vertical bands of different color or symbols and letters, but in such a way that they do not represent more than a minimum difference on the general color. Also the boots, gloves or belts could be of different color. This suit will be mandatory for the entire population, but this decision could be modified as long as it is voted democratically by all citizens. In the cities of the future, the room temperature will be permanently controlled, this will make it difficult to feel too hot except if it is due to exercise derived from physical activity or work, but depending on the site in question the temperature could be something different, therefore, in jobs where greater physical effort is carried out, the temperature could be fifteen degrees Celsius, while in homes it could be approximately twenty degrees. With this climate control it would be difficult to feel heat, so it would only be necessary to remove or fasten the upper part of the garment at the waist in very exceptional cases.


This is one of those topics that speculators like the most and those who try to take economic advantage of the mystery. Some say that in that place the ships and airplanes disappear because according to them there are dimensional doors to other universes, others say that the disappearances occur because aliens take them away. But all of them look the other way to the most logical explanation, which is the weather, because there are very frequent storms and hurricanes of enormous magnitude that can easily destroy both ships and airplanes. These storms can also cause electromagnetic disturbances that disrupt compasses. Furthermore, there are already many ships or planes that have been found on the seabed. On some occasions ships have also appeared without their crews, in these cases the most likely explanation could be piracy or accidental fall into the sea.


Another myth developed by fans of speculation is the Nazi UFOs, it is true that during the Second World War the Germans developed many interesting military projects, but there is no solid evidence that shows that they could build something similar to a flying saucer just like we understand it now. It is also said that they were able to build a secret base in Antarctica, and it is true that during the Nazi era they sent an exploration expedition to that place and perhaps built some structures, but as in the previous case there is no proof that shows that have been able to build or maintain a complex base before or after the war. Nor is it reasonable to believe that this base had been built in secret through the use of submarines, because the submarines that existed at that time were diesel type and their low cargo capacity and high fuel consumption made it almost impossible to build a base in that place. I also find pathetic those who claim that the aliens gave them the necessary technology to build the flying saucers or the secret base. Do they really consider aliens foolish enough to give such technology for nothing to a group of unscrupulous individuals? Because if they think like this they prove to be very naive. In my opinion, the entire Nazi UFO story has more to do with misinformation and deception than actual events. It is possible that those who started with the alleged contacts of the Nazis with aliens invented it for money or for fear of the dictatorial regime that existed in Germany.


In 1947 there was news of the alleged discovery of an unidentified flying object in Roswell New Mexico in the United States, soon UFO fans said that the army had a crashed alien spacecraft. But the most likely explanation is that they were the remains of a test rocket as the country was at the beginning of the space race. Another possible explanation could be Project Mogul, intended to detect Russian nuclear explosions by using balloons piloted by Japanese prisoners. As both projects are secret, this would explain the secrecy of the army. Because if it really were an alien ship, what sense can it make for aliens to forget about their injured compatriots? The most logical thing is to think that having a technology that is surely ahead of us in several thousand years, it is most likely that the rescue tasks would have started immediately after the accident occurred, and when the military got there, there would no longer be a trace of the crashed object. Currently, you only hear about alleged flying saucer accidents, but people make the mistake of judging the ability of aliens by comparing it with our own, but, we must bear in mind, that with all certainty the probability that these devices have an accident is a million times lower than that of land vehicles, because without a doubt, their ships have numerous systems to replace damaged parts and the probability that these beings will abandon the crew of the damaged ships it surely drops to zero.

This is the most logical, because if the aliens are on our planet, surely they will not have done it by resorting to small isolated ships, but by building bases on the planets, the moon and the earth, in which they will obviously have many of these ships that they could use in the rescue. For this reason, those who believe that the earth's military possess ships or extraterrestrial beings are underestimating the capacities of those beings, because being as evolved as they are supposed to be, the only possibility that this is possible is that they themselves have voluntarily agreed to give up those ships or their crews, which seems highly unlikely to me.


Another theme that friends of sensationalism continually resort to is claiming that aliens are trying to invade our planet. This belief is one of the most absurd of all, because if that were true, they would have had thousands of years to do so when our civilization was in the stone age. They affirm that the cause would be in the scarce number of planets provided with liquid water and oxygen that there are in our galaxy, but, they do not take into account, that through the use of technology all the planets of the solar system can be inhabited either in their surfaces, or in the case of giant planets on their moons.

Another fantasy is to claim that the human being was artificially produced by aliens. This belief does not make much sense, because the numerous archaeological remains show that the evolutionary process from ape to man followed a normal developmental rhythm that considerably reduces that option. In my opinion, the myth of the carnal union between gods and men arises from the widespread belief in antiquity, in the existence of a spirit provided with eternal life within each human being, which makes each man also have something of divine within.

Most likely, the extraterrestrials are only interested in knowing our planet from a scientific point of view and without any imperialistic desire, since for that they have thousands of uninhabited planets at their disposal. Another activity that they probably do is to promote the progress of humanity, because if they are already here it makes no sense to miss the opportunity to help the inhabitants of this planet, although the logical thing is that they do it indirectly, so as not to hinder their own rhythm of evolution.

An ideal way to establish these contacts would be to use the belief of the primitive tribes in mythological gods, in that way, they would not be too surprised by their appearance. However, although these beings are perfect for having finished their evolution process, that does not mean that their teachings will produce the desired result, because in the same way that excess light dazzles, excess knowledge can cause a rejection effect. in the population, when primitive beliefs collide with the truth contributed by them.

It is possible that in the past these beings have tried to give us a technical, moral or philosophical teaching, but that does not mean that the primitive tribes have accepted it, because surely part of those teachings would have been rejected and would not have reached our days. For this reason, it is reasonable to think that in the definition of some religions they could have participated, but it is impossible to know what part of these religions are the fruit of their teachings and what part are the result of primitive superstitions and manipulations that they books or religious teachings may have suffered throughout the ages. Because religious books, even if they were truly inspired by them, would have passed through many filters, the first would be to understand the message that would surely be misunderstood, in the second these teachings would have been modified to adapt them to their own myths, in order to avoid misunderstandings possible contradictions between these teachings and their own beliefs, the third would be the modifications that could arise with the translation, whether intentional or by mistake, and the fourth would be the deformation that current religious organizations could make in the writings or in their interpretation so that favor their interests. That means that we should not become obsessed with religious books or the dogma that religious organizations use to prevent us from giving our opinions, but we must add knowledge and with them draw our own conclusions, because there is no religion in the world that cannot be improved.


In my opinion, it is absurd that these creatures can exist and it is even more surprising that there can be someone who believes in them, because how is it possible that on a planet inhabited by billions of people there can exist a being of great size? covered in hair and in human form, or an animal the size of a whale in Loch Ness, without being able to definitively demonstrate? It is clear that if this happens, it is because there are economic interests behind it that are the real engine that causes the alleged sightings. Put more clearly, surely it is those who benefit from tourism such as hotel owners or employees who organize the false tests to attract tourists to those places. Misunderstandings can also be caused by mistaking a bear with a big foot or a submarine's periscope for the head of the Loch Ness monster.

The giants of antiquity also seem to be more the consequence of myths than of realities, these stories could arise from the disease called acromegaly that can cause some individuals to be taller than normal due to the excessive secretion of growth hormone, It is possible that this genetic anomaly has also occurred in entire villages, but in that case they would be taller than normal but not exaggerated as those interested in myths would have us believe. In ancient times, most people did not know how to read or write, so historical events were transmitted from generation to generation orally in the form of stories and legends told around the bonfires, but the interest of those who told these stories to make them more interesting little by little they were losing their realism to become more and more fictions to the liking of the listeners that is how so many mythological tales of antiquity were invented. In this way, a real event that began being told as it had happened, over the centuries ended up being totally different from the original story. Therefore, when faced with these stories, it is best to have an intermediate attitude that consists of not denying that there may be a part of truth in them, but neither accepting them as they are told to us.


We also currently have those who try to create expectations with the positive or negative blood group RH. Because they say that if scientists cannot explain the origin of the different blood types it is because one of them must be of extraterrestrial origin. But they forget, that scientists do not have to prove anything, because if these blood groups are present on earth it is simply because they belong to it, and if someone questions this, then it will have to be him who shows that they are not the consequence of natural evolution. In my opinion, what these individuals do is look for any scientific fissure to deceive people and get economic benefit from it, because in this matter the most logical thing is to think that if there are different blood groups, it is for the same reason that there are different races that is the need to adapt to different terrestrial climates. Nor should we forget that each man is different, because regardless of the race to which he belongs, they all have multiple genes inside them, some more evolved and others more primitive, in addition, contemporary man also contains genes from other species previous to homo sapiens, therefore, it is perfectly logical that differences can be given from one person to another.


Another fantasy is to affirm that civilizations like the ones we have today existed in the past, because what was called "flood" was nothing other than the floods and the rise in sea level that resulted from the thaw derived from the end of the last one glaciation, therefore, it does not make sense to say that in previous periods there would have been advanced civilizations for the simple reason that there is no evidence to prove it, because if a civilization like ours had really existed in the past, only a handful of supposed evidence but thousands of them , in addition, at present there is a large industry destined to produce false archaeological objects to sell them to the right public.

What, on the other hand, has existed are civilizations that, although primitive, were nevertheless very advanced in the handling of stone, which made possible the large number of constructions such as the pyramids that we have today. It should be borne in mind, that the last glaciation lasted one hundred thousand years and in that period the planet was frozen in most of its surface leaving too far from the peri previous odo in the Earth had conditions suitable for development of civilizations like the ones we have today. It also makes sense to believe that both in the past and in the present our planet is being visited by extraterrestrial civilizations, if we take into account the large number of evidence that exists of this provided by people of total credibility such as professional airplane pilots.


When the universe was created it also began to be predictable, because the more it is organized, the more the subsequent direction of its evolution is determined, because each time a new universal law is created it is determined that subsequent events must be in line with it. Therefore, it is difficult to differentiate whether something can be considered an invention, a discovery, or an act of clairvoyance. Because once the first atoms are organized and the physical laws are defined, the destiny of science itself is also partly conditioned. That is to say that in many aspects, the progress of science and its inventions are also a discovery, because although it is undeniable that a discovery is something new and is difficult to achieve without effort, however, it derives from understanding the most appropriate path that offers nature and its physical laws for each problem. In reality, nature always follows the inertia determined by its previous steps because the same physical laws exist anywhere in the universe.

All scientists or philosophers are inventors, but they are also discoverers, because for their work to be possible, they have to adapt to already existing natural laws. This also explains why the different religions of the world are so similar, because deep down they share the same universe and therefore are destined to reach the same conclusions sooner or later. And if that coincidence does not exist now, it is only due to the lack of knowledge that still exists about the functioning of the universe. Therefore, in the end there will be only one religion, which is the one that is derived from the truth.

The fact that the universe has the same physical laws in any place, determines that the metaphysical understanding of its operation is not impossible, because although space is infinite, the material universe and its laws are limited, this means that a philosopher can reach to understand the keys of the cosmos even if only in a generic way. So your biggest limitations will be your ignorance, your prejudices, your intelligence, and the breadth of knowledge you had when starting your job. Because, although time exists in the universe, the laws and fundamental universal truths are constant and eternal regardless of it, that is the key to philosophy, the ability to discover those truths that are constant outside of time. For this reason, the difference between a seer and a conventional scientist would be that the seer uses his sensitivity and his spiritual intelligence to progress and not technical devices, but he is also a researcher although in a different way. The seer uses his intuition to deduce the future based on the own inertia that nature follows as it is conditioned by natural laws. It is as if the universe were a pyramid and the first laws located at the base condition the second and the second in turn condition the third located at the top. This means that we can all contribute something of ourselves in the process of cosmic evolution, but at the same time we have to adapt to the universal laws that we have received. When the universe began, physical laws were created to govern it, but in turn these secondary laws were based on fundamental truths that are eternal and always the same. These basic universal laws are constant regardless of time and place because truth, of course, cannot contradict itself. The existence of these constant laws is what determines progress, because in order to create something new it is necessary that the pillars on which that progress rests be kept constant. This means that when the current cosmic cycle began, first the universal truths that are eternal and constant always acted regardless of time and place and then the laws that depend on the will of the beings that populate the universe were created. It could be said then that basic universal truths condition or limit by up to 50% the possibilities we have to choose our future, but in turn, we have another 50% possibility of being able to shape that future. These laws would have two dimensions, one that we could call vertical that corresponds to things that could not be changed so that the universe can progress and another horizontal that corresponds to those things that because they are more secondary if they would be subject to our own will. This is necessary, because without rigid foundations the universe could not move to more advanced stages of evolution.

In reality, we all have a certain ability to predict the future, because predicting is equivalent to deducing, because if we run out of money we can deduce that we are going to have financial difficulties, if the electricity from home goes we can deduce that the refrigerator is going to defrost, and since there are a thousand of these examples, current scientists are already able to predict even the future of our sun millions of years from now. A seer also deduces like us, but his conclusions are deeper because he has a greater sensitivity. It is also possible that this capacity that authentic seers have is due to the fact that the separation that occurs between the spiritual mind and the human mind after reincarnation does not occur in them completely, if this is true, when they predict they would be serving of a quality of his spirit that only appears in very exceptional cases.

The capacity for clairvoyance that we all have can be amplified, for this it is necessary to accept the existence of the spiritual world and above all that the impossible can be true, because one of the greatest brakes for the mind is to insist on limiting what nature can do. If we accept that the world we know is not the only possible one, we can open the window of the mind to see the real world and everything that we do not yet know. Clairvoyance is a spiritual quality and being humble amplifies it because humility belongs to the crystalline dimension of the spirit.

An evolved spirit, has a great capacity for intuition because he knows that clairvoyance becomes more intense depending on how close it is staying the minds of the blue frequency of the spiritual dimension. Whoever enters the spiritual world, acquires a deeper vision of things, this is so because the spiritual world is less dense than the material world and consequently more sensitive and transparent. This causes a mental vision with a greater perspective of things and an increase in intuition.

When a being endowed with spiritual vision looks at an object or a color, he not only sees the material object but also the metaphysical meaning it has, it is as if things speak to him, but not with words but with sensations, it is as if he could see the structure behind the image. Sometimes clairvoyance is amplified when due to an accident we approach death, this is so because death or the afterlife belongs to the dimension of the spirit that governs clairvoyance. When this happens, a part of the spirit is no longer connected to the matter part of the brain, then that part of the spirit acts from the other plane communicating the spiritual and material plane, then the phenomena that are normally considered clairvoyance take place.This is shown because many cases of clairvoyance begin to occur after suffering a serious accident. In this case, clairvoyance does not appear as a consequence of a high spiritual level but due to a simple accident, that is why some qualities are favored but others are also damaged, only when that clairvoyance is the consequence of a spiritual evolution are all intact integral. This is what in India they call, awakening the third eye.


Many people think that when the processes of colonization of space begin, humanity will only inhabit those planets with organic life like ours, but that is because they have a mediocre vision of the future, because the most logical thing is to do precisely the opposite, because these planets are the only ones that should not be colonized as they already have a life of their own, especially when it is evident that their destiny is to develop superior forms like human. There are also those who think that in the event that planets inhabited by primitive humanoid forms are found, the genes of both civilizations could be mixed in order to accelerate their evolution, but I think this would be a big mistake, in the first place because it would be preventing them from having a normal evolutionary process, and secondly because their own nature would be deforming, therefore, the most reasonable thing to do is to help them but only indirectly.

I also find the hypothesis of transforming planets like Mars to be like Earth absurd, because the differences between the planets are too great for that to be possible. The solution is not to convert the planets to be like the earth, but to build hermetic cities where it is possible to create an ideal climate. Through the use of technology it will be possible to colonize almost any planet, because both oxygen and the rest of the elements necessary for life will be produced artificially and people will live in hermetic cities protected from the outside climate. Rocky planets like Earth that were similar in size to ours or smaller can be directly colonized, but giant planets like Jupiter or Saturn can only be colonized through their moons due to their excessive gravity and difficult-to-control climate. Ideally, the planets will be colonized according to the characteristics of each race, in this way Mercury and half of Venus could be colonized by the black race due to their better adaptation to the excessive heat that exists in these planets. Half of Venus and half of M art could be colonized p or brown race. Half of M art, the planetoids of the asteroid circle and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn could be colonized by the white race. The moons of Uranus and Neptune would be for the yellow race. Pluto and the most distant planetoids would also be for the yellow race. It may seem that according to this form of distribution, some races would correspond more worlds than others, but this would be compensated because those that colonize the planets directly could have many more inhabitants than those that only inhabit the moons, since the planets are larger than the moons.

Through climate control within cities, the races would become more and more similar until they all ended up belonging to the white race after several thousand years of evolution. Because what determines racial differences are extreme climates, but once technology eliminates those differences there will no longer be any factor that prevents all of them from becoming the same. Through the use of technology, those who inhabit the most distant planets will be able to provide themselves with the necessary energy by placing solar panels on their surface or in space using energy satellites. Another way can be to use the geothermal energy present in the underground layers and if that is not enough energy collecting satellites could be installed near the sun, that energy would be sent to the planets through the use of lasers. Another option would be to use nuclear energy, but taking into account its dangerousness, it would be best to use it only when the other methods were not usable, such as when traveling to other stars.

In interstellar space flights, the most important thing is not speed but quality of life because the distances are enormous and the times are long, it must be taken into account that even if a spacecraft were capable of reaching the speed of light it would take 4 2 years to reach the nearest star, so it would be necessary to use city ships prepared to live in them for a long time. These ships could measure between two hundred meters and five kilometers in size. To the ships be equipped to live there indefinitely distances or time would not be important, because it is to laugh prepared to offer the best quality of life for centuries if necessary. In those cases in which the trips were to go to explore inhabited worlds located many light years away, it would be best to carry out these trips in stages, because most likely these ships were not capable of exceeding 15% of the speed of the light. This is because only pure energy can reach this speed. The procedure would consist of making spaceflight expeditions with a duration not exceeding two hundred and fifty years and after that period a colony would be created on one of the uninhabited planets that they found along the way. Once that colony had reached a sufficient number of inhabitants, another expedition fleet would be built that would continue the journey until reaching the destination, but, if they were still far away, another new colony could be built. This system would serve on the one hand to reach the desired destination, but also to create new colonies and extend their civilization.

The hypothesis that it was possible to make trips to other stars by small spacecraft in very short times is quite absurd, because even if these spacecraft were capable of reaching high speeds, the risk of collision with meteorites would be excessive due to the fact that, probably, their hulls they would be too thin to withstand these collisions. It must be borne in mind that in the event of a collision with a one-centimeter-size meteorite at thirty or forty thousand kilometers per hour, it is most likely that only slight scratches would occur, but if that collision occurred at 15 % of the speed of light the impact would be the same as if a bullet were launched against the hull thousands of times faster than it would on the ground, if this happened, it is most likely that the meteorite would pass through the ship without any difficulty. On the other hand, if large ships are used to carry out these trips, it would be easier to protect the crew not only from meteorite impacts, but also from dangerous radiation from the stars. These motherships would be equipped with a thick outer hull several meters thick at the front, they could also prevent the risk of collision by projecting a laser beam or a gas jet from their forward axis that would disperse space dust and small meteorites creating a total void in its trajectory. To avoid collision with large meteorites they would use radar and once detected they would slightly modify the trajectory of the ship.

There are also those who think that in the future long trips through space may be avoided using methods such as going through the interior of black holes or through space folds, but in my opinion, they are just unfounded fantasies, because everything seems to indicate that A black hole is just a star with a mass so great that its intense gravity prevents most of its light from escaping, that means that if a ship fell into it it would be instantly destroyed. The hypothesis of space folds also seems absurd to me, because it is based on supposing that it was possible to fold space to reduce the distances between planets, but in my opinion, it is impossible to glue, fold or pierce what has no matter, because the space is only a neutral medium, as a result of it being immaterial. Space can be used to make comparisons with material objects, but space itself cannot have these properties but only the matter with which it relates.

Nowadays, there are also those who affirm that it is possible to measure the folding of space by means of gravitational waves caused by cosmic events such as the merger of black holes, but, these experiments, the only thing they have shown is that there has been a variation in the force of gravity when observing the separation between two mirrors illuminated by a laser beam, but with this, it is not shown that the cause is a folding of space, but a variation of gravity for an unknown cause. These experiments also show that black holes are not holes but masses similar to stars but much larger, because if the fusion of these objects causes a gravitational shock, it is because within them they retain the mass of the stars with which they were formed. , this would rule out that they are holes if end.

Sometimes the adoration of scientists is so great that they try to find evidence to prove lies, just because they consider it sacrilege to question the idealized opinions they have of them, with that attitude the only thing they do is stop the progress of science because they put dogma or fame before common sense. When society turns some of its scientists into idols, it forgets that they are only men with their successes and mistakes, it seems that with that attitude the only thing they try to do is elevate themselves, because they try to assume a level of development at the same time current science superior to that rea l mind belongs.


In my opinion, the universe works by means of a continuous vertical chain of matter that connects everything from the poles of planets and stars, and serves as a guide for electrons to go to their destination at the speed of light. Spirits also use it as a means of transport, because by hooking up with them, they can travel without energy cost, leaving through the positive pole of one planet and entering through the negative pole of another. They do this through a circular path between the two stars. In reality, in the universe everything is circular, that means that what we consider a straight line is only part of a larger circle.

There may also be another network, which is the one formed by the energy particles. With these chains, the entire universe is synchronized from a high energy level to a low one and makes possible all the processes of change necessary to progress. Because the universe progresses through a cooling process by which disorder and energy are exchanged for order and evolution. Cooling is proportional to evolution, because with this cooling matter is organized into more complex structures. In this chain, all the particles of the same being would be linked directly by an indestructible filament, except if the being that controls it wanted to separate them, but if this happens, it would lead to the appearance of a new being provided with equal eternal life than its predecessor. This means that the entire universe formed by the planets and the stars could belong to the same being as they are directly connected, but the beings that make up the individual spirits would be different beings when they are separated, although they have also emerged from the same original particle.

In order to avoid the collision of the filaments of the network, these filaments of matter would oscillate, becoming material and immaterial phases, thus the filaments will only collide when they are in the same phase but not if they are different phases. This will be achieved with a rotating movement at the speed of light whereby the particles of matter would expand in a circular way before colliding and surrounding the other particle would rejoin after passing it. This means that the filaments would have on the one hand an expansion and contraction movement at the speed of light to allow the hidden filaments that connect the particles to pass without colliding, and on the other, they would have another movement at a different speed depending of the speed that they could have as a visible particle of matter. Because the filaments that connect the particles would be invisible, but the particles of matter would not. The detailed process so that a particle and a filament can be exceeded without colliding would be done by opening the particle up and down in a circular path and leaving the center of the right side behind, in the case of going to the left, once the filament of matter with which one wanted to avoid the collision, the two ends would come together again on the left side and then they would separate on the opposite side thus releasing the filament that would pass through it, this would be done in this way to avoid the breakage of direct connection of the particle that is necessary to maintain the union and conserve all its intellectual potential. This wave behavior of matter would not only occur when a collision with a filament was to occur, but it would be its normal behavior, in this way any filament of matter could cross another without colliding without having to foresee the possibility of a collision. The movement of expansion and contraction of the material could be the cause of the wavelength that occurs in all radiations and also explain q ué have a different wave and particle to the same t i empo.

With this system, the fundamental matter would stretch and contract even without being made up of other particles in order to surround the filaments of matter with which they intersect. Thus the particles of matter would have at the same time a wave and particle appearance. Zeri an as two opposite waves moving up and down and also rotating on its axis to the entire space. The elastic behavior of the original matter would be somewhat different from that of classical atoms, because the dilation or change of shape in them is usually related to the increase or decrease of the empty space present between two stable atoms or particles, in this case it is logical, because they are particles with a fixed behavior and surrounded by a vacuum that allows them to change their position to cover more volume, but the fact that this is true does not prevent an indivisible particle from modifying its shape by stretching or contracting according to its will, because they would be two real but different forms of elasticity. In the same way, the fact that a particle is not made up of any other particle does not have to prevent it from dividing into two. According to this hypothesis, in nature there would not be indivisible particles, but there would be particles that would not be made up of other particles. When a particle were to divide definitively to create another particle and therefore a different being, it would first take the shape of an eight before separating completely, which is very reminiscent of the way in which a cell divides to create a new one.

The reason that justifies the existence of the filaments that directly join the particles is the need that the universe has to provide each particle with enough intellect so that it can function in coordination with the others in a complex universe, because if each elementary particle were separated from the others by the vacuum, it could not gather inside the necessary knowledge for the cosmos to function, for that reason, the direct union of matter makes an elementary particle share everything they have with the others as if it were a network of neurons. In this way, the particles acquire a knowledge far superior to what they would have separated. Because, even if one particle tried to communicate with another by contact or vibration, that would not serve to promote progress, since that contact would be useless if within each particle there is nothing to accumulate that knowledge since an original particle is only matter on the outside but empty on the inside. Compared to computing, it is as if each original particle represented a single bit of information, but that bit cannot fulfill its function if there is no physical medium or hardware that connects it directly with the others. Therefore, progress is only possible when the particles that form the same being are directly connected by filaments of matter.

Although the universe is directly connected, however, for us it is shown to be formed by spheres of matter separated by the vacuum, this is because it is a dual universe, therefore, the connected version of matter is only the support of the version that we know. This behavior of matter could also be bought with a television, because people associate television with the images it broadcasts, but those images would not be possible without the electronics that it carries hidden behind. That is to say, that in the universe we know, the particles are shown as spherical structures separated by the vacuum, but at the same time there are filaments of matter that connect them but are invisible, this is so, because it is not useful to notice their presence for the normal development of life. Although the operation of the filaments of matter is normally carried out in a hidden way, however, it is possible that they leave a trace in the form of gravity, that is to say that the gravitational forces could be generated as a consequence of the friction of these filaments. If this were true, then gravity would be caused by the pressure that is produced every time two unbreakable filaments collide, this collision would not prevent each material body from continuing its trajectory, because the filaments that join them would be designed to exceed, expanding and contracting at the speed of light, that collision would only represent a casual and short-lived event but would also have its utility.

When the universe began, there was only one particle, but in that situation the life of the particle was simple and without intellect, therefore, it was necessary to separate into multiple particles, some directly connected to create complex beings and others separated to create different beings. In this way, by increasing the number of particles that belonged to each being, it was possible to create evolution, because it is necessary that each being have multiple particles in order to become more complex and intelligent, from there, the spirits were endowed with memory and their own intelligence, even though they are very simple in their essence. Then it was necessary to create the planets and bodies in which to reincarnate be done to make life complete.

Once the first beings were created, one or more than one were in charge of forming the planets and the stars by increasing and condensing the particles of their spirits, that is to say that they would not only administer the planets but would also be the planets. The rest of the spirits, which would be the majority, would reincarnate on those planets, which from that moment on will serve as the stage for developing their life experiences. However, once the cosmic cycle ends, other beings that now live as men will have the obligation to create and manage the planets, as this is a rotating function.

In the universe, there are no absolute straight lines, therefore, all the light particles will return after going around the universe in a circular way. This will coincide with the moment when the galaxies reunite, because all the matter in the cosmos is synchronized.

The description that I do here is only a simple and philosophical explanation of how atomic matter might work, but the detailed explanation is a job that only scientists can solve in the future.


In my opinion, in the future people will live in compact cities in order to protect themselves from all possible climates, both those found on earth and those found on other planets in space. These compact cities s Eri an as authentic spaceships, because that protection of its inhabitants would be greater than if they were formed by buildings. In these cities, no cement or bricks would be used, but they would be made with metal, glass and plastic mainly and assembled in their entirety from a plan. All parts of the city including vehicles or furniture would be mounted from prefabricated structures, even the paint was Scatter symbol to replace panels, this would make the work more enjoyable and easy. On the entire planet Earth there could be a thousand of these cities populated by five or ten million inhabitants each. Once the cities were built, the renovation process would be done in parts so that their occupants do not have to abandon them, except in those cases in which it was necessary to completely modify the design. Inside, all things would have defined colors because colors promote happiness and stimulate the mind. Its design would consist of a circle of about five kilometers in diameter and about a hundred meters high in its main structure, the size of the city would also be determined by the size of the planet or moon where they were installed. These cities would form a perfect circle and in their center would rise a dome surrounded by windows where the seat of government would be located, with that shape, its appearance would recall that of a planetary system. Hangars would be installed on its outer circumference where vertical take-off ships would land, which would be the main means of communication with other cities. In those planets that lacked atmosphere , all cities could be surrounded with domes and communication tubes so that the ships can circulate inside them, in this way, it would avoid that the reaction gases of the ships are lost in space, this would be necessary to be able to reuse them indefinitely.

The main difference between these cities and the current ones is that being a compact structure there would be no separation between their buildings and all the interior space would be used. Within the city all materials would be recycled and factories would be required to produce products within the necessary standards to encourage recycling. This system would be so complete that even human bodies would be recycled, first, the particles would be divided into the essential atomic elements and once this was achieved they would be returned to the normal productive system.

In these cities, life would be very orderly and there would be no unemployment or crime, to achieve this each city would be required by law to maintain the same number of inhabitants indefinitely, this means that couples could only have two children each there are fines for those who do not respect it. In this model of society, crime would also disappear, because the three factors that cause it would no longer exist. In the first place, because birth control determines that the number of inhabitants cannot exceed the capacity that the city has to feed its inhabitants, this would be necessary for the state to guarantee work. Secondly, because in the future, all the governments of the world will undertake an ambitious plan for the eradication of genetic diseases and one of its benefits will be to eliminate those genes that favor criminal behavior, it must be borne in mind that at this time up to 85% of the population have some type of genetic defect, although only a minority of them suffer from serious genetic diseases. Third, it would be necessary to strengthen the teaching of ethical values, because in the future, moral training will be fundamental in all schools. We must not forget that a genetic failure can favor crime but does not cause it, only when there is a moral degeneration does criminal behavior appear. In this society, religious organizations would no longer exist and this education would be supervised by the state and the parents of students. In the future, having a solid scale of values will be essential to promote coexistence, and the defense of justice will be the first of those values before any other, this will be essential to be able to maintain a stable and peaceful society formed by millions of inhabitants. Precisely, one of the greatest evils of today is materialism, which is the true expression of the antichrist, because it encourages disorder, promiscuity and is opposed to citizens being able to have a moral formation.

In these cities, all the inhabitants would live in rectangular or square flats and their size would be determined by their number of occupants. These floors would be simple and their size would not be greater than what is strictly necessary to satisfy the needs that a family may have. In these homes, simplicity would be combined in a surprising way with highly advanced technology. To get one of them it would not be necessary to save for years to be able to buy it, because all would be offered by the state in the form of rental property, this system would consist in that the house would be owned by the state, but when all citizens reach adulthood they could rent one for life with the condition of paying each month the real cost of the maintenance and manufacture of said house, once delivered by the state, the tenant would become an owner while he or she lives and consequently all the repairs that may be necessary It would be up to him to pay them, but if the tenant died or moved, then the property would go back to the state.

In these cities there would be no private vehicles, but in return, there would be a very efficient system of public transport and company vehicles. There would also be no strikes, because all aspects related to work would be regulated by law, this would prevent citizens from having the need to fight individually with companies. Over time, private companies will also evolve to become more participatory, because the power that in the past was concentrated in the owners, will be shared more and more with the employees. However, this process of change will not be the consequence of a political imposition, but rather the logical consequence of living in a united society. In this society, social differences would not be as marked as now, which would reduce the fear of entrepreneurs to share power, but in return they would also gain peace of mind.

The political system would be a democratic republic in which all laws would be voted individually by electronic means and without having to leave home to do so. With this system, the humiliation of forcing citizens to go to polling stations once every four or five years would be avoided with the sole benefit of electing their leader as it is now, because the current system is not a democracy but an appearance of democracy. In the future, dictatorships will be forbidden by the world government and all countries or cities that want to be part of a united league would have the obligation to be democratic, although it would also be forbidden to force these countries to be democratic by force. This means that while dictatorships existed, the countries that had them would have some restrictions, but those restrictions would only apply to the leaders and not to the people as is now the case.

In this ordered society, each race would be divided by racial zones depending on the climate where they were found, so that in the latitudes where the European climate existed, only people belonging to that race could live and in areas with a very hot climate only Black people could live, with the other races it would happen the same, this system would continue like this until the process of adaptation and racial evolution makes them all the same, this will happen when all are like the white race, which is the most evolved by having arisen in the ideal intermediate climate. It would also be forbidden for one race to interfere in the affairs of others, therefore, each race would form a league of nations or cities with its own capital and then those capitals would meet in the world capital where all races would be represented by same. This headquarters of the United Nations would be rotated among all nations and races to make the distribution of world power more just.

In this social system, the government representatives would not emerge from the political parties because these would no longer exist since the parties are only an invention of the politicians destined to distract the citizens with their theatrical confrontations while they distribute power. For this reason, the profession of politician would be one more option than those offered in universities and the promotion system would depend on one's own merits and seniority. Once they started in this profession, they could dedicate themselves to it for their entire lives, although the most important positions would be rotating, this means that a man could be president for a maximum of ten years and then should leave the position, but after a time out of that function could run again if he wanted, but the normal thing is that the presidency of the government is reserved for those who, due to their age, were going to retire from the front line of politics. A council of the presidency would also be formed, made up of all the previous former presidents, however, the fact of being a minister, senator or president, would not imply great power, because being a political system in which all laws would be decided by the citizens, the fact of holding this position would not imply any exceptional advantage.

In the future, the health system would be much simpler than the one that exists today, this is due to the fact that, on the one hand, those diseases that would be of genetic origin could no longer arise, since all genes had been eradicated from society faulty. The other factor that causes diseases is the negligence of citizens and it would not exist either because the health system would first be focused on telling citizens what their bad habits are and only then would a chemical solution be sought and not the other way around as it is done now. In other words, the health system would almost seem like a moral training system, because today, most diseases are caused by bad habits of life and consequently it is enough that those habits change so that diseases disappear. But today, citizens do not want doctors to tell them what they are doing wrong, because they naively believe that all diseases can be cured with miracle chemical formulas. And to make matters worse, the pharmaceutical companies do not want citizens to heal either, because then their source of wealth would disappear. Finally, many doctors also do not want to give sermons to patients, although that would be their obligation, therefore, they limit themselves to prescribing chemical substances that cure some diseases but also cause new ones. In the end, patients end up committing suicide without realizing it because of the diseases that these medicines cause them and all because their arrogance is ahead of common sense.

Life in cities would be very orderly and citizens would always use the same hours to sleep and to be awake every day of the year without differentiating between holidays or working days, this is very useful, because although many people do not know it, the brain It has a biological alarm clock that remembers the time we get up quite accurately. This is important, because approximately an hour before we wake up, that biological alarm takes us out of deep sleep and little by little it activates all the mechanisms of the brain so that we can get up quickly and with all active faculties.

Because of ignoring this truth many detuned people that watch the Drowsy n do to keep us awake because he thinks it is daytime, then, it is usually enough to get up a moment and walk around the house for 5 minutes for the clock readjust by believing that it is another day. But, if the insomnia continues, it is best to avoid staying in bed lying down, because when we are awake the blood pressure becomes stronger which can cause headache and eye swelling, when that happens it is best to rest sitting on a sofa to keep your head up.

One of the main mistakes people make is that at the first symptom of the flu they go to bed and do not get up all day, this is a serious mistake, because in addition to unbalancing the rhythms of sleep, it bloats the body. To combat diseases, it is best to exercise as long as they allow it, because standing still and doing nothing reduces blood risk, which makes it difficult for antibodies and nutrients to reach the organs, which delays healing. This error is also frequent in hospitals, because the bed is abused in excess, forgetting that exercise speeds up the rate of healing. For this reason, in the future, treatments will be aimed at preventing diseases and curing them by eliminating the causes that cause them rather than trying to cure them with medicines, this will allow the use of medicines to be much lower than the current one. When that happens, the myth of posing drugs as the only possible solution to disease will be over.

In an evolved society there would not be massive city festivals either, because for that there are already places for that purpose, so that each citizen can use them at will. In this society, the beginning of the year would be celebrated on the winter solstice in the north and the summer solstice in the south, but it would be a simple one-day celebration and would not last into the night. This would be a healthy society that would not take drugs and would seek happiness with all that science and peaceful life can provide. Because drugs damage the brain reducing its sensitivity and consequently its ability to feel happiness.

Due to the usefulness of living life in an orderly manner it would be prohibited to as public weekdays except for workers them to work on holidays, so that any act intended to celebrate or remember something, they always would on the day s free set for it. This means that each seven-day week could have a maximum of one or two consecutive days off and those who wanted to have more days off would have to take the entire week in order not to interfere with the work rhythm.

The vacation system would also have an order and two fortnights or one consecutive month per year could be used. In compact cities, the climate would be the same throughout the year and therefore, the number of inhabitants who would be on vacation would be the same every month of the year, this would allow the tourism industry to function normally all the time. With this system, all citizens could make a trip around the world each year, but the rest of the year, they could only travel through the closest area, an area that would not be greater than 15% of the planet. This would be done in order to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure, but on small planets or moons these restrictions would not exist.

In the future, it will also be possible to make trips to other planets, but the most logical thing is to reserve them only for those who perform representative functions, as in the case of political or scientific activities, but they would not be allowed for the rest of the citizens, except in the case of colonization trips, in order to make resources sustainable. Neither will space trade exist, except in those things that it was not possible to obtain on earth, that is, a citizen of one planet will not be able to buy a product from another, when the materials are the same as those on his, regardless whether you can afford it or not, because the ecological damage and waste of energy that space travel would cause would make it unacceptable.

In these cities, all citizens of both sexes would wear the same uniform similar to a uniform, and it would be made up of a single piece of cloth and a main color, although it could also be divided into two halves but of the same color. With this suit, it would be a question of strengthening the feeling of unity among all citizens, because in reality, each one of us is a part of that great machine that is the city and we are all important for its progress. Wearing the same suit we all assume that responsibility, but the state also assumes that we are necessary and important. This suit would have a single main and homogeneous color for the most part without squiggles or asymmetries, because that is how justice is represented. This suit would only be an extension of our body and therefore, the logical thing is that if the body has a single color, the suit also has it. However, in order not to be monotonous, each citizen could use the color they prefer and the work suits would be differentiated from those for a walk using emblems or color stripes different from the main one, although it would be different only in a minority part of the suit, for example on boots, gloves, or belt. Underwear would be somewhat opposite to outerwear, because outerwear would represent the crystalline horizontal dimension and the inner the solar vertical, the outer would have long extremities and the inner short extremities, the outer would have dark colors and the inner light colors and both would have different colors. In this evolved society, hair dyes, lip paints or jewelry would not be used, because what is valued is not superfluous appearances but the true qualities that each one has.

Neither would there be cash or inflation, and all companies would be required by law to pay their employees the necessary salary to be able to live in a dignified way. In return, workers would be required to do their jobs properly. As it is a society in which work would be guaranteed by the state, begging would be prohibited. This means that if a person due to simple vagrancy or negligence did not want to work, then he could not ask, and if he did not respect the law he could be committed to a penitentiary center where he would have to work to live, because even in a prison nothing would be free. It must be borne in mind that evil will not disappear from society simply by asking the scoundrels to stop being it, it is necessary to create the conditions so that no criminal finds an interest in continuing to act in an antisocial way.

In this society, there would not be retirement either, there would be an age limit to exercise each job, but not an age to do nothing, because all citizens, including the elderly, would participate in the productive system, but people with an advanced age would do so they would do more as counselors to the youth than as normal employees. Crafts workshops would also be created for them where they would train their minds by making small pieces for commercial use, because it is absurd to carry out tasks making objects that later are not going to be of any use. All citizens would have their hours and days off, but dedicating all the time to leisure is a way to hasten death, because leisure activities are fine if they are for a while, but it is not logical that leisure occupies all the time, Therefore, it would be best to divide the day into three sections, one for sleeping, one for working, and one for free time, but, in the case of the elderly, work time could be cut in half as long as your health allows it. In the future, citizens will no longer dye their hair, because unlike what happens now, the elderly will no longer be expelled from active society and will be held in high esteem, therefore, the white color of their hair will not be cause of shame but of appreciation and respect for all. Upon reaching old age, most people will die naturally, but in the event of a disease that seriously reduces quality of life, there will be no problem in applying euthanasia if requested by the patient voluntarily.

The animals and plants would be located outside the cities, this would be done because it would be tried that the animals live in their natural environment and not as simple toys of the citizens. It must be taken into account that human civilization belongs to a different dimension from animals or plants and therefore there must be a place of their own for each one. It is true that people have to live with the rest of the species that populate the earth, but each one must do so in their natural environment. However, that would not prevent people from going to see them whenever they want during their free time. In addition, keeping animals in homes would be prohibited as this custom is considered the latest form of slavery. It is true that many masters treat their pets well, but an animal does not have to be anyone's pet and it is necessary to recognize their right to live in freedom with their peers. Therefore, it is unfortunate to see so many couples who instead of having children have dogs, just because of the laziness of not wanting to fulfill their duty of being parents, because it makes no sense to play at being parents with animals, the right thing to do is to be parents of truth.

In this society, energy would come from the sun and the use of nuclear energy within the planet would be totally prohibited, because it is absurd to use this energy when so much solar energy is available, an evolved society does not simply consider how to get more energy and then waste it as is done now , but first we look at how much energy can be obtained without damaging the environment or the health of citizens and then that energy is distributed according to the needs that each city may have. It is surprising that after the Harrisburg, Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear accidents or those that have occurred in nuclear submarines this type of energy has not yet been banned on earth, and then those governments that promote that energy have little shame to conceal contamination of fish, meat, or milk as a consequence of these radioactive leaks.

In the future, the cities of many planets would be more hygienic than the laboratory s medicine today, because the planets or moons lifeless own the colonists Enter r t an bacteria, even the s of their own bodies so they they might consider worlds free of microorganisms. This would not be a problem to live, because food would be produced artificially without using vegetables, but its characteristics and texture would be similar to what we know. This would also be useful from a medical point of view, because there would no longer be a place for infections, as the bacteria that caused them have disappeared. Oxygen would also be produced artificially by electrically separating the water atoms.

In this perfect society, religion will be the backbone of the entire system and within religion the defense of justice will be its greatest value. This will be possible, because in the future citizens will lose their fear of confronting religious organizations and will demand their right to seek the truth for themselves. Because these organizations act as a filter when they pretend to have exclusivity in communication with God, but this, they do not do to serve God, but to serve satan. This is so, because for them religion is only an instrument to obtain power and wealth betraying their true duty, which is to seek the good of the citizens. Therefore, in the future, religious organizations with all their ceremonies and dogmas will disappear from the face of the earth, and then God, that is to say the truth, will descend to earth and remain there forever. In reality, these organizations have become evil, because they refuse to accept that humanity needs a religion but not a religious organization, because in an evolved society the right thing to do is for religious teachings to be taught in schools by teachers and managed by the state and parents of students. These organizations try to compete with governments to obtain power, but it is not them who have that function, but the civil population through the vote. This contradiction makes those who have been enriched by religion up to now refuse to abandon their current source of income, therefore, they react badly by not wanting to humbly accept the consequences of progress. When that happens science and religion will shake hands and will be one, because until now, that parallel power that are religious organizations have prevented this from being possible by trying to impose their dogmas based on lies to gain power and compete with governments for world domination. Unfortunately, scientists have not denounced these deceptions to help the truth prevail. Then, religion and science will try to find an understanding, because in reality, religion is also a science that is as important or more than the rest, so, in the future, it will be the first thing that is taught in schools.


The universe is made up of atoms that in turn contain other smaller particles in their interior, in turn these particles are made up of other particles that are not made up of any particle, therefore, these last particles could be defined as the original particles that make up the cosmos.

When the universe began, in theory there was only nothing, but since nothing cannot exist by itself, it is necessary that something exists as a way to justify its existence, this means that both nothing represented by emptiness, and something represented because of matter they have always existed, both need each other because there cannot be only emptiness or only matter, both must always exist, because it is through their contrast and comparison that their existence is evidenced.

This metaphysical reality exists within each elementary particle, because in its interior there is only emptiness and in its exterior there is only matter, or in other words, if we go towards its interior we will find a spherical surface with which we will collide as evidence of the existence of the material particle, but within that area alone there are void that is composed of other particles, therefore, this particle is considered empty or is considered material may depend on whether the direction is raised toward the ntro or towards outside. These particles are not made up of other particles and are indestructible, but they can divide of their own accord to form more complex beings made up of directly connected particles. That means that if these particles are permanently separated without there being any direct connection link then n different beings will be created, these beings, although they have common pasts from that moment on, will have different futures until the end of the cosmic cycle and come back together to form the original particle again.

This bipolarity that is present in the first particles is the origin of the universal polarity that also derives in the sexes, because sexuality is only one of the innumerable versions of polarity that exists in the universe. Thus the female sex would be related to the void and the male sex would be related to the matter.

Other examples of masculine polarity are: The sun as coordinator of the planets, salt, the masculine sex, matter in contrast to water or emptiness, science, technique, rock music, the right, activity, the crest of a sling, the color red, the circle, the vertical line, the sound, the progress, the action, the heat.

Other examples of feminine polarity are: The earth in its passive attitude towards the sun, Spirituality, philosophy, the color blue, pop music, water, space, the valley of a sling, sugar, cold, the left, passivity, the straight line, the horizontal line, silence, humility, rest, emptiness.

The vertical and horizontal dimensions can also rotate, in that case the poles are reversed so that the horizontal dimension is male and the vertical female, it all depends on the circumstances.

Those people who have intuition will surely notice the sensation of perceiving the color red when thinking about things that have masculine characteristics, and in the same way they will feel the sensation of seeing the color blue when thinking about things that represent feminine values.

As there are two versions of polarity, it was necessary for the universe to determine the existence of a single command element that governs the two poles, this is necessary because in the decisive moments in which a decision must be made quickly that sexual division must disappear in order to coordinate as if it were a single will. The need to achieve that balance determined that from that moment on the universe became coordinated by the male sex, this does not mean that one sex is better than the other, because the two sexes are just as important, but this is necessary because the universe can only progress if each sex occupies different planes and functions. What determines that a sex is male is precisely the fact of acquiring that active function of command, but that command only makes sense if it is dedicated solely to promoting the good of both sexes, in this way, the female sex allows itself to be governed, but only with the condition that this government dedicates itself to favoring the common project shared by both sexes. An example of this coordination in a single command is the preference of the right hand over the left in the human species, because each of our hands belongs to a polar value, therefore, so that mental processes can lead to actions quickly, it is necessary that one of the two hands acts as a representative of both, in this way, the left hand finds its balance by acting as an assistant to the right. If the universe had not acted in this way, progress would never have existed as both sexes mutually annulled each other and under these conditions anarchy and chaos would reign.

The original particles are black on the inside and white on the outside, empty on the inside matter on the outside, the inside represents the number zero and the outside surface represents the number one. The particles of matter represent the number one and the empty space that surrounds them represents zero. They are actually two versions of the same thing so it depends on your point of view as you look at it. However, the number zero is white and one is black and the particles can be defined as white and the space as black, this means that depending on which plane they are in, they can appear with the inverted aspect.

When the current cosmic cycle ends, all the particles will come together to form the original particle in which the essential values are expressed. When that happens, the particle will divide again to form another universe that will actually be the repetition of the previous one, this will be done the same as how a movie is repeated, because even the same time will begin again, then, all the souls that are formed with the separation of the original particle they will live other lives different from the one they had previously, that means that the universe will not repeat itself completely until all beings live all the lives and the experiences that they could have in each of those lives. This means that the universe has two wheels, one is the one that represents the time that repeats itself with each new cosmic cycle, and another is the wheel of souls, who live a different life in each new repetition of the cosmos, it is as if the material universe was just a shell through which the souls move, which in turn are outside of time and are eternal.

The universe formed by multiple beings is only the consequence of the division of the original being, because we are all equal and we are all eternal, therefore, in the end we will all live the same situations. Seen in another way , it is as if in the universe only one being existed, so that when we look at another person it is as if we saw ourselves in another time, because what he lives now is what we we live in our past, but it is also what we will live in our future, because deep down, all beings are derived from the same original being, therefore, the existence of multiple lives or multiple life experiences is nothing more than a secondary subdivision of the life of that original being. When this being first divided, it created different beings with its same nature and at the same moment of time, but since these beings are derived from the same original being, they can also be considered as part of the same being indirectly, because in reality, each u not one of those beings only represents a stage in the life of that greater being since in the end they will all become one again before the universe begins again.


Both in human life and in animal life, conflicts are unfortunately frequent. In the case of the human being there are two main causes, one of them is the existence of selfishness, which can also exist among animals and occurs when an individual dominated by an excess of confidence tries to question the rights of others. The second reason occurs due to weather disasters, which cause hunger, which in turn favors confrontations, but due to advances in science this problem may be close to having a solution. Unlike man, the main cause of conflicts between animals are predators that continually chase their prey to feed on them, but it is important to note that these animals do not necessarily hunt out of evil, but because nature has designed them to feed on that way.

It is possible that the origin of the predation is simply the interest of some animals to feed on others, because they consider it preferable to feed this way rather than doing it on plants, but it is also possible that it has been designed by nature as a means to avoid the proliferation of corpses It is true that scavengers already exist for that, but the usefulness of predators is that they prevent old animals from a slow final agony and the risk of contracting contagious diseases that this may entail. Viruses also participate in this function, when animals do not have natural enemies, it is as if it were a natural euthanasia system. It could then be said that predation works as a recycling system prior to the action of scavengers, it is as if the animals ate themselves before the deterioration of the organism reaches an extreme situation, therefore, it is reasonable to think that the just predators evolved from carrion.

In other words, predation would first act as a means to prevent the appearance of corpses, and then the scavengers would act to finish off the remains that the predators had left behind.

Another source of conflicts between animals but which does not occur between people is the confrontation that occurs in some species during the breeding dates, when the males fight to keep the females. In this case, as in the previous one, it is difficult to know if this custom arose from the interest of animals to have more females or if it was nature that prompted it as a means to facilitate that the healthiest animals and free of genetic diseases were the ones that fertilize the females. In this regard, humans do not have that problem, because as with other species, it is normal for most couples to be monogamous, which allows them to get a partner without resorting to violence. It is true that through the voluntary choice of a partner many hereditary diseases can be eradicated, but there are always those that are not visible to the naked eye, therefore, it would be advisable to check all citizens to be able to eradicate the most difficult to discover defective genes.

If all this were true, it would show that the most important factor causing conflicts between animals is their inability to control the environment and all the biological processes that surround them without confrontation, but it would also show that these problems are not inevitable in the world being human and consequently there is no compelling reason why peace in the world cannot be achieved.

In my opinion, all the problems that exist in nature, both humans and animals, could be solved without resorting to violence, because scavengers already exist to clean nature of dead animals and to avoid the final agony of animals old bacteria and viruses also exist. Nor does it seem convincing to propose predation as an essential system to regulate the excess of offspring, because the facts show that those animals that do not have natural enemies have only the number of offspring that the environment can support without predators. That is, how valid would it be to say that predators hunt their prey because they have too many young than to say that prey have too many young because there are predators that hunt them. Nor does it seem essential to me that there must be confrontations between animals for reproductive reasons. The proof is in the large number of species that there are in which the males do not fight to get the females because they are the ones who decide how they want them as a couple, and therefore they are subjected to a kind of examination called courtship to check if their health is adequate before having babies with them. For this reason, it seems to me more likely that both predation and reproductive fighting are actually the consequence of the will of the animals. In other words, a custom that could begin as a voluntary act performed for mere convenience ended up becoming something hereditary through progressive natural selection. As for the question of why natural selection chose that path, instead of another more peaceful one, my opinion is that it would be the consequence of the excessive value that primitive beings place on the material aspect of life, including animals and the people. Because the world evolves from chaos to order and brutality is more typical of ignorant beings than of cults. It should not be forgotten that natural selection is also greatly influenced by our own will. It is also possible that since animals do not have the technical means that people have, that has been the only means they have found to solve their biological problems.

But, even if it were true that predation is necessary to prevent nature from being filled with dead animals or that these could be a source of diseases, however, the conflicts it generates would not have to occur in the human species, because unlike of animals, man is perfectly capable of burying or recycling corpses without requiring the intervention of predators. Therefore, it is absurd to think that violence cannot be eradicated from society. Because once the human being is able on the one hand to live accepting his technical limitations and on the other to control all the climatic and energetic circumstances that surround him there will no longer be any excuse for not living in peace. Because it is clear that when food and energy resources are sufficient for everyone, then the most important thing has to be the distribution of goods and not economic growth. It is absurd that there are countries in the world with a per capita income much higher than what is needed to live comfortably and yet they do not allocate the necessary money to protect the environment. It is necessary for these countries to stop their insane obsession to put growth before ecology, therefore, it is essential that an international treaty be signed that commits all nations to this. Today, the world's oceans are becoming a garbage dump for the richest countries and that is obviously a contradiction that makes human beings a serious danger to the planet worse than any viral epidemic. For this reason, it is necessary for human beings to stop giving priority to having more money when that money implies the destruction of forests and the environment, which is becoming increasingly unbreathable. The truth is that humanity is closer than it seems to being able to close the circle that would avoid those factors that cause conflicts, because if technology and moral progress are properly combined, the world can achieve peace. Because all human beings belong to the same species and predation is not normal between individuals of the same species. The confrontation for reproductive reasons is not logical either, because unlike the animals between human beings, marriage has always been allowed for everyone, although in the past it was the parents who were generally the ones who the partners of their children.

It could be said then that the factors that cause conflicts between people are reduced to two. The first would be hunger, which in some cases is caused by weather catastrophes and in others by uncontrolled population growth. But these problems could be solved if governments took the decision to consider all people as part of a united system to avoid that no one lacks what is necessary to live, this would be done by guaranteeing work by law to all citizens. Once this has been achieved, it would be reasonable to prohibit begging as there is no one left unattended. For this to be possible, it would be necessary to implement a birth control system, whereby each city could only have the number of inhabitants it was capable of supporting, thus the circle of social needs would be closed.

The second problem that causes confrontations is vanity, because although it is true that throughout history weather disasters or famine have been two important factors that have caused conflicts, it is also true that in many other cases it has been vanity and overconfidence what causes them. Therefore, once the material problems are solved, there will only be one obstacle to achieving peace, and that is to resolve the serious moral vacuum that exists in society, therefore, it is essential that parents teach their children where their rights end and where those of the rest of society begin. Arrogance is like a disease of the spirit that corrodes the soul of those who allow themselves to be dominated by it. For centuries, the spiritual aspect of life has been relegated to the background by society and this has made it very materialistic, but it is important to give each thing its fair value, because the spiritual dimension of life must be exactly the same. It is important that the material dimension, therefore, it is necessary for humanity to give it back its rightful place and teach young people that justice and coexistence should be the pillars of humanity.

From the moment the universe began, it has progressed from fire to cold and from chaos to order, this applied to man means that the possibility that all social needs can be resolved is closer than it seems, therefore, only Governments must have the courage to recognize this truth and take the necessary measures to solve it. Throughout history, governments have always acted through improvisation, due to their ignorance and their inability to control the world around them, but today, they already have the necessary means to close the circle of social needs Therefore, they only need to understand this truth so that the world can achieve peace.


What is intelligence? One of the possible answers would be that it is the ability to solve problems in the most appropriate way. In my opinion there are three factors that intervene in what we normally call intelligence.


It could be said that physical intelligence is the consequence of having a well-built and properly nourished body. It is also derived from the genetic evolution that the human species has had since the beginning of time. It could be said that the physical quality of each person is proportional to the quality of the genes they carry, because some genes are more evolved than others. Unfortunately, only a small part of humanity has a perfect gene pool, either because they have the best and most evolved genes or because they lack hereditary diseases. The most primitive genes are gradually discarded through the choice of partner, although this system does not serve to discover those defective genes that are more difficult to discover with the naked eye. The presence of diseased genes considerably reduces the effectiveness of the human being, therefore, it would be desirable for governments to become aware of it and work to eliminate them completely from the human species.


This type of intelligence does not arise from innate qualities, but from acquired wisdom, but it can make a person appear more intelligent. Therefore, those children who receive better training seem more intelligent even if it is only as a result of the effort invested by their parents in their education. Have a lot of memory can also be confused with intelligence, but keep in mind that whoever memorizes very fast to the only end acquires the theoretical truth of things and not Aute truth ntica, a slow process of learning pu and to be better to correctly understand something, because the information received must be followed by a deduction process.


Although after death the memories of previous reincarnations are forgotten so as not to interfere with the new life, nevertheless the spiritual intelligence remains. It could be said that this intelligence is the summary of what has been learned throughout a lifetime and is defined as a set of qualities rather than a sum of knowledge, and is preserved in successive reincarnations. After birth, spiritual intelligence slowly seeps into the human mind in the form of fleeting sensations of intuition and little by little it forges a different personality with respect to those around it. In the case of evolved spirits, their greater intellectual strength determines that their human mind gives way when they are immersed in a lower culture, this determines that in the end the higher mind of the spirit prevails. Then the evolved spirit becomes aware of being different and begins to develop a different life project. For this reason, intelligent children are very reluctant to get carried away by overly dominant educational systems.

It is also possible that a person has a perfect body but at the same time a simple mind, this can happen when the spirit is much more backward than the body it handles. However, when progress can clear up all scientific unknowns, these people will be able to benefit from that science, which will make up for their inner backwardness.

The fact that there are three factors that influence intelligence determines that it is very difficult to know which of them intervenes the most in a person's life.


Today, it is common to see the myths of antiquity as mere children's stories without any real basis, but the truth is that in most cases they are based on half truths, because primitive men had a reduced capacity to understand the natural events that surrounded them, which is also the case today, because they not only had difficulty understanding the events that occur every day, but also what happens exceptionally. Today, we live in an age of scientific self-sufficiency because scientists believe that they know everything and therefore it becomes an obstacle to objectively understand the events of the past as it happens with the myth of vampires. Actually the so-called vampirism occurs when the spirit of a deceased tries to return to human life trying to steal the body or energy of people in order to revive its previous existence, this does it because it does not understand that the correct way to do it is through reincarnation. In these cases the victims of their possession may feel strangely tired. Because of this, some people may think that the deceased has not died and escapes at night from the cemetery to torment the living and suck their blood. The truth is that it has not sucked their blood nor has it escaped from the cemetery, but it is true that it continues to exist in a spiritual form and can disturb the peace of the living.

When a being is in spirit form it is quite weak and consequently has very little capacity to influence the material world, however, these beings who refuse to leave sometimes manage to increase their strength by absorbing energy from the environment that surrounds them, For this reason, it is normal that it is quite cold in the haunted houses. Some claim that they can use the spiritual energy present in human or animal blood to thicken their spirit and thus believe that they have returned to corporeal life. It is also probable that they use the material particles that they find around them to densify their spirit and thus be able to influence the material world. In any case, if this is true, this would be a useless effort, because the real way to return to human life is by moving forward through reincarnation and not going backwards as they do, because from the very moment it occurs At birth, people's spirits were solidly attached to their body, and it is impossible to separate it from it by force through an attempted possession.

In this, the Catholic Church has a lot to blame, because they teach their followers that there is an afterlife but they relate it to the resurrection of the corpses on the day of the final judgment instead of accepting the most logical thing that is reincarnation in a new body, then, those spirits who after dying prefer to return to human life quickly end up believing that their only option to get it is to steal a body. Nor should we forget that the resurrection spoken of in the apocalypse is something symbolic and there is no reason to understand it literally as the church does.

Most spirits, after their bodies die, advance with illusion towards the spiritual world, because they seek that mythological heaven proposed by the church, but spirits that do not have a clear conscience for having committed crimes also fear that they may be sent to the mythological hell, therefore, they remain in that limbo of indecision between the two worlds. In reality, heaven is not found in the spiritual world, but neither can it be found in the earthly world, because in reality " heaven " is the world that the earth will become, when people understand that life Human must be lived in line with spiritual values. In other words, the earth will be a paradise, when people understand that they must give spirit and its values the same importance that they give matter.

One of the methods used to ward off these intruder spirits is to place salt around the place that you want to protect, since apparently this substance bothers them. It should also be clarified that an evil spirit can try to possess a house or a person, but that does not mean that it can do it whenever it wants, because this only happens in an exceptional way when the border between the human and spiritual dimension is broken and these entities pierce. This can also occur when the spirit is claimed with methods such as the Guija table, then the spirit creates a link with the place or person with which it is desired to relate in a similar way to how an airplane does with the control tower through the transponder. Once this link is established, the spirit can return to that place with relative ease, that means that to avoid that unwanted presence it is necessary to break the link that the entity uses to reach its victim. All these facts would be easier to solve if scientists lost their fear and arrogance and accepted these events naturally, because the evidence exists, another thing is that they want to accept it.

Other ancient myths are the appearances of fairies or goblins. These events could be caused by the spirits of people or also by those of plants or animals. Because, although each plant or bacterium does not necessarily have its own spirit, however, it is reasonable that they have one for each species that deals with managing all those aspects that relate to their life. Because nature contains many more things than we think and therefore we must be more humble in our conclusions and in what we think we know.

Another myth is the alleged contacts with the gods made in the sanctuaries of ancient religions, today they are analyzed from the point of view of an exclusively materialistic science and therefore are considered as the product of simple superstitions, but in my opinion, those beings with whom the ancient religious communicated through complex rituals were not gods, but neither were they fantasies, because they were the spirits of deceased people who pretended to be gods. Although, in this, we can also include extraterrestrial beings, because if we accept that they have been among us for many centuries, then it can be assumed that they could use the method of posing as gods, to establish communication with men without they consider its presence strange.

Another example is biblical facts. The burning bush that spoke to Moses may well have been a charred tree burning in a lake of natural oil. Or the plagues of Egypt, which could be caused by the ashes that fell there after the eruption of a volcano on Santorini island in approximately 1600 BC. This eruption caused a rain of ash that destroyed crops, caused plagues, a tsunami and the exodus of the Hebrew people. This means that the Hebrews most likely left Egypt unimpeded, and may even have been forced to leave, considering that the volcanic ash destroyed the crops and consequently caused a famine during several years. The legend of the Egyptian army swallowed by the sea could also have its origin in the tsunami, later, the Hebrews used the fact to make their story more attractive by relating the event to them. This event could also cause the legend of Atlantis. The disaster began with an earthquake and a large volcanic eruption that caused the destruction of the Minoan civilization located on the island of Crete. This civilization was very important in ancient times and was made strong through sea trade between Greece and Egypt.

Even the life of Moses could be invented, using events different from the real ones in order to build an attractive story for the Hebrews. Let's not forget that the bible was not written until several centuries later, once the state of Israel was established. This means that when it was made they had to be based on the traditions and legends that at that time were told about its origins. There is no reason to doubt that Moses really existed, because that may have been the name of the leader who led the Hebrew people during the exodus. But, the period of the supposed presence of Moses in Egypt, coincided with the period in which the Semitic tribe of the Hyksos ruled that country for a short period of time, so it is possible that when they say that a Hebrew belonged to the family royal in Egypt could be inspired by a king Hicso who was also a Semitic like them. To complete the life of Moses, the childhood of King Sargon I of Acad who was born in Mesopotamia in year 2 would be borrowed. 300 BC Because like Moses, this king was also left by his mother in a river and later rescued to later become king, it is clear that the story is too similar to be accidental. In the past, it was normal for truth and fantasy to mix to make stories more interesting.

An example of this is the miracles of Jesus, which were surely the consequence of exaggerating reality, in order to show his life more interesting and thus be able to attract more followers. That is, although they were facts based on real events, nevertheless, the most fantastic part of those facts was invented. Thus the cure of a person in a coma was transformed into the resurrection of a dead person. The spiritual relief of a blind man could be converted into a cure for his blindness. The surprise purchase of wine could be considered as a miracle, or a lucky day in fishing, it was turned into an event exclusively attributed to Jesus. This is not surprising, since it is what is commonly done with people belonging to the nobility or royal houses, because when they make a mistake, it is always the fault of others, but when they do something worthwhile it is recognized and exaggerated to the point of infinite. For this reason, it is despicable that there are countries that qualify as democratic, but nevertheless try to grant some people attributions totally incompatible with democracy, as is the case with the monarchy, because reserving political offices in a hereditary way or giving them legal impunity is not only a It is a way of denying the equality of all citizens before the law, but it is also a way of granting divine honors to those who are nothing but people. It can be considered justified that every country has a government, because without it it would not be possible to administer it, but that does not mean that the rulers are therefore infallible, much less divine. For a king to qualify himself as a divine being as was done in ancient Egypt is not only a falsehood, but an act of cowardice intended to try to preserve power by creating distance from the people.

However, when it comes to the ability to cure diseases attributed to Jesus, it is possible that it has a true background, because there are those who affirm that Jesus was an Essene and it was common in this religious group to teach some knowledge of medicine to their followers, but without reaching the results attributed to it.

Little is known about the magicians of antiquity, it seems that they were religious who could do surprising things, sometimes they used simple tricks, other times they used the properties of some chemical substances and other times they did it through contact with spirits, this part used to be kept secret for fear of scandal or repression. But unlike today, in the past the existence of that other world that spirits represent was quite accepted among people or religious people and through these contacts they tried, among other things, to guess the future or ask the deceased for advice on family matters. In this case and unlike the previous ones, these strange facts were not done by magicians as people usually think, but rather were the spirits that collaborated with them. Therefore, the only miracle that is logical to expect from someone like Buddha or Jesus is the gift of the word, because the true and greatest gift of a philosopher is his wisdom.

With this, I intend to show that the fables and stories of antiquity may have a foundation of truth even though they may have been stated in the wrong way. But, it can also happen that the existence of extraterrestrial spirits or beings is naively rejected just because it seems too surprising to us. Because we must not forget that we live in a miraculous universe, if by miraculous we understand the surprising things that science can offer, because the fact that something does not happen every day is not a reason to reject it or to think that it is in contradiction with the laws of nature. But how can you tell the surprising but true from the false miracles? The key is to have intelligence, intuition and time to meditate, but, as these qualities are difficult to gather, the normal thing is that most people are not able to differentiate one thing from another, for that reason, they are usually trusted, sometimes too much, in the deduction capacity of the prophets or philosophers, but we must not forget that the fact that someone describes himself as a philosopher does not mean that it is true, therefore, it is our duty to apply common sense to everything that we they count to differentiate the lie from the reality.

Another myth was the supposed divinity of the Egyptian kings. The Egyptians had a system of government based on a totalitarian monarchy that encouraged the worship of their leaders, therefore, they made all those striking constructions that characterized them and whose main mission was to impress the mass so that they considered them as divine beings and thus ensuring their privileges and staying in power. Today's people are impressed with everything Egyptian, but they do not understand that the majority of society was made up of simple people and all those impressive statues and decorations that they made were only intended to create a fictitious distance between the government and the rest of the citizens.

Due to the increase in global temperature caused by the end of the last ice age, North Africa was undergoing a process of desertification that was pushing peasants towards the banks of the Nile. This excess population favored the Egyptian government to use them as a hand of cheap labor to build the pyramids, but the fact that there were people from so many different places caused the pharaohs to be afraid of a possible uprising, therefore, they created all that decorative framework in order to be seen as divine beings and therefore inaccessible. The increase in global temperature also originated the myth of the universal flood, because with the melting of the poles, rain and flooding increased, in addition, the coastline advanced several kilometers around the world, which must have been perceived as something catastrophic by the populations located on the banks of rivers. The desertification process of North Africa caused by the increase in global temperatures could be the cause that began to cultivate the lands in Sumeria and shortly after in Egypt in order to make the most of the fertile lands that still exist remained. This process of desertification could push nomadic pastoralist tribes such as the Hebrews to emigrate to Egypt from North Africa or Arabia where they were first used in crops and later in the construction of the pyramids.

This migratory process also occurred in Babylon, which surely favored the construction of other pyramids called ziggurats there. It is possible that the pyramids not only served a religious purpose, but also served as elevated observation posts for priests to study the stars. Perhaps that is what the drawing carved on the sarcophagus of palenque represents, a priest observing the stars using a complex astronomical device. In ancient times, the observation of the stars was important to know the seasons and organize the harvests, therefore, astronomy was an indivisible part of religion.

The reduction of fertility in the lands of Mesopotamia may be related to the origin of a sexual festival related to the goddess Ishtar, Inanna in Uruk. During the festival, it was considered well regarded that the population had sexual relations because they naively thought that this could stimulate the fertility of the land that was becoming poorer. This caused the Hebrews to consider Babylon a land inhabited by people of low moral standards. This sexual behavior was based on a mistaken belief, but this was preferable to human sacrifices that were made in America for the same reasons.

At the end of the Würm glaciation that had kept the planet frozen for 100,000 years, many lands in the Middle East were desertified, causing the beginning of my gratory currents towards Europe and India. In time, these settlers would be the germ of the Greek and Roman civilizations. These settlers were ethically similar to today's Europeans because during the ice age their Mesopotamian lands had a climate similar to the current Mediterranean. The fact that the European climate was warmer and warmer caused the old inhabitants of Europe to be progressively displaced by the new ones, as they were better adapted to that climate and were technically superior. These settlers outnumbered the ancient inhabitants of Europe in everything, because during the ice age the European continent was covered by ice, which made their progress difficult both in terms of the number of inhabitants and racial or technological development. This increase in global temperature had the same effect on humanity as the yeast in bread, because it caused a significant increase in population and the beginning of contemporary civilization.


The circle: This symbol represents on the one hand the limited nature of matter since it shows its size and consequently also determines the infinite nature of the space that surrounds it since it cannot be located in a circle. Its round shape also indicates the cyclical nature of the cosmos, because we live in a universe in which everything is recycled and everything is repeated. By not having a specific principle determined in that circle, it also indicates that the universe is beginning and ending at every moment. The material universe is limited, both in time and space, because matter is necessary to carry out events and it does not have infinite combinations, however, the universe does have an unlimited duration, because once the combinations of the Matter is finished, time will start again from the beginning, which in practice causes that unlimited duration.

The circle with respect to the square can represent the center point, the beginning, the egg, the command center, the number one or the five, the masculine sex, the heat, the golden color, the instability, the energy, the wisdom, the spirit, the crest of a sling. It can also represent the human figure as it is formed by five limbs or the vertical line in the cross that divides the vertical and horizontal dimensions. A white circle surrounded by a black square represents the contrast between something and nothing, the something that represents the matter of the circle and the nothing that represents space. From these two elements arise the sexes and all the polarities of nature.

The square: This symbol can represent the feminine, the stability, the intelligence, the crystalline, the cold, the horizontal line in the two-dimensional cross, the color red, the number four, the matter, the philosophy, the emptiness, the valley of a sling. Although the red color can be considered masculine and the feminine blue in general, however, it can also be the other way around depending on the plane where they are, in this case, the four in a square is feminine and blue, in contrast to the five which is masculine and golden, because five represents the circular sun and four the cold crystalline structure typical of the planets.

Triangle: This symbol can represent the evolutionary pyramid and the green color and is present in everything in which there is a progressive change from higher to lower or vice versa. It could be said that the triangle would be between the circle and the square since it contains the values of both figures. The color green represents the intermediate balance of things and therefore the ideal situation in most situations. Arguably the triangle is best represented as a green glass pyramid.

If we raise these three symbols on the horizontal plane, then the red circle would be located on the left and represented by the number one or two, because the circle is one but the red color represents two. In the center would be the green pyramid representing the number three. On the right side there would be the blue square representing the number four. Although each of these figures can also be represented in other colors, however, these three colors would be the most representative of the horizontal dimension. With the union of red and blue, green is created, which is the symbol of balance, and with the union of red, green, and blue, white is created, which is the symbol of justice because it contains the same proportion of all colors. . The color red represents energy, disorder, and the past. The green color arises from the balance between energy and order, it also represents the present. The blue color represents the spirit, the future and order. The horizontal dimension is generally female and the vertical dimension is male, but in exceptional situations they can also be represented the other way around.

With the union of these three symbols, the universal values of horizontal polarity can be represented, in this way, on the left the red circle would be located, in the center the green triangle would be located and on the right side would be the blue square, although vis From his point of view, the circle would be on the right side corresponding to the male side.

The cross: This symbol represents the two dimensions into which the horizontal is divided from the vertical. It could also be defined as two crossed circles, because in the universe everything is curved, therefore, what seems straight to us is because it only represents a very small part of a curve. In this scheme, one circle would be in a horizontal position and the other would be in a vertical position and to connect, the lateral line of each circle would pass exactly through the central axis of the other. These dimensional circles are as if they had three circles each, the central circle would represent the color red, the outer circle would represent the color blue and the circle between the two would represent the color green. Although the two circles have different positions, their proportions remain the same, that means that the central circle is always red and the central circle is always green and the outer circle is always blue, what changes is its position, going from horizontal to vertical.

In this position, the blue side of one circle would coincide with the red core of the other, in this way both circles would communicate. It is possible that this is the method that atoms use to connect with each other, electrons leaving through the positive pole of one atom and entering through the negative pole of another. The atomic electrons would do the same, exiting through their positive pole and entering through the negative pole, and at the same time they would travel the entire circumference of the atom, describing circles. When passing through the atomic nucleus, these communication particles could describe smaller circles adapting to the diameter of the particles in which they are, in this way, the particles would communicate all the atomic levels at the speed of light. This system would not only serve to communicate but also to renew all levels of the subject.

The vertical line represents the masculine values of the universe with all its immense number of versions such as: The heat, the color red, the summer, the day, the command, the exception.

The horizontal line represents the universal feminine values with all their versions such as: Cold, winter, blue, most, the norm, obedience, night. The binary character of the universe and the numbers zero and one can also be represented with this cross. We must not forget that the division of the universe into positive and negative poles does not only exist in the sexes, but in all things that have polarity.

It must be taken into account that in this case the vertical line of the cross is considered as masculine and the horizontal as feminine, but they can also be considered the other way around, because everything depends on the plane in question and one thing can behave in a different if it is a different plane. This is so, because all things have within them the two polar or sexual values. However, the fact that all contain things n the two does not prevent sexual values than the same time can be defined in one of the two, because in a plane can be completely masculine and the next be completely feminine without this be a contradiction.

This means that a thing can have a meaning in a different dimensional plane than it has in another, therefore, to determine the meaning of a thing it is necessary to determine with respect to which plane it is considered. For example, the planet earth is female when it revolves around the male sun, but the sun becomes a star and is female when it revolves around the black hole that governs our galaxy. In the same way, terrestrial matter is feminine with respect to the sun, but masculine with respect to water, because the sea is feminine with respect to the matter of the continents. Also the spirit is masculine with respect to the soul, but feminine with respect to the body, because the spirit can be masculine but spirituality is feminine.

That means that the sexual attitude is determined by the behavior. In the same way, the woman would be the equivalent of the planets, that means that her function consists of turning around the man and therefore being his assistant. The man, on the other hand, must be the president of the marriage, but that function of president should only be to serve his wife, that is, to seek the good of his wife and children and make them happy. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who serves whom, because in reality both serve both but in different ways, it all depends on the point of view as you look at it, because the two sexes represent universal values that are equally important for the progress of the cosmos and both have the same right to be happy, even if it is in a different way.

It could be said that the color red is masculine and blue feminine, and each of these colors are located to the right and left of the horizontal line of a cross, each one of them is a specialist in its symbolism, but this gap is corrected with their union that gives rise to the balance represented by the color green, therefore, this color represents life. That means that although each one is positioned in a polar aspect, however, with their collaboration that apparent gap is canceled.

These examples of polarity occur in many things, such as human races, so if we consider the races represented by three colors in the horizontal plane of this symbolic cross that serves to represent polarities and balance, the black race would be represented because of the red color, the yellow because of the blue color and the white because of the green color because it is between the previous two, that is why it represents balance. The Arab or brown race, although it may be closer to white than to black in absolute terms, nevertheless, it has enough differences with it to be considered different.

The symbolism of color can also depend on the circumstances, because if we pose it in the vertical plane that is the one that represents evolution, then the white race can be represented by the color white or blue by its orientation to the north, which is feminine and crystalline and is represented with that color. As these colors are placed above, they also symbolize perfection. The fact that the white race is so far north of the planet but inhabits a temperate climate is due to the warm water currents from the south that bathe the European coasts. The black race is associated with the color red due to its excessive proximity to solar energy, which is responsible for the serious deterioration of its external aesthetic appearance. The yellow race can also be represented by the color yellow because symbolically it is the one that best represents it, that is the real reason why it is called that and not because of its skin color. This is due to the fact that the cold or extreme in which it has developed causes racial aridity in it. If you look at this breed from an intuitive or spiritual point of view, you get the sensation of seeing in it the yellow sand of the desert but without water. You could say that this race was formed in an overly polarized environment with an excess of matter and a lack of water. That strong contrast and aridity is what causes people to unconsciously associate it with the color yellow or acid, because from a certain point of view it is an arid and acidic race and acid can also be associated with the color yellow, for That is why people relate that race to that color intuitively without knowing exactly why they do it. This imbalance also occurs with other things such as music, because flamenco or hard rock produce the same sensation of aridity as the yellow race, that is because this music only takes into account the material or solar aspect of life but despises the spiritual side. The yellow race can also be considered related to the blue color for having developed in cold climates, so from this point of view it is also a spiritual race. This apparent contradiction is due to the fact that the river is spiritual but the cold or dry is material.

In reality, the yellow and white races would be identical, if it were not for the deterioration that the yellow race experienced in its aesthetic appearance as a consequence of the intense cold or Siberian, let us not forget that the world was subjected to an ice age for many years that determined the appearance of these characteristic features. The same happened to the black race because of the intense heat in Africa. Because in reality, all human races have had the same time to reach the same evolutionary level and if that is not the case today, it is because the aggressiveness of the different terrestrial climates has only allowed that to be possible with the white race, for being in the most balanced intermediate climate. The mild European climate is ideal for harvests, but it has also led to the emergence of a more beautiful breed, because when you look at the sweetness that the face of an average European shows, you can deduce the climatic balance from which it is derived. That is, in order to survive, human races have sacrificed aesthetic beauty in exchange for adaptation to the climate. For this reason, in the horizontal plane of the symbolic cross, the white race can be associated with the color green that represents balance and life, because it is located between the other two colors and has half of each of them which represents the perfect proportion.

But, if we consider racial evolution according to the vertical plane of the cross of dimensions, which is what determines progress, then the division into three racial groups would become four, thus the black race would be at the lower level, the brown race It would go later, the yellow race, which in this case could also be associated with the color green, would go in third place, and finally the white or blue race would be at the top, for having the ideal aspect that everyone has to reach. Some people think that talking about evolutionary differences in human races is a sin or a taboo that cannot be talked about, but when I decided to write this book I did not do it to earn money or receive prizes, but to tell my discoveries to who can appreciate them, and in the same way that a snail does not have to feel offended because a swan is genetically superior, neither does a man have to feel hurt when recognizing his own limitations.

For this reason, if an extraterrestrial civilization were to come into direct contact with terrestrials, the most logical thing is to think that it would never allow them to go to their planets or cities, because progress does not consist only in studying in schools or reading books, it is also imprinted in our genetic code because evolution causes genes to change to adapt to it. This means that the evolutionary difference of thousands of years that would separate them from us would not exist only in the technical or scientific aspect, it would also have its version in the entire genetic code of your body. For that reason, it is absurd to believe that the mixture of races and cultures with different evolutionary levels can be done without prejudice. However, this is a truth that scientists try to avoid in order not to clash with current beliefs, therefore, they try to find evidence or supposed evidence to avoid that their conclusions may be against the position assumed by the system.

It is true that all men belong to the same species, but it is also true that this species is divided into different races and the fact that there is a different evolutionary level is not due to an innate deficiency of any of them, but because the necessity to adapt to the extreme climates of the earth forced them to exchange beauty for adaptation. This means that racial differences occur mainly in the aesthetic sphere but only in a more secondary way in the interior sphere. The truth is that each race is different and therefore it is good that each has its own lands, its own countries and its own institutions, but we must not forget that within our body there is an immortal soul that is the same in all races. Some day, when the climate of the cities can be controlled, all races will evolve until they are equal and then there will no longer be any impediment to the complete union of all of them. Nor should we forget that there are many ways to be united, and the fact that it is good for each race to live without mixing does not prevent all of them from living together peacefully.

If we consider the cross of dimensions as two crossed circles and then try to represent the human figure in the horizontal plane, then the head is located in the center of the circle and therefore represents heat, the color red and the command center, in this case the body represents the crystalline stability of blue color and occupies the entire outer circumference. The navel of the figure coincides with the color green, which forms a circle located between the center of the circle and the outer circumference.

But if we consider the human figure within a vertical circle, then the cross of dimensions is raised upside down, in this case the heat and the red color are still in the center, but now the feet are also in the center and the head which is situated on the periphery. Now the vertical line is white and crystalline and represents the universal laws, those laws, they support the universe as if they were its backbone. In this case, the head represents intelligence, the color blue and spiritual values. Stated in this way, the color green would also be located between the center and the periphery of the circle. It can be deduced from all this that in the universe male or female values exist twice and act in the same way both in the vertical and horizontal dimensions. In other words, the head in the horizontal plane represents the color red, command and the male sex, but in the vertical plane it represents spiritual values, the color blue and the female sex, this means that all people have masculine values and feminine at the same time, but this, in no case cancels the sexual orientation that each person has, because these differences act on different planes. Regarding the order of command, this is a specifically masculine quality, but that does not prevent the man from having feminine qualities or the masculine woman, it all depends on the plane in question, because both in a man and in a Woman can be given at the same time the wisdom that is masculine or the spirituality that is feminine, sexual orientation only indicates an inclination positioned in a single vital aspect.

In nature, metaphysical symbols are repeated innumerable times, this is because the laws of nature are the same everywhere, therefore, the same schemes are continuously repeated but on different planes. For example, the planet earth is a large version of the vertical dimensional circle, because in the center is the heat in red and in the upper part is the blue sky as in the diagram. The human form would also represent the vertical circle, because the feet would represent the lower part in red, and the head the upper part in blue. In the horizontal circle the human form would be shown upside down, in this case the head represented in red would represent the command center and the rest of the body in blue would represent the majority ruled by the center. This shows that within us the two dimensions exist equally, in this way the head from the male point of view contains the command center, but from the female point of view it contains spirituality and both are coordinated to make our mind is balanced.

Another example of this model, but horizontally, would be the solar system, because the warm sun is at the core and the cold planets are at the periphery. In a city the scheme of the horizontal circle or the solar system is repeated, because the town hall located in the center represents the central sun and the governing body, and the rest of the city and its neighborhoods are as if they were the planets revolving around to the central nucleus in a submissive and feminine attitude. When I say submissive, I am not referring to a slave, but rather to the fact that control is given to the center, but only in exchange for agreed conditions. This voluntary transfer of power only makes sense within a democratic model, because in this system the capital governs, but in exchange for complying with the laws agreed upon by all, and if that is not met, the population can stop granting it the right of representation. . The same happens in companies, because a worker obeys the orders of his boss, but if the contract is not fulfilled, he can always report the situation or change jobs. It must be taken into account that although the government is strong, the population is much more numerous, which produces a balance of power. This means that the relationship between the sexes or the vertical and horizontal dimensional planes is reciprocal, that is to say that each of these planes yields half of its functions to the other, but in exchange for obtaining an equivalent benefit from the other party.

We can also see how universal symbols are expressed through all things by looking at the hair style, because the long hair of the woman represents the straight line and the feminine values and the short hair of the man represents the circle and the masculine values. This means that when we choose the haircut we are identifying with our own sex, therefore, when a woman no longer wants to have more children, it is usual for her to cut her hair short like men to imply that it is no longer so feminine as before. This is done unconsciously without fully understanding the reason. The progressive decrease in female hormones that occurs with age also implies a loss of femininity, which also encourages women to cut their hair shorter.


This figure is important because it is the geometric shape that best represents the man, since by joining the arms, legs and head, they give rise to this figure. It is as if the number four that form the limbs were joined with the one that represents the head. Symbolically, the right hand represents universal masculine values, and since command corresponds to that value, therefore, most people are right-handed. The left hand represents the feminine values of the cosmos and consequently acts as a support for the right, otherwise it would be very difficult to coordinate the two hands, because when there is a leading hand, the mental processes necessary for decision-making are reduced. The legs represent the earth, the color red, energy and matter. The navel in this case represents the center, the green color and life, therefore, a child when he is in his mother's womb receives the food that gives him life through the umbilical cord located in the center of his body. The head represented in this case by the blue color symbolizes that the duty of man is to progress upwards because the command center is located above the other values.

This symbol is also the most characteristic of the flying saucers for being circular and luminous like a star. With their shape and luminosity, these objects are intended to provoke an emotional reaction to those who see them to encourage them to seek the truth. Because its circular shape recalls the sun, the command center and therefore God, and therefore tries to teach people that without order and morality it is impossible to progress. The light is also useful, because it serves to provoke the desire to seek the knowledge that frees man from ignorance. We must not confuse the symbol of the sun with the worship of the sun that was done in Egypt, because the sun has benign symbolic values just like the earth does, but it is a mistake to worship him as a god, because God can never be something individual as a person, a spirit or a thing, God can only be that which is common to all beings that populate the universe. A flying saucer, just like the number five has a double main structure, it is like a number four topped by a dome that represents one and the command, therefore, five is the number that best represents it.

It could be said that a five-pointed star represents a male sun when it is the center of a planetary system, while a star would have six points and would be female, when it revolves around the galactic nucleus.


In reality, we are not a body but a Soul, which is made up of particles that remain passive and only change for decision-making. These particles are surrounded by the spirit that is made of planetary matter modified to serve the mistress. This is necessary, so that the being can dedicate itself exclusively to human life, because if we had to deal with the movement and activity of all the particles that make up our spirit that would not be possible, therefore, these functions are transferred to that second soul artificial that forms the spirit. In this way, the control of the atoms of the spirit and their immense number of particles remains in the hands of the planetary being. Through a vibration at the speed of light, the spirit communicates to the soul all the information it contains to provide it with all its intellect, it also acts as a memory bank to be used in successive reincarnations, it is as if it were a second brain but with functions simpler. The soul also has information and complexity, but except in exceptional cases it saves it and uses that of the spirit so as not to lose its concentration. If we compare the soul and the spirit then the soul is white and the spirit is red, the soul is energy and the spirit is matter, the soul is passive and feminine and the spirit is active and masculine. When spirit and soul form a unit and then spirit is energy for the most part with a minimum of matter. But if we compare the spirit with the body, then the spirit assumes the spiritual and feminine qualities of the soul and the body represents the material and masculine values.

The soul acts passively, because the human mind needs to focus in only one direction, unlike a planetary being that can control all the atomic processes of a planet or the entire universe at the same time but in return, lacks the ability to attend a matter directly. That is, the behavior of a spirit and a planetary being is opposite, because the spirit of a man focuses on a frontal and defined plane, while a planetary being focuses on everyone in general, the spirit is direct and the being Indirect planetary being, the spirit is vertical and the planetary being horizontal, a spirit can have a conversation with another but a planetary being cannot because it is immersed in the innumerable processes of matter and that cannot be stopped because nature would stop. For this reason, the soul is put in a passive attitude in order to reduce the number of atomic processes to a minimum, which allows it to concentrate only on the attention to the outside, that is, to what we feel with our bodily senses. This attitude only changes when an active decision must be made or after death to make the changes that the spirit may need. With this system, the soul uses the spirit as a vehicle and the spirit in turn does the same with the body.

All the particles of the soul are directly connected to each other because they belong to the same being, on the other hand, the particles of the spirit are connected to the soul indirectly by vibration, this is necessary, because although the spirit serves the soul, its matter is not part of the soul but of the planetary being. In order to deal exclusively with human tasks, the soul needs to leave all the particles with which it is formed static and renounce to act at the atomic level, remaining in a passive situation. It could be said by comparison that if the spirit were an eye, the soul would be the retina dedicated to feeling, and it would only change its attitude when a decision had to be made. In the human body, the spirit is housed in the neurons of the brain as if it were an electric cloud with a little matter and the soul is in the nucleus of the atoms of the spirit. After the death of the body, the soul passes from its passive state to a more active one to make the necessary adjustments in the spirit, to repair it or adapt it to the needs of the soul. It could then be said that the soul is housed in the spirit as if it were a mechanical or electronic vehicle and in turn the spirit is housed in the body in the same way, and in turn the body, when it gets on a vehicle of transportation, does exactly the same. This means that although people consider that we are the body, in reality we are neither the body nor the spirit but only the soul, what happens is that both the body and the spirit are made to be an extension of the soul of the same so that a glove fits on one hand, so people often believe that they are the same thing. The difference between the spirit and the body is that the body dies and returns to earth, but instead the spirit accompanies the soul through all its reincarnations and evolves in each of them.

Regarding the relationship between the soul and energy, it must be said that the soul does not need external energy to live, because the particles that form it are matter and energy at the same time and matter, like energy, does not it creates or destroys it only transforms. In other words, the soul controls its energy but it is also that energy, because all the particles that form it belong to its own being. As the soul and its energy are the same thing, it cannot be consumed or dispersed and it always remains under your control. On the other hand, the spirit, if it needs external energy, because its matter has been extracted from the planetary being whose mass is in a process of permanent change from a high energy level to a low one. All the energy that the spirit needs can be extracted from the environment. To move, a spirit can use different methods, it can use the propulsion by reaction of its atomic particles, electric or magnetic repulsion, but it can also move for free by holding on to the particle streams that connect all the planets of the universe at the speed of light. In reality, the matter of the universe is also self-sufficient in energy if it is understood from a global point of view, but when the soul wishes to use the matter of that planetary being, it has to use its own rules, which consists of using the appropriate combination of matter and energy to produce force.


What is it that differentiates a spiritual master from one who is not? In my opinion, the difference is in being able to understand that we are all eternal and we are all creators, because we are all part of God. That means we can all design the world around us to make it better.

The next step that every person must take to become a spiritual teacher is to reject the dogma that religious organizations have instituted to chain the human mind and try to make it bend to their interests. They stand between God and men by trying to stop them from thinking freely, so the key to being a teacher is trying to communicate with God directly by seeking the truth. Because the dogma is based on posing religious principles as something immovable or that only they can change, which is a brake on progress and creativity.

It is also necessary to reject faith without judgment, because it is not bad to believe, what does not make sense is to believe giving up the ability to doubt and improve what already exists, because spiritual teachers are also wrong.

The next step is to reject prejudice, but not what the mass calls prejudice. Because the masses do everything in a group and also think in a group to feel more secure, but paying the high price of sacrificing the truth. The masses call prejudice to any way of thinking that deviates from what is established as official truth by their group or political party, for this reason, their way of thinking often turns upside down, when putting itself in line with the dominant beliefs among who win wars.

To be a spiritual master it is necessary to believe in oneself, that is, to believe in the creative capacity that we all have. It is necessary to understand that in reality we are all God and he expresses himself through us and the progress of humanity is the consequence of all those who have made an effort on this path and through them the work of creation is accomplished. God is also the universal laws, and when we do something that is well done we become God's instrument.

To be a teacher, it is necessary to understand that in religious organizations there is a great contradiction, because religion is benign in its essence, because it reflects the philosophical progress of humanity. But on the other hand, religious organizations are generally evil, because they try to obtain power and money using religion, therefore, they create dogma, to have a monopoly whereby only they can say what is true or false.

Ultimately, to be a spiritual master, it is necessary to be willing to seek the truth by inquiring more into the very nature of the cosmos and less into human beliefs that are unfortunately too influenced by the lies spread by manipulators. In other words, we must not limit ourselves to reading or learning what others say or write, but we must go directly to the source using our own creative capacity to find the truth.

But what good is being a spiritual master? First of all it serves to improve our own life and if possible improve that of others better. Algú n day everyone will na be spiritual teachers, when the truth is spread throughout the land and can make everyone understand the core values of the universe, because technological progress as we know it in the form of rapid and continuous changes will come A moment when it will end Then humanity will become one of the evolved worlds of the cosmos and everyone can benefit from that knowledge, but until that time comes there will always be people more advanced than others. But could anyone be a spiritual master like Buddha or Jesus? The answer is yes, but as long as a series of circumstances are met that rarely occur, in fact, only one in a hundred people with the qualities that they had actually achieves it, because even having those qualities there are many circumstances in life that interfere with the work of a philosopher. Because in order to deepen this task, a spiritual teacher needs to pursue it almost exclusively to the least in its initial phase, and any other interference like having family or work hard you pu and to prevent reaching the level of concentration required to achieve become a true precursor of philosophy, because authentic philosophers are not characterized by accepting existing beliefs but by innovating and contributing their own discoveries. When a spiritual master reaches the level necessary to be innovative, at that moment the qualification of Christ can be applied to him, because from that moment he becomes a representative of God, due to his ability to open new paths in the world of the intellect. For this, in addition to needing great intelligence, you also need to have intuition, to be able to find the truth that is hidden behind appearances, because it is impossible to progress in the world of metaphysics without knowing that conclusions can never be drawn in advance or discard anything beforehand.

But if I get to be a spiritual master like Buddha or Jesus, will I have the recognition that they had? The answer is no, probably only a small part of the people who reach that situation get recognized, because let's not forget that they are the teachers and therefore the rest of society does not have to understand their teachings. In fact, Christianity became an official religion in the Roman Empire but not because the merit of Christian philosophy had been recognized, but because it tried to use religion as an element of cohesion to avoid the decomposition of the empire. From that moment on, the Catholic Church went from being a religious organization to being a political organization, which was far from its true function. It can also happen that society considers a spiritual teacher who is not, this is what happens frequently with the leaders of religious organizations or destructive sects, because people often confuse an important position with an important spiritual level and are totally different things. For this reason, it is necessary to reject the dogma that tyrants use to deny us the right to have an opinion and understand that we can all be creators, because the progress of humanity and the development of ideas is not owned by anyone.

Unfortunately, the path of a spiritual master is usually lonely and rarely recognized, so those who seek to delve into the fundamentals of metaphysics must weigh how well it is worth their effort if it leads to loneliness. The solution could be to divide the social and family relationship with philosophy equally, so that there are more possibilities of having a complete life.


Throughout the ages, humanity has used rituals as a means of substituting a moral commitment for an apparent gesture, but an evolved society does not need rituals but rather deeds. Primitive men did not understand that moral commitment only requires the sincere will and that is why they turned religious commitment into a theatrical act. But an evolved society does not need temples because the true temple must be in the soul of the people.

Rituals such as baptism, communion, church weddings, funerals, funeral homes, communion, will eventually disappear to give rise to a time when only facts count instead of appearances. The baptism of the body must be replaced by the baptism of the spirit in the form of a sincere commitment to the search for good and truth. Because applying a ritual to children in order to impose a religion on them by force represents a serious constraint on their right to freely choose a religion. But the church, in an act of supreme greed, does so, to prevent them from being able to refuse to accept yours if it waits until they are the right age to make their own decisions.

Communion proposed as a theatrical act of confirmation of religion applied to children is nothing more than the repetition of baptism and again it is done without waiting for the child to have the use of reason in order to impose religion. With all these theatrical representations they try to make the population consider religious ceremonies as something necessary and incidentally take the opportunity to make the corresponding money collection.

The religious wedding is another unnecessary ritual, because religion is a philosophical sentiment that does not need rituals but rather commitments, and since civil marriage already exists, the religious ceases to be useful. Funerals are not necessary either, because it does not make sense that religious are the ones who have the last word on our lives, especially if we take into account the past full of serious crimes that religious organizations often have. In addition, in these religious ceremonies often used phrase s made entirely superficial, which have little or nothing to do with the deceased.

The funeral homes do not seem necessary to me either, because the corpses made up as if they were fairground dolls are displayed for all to see. The logical thing is to see these people while they are still alive, and if that is not possible we will always have the last memory we had of them.

Nor is it logical to build cities for the dead full of pantheons and stones, because that is a way of denying the survival of the spirit separated from the body. This custom arose in Egypt because they did not conceive of the existence of eternal life without the preservation of the body, therefore, they invented embalming, believing that one day the body would revive. Surely, for this reason the church refused to include the book of Enoch in the Bible, because if we take into account the content of his writings it seems that he believed in reincarnation, instead, the Catholic church was inclined to defend the approach Egyptian that only raised the resurgence of the dead bodies.

This custom is the consequence of not understanding that the dead body must return to earth, and the only reasonable way for the spirit to return to human life is through reincarnation in a new body, because only when the spirit enters the body has life. It is necessary to understand that after death the body must return to the earth and the spirit must continue on its way, therefore, the best option is to opt for incineration and then scatter or bury the ashes in the bush. And if burial is chosen, the correct thing to do is to do it without putting external signs, as a way of recognizing that the body has returned to the earth and the spirit has separated from it to continue on its way.

Another thing that we must reject is to obsessively follow fashions, because those who behave in that way are as if they were hypnotized to follow a ritual marked by others, that is why, when they are shown that the arguments on which these are based Fashions are wrong, they feel confused and do not know what to do, because what they considered their opinion, in reality was nothing more than an attitude of condescension with the customs or opinions of others, but they continue not because they make sense, but because of fear of thinking differently from what is established in your social group. It is not bad to follow a custom when it is proven to be effective, what does not make sense is to do something just because others do it, because seeking the truth is also a way of defending freedom.


Poor humanity that believing to follow Jesus serves the devil, by trusting religious organizations, and poor those whom religious organizations call "demons", because they are very foolish demons, not realizing that those whom they consider representatives of God are actually beings given over to evil, it is evident that those whom the Catholic Church calls "demons" are nothing other than spirits that pretend to be demons, because they have deviated from the correct path and do not want anyone to bother them, but they are infinitely better than those religious organizations that these false demons consider representatives of God. Because deviant spirits are beings that after losing their bodies refuse to advance towards the spiritual world, because during their lives they have committed crimes for which they fear retaliation in the other world and therefore refuse to enter the afterlife, then they limit themselves to staying in the houses where they lived or they try to momentarily steal the bodies of the tenants to relive their previous life, and when someone tries to throw them out they pretend to be demons and act in accordance with the ideas they had about it before dying. There are also spirits who do not leave simply because they believe they have unresolved issues. But these spirits do not understand that those religious who are going to do the exorcisms represent organizations that, although in this case they are not going to do evil, nevertheless, there are many crimes that bear their responsibility and of which they have never shown evidence of sincere repentance. This means that more than a fight of good against evil, it is the fight of an evil organization against another evil being but for its own interest.

It can also happen that a person during an exorcism enters a hypnotic trance state and connects with his inner spirit, then, during this state, it can happen that the person acquires special abilities such as levitation or speaking in other languages, this is not necessarily impossible, because those qualities belong to your own spirit but are normally deactivated during the normal course of human life. In this case, the person can play the role of a demon even without being one and seem credible because the qualities of the spirit are confused with a diabolical entity. If this were true, then what at first would be a moral or psychological problem would become a problem in which the hidden qualities of your own spirit would also intervene.

All this shows us that on the vine appearances have for why be in line with reality and often we must strive to understand the truth behind it. The world is full of false prophets who offer their version of how to solve the problems of the world but unfortunately they are scammers who simply copy ideas of others or invent claims with little foundation, or as many religious organizations do that use the good ideas expressed in books religious to pretend a goodness that they do not have and thus be able to deceive people. Thus they end up becoming parasites of these books.

Those who confuse religion with religious organization are also worthy of pity, because they foolishly fall into the networks of communism and end up taking a political ideology as a substitute for religion, condemning themselves in this way to live in anarchy and materialism. They do not understand that religions are generally benign, for embracing the philosophical progress of humanity, while religious organizations are generally evil, for trying to obtain power and money at their expense. These organizations hide behind religion and use it as a Trojan horse to enter people's lives and hijack their freedom of thought and thus do whatever they want with them.

I do not pretend to affirm that everything that the Catholic Church has done throughout history is wrong, but the facts show that the profit motive has been its main engine, therefore, it is necessary that people understand, that by the simple just to say that God is represented does not mean that it is true, because the church has long used that argument to do evil.

In the past, these organizations have tried to have a monopoly on religious books by preventing them from being freely distributed with the perverse intention of forcing people to go to churches, they have also tried to have a monopoly on what religion alone is to get money and power, but in the future, the human being will understand that he does not need these organizations to seek God, because when a person seeks God for himself he understands that the only temple necessary is his own heart.

For a long time, I have struggled to find the truth, but without allowing religious organizations or political parties to tell me what it is, as a result I have created these books that I now share. I consider that the pleasure I felt when discovering the ideas shown in them is sufficient payment and that is why I give them free of charge, except for those publishers that do not accept the publication for free, in which case I put the minimum price.

The goal of life is to be happy, but we must not allow the interest in being happy to make us lose common sense, because there are many who, in order to obtain more money, destroyed the essence of happiness and ruined their lives. It is not bad to have money, but you have to get it without losing your dignity. Nor should we forget that in the world there are two forms of wealth, one is material and the other is spiritual and it is only possible to be happy when we give both the same value.


In reality, all the progress of humanity has as its sole purpose the pursuit of happiness, but in every evolved planet, happiness is not obtained with violence, but through a balanced life together with the benefits of science, because they are science and the technique those that should be in charge of providing happiness, therefore, it is necessary that the trades are more oriented to the well-being of the workers and to enjoy the use of technology than to the simple fact of producing goods. For a society to evolve, it is necessary to understand that living with dignity is fundamental, because a civilized society can only emerge when humanity understands that justice must be the light that guides its path. Therefore, it is through the union of science and justice with which the mind must be completed in the mental aspect, that is, it is with the fruits of science, together with a just attitude, that the mind must be sought pleasure. In this way, from a metaphysical point of view, science gives us the warm and masculine aspect and justice gives us the sweet and feminine aspect, which are necessary to balance the spirit. In this context, tyranny, evil, or violence have no reason to exist and, therefore, the man of the future will only consider the search for happiness through science and in line with justice.

Most things in life are subject to the influence of the positive or negative poles also called masculine or feminine, although we should not confuse the negative pole with evil since both poles are benign. These poles act as scales and within our body we have many of them since each organ is like a machine that must find its balance to function properly, this means that only when they are all balanced can we be healthy and happy. Bad life habits unbalance these scales causing the appearance of diseases, therefore, it is important to try to live responsibly and understand that all our actions have consequences.

The key to happiness is also in trying to get the most of the minimum, that is, it is about achieving the maximum, but without ceasing to take advantage of all the value that each thing contains. Because from a metaphysical point of view happiness is governed by two poles, one is the one that represents wealth, instability and the red color located to the left of a hypothetical plane, and another is the one that represents dignity, stability and the blue color to the right of the plane. In reality, the color red represents the right side and blue the left, but seen from their point of view.

To be happy, it is necessary that we value both dimensional aspects equally, therefore, we must progress without ever losing humility because that is what gives stability to the soul. Humility is sweet and technique is salty and both are equally important, so only when we give each one the same value can we extract the maximum benefit from life. If we act in this way with everything that has polarity, we will achieve the balance of these two dimensions and the green color that represents life will emerge. In the same way, poverty is sweet and wealth is salty, and since sugar and salt are just as necessary for our health, the right thing to do is to find the balance between the two. This means, that there is nothing wrong with trying to improve our economic situation, but we must look without losing the co felt bad and dignity, because only people humble and down -to- earth know how to take the maximum value of each thing.

The desire to progress in the economic aspect does not have to be in contradiction with the fact of living with justice or being thrifty, because whoever lives without wasting is as if they earned the same salary twice. The path of progress has two directions, one is the one that leads us to have more goods, but the other is the one that leads us to know how to extract the maximum value from each thing and that is only achieved when we live with humility. If we want to progress, we must not forget that in order to enjoy wealth, it is necessary to understand poverty, that is, we have to learn to value the importance of small things. There is nothing wrong with trying to increase our wealth, but to be happy, you need to act with dignity and honesty.

Although it may seem surprising, poverty also has its usefulness, because if by wealth we mean having a lot of something, then we might think that by filling our clothes closet we will be better, but in reality that is not the case, because when filling it to the brim we will feel unhappy because we do not have enough space to store anything new , but, if to make space we throw away what we have while in good condition, then we will be wasting our money, therefore, we must find the balance between having a full closet and having what empty but without wasting our resources.

Symbolically, poverty is related to the blue dimension that represents stability and peace, therefore, it is more important than it seems. The same can be said about food, because eating is good, but only up to the right amount, but when we eat more than our body can accept, we enter the red dimension that represents instability and risk, then the diseases and obesity which is bad. Another example is temperature, because being cold is bad, but if heat is abused it is also bad.

People are also obsessed with complexity and start to mix food as if it were better for that, but they forget that the taste of a fruit or the one that has a piece of good bread can be the best delicacies they can exist without having to mix them with anything. They do not understand that both a fruit and bread already have multiple different components inside them. I do not mean to say that it is not useful to combine food to a certain point, but it is not necessary to do it until it reaches the absurd as it is done in some restaurants, because sometimes the pleasure is not given by complexity but by simplicity. And when we are thirsty, we do not think of any complicated drink, because at that moment there is no greater pleasure than a simple glass of water. All this shows that poverty also has its value just like wealth, therefore, the key to happiness is to find the balance of everything, because it is useless to have a lot if it is poorly managed.

Throughout history, many nations grew up with strong roots because they were founded on dignity and morals, and yet they sank when they had everything apparently won, because they allowed themselves to be dominated by arrogance and waste, that shows, that regardless of how well life may go, we must never forget that when we had nothing it was dignity and common sense that made us strong.


Today, there are people who think that the progress of the spirit requires the necessary abandonment of the human body. These people say that once the spirit reaches a certain level of evolution, it will stop reincarnating in human form to live in a spiritual world similar in appearance to the one we know, that is to say that according to them these spirits would have a kind of virtual body similar to the that I had on earth. In my opinion, this idea is absurd, because what is the point of abandoning a wonderful body that has taken billions of years of evolution to exist and changing it for a virtual imitation of that body, it will always be better to have the authentic body before another of imitation. Because what they propose as the ideal spiritual life is nothing more than a simple imitation of human life adapted to their own fantasies. They don't understand that after death, spirits take on human form just to make the process of passing from one life to the next easier, but the true form of the spirit is a simple sphere of energy. Therefore, to have the human aspect permanently it is necessary to reincarnate in the form that gives it meaning that it is human. Because what the world needs is not to renounce the benefits that matter provides us, but to make material life in line with spiritual values. The perfect balance is only achieved when matter and spirit are equally important. Those who think like this do not understand that it is with the union of matter and spirit that full happiness is achieved. They imagine a spiritual world far from life on earth because they are unable to understand that the world will not always be as it is now, because when this planet finishes its evolution, it will reach perfection and there will be peace and happiness for everyone. Therefore, what humanity needs is not to live in a spiritual world, but to make the earth more spiritual.

When a person dies, their spirit remains for a transitory time in the spiritual world until they can reincarnate again and during that time they retain an apparent form of the body that we call a ghost, that virtual body only serves to make the passage of a life easier to the other, but it is infinitely less effective than possessing the material body, because in reality, the utility of the material body is to serve the spirit with its many functions. It could then be said that a spirit without the body is like a handicapped entity, because it is with the immense services that the body provides us that the spirit reaches its maximum potentials. For example, the spirit uses the brain as a data warehouse and as a powerful computer without which its capacities would be less, it also uses its feet and hands as a means to interact with matter from within it. Those who doubt that the human form is an end and not a means for the spirit, is because they do not understand the great efforts that nature had to make to create man. All the pessimistic myths that make living on earth a bad thing are the consequence of thinking that the evils of the world will inevitably last forever, and that life can only be improved by abandoning the body or the body world, but the progress of humanity does not require such a thing, but that everyone strives for the day to come when wars will no longer exist and the world will truly be an ideal place. When that day comes, the world will be evolved and material, but being in line with universal values it will also be a spiritual world.

There are also those who think that in order to evolve, spirits have to move from one planet to another, each one on a different evolutionary level, this belief, like the previous one, is based on a pessimistic approach to human evolution, because they do not understand that the existence of violence or natural catastrophes is common to all planets in their beginnings, as they are primitive worlds. Some day, the earth will finish its evolution process and will become a perfect planet, then all the beings who intervened in its progress and suffered to achieve it will be able to reap the harvest of having an ideal world and will be able to live and be happy in it. And even if there are spirits that at that time might find themselves more backward, that will not be an inconvenience for the planet, because they can always benefit from the culture that they will receive from the day of their birth and thus they will be able to be useful members of society. This is the most logical, because when the uninhabited planets and stars in our environment are colonized, most of the spirits that will reincarnate on those planets will come from the animal species of the earth, however, this will not change the evolutionary rhythm of these worlds, because due to the progress of science, ignorance and the violence that derives from it will have been banished forever.

According to the latest scientific discoveries, no material particle can exceed the speed of light, this means that spirits would have enormous difficulties to progress if they had to change planet to do so, because the distances between stars are enormous and are measured in years light. It is also not logical to affirm that spirits can move instantaneously, because they also have matter, although it is little and different from what we know, however, it is logical that they can move at the speed of light, because they are formed mainly of energy and energy normally travels at that speed. This on earth may seem like an instantaneous displacement, but in space it could take thousands of years just to reach the nearest inhabited planet. That means, that the only logical situation for a spirit to change planet is when its home planet begins to colonize the uninhabited worlds of its environment, then, all spirits that lived reincarnated into animals will be able to pass into human form once the colonies established in them have descendants. When that happens, it will most likely be that animals cease to exist, but not because the end of their species is caused, but because the spirits that inhabited them will be able to reincarnate into the human species, which is the true reason for evolution.

However, if there could be an exception to this rule that allows a spirit to leave a lower world to reincarnate in a higher one, that would be possible if it had previously left the upper planet to perform a messiah function on the lower planet, this could have happened with some philosophers of antiquity. In that case, this being would be in an extraterrestrial colony that came to earth to study its biology and would be based on one of the planets of the solar system close to earth. Another of the functions of this colony would be to provide moral guidance to the human being to help him in his evolution, therefore, it would not be ruled out that some of its members have been able to reincarnate on our planet to carry out a messianic work, however, once their work was finished, he would return to the planet from which he came where he would continue to live as one more member of that community.


For a philosopher, it is as if silence had sound, because it is at the precise moment of silence that the sound of meditation begins within his mind, because when the philosopher begins to meditate, all the secrets of the universe are opened before him and he can enjoy discovering everything that no man has seen before him. In reality, a philosopher is only a discoverer of what nature already had foreseen, because the technological or biological discoveries of humanity are only the consequence of applying the laws that nature created millions of years ago and that later evolved developing the first atoms and the laws of gravity. Therefore, the work of a philosopher or also of an inventor, consists of discovering that possible future and turning it into the present for the rest of their peers. I do not mean to say that everything is determined from the past, but what we now create is largely conditioned by those physical laws that have already existed for a long time. It is as if all the progress were part of a plan, in which we only need to deduce what we need to progress, we participate in that progress, but we only put the final part that it needs to be complete. A philosopher is a traveler of the mind and also a discoverer of the future, but when I say "philosopher" I do not mean those who qualify as such, because this ability to see between appearances is only available to those few who have intelligence. , intuition and the time necessary to be able to dedicate to it almost completely, because it is evident that the depth of a philosophical reflection is proportional to the degree of concentration that can be achieved. Furthermore, what is defined as intuition, surely derives from the knowledge possessed by the most evolved spirits and that gradually seeps down to our lower human mind. This means that only those philosophers who are at the same time advanced spirits can progress on these issues regardless of the time they can dedicate, therefore, an individual without talent will never be able to make a good book, or a good song, but he will be able to dedicate himself to tasks where talent is not important, as is the case of the misnamed “abstract art” because in that area, it is very easy to get mediocrity to be considered art. When a society has no direction, it does not understand that progress is derived from order, therefore, it calls the chaos and anarchy contained in those misnamed works of art art. The people should ask quié n le pu ede interest that promote work extolling the deformity and disorder, do you fear the order harm them? P ecause chaos and asymmetry represent evil and alienate people from the order, symmetry and light representing good. I do not mean to say that everything called abstract art is a fraud, but when people are not able to differentiate the true from the false, it shows that we live in an aimless society that calls art what is only degeneration. This is possible, because today's society is sustained by chaos, and those who have obtained benefits by promoting chaos, mediocrity and anarchy prefer to continue doing so, because if this system disappears their privileges will also disappear.

In reality, the progress of spirits is parallel to the progress of human science or biology, because, although it is true that in some things spirits have more knowledge than men, however, they evolve as they do as they reincarnate in genetically better bodies. Because inside every man there is a spirit that before having his body had to work to be able to have it, that means, that the knowledge that spirits have to create their bodies they learn as they go through life experiences, just like engineers do it in the development of machines. In this way, after the death of the body, the spirits apply the conclusions of everything learned during their life to improve their bodies and be able to benefit from those improvements when they are reincarnated again. It is true that the process of biological evolution is influenced by Darwin's theory, but it is also true that the spiritual world acts in the same proportion.

It is also true that at the moment of reincarnation, the knowledge that spirits have about the development of bodies is deactivated so as not to interfere with human life, but that momentary loss of knowledge is not very important, because if we have in It takes into account the long duration of the life of the universe, the time it takes man to complete his conclusion as a civilized being is comparatively very small and when that process is completed, human science will be able to equal or exceed the knowledge that we could harbor in the spirit. One could even say that evolution will be complete when the knowledge acquired by science equals or exceeds what we have in our spirit. Because man is nothing more than a project of nature, and in the process of evolution the gorilla only represents its crudest version. This means, that the spirits who more times have been reincarnated as human beings logic to are also the most advanced, as the man be more evolved biological nature.


What is time? In principle it could be defined in different ways. In the first place, it is the consequence of the movement of matter, but not just any form of movement but rather an organized movement that advances from an energetically high position to another energetically low position, but in this process the universe changes energy through evolution, instability for stability or heat from cold. It could then be said that progress from a certain point of view is the result of the cooling of the universe, because life present in matter uses the energy of the stars to generate progress and that progress is proportional to the cooling of the cosmos. What we call the past is not something that exists at this time, but only the memory of the position that matter previously occupied, for that reason, time travel is not possible directly, because for this it would be necessary to force all matter of the universe to go backwards and that is absurd, because time is not only movement, but above all change from a high energy level to a low one to occupy a more stable position but with a higher level of evolution. To return to the previous situation it would be necessary to gather all the lost energy again and put it in the place from which it came, but that can only be done by moving towards the future until all matter and energy are reunited. This means that the past no longer exists and that is why time travel is only possible indirectly, that is, assuming that we could go to planets that were at a level of evolution similar to that of our world in the past. However, this does not prevent that one day we can relive the events already experienced, but that would only be possible moving forward, until the universe restarts and events repeat themselves. But why is there time? The reason for time is the need for the universe to continuously regenerate, because it is through regeneration and perpetual change that the beings that populate the cosmos feel the happiness of living. It is through forgetting that you can start over and it is through that beginning that each feeling is more intense, because not only does the final result obtained when traveling a path matter, the emotion that is felt and the expectations that are formed are also important while walking the road, because what gives intensity to life is permanent change. That's why when we hear a song or watch a movie that we've seen before, we always like it better if we haven't seen it for a long time, because when we forget it we see it as if it were the first time and then it is more exciting. The beauty of life is finding something new every day, that is the usefulness of forgetting.

It is useful to remember, but only during the time for which that memory serves, because it is also useful to forget to be able to live the emotion of the new again, therefore, there must be a balance between both concepts. Reaching the goal is good, but when you stay for a long time at that goal apathy begins and only regeneration creates emotion again. The emotion arises from the new but when all the progress is completed and it is no longer possible to advance, then after a suitable period it becomes necessary to start the evolutionary process again. Because the time spent at the highest or adult level of evolution of an evolutionary process must be in proportion to the time spent reaching that goal. For this reason, the peak or goal period of an evolutionary cycle should not exceed five times the time spent reaching that goal, the same as the ratio of childhood to adulthood in a human lifetime. While the universe evolves the emotion of the new is created, then it goes through a long period in which the achievements are enjoyed, although there is still evolution on a small scale, but afterwards, the universe needs to die and start again, because There comes a time when nature is no longer capable of generating happiness except through regeneration. Therefore, it is necessary to die and reincarnate again, so that our spirit relives the emotion of the experiences already lived previously as if it were the first time they are experienced. This means that if the universe has needed 15,000 billion years of evolution to achieve the goal that is the creation of the human species, then the logical thing is that it lasts at least another 75,000 million years in which man can enjoy the achievements of its long period of evolution. In this way, those planets that manage to complete their technological development will be able to enjoy the fruit of their evolutionary effort until the universe ends its current cosmic cycle.

Before that happens, the stars like the sun will change until they first adopt the form of a red giant, there are those who think that when this happens the planets closest to the sun will be destroyed by the dilation of the star, but in my opinion, this It does not have to happen, taking into account that the greater the dilation, the lower its density, this means that even assuming that the outermost layer of the star could exceed the orbit of Mercury or Venus, its density would be so low that would probably not be enough to destroy these planets. It is also possible that the pressure of the solar wind generates a bubble formed by gases and particles very far from its surface, this bubble seen from afar could be confused with the surface of the star giving it an appearance apparently larger than the real one. After this expansive phase the sun will cool down to take the form of a white dwarf, that does not necessarily mean the end for civilization, because technology can always be used to extract the energy that remains from the sun by installing photovoltaic satellites in an orbit close to it and then send that energy to the planets using laser rays. With this system, it would go from a period of high amount of solar energy but low use in the past, to another period of low amount of energy but high use in the future. In this way, what apparently may seem like the end of a star through technology can be converted into a new period of life that is much longer, that is, the white dwarf phase could actually represent its adult stage and not its stage final as is thought now, but, if that were not possible, you can always migrate to other young stars that lack inhabited planets.


What is the will? In principle, we all consider it to be the ability to do what we want. But can we really do whatever we want to do? Obviously not, but not only because of the money or power we have, but because in the universe there are physical laws that determine that only fifty percent as a maximum of what we want to do is really possible. Because we can decide if we leave the house or stay in it, but we cannot decide if we are going to have dinner in another galaxy or not. A universe, like a human life, cannot evolve except through the existence of immovable laws, these laws are the true foundations of the cosmos and even the cosmos itself has to comply with them, because unlike human laws they do not arise from occasional decisions but from the universal truth itself, that truth cannot be ignored and as a consequence of it universal laws arise. In other words, before the laws that create the beings that live in the universe exist, there are the fundamental truths that condition these later laws. These laws arise from natural physics, but at the same time physical laws are derived from the ultimate reality of matter that cannot be modified and lasts forever, truth has no beginning or end because it cannot contradict itself. Because, just as the rails of a train do, these universal truths determine which are the margins through which we can move and which things are possible to do and which are not. It is precisely the existence of constant laws that makes it possible to pass to another phase of evolution, they are like the foundations of the universe. Universal laws are also divided like many other things into two polarities, so that the crystalline and cold polarity determines which things must follow a rigid and immovable path and the solar and warm polarity determines which things can be variable at will. These two dimensions that govern the will are also divided into the vertical and horizontal planes as happens with many other things, so that the horizontal dimension would represent that which is variable at will and the vertical dimension would represent that which is fixed and immovable because it is connected with divine values. This means that even if a single being was responsible for organizing the physical evolution of the universe, however, he could not do everything he wanted, but only a part of it, because in the end his will, just like ours, would be conditioned by the fundamental universal laws that are derived from the immutable and eternal reality that is common to all beings but that also arises from them. The existence of those fundamental truths that are eternal and constant determines that it is only possible to create differences in the part that nature yields to the will of the beings that organize the cosmos, but not in what refers to the immutable part.

It is possible that the universe is coordinated by a multitude of planetary beings, these beings would control the planets but they would also be the planets, but it is also possible that there is a single being in charge of coordinating the entire material universe, that is, the universe that includes atoms, planets and stars but not the individual spirits that reincarnate as plants, animals, or people. This coordinating being would not be God, because God can only be considered that which is common to all. It could be said that God is made up of two parts, one is the set of laws that govern the universe and that emanate in turn from the eternal and immutable truths, and on the other hand God is the sum of all the beings that populate the universe and They come from a single being and a single particle that split when the universe began. This means that we all have the same qualities and the same eternal life in our essential soul and consequently we can all be creators, that is why, when we meditate or design something new at that moment we become the hand of God because we collaborate in the progress of nature.

On the other hand, being the coordinator of the universe would have a separate existence from the rest, as happens with all individual beings, and although in this case it performs a special function, it does not prevent it from being subject like the others to universal laws and to the rotation of positions. It must be borne in mind that we live in a cyclical universe in which everything is eternal, everything is renewed and everything is replaced, this means that all beings with time will go through all situations because no being is superior to another in its spiritual essence. In reality, all beings or rather life present in those beings has always existed, since the universe, like matter, is not created or destroyed, it is only transformed, that is why God cannot be something individual but only that that is common to all.

In reality, the concept of creation as such is something that is outside of time and is constant indefinitely, because time only determines the changes that eternal matter experiences and the creation of the forms that it makes in a cyclical and repetitive way until the moment comes when the same time begins again. Because in reality the forms do die, but not the life present in them, which is eternal, therefore, the concept of creation belongs to a different plane of time. It makes no sense to seek the beginning of the universe t i empo, because this has to be restarted every time a cosmic cycle ends because it is part of a wheel that is repeated indefinitely. Instead, the concept of creation is in a different dimension, the tempo in the horizontal and the creation in the vertical.

The universe begins and ends and repeats itself indefinitely because the same time begins again, but there is no time when nothing has existed as the supposed starting point of the universe, because matter and vacuum have always existed at the same time already that one cannot exist without the other. Therefore, to find the true beginning of the universe, it is necessary to look for it not in time but in logic and it could be defined as a constant value by which existence and nonexistence are two aspects of the same thing and the origin of all binary polarities that exist in the cosmos. This means that it is not possible that there has never been a moment in which only nothing has existed, before the universe was created, because nothing cannot exist by itself , but only as the reflection of something, therefore, matter as a representation of existence or something, and emptiness as a representation of nothing have always existed, because the existence of one of them separately does not make sense from a logical point of view since they are the same thing but seen from different approaches and need each other to justify their existence by comparison. Matter cannot arise from nothing, because just as a zero plus another zero is equal to zero, in the same way from nothing or emptiness or matter cannot arise, but nothing cannot exist by itself, because it needs of matter as an expression of existence to be compared with it, this means that both have to always exist, because they are two different versions of the same thing that exist outside of time.

This coordinating being that would govern and would be the material universe could not communicate directly with people either, because its scope of action would only be the world of atomic and mineral matter. This being would not be the creator of the universe either, but only its organizer, because all beings in their spiritual essence have eternal life just like him and rotate in all functions. This being or planetary beings would not only rule the planets but they themselves would be the planets, because these would be at the same time their spirit and their body. For this reason, it is more likely that the entire material universe belongs to and is governed by a single being, because in the event of a collision between two worlds these could be divided into multiple pieces that in case of corresponding to different beings would be difficult to control. If everything in the material universe belongs to a single being, all the processes of collisions or mergers of matter would occur and would be controlled within the same being. In each new cosmic cycle this coordination function of the planets would pass to other beings in a rotating way, therefore, the concept of God can only be applied to that which is common to all.

This being the coordinator of matter would not be superior to us either, because his knowledge would only cover atomic matter with all its reactions, but from an evolutionary point of view, plants or animals would be on a scale greater than his. It must be borne in mind that when I refer to plants or animals I am not referring only to their material bodies but also to their immortal spirits that, like this planetary being, have eternal life and great structural complexity within. It should be borne in mind that the evolutionary level of human civilization is only in its beginnings, but the evolutionary level of the human body or the spirit that built it is as high as that of atomic matter. Because a human being is not just a sum of material particles since inside they have a spirit that at the beginning of creation was the same as the being or beings that organize the planets, but over time it became superior to them, because at progressing first in the vegetable field, then in the animal and then in the human, acquired a higher level, because reaching the human form this is the reason for all evolution. It is true that at this time human civilization is primitive, this is because it is part of a plane of existence that has not yet finished its cycle of evolution, but instead, the spirit that is inside has superior knowledge that he used to build his body and reincarnate himself in it. When we live as men, we cannot remember those spiritual knowledge so that the two planes of existence do not interfere. This means that when the level of science reaches that of the body or the spirit, then the whole being will be at the same evolutionary level in body, soul and spirit. For this reason, we must not confuse the evolutionary level of human civilization with that of our spirit, because they are different planes and only when we detach ourselves from our human personality after the death of the body can we remember all the knowledge that we have stored in the spirit and become aware of our immortal nature.

This coordinating being could not cause what is commonly called, "divine punishment", because it does not make sense that in the universe there is a being dedicated to watching what each person does to, according to his own criteria, punish or reward him, The true meaning of this concept is that when we act ignoring or disregarding the laws of nature, in the end we harm ourselves, but not because there is a higher being in charge of doing it or because nature follows its course whether we we take it into account as if not.

An example of this we have in natural disasters, because people blame God for the victims of earthquakes, but they do not make any self-criticism regarding the fact that time after time they continue to build buildings of unsuitable materials resist earthquakes without thinking about the consequences, as if that earthquake was the last. Nor can it be said that it is an economic question, because canvas tents or wooden huts resist earthquakes and brick buildings do not, this shows that the main problem is the lack of will to change the construction systems to make buildings provided with flexible anchors.

On other occasions, floods destroy the houses located on the banks of the rivers and again we blame God for that calamity, but we do not take into account that if the water has destroyed our house it is because we have stolen the river or its channel natural. Another stupid act is to build wooden houses in hurricane areas, because many people act this way not for lack of money, but because if they are made of wood they can build them larger than if they are of concrete, in this case it is not the lack of money which leads to disaster but their own vanity. In those areas, the ideal would be to build the houses in the shape of an egg so that the air could flow through in an aerodynamic way, in this case the lack of imagination of the engineers together with a too rigid taste on the part of the citizens is disastrous.

Another example is the mass deaths caused by viral epidemics, because people often have more children than they can support and when the relationship between food resources collides with the number of inhabitants, mass deaths occur, this It does not happen because viruses are evil and have proposed to attack the population on a whim, but because when you have children but no food to feed them, your immune system weakens, this means that when people are well fed it is more difficult that viruses harm them than when they do not. It could be said then, that in this case the viruses are limited to correcting the excess population. In this as in the other examples it is our own misdirected will that causes us problems. It is like blaming God because it is day when we are interested in it being night, it is an act of arrogance to pretend that nature does what we are interested in when we know that we can live better if we do not ignore its existence.

These laws of nature have not been generated either by this being or beings that govern the planets, because in the universe, we are all creators and we all have eternal life and we all participate in the creation of these universal laws at any given time, although after reincarnating we do not we can remember it. For this reason, God can only be that which is common to all, because that function that they perform one day will also be our turn to perform when it corresponds to us by rotation, because all beings in the universe are equal in their spiritual essence.

It is possible that each planet or each star is actually an individual being, but I consider it more likely that the entire material universe forms a single being, that is, the universe formed by planets and stars but not including the millions of individual spirits that populate it and that are reincarnated as people or animals. Because what differentiates the different beings is that each one of them forms a different entity without direct connection to each other, when I say without direct connection I mean that the particles of their spirits are not connected materially and continuously with other beings but only with those that belong to the same being, that is why they are different beings. With this system, each being can exist in a different way and live different experiences. This means that communication within the same being is made by direct contact between its particles that form a continuous material connection, but communication between different beings can be done by electromagnetic waves or by another discontinuous method, because there is space between the particles of different beings it is necessary to use a gravitational, magnetic or electromagnetic method to communicate them.

To achieve this communication between the different individual beings, the particles of this intermediate being that coordinates universal matter would be used, in this way, the particles of each being can remain in a passive state within their spirits, which allows them to dedicate themselves completely to a Defined task rather than controlling the multiple particles that make up your spirit. This is very useful after reincarnation, so first the soul would communicate with the spirit and then the spirit would communicate with the rest of the spirits. This means that the only particles that are part of each individual spirit are those that correspond to the soul and would remain in a passive attitude dedicating themselves to feeling except when decisions had to be made, at that time they would have a more active attitude. On the other hand, the particles of the spirit, although they would accompany the soul in its different reincarnations, would nevertheless belong to the planetary being. The soul and the spirit would form a single unit as if they were the same thing throughout the cosmic cycle, although part of its particles belong to different beings, as it happens with our body, the difference is that the spirit continues with the soul indefinitely and continuously change the body separates from the spirit in each new reincarnation. The soul uses the matter of the planetary being to form the spirit and the body because individual spirits need to dedicate themselves to a single definite thing that could also be considered to belong to the vertical plane, while the planetary being or beings that control matter must dedicate themselves to Millions of functions at the same time which corresponds to the horizontal dimension. The fact of acting with this dispersion of functions would determine that this being could not dedicate itself to a single differentiated and exclusive task as people do, but it could control and be aware of all the atomic processes in the universe. When the soul uses matter to form its body and part of the spirit, it can better focus on a single task, because although people do not understand it, all the matter in our body or in the universe is alive and needs to be controlled and organized, and yes We do not know it is because another being takes care of that function.

Each being in its spiritual form is separated from the others by the void, because if all beings were directly connected they would no longer be different beings but different particles of a single being and this would prevent them from having individual experiences. For this reason, it seems to me more likely that the entire universe, except for individual spirits, is part of a single being, because if all the matter on each planet belonged to a different soul, it would be a problem if it disintegrates as a result of a collision with another space object. In smaller pieces that go in different directions, this would be an inconvenience for their coordination as they belong to the same being. The problem that the destruction of a world that is divided into a thousand pieces would imply is not that the being that governed them lost its world, but that all those pieces would be its body, because the fact that a planet disintegrates does not imply its death as being alive, but only the end of its form as a planet, because unlike a man all the matter of a planet belongs to a single being and instead a human body is made up of a spirit that is an individual being and the body in the one that is reincarnated that belongs to the being that administers the terrestrial matter. On the other hand, if all the matter of the cosmos belongs to the same coordinating being, then all the processes of collision, separation, or fusion of planets, stars or galaxies would be routine processes that would occur within the same being, which would make their control easier. It could be said that time is a succession of changes of forms that are born and die as forms in a harmonious process of evolution, but instead the life that is present in the matter with which those forms are built is eternal and neutral to the Time, therefore, the changes of matter do not annul the existence of eternal life present in its particles, nor do they annul the existence of the soul that is found within our own spirit.

Even if a single being had to take care of organizing the material universe in each new cosmic cycle, however, this would not be a disadvantage for him, because in the next cosmic cycle another being would have to take care of that function, because size does not It is in contradiction with the importance and in reality all beings have eternal life and they all came out of the same particle when the universe began, and it was later when the functions to be carried out by each one in a rotating way were decided, in the universe everything is recycled and what is now above will be below, because in the universe all beings are equal, all beings are eternal and all beings are creators, the difference is that the task and the degree of responsibility change at every moment. When I say "beings" I do not mean the human body, because the body is made up of matter that belongs to the earth, I mean the eternal spirit that we all carry inside and that is the only thing that is truly ours. So when two people communicate, they are actually doing so on behalf of the spirit they carry within.

At the beginning of the cosmos there was only one particle, then that particle divided and created the universe, but the entire universe remained coordinated because all the particles were directly connected as they were part of a single being. Later, many particles separated from the original being and formed the individual spirits, these spirits also had different particles, but they were directly connected with each other and not with the other spirits or the organizing being of the cosmos, because when the particles are definitively separated individual beings are created, this is useful to create different consciousness and experiences.

The fact that all the particles of each being are directly connected makes it appear that there are two universes. One would be the real universe formed by particles connected directly to each other by material filaments and another would be the universe that we know formed apparently by particles surrounded on all sides by vacuum. This is so, because in reality, all the particles that belong to a single being would be directly and continuously connected even if it does not seem like it. In this way, the first universe supports the second. This is possible, because the universe would use two dimensions that would intermittently interchange at the speed of light, alternately becoming material and immaterial so as not to collide with each other.

All the beings that make up the universe have eternal life and are equal in their essential soul, therefore, they must take turns in the universal functions since this is a cyclical universe in which everything is renewed and everything is recycled. All these beings arose from a first particle that divided into multiple particles, some joined and others separated to create different beings, but that does not mean that those particles that were derived from the first begin to exist at that moment, because the only thing that begins it is their existence differentiated from the other, but they share the same qualities, the same importance and the same eternal life. But the question is, if all beings in the universe have to submit to universal laws, then what space is left for the will of this being that is and controls the universe formed by the stars and planets? In my opinion, its will would be expressed in the way of organizing the progress of the cosmos, that is to say that from the very moment of the beginning of the current cosmic cycle the will of this being would be dedicated to designing atoms, stars and planets to create an ideal world for beings that would reincarnate in human form, because this is the reason for all evolution. But then what reason would this being have to create a universe made up of millions of planets so that spirits could live in them after reincarnating? The answer is simple, because this function would be rotating, this means that in the next cosmic cycle another being would take care of that function and thus he could reincarnate and live on the planets as we do now. Because in reality the universe is a great stage, and it is populated by billions of beings so that the effort of those few who are dedicated to making it work is more profitable. By constantly and automatically establishing all the physical processes of the cosmos, the intellectual capacity of this coordinating being could be dedicated exclusively to the analysis and development of all new processes that were not yet subject to universal laws, because unlike people, this being could be conscious and control millions of functions at the same time, although most of them follow a previously established process. This being would not only be the coordinator of the universe, but the universe would actually be its body, because while spirits would reincarnate into bodies of matter belonging to the earth, on the other hand, for this being all universal matter would be its own spirit, but it would also be his body. It can be said then that the universe is a condensed spirit that feels and thinks the same as us, although it would act only in the mineral world and its time would be dedicated to the general affairs of the cosmos, therefore, it would never communicate directly with people, but only indirectly through our contact with nature. This is so, because in reality this being would use its own language different from the human one and would not be able to understand people because the human world corresponds to a dimension higher than its own, since its function would be limited to the mineral world. This dimension, although enormous and complex, is nevertheless evolutionarily inferior to the human one, because in evolution, we first go through the mineral world, then through the vegetable world, then through the animal and finally through the human, where we remain until the end of the cosmic cycle. All this process of evolution we have done ourselves during millions of years of work, beginning with the design of our spirit and ending with the design of our body, because in reality we all have eternal life and we are all part of God. This means that this being that forms the material universe, even though it is enormous compared to the size of our spirit, is nevertheless evolutionarily inferior to us, because it is located in the mineral plane, which is the first through which we must pass in the complex path of evolution.

This being would begin its work by creating the first particles and would end by creating the galaxies, but it would not create the individual spirits or the bodies in which they would reincarnate, even though the matter of those bodies did belong to it. Once each thing was finished, it would simply continue its operation automatically without it being necessary to dedicate itself directly to deciding the reaction or movement of each particle, even if it is aware of it, because we must not forget that everything in the universe has life, even the smallest particle little. What we call organic life is the consequence of the reincarnation of an individual spirit in a material body, but the matter of that body also has its own mineral life and belongs to that being we call the universe. When I refer to creating, I really mean transform, because in the universe nothing is created or destroyed in an absolute way, but only transformed, therefore, the development of the first particles and then of the planets and galaxies was the consequence of the division of a first particle, that although it was not formed by other particles, it was divisible. This was done by converting a circle into an eight to form two particles. Later, this system evolved until reaching cell excision. This is possible because the only principle there were two realities, one is represented by matter (Existence) and the other is represented by empty (None) but are actually two parts of the same thing and may not be the one without the other. Once the current cosmic cycle ends, all beings will come together to form a single particle again and the process of cosmic creation will begin again, but, this time, another being will take care of organizing the material universe, thus allowing the Being who did this task the last time can also reincarnate in human form, because this is the most evolved form of the cosmos and therefore the ideal way to live.

When the universe finishes its current cosmic cycle, all the particles will come together to form a single particle, even the photons from space will return in a circular path. This final particle cannot disappear, because as I have explained previously, the vacuum cannot exist without matter or matter without a vacuum since they are two versions of the same thing, therefore, its existence is outside the process of change to which we call time. From that moment on, this first particle will divide again and a new cosmic cycle will begin and then time will begin again, but, this time, all beings will live a different life than the one they lived in the previous cosmic cycle, and This will be repeated over and over again until all beings live all the lives and all the possible events and when that happens time will start again definitively and then we will live the life we have at this moment. The duration of a cosmic cycle may seem like a long time to us, but keep in mind that for eternity any amount of time means nothing.



What is the difference between good and evil or justice and injustice? In principle, to be happy it is necessary that our moral attitude includes justice as the main behavior, because in a world in which social relationships are essential to be successful, being fair is always or almost always fundamental. In other words, although on exceptional occasions we may consider it appropriate not to be fair, however, justice must be the axis of our habitual conduct. This means that being fair or unfair could be part of a variable scale that we could place in a hypothetical horizontal plane in which justice would be located on the right and would be represented by the color blue and injustice would be located on the left and would be represented because of the red color. This dimension would represent the things that are logical and therefore it is good to do but only in the correct measure, therefore, with regard to the relationship between this plane and man, the correct thing is that justice represents the main behavior and injustice only the exception. Justice could also be represented located at the stable base of a pyramid for what provides us with security, and injustice would be the unstable peak from which it is easy to fall, therefore, it should be frequented less, but assuming that they are considered acceptable exceptions to justice.

This means that only those exceptions to justice that are within the law, such as salary differences, would be acceptable, but it would not include the commission of crimes or something similar. The possibility of considering unfair behavior as logical on exceptional occasions is raised only for those who consider this theory to be correct, but, in my opinion, it is better to defend justice always and without exceptions. Let's not forget that in today's world most people are sometimes unfair even though they don't want to recognize it and therefore, this scale of potentials would be applicable to them, this is what could be defined as police justice, that is, they would normally be fair, but as a consequence of the action in self-defense of individuals or that derived from the police. Some may think that it only makes sense to defend justice when exceptions are admitted, because it is the only way in which there is no comparative discrimination with respect to those who do not accept it, since in this case the benefit is immediate unlike those who expect that compensation for their actions in the future through the cyclical nature. In other words, the fact of being fair does not entail any disadvantage in terms of obtaining benefits in the present compared to those who are not, because in this case, justice is done to avoid conflicts with the law, but also They accept exceptions in those situations that are not in contradiction with it.

But, there are also those who defend total justice and without exceptions based on the concept of Karma, that is, in believing that we live in a cyclical universe in which everything is renewed and everything is repeated and consequently all beings will one day arrive at Living in all situations, in that case, being unfair sometimes would not make sense because over time you would suffer the consequences of your own actions. But, there is also a third option that says that although the concept of karma is true, still being unfair would sometimes make sense, considering that the hypothesis of karma is too distant and abstract to be the only thing that should influence our behavior moral. This would be based on believing that present material reality could favor those who agree to be unfair at times beyond the compensation that karma can provide. But, those who defend justice without exceptions could argue that those who accept the exceptions of justice also risk suffering the consequences of self-defense derived from their actions, which together with karma would balance the balance. This is a controversial issue that only the science of the future will be able to solve. For this reason, when in doubt, I consider it better to defend total justice and without exceptions.

Until now, I have referred to how the relationship between justice and injustice is regulated and my conclusion is that in order to live with the rest of our fellow men it is necessary to defend fair conduct as the main moral norm regardless of whether they are admitted or not the exceptions. It is also important to note that the relationship between these two potentials would be made in the horizontal plane, which is what regulates what would make sense and therefore it would be good to do, but only to the extent that we could consider logical. But we must not forget that only what makes sense should be done in an exceptional way, but everything that is absurd must always be rejected.


It is evident that in order to be happy it is necessary to be clear that justice must be the axis of our moral behavior, whether or not exceptions to this rule are accepted. This means that if exceptions are accepted, they must always be secondary, therefore, when someone considers changing the situation and turning injustice into the axis of their behavior, there is an inversion of polarities that gives rise to evil, that is, Evil does not only represent a magnitude of the unjust behavior of the horizontal dimension, but it is a different state, whereby injustice becomes the axis of behavior, which leads to an inversion of polarities that causes the suffering of those who he does so, because he becomes antisocial. In a hypothetical cross of dimensions the evil is located below and represented by the color black the good would be located above and represented by the color white. In this case the black color represents the error and as the error causes suffering, the logical thing is to always reject everything that is wrong. The white color at the top represents what should be done because it makes sense. But, let's not forget, that all colors are benign in their essence and the association between black and evil is valid in this situation, but not in all. In other words, those who accept having injustice as their main behavior enter the red dimension, on the left side, which represents instability and chaos and therefore they are directed to collide directly with their fellow men, this behavior is a serious problem error and that is why an inversion of polarities takes place that translates whoever does it to the lower triangle of the square of dimensions to become part of the dimension of evil that is the one that contains everything that should not be done because it is wrong not even as an exception.

For this reason, those who say that evil is acceptable only because it is the opposite of good are wrong, in the same way that the positive pole is the negative pole, because when we speak of good and evil, all those things that in the universe have polarity and are benign are located in the horizontal plane of the cross of dimensions that is the one that represents the things that make sense, but instead the evil is located in the lower part of the cross, which is where the backwardness and ignorance from which evil stems. That is, the fact that one thing is opposed to another does not mean that it makes sense, because the magnetic poles or the sexes are both benign, but evil is not, because it represents that which is always rejected because it is wrong. In other words, the positive pole is opposite to the negative pole, but both are benign and therefore friends, on the other hand, good is opposite to evil, but it is also its enemy, as it is derived from error, that is why it is It is always necessary to reject it as it is detrimental to the progress of humanity. In fact, the cross dividing the vertical dimension of the horizontal is repeated twice so that the red, blue or green can be given in both the horizontal and vertical, but when it comes to explaining good and badly these colors are only in the horizontal plane and the vertical plane is occupied by the colors black below and white above. This case is different, that serves to represent the progress from the delay, the err or ignorance and represented by black color, to progress, and good light, r epresentados by white color. This means that when we talk about good and evil, everything that is good is found in the horizontal plane of dimensions, regardless of whether they are later divided into opposite poles located to the right and left, but in this case the dimension vertical would be occupied by evil below representing backwardness and ignorance and above would be good representing everything that being logical is good to do.

Similarly, the color red represents energy that is benign, but it can also represent risk and accident that is undesirable, in this case, it can also be used to represent injustice that becomes evil when it becomes the main characteristic of the behavior. It could be said then that when a person acts with balance and decency, the colors that represent their personality are white or blue, which symbolize justice and spirituality, although it can also have other colors in a more exceptional way, but when a person converts the Injustice in his reason for being his personality is represented by the color red that represents materialism, instability and the risk of accident. Materialism and the color red are also frequent in communism and extremist capitalism, which shows that they are not as different as they want us to believe, because deep down, both have the same desire for excessive power. But, as I have already said, the color red is benign in its essence, what is wrong is to make it the only thing that represents us. The truth is that most extremist movements tend to use political arguments as an excuse to do evil, which is what they really seek, therefore, you have to try to find the balance in everything. Although it is also true that when a situation deviates in an extreme way, it is necessary to use an equal and opposite force to rebalance it, but only in the amount necessary to regain balance.

When the person adopts injustice as the main behavior, he begins to suffer the consequences of his mistake, then the color that represents him becomes black, because red only represents risk, but when it dominates the human mind it creates an imbalance that causes it the suffering represented by the color black. As I have already said, both the color black and the color red are fundamentally benign, because most of the things that represent them are, however, the fact that these colors can represent injustice or evil explains why it is represented to evil beings or demons with those colors, because, although people do not understand the reason, they instinctively see materialistic people as if they were surrounded by a red aura and evil people surrounded by a black one. For this reason, those who dress only in black or get their skin dirty with tattoos are claiming evil, which I think is naive behavior. When a person is in balance, the colors that his aura transmits are mainly blue or white, although it can vary from the other colors except black depending on the circumstances, but those that are dominated by materialism or evil they are always surrounded by the color red or black. It must also be said that the aura I am referring to is not necessarily a physical energy, but a psychological sensation that occurs when we deal with people with that behavior.

Although demons are only symbolic characters, however, they become real when someone is dominated by evil, but, that situation can be reversed when the degenerate person understands his mistake and returns to good. The color red represents energy that is good, but if that energy is used in the wrong way accidents can arise that cause suffering and consequently cause evil. The color black represents darkness, and from darkness ignorance can arise, but if due to ignorance error arises, then suffering appears which also represents evil.

For this reason, those who say that the society of the future cannot live without evil are wrong, because if we consider that this occurs when someone degenerates in their behavior as a result of error, then it makes no sense to think that in an evolved world in the that vanity and despotism have been eradicated may continue to exist. Because in reality evil is the consequence of an imbalance of moral conduct caused by ignorance, but when progress ends, the world will be cultured and consequently perfect. Because culture is like a light that dispels darkness and where there is no ignorance there is no room for error from which evil derives.

Nor does it make sense to say that evil is necessary as a means of comparison with good, because when evil appears it is because we have made a mistake in our moral behavior and therefore it is enough to remember the consequences of going in that direction so as not to do it again. . For this reason, in the schools of the future, moral teaching will be fundamental in the educational process, to prevent the mistakes of the past from being repeated.

This means that in the universe there are many things with opposite polarities, but for the most part they are benign and necessary because they make sense, but when we refer to good and evil it is different, because although they are opposite, it does not mean that they are also necessary or benign, because in this case evil only represents that which, because it is wrong, is rejected, therefore good represents that which, because it makes sense, is acceptable.

The explanation of all this is that in reality the universe does not need evil, which is only a source of suffering, but instead it does need to return to the beginning and ignorance to be able to recycle itself, but, it is from that ignorance that the evil, therefore, evil is not necessary, but the ignorance from which it is derived. In other words, evil is then an accidental derivative of the need that the universe has to return to ignorance in order to recycle itself. Because the universe needs to forget to be able to start again and it is that forgetting that makes ignorance possible, but ignorance in itself is not bad, because when we forget we can get excited again with the new, however, remembering is also useful for to be able to ascend in an evolutionary process, therefore, the key is to find the balance between both situations. Therefore, it is not ignorance in itself that generates evil, but the fact of making mistakes in our path and choosing those options that make us suffer, but if this happens, we can always learn and not do what is happening again wrong.

It can be assumed, then, that the confusion of those who think that evil is necessary occurs because they confuse evil with injustice, because while injustice is in the horizontal plane of the cross of dimensions that represents what it can have In this sense, on the other hand, evil is found in the lower part where there is that which is always rejected. Therefore, confusion occurs when not understanding that injustice can make sense in an exceptional way, but those who consider injustice as the norm of their main behavior make a mistake that causes an inversion of polarities that moves them out of the plane horizontal where the acceptable things are and sends them to the lower side of the cross of dimensions where the evil and the rest of the things that are wrong are found. This dimensional cross can also be considered as an X, because in reality it is a square that contains an X inside and in turn each of its four sides can be divided by a cross that divides the square into two lines, one vertical and one another horizontal thus creating eight divisions two for each color. It must also be said that although when viewed from the front in the square of dimensions the red side is on our left, in reality that color represents the right, what happens is that when facing us it is shown the other way around.

Surely, most readers will not be able to understand what is written here, that is the consequence of living in a world in which only material things are valued while despising spiritual things, but I believe that in the future, the world will understand their mistake and you will realize that happiness can only be achieved when the two dimensions are given equal value.


Throughout history there have been many people endowed with great inspiration such as Zoroaster, Enoch, Buddha or Jesus. These men were virtuous in their effort to understand the world and share their ideas with others. But there was no shortage of organizations interested in making their popularity financially profitable, as is the case of the Catholic Church. So from a humble man named Jesus they fabricated a mass myth. First they began by comparing him to a king, with the lie of the supposed visit of the wise men from the East later converted into kings, or the children's story of the star of Bethlehem, which was possibly a comet that happened on the dates of his supposed birth. , but used timely. It is evident that they forget the phrase of Jesus "my kingdom is not of this world", Jesus was looking for a spiritual kingdom, but the church showed him as a material king, in order to impress the masses. When Jesus pronounced that phrase, he meant that his interest was in the moral progress of society and not in trying to conquer territories with an army. Then they invented the supposed massacre of children caused by King Herod, which is a totally false story that does not appear in any historical document and that was surely copied from the life of Krishna, a mythological character from India who served his interest in a timely manner for divinizing him. Even his birthplace is controversial, since there are those who think that Jesus was also a Nazarite, or was shown that way, because Nazarites grew their hair long as a way to symbolize their religious dedication. Perhaps to the church that did not seem very appropriate and that is why they said that Jesus was not a Nazarite but born in Nazareth.

It can be assumed then that although Jesus was real, however many of the facts attributed to him were not true, which was done as a means to turn him into a divine myth. In this way, the church tried to make the citizens become automatons at its service without the right to question anything, because first they tried to equate Jesus with God which was a huge deception and nonsense, then they proclaimed themselves representatives of Jesus and therefore both representatives of God. This was an act of supreme frivolity, because by proposing themselves as God's representative they tried to equate themselves with him, and with that excuse they tried to force humanity to renounce their freedom of thought to conform to their wishes. That there can be more just or democratic than the right to have an opinion on everything even on religious facts. But the church, like any destructive sect, does not accept any questioning of its ideological postulates and therefore tries to get people to accept its theories without proof, even killing those who deny it. This strategy is something different today, since by not being able to intervene as much as they did before in political affairs, what they do is pretend a false victimhood, to pretend that others are the evil ones. Another nonsense was to attribute a supposed virginity to the mother of Jesus, but what is dishonorable about a child being conceived naturally? It is evident that they only sought to impress the masses with their lies, but, because of them, they caused thousands of people to seclude themselves in monasteries and think that motherhood or fatherhood was in contradiction with Christian ideas.

With the mother of Jesus, the church carried out another case of supplanting the ancient myths, since it promoted their worship in the same way that the Greeks had previously done with female characters such as the goddesses Hera or Athena, in this way, it was removing a form of polytheism to create a new one, by turning the virgins and saints into the new gods. In reality, the worship of these male or female characters is the vulgar way that the masses use to represent the male or female values that are present in all elements of the universe including the magnetic fields or the sexes. But, although these values are important in nature, it is not a reason to create stone idols in human form to represent them, much less to worship them. The church tried to turn Jesus' mother into a goddess, but what would society say if Jesus was shown to be an Essene? They would then have to take away the queen's crown to give it to the founder of this congregation founded in the second century BC.

When the church equates the mother of Jesus with a goddess, at the same time it is equating her with the feminine side of nature, but by doing so it follows that it equates God with the masculine side and Jesus with the fruit of nature union of both polar symbols, this, from a metaphysical point of view is completely absurd, since God can never be a part, but that which is neutral and common to everything, it is also completely absurd to equate the polar values of the cosmos with people, because these values are not individual beings, but qualities present in all things. He still commits a greater outrage when he says that the mother of Jesus is at the same time the mother of God, but how can God have a mother, if according to his own arguments God is the creator of the entire universe?

When the Catholic Church was created it did not have a structure on which to support itself, on the other hand, other religious organizations had existed for thousands of years, so it dedicated itself to copying all its methods and rituals and once it succeeded, it tried to destroy them to hide the fact. This has caused Christianity to become a sum of dogmatic incongruities that have been the main cause of the serious division between science and religion.

Another story were the supposed miracles such as the resurrection of Lazarus, which could be partly true, since in the past it was very common for a coma to be confused with death. Or the case of miraculous fishing, which could have different causes but later attributed to a supposed miracle, because in those times it was difficult to know with certainty which day will be fished more and which day. It seems that the same was done with Jesus as is usually done with kings, because when they make a mistake it is considered the fault of others, and when they have a success it is published as a spectacular miracle. Sometimes, evidence is sought to prove lies, because when a scientist or a philosopher is elevated to the category of "God", then it is preferred to believe the lie if this avoids questioning the character that is worshiped, because they are used as evidence what are only circumstantial facts.

In reality, a being evolved in body and spirit is not capable of performing miracles if by such a thing it is meant to do something against natural laws, but they can have highly developed those qualities that derive from their intelligence or spiritual progress. One of those qualities is the ability to understand a person's way of being just by looking at their face or seeing a photo, you can even get to know what they are thinking but not because you can hear the thoughts but because when you understand Well the human personality is possible to know what happens inside only observing the external behaviors. Another quality is to instinctively understand the best way to combat diseases in everything that refers to their relationship with our own life habits. You can also understand with some ease the best solution for many technical problems that can be encountered during life. Another quality that an evolved being can have is the ability to guess the future, but not understanding this as being able to guess anything, because it is the ability to deduce that we all have but developed to its fullest expression. The great philosophers can also understand the metaphysical meaning that is behind the external image of each thing, this helps them to differentiate the truth from appearances. In reality, all people have these qualities, although some more than others, but it is evident that they have nothing to do with the fantasies that were told about Jesus in the Bible.

For a philosopher, defending justice is not only an option but a necessity, because by dedicating his mind to obtaining happiness only with the fruits of science, the soul acquires the peace of conscience necessary to be able to concentrate by not having to worry about the consequences of his actions, in this way, increases his concentration and with it his mental power. Being fair also serves to discover demons, that is, those who pretend to be fair and are not.

There are those who affirm that Jesus was senio, if this is true, perhaps he joined this congregation because he thought that there he would have the necessary tranquility to deepen the study of metaphysics. But the fact that he joined that congregation and believed in some of its ideas does not mean that he had to give up his freedom of thought, because it is precisely this freedom that makes religions progress. If this were true, perhaps he lived for a time in the monastery that they had in the Qumran desert, hence the quote in the New Testament could have arisen that Jesus was tempted in the desert by the devil, perhaps when he commented this he was referring to the doubts that occupied his mind during his stay there. It is also possible that John the autistic B belonged to this congregation, the Essenes understood the cleansing of the body as something that should be followed by spiritual cleansing, therefore, in their monastery they had a specific place for baths. It is said that the Essenes also studied medicine among other activities, perhaps this is where the myth arose that Jesus could cure all ills. Later, most of this congregation ended up disappearing because of the persecutions of the Romans. Jesus was interested in a spiritual realm and not in a material realm as the church wants us to believe, so we must take into account his ideas and not the false miracles and stories for children invented to confuse our reasoning.

With the invention of a false date for the birth of Jesus, the church completed its conspiracy against freedom of thought, because it placed that date in the winter solstice festivals that had been celebrated since ancient times to celebrate the new year, eventually people ended up believing that these holidays had always been Christian. Thus it was possible to turn the life of Jesus into a fiction quite remote from the real events. Today, the church uses the name of Jesus to go against his purpose, which was to promote freedom and good. Similarly some destructive cults and NGOs use compassion only to gain power and wealth. It is true that it was the apostles who began to turn this humble prophet into a myth, but they did it to prevent his message from being lost and not out of simple greed as the church does. Unfortunately, today there is a great division between religion and science precisely because of the lack of will that society has to clarify all these truths, because science does not have to be in contradiction with religion if it arises without pre-established dogmas.

The Catholic Church committed the crime of turning a man into a god in order to present itself as his representative and thus deny men the right to think freely. Now we have the duty to return to Jesus the right to be a man with his virtues and his defects and thereby return to humanity the sacred right to think freely, without those henchmen of Satan telling us what to do.

Throughout history, there has been a paradox in religions, because on the one hand their philosophical content has generally been beneficial, because it collects the positive feelings of humanity and also provides a metaphysical explanation of the universe, but without However, this contrasts with the evil attitude that has often occurred in religious organizations that manage these teachings, the explanation is simple and it is that those who lead these organizations have used them as a horse of Troy to do evil. , because they have used the good contained in the moral teachings of these religions only to cover up their own evil, therefore, it is essential that humanity understand the importance of moral teaching, but away from those organizations that only try to hijack our freedom of thought.

In my opinion, the enemies of Jesus were not the Romans but the Hebrew religious leaders, because they feared that their innovative ideas might cast doubt on established religious power. A proof of this may be that the apostles used the story of Krishna to fill in the gaps in the life of Jesus, which indicates that at that time Indian philosophy was already known in those places and perhaps could influence the development of Christianity or in the philosophy of the Essenes. Therefore, those who say that Jesus was just another Jew are wrong. It should be borne in mind that both the Buddhism and ancient Judaism were probably derived from Zoroastrianism, so it is reasonable to think that both religions have much in common. Today, the same situation is repeated as in those times, because the Catholic Church demonstrates the same dogmatic totalitarianism that existed in Israel during the life of Jesus, that means that if he returned at this time, the same would surely happen to him because of those who claim to represent him.

It is possible that Jesus and John the Baptist were Essenes and had been sent by their congregation to carry out missionary work, this would explain why when the Romans arrested John, Jesus took charge of continuing his work, this suggests that for that then Jesus would already be a prominent member of that congregation, so his age would probably be older than is believed. For this reason, it can be said that the great incongruity in the stories of Jesus' life practically shows that although his life was real, after his death totally invented facts were added in order, on the one hand, to show him as a supernatural character and thus favor the interests of the church, and on the other to give a supposed explanation of everything that was unknown about him.

Now, we have the opportunity to reject all the lies that we have been told about his life and accept his humble message devoid of fantasy. Because the true greatness of Jesus is not his supposed miracles, but the beauty of his message. People have to understand that what characterizes talented prophets or philosophers is not the realization of surprising or supernatural things, but their great culture and knowledge of the metaphysical truths of the universe. The true miracle is to understand that within each person there is a spirit that has eternal life and progresses without ceasing in each of its reincarnations, that progress provides us with qualities that, although they are extraordinary, have nothing to do with miracles, because these qualities are only those that are derived from intelligence and spiritual wisdom and help us better understand the world around us to be happier. A philosopher may have a great knowledge of metaphysics because that is his job, but they have nothing to do with false miracles invented solely to impress the masses, because the masses are much more attracted to material benefits than for spiritual truths. Therefore, if we seek the truth, we must listen to the message of Jesus and despise the myth that the church wants to make of him.

The universe, in some things is large, but in others it is simple, in some cases it is surprising, and in others it is boring, but it always abides by natural laws even though those laws are not fully understood, therefore, we have a duty of learning to differentiate surprising truths from simple lies.


It is regrettable to see how many people believe that the answers to all questions are in India. This is because they have the romantic idea that everything can be found by traveling the world. But in my opinion, the Indian religion is neither better nor worse than those present in other countries. How can a religion that worships rats or executes widows be considered superior? I say this because of the existence there of a cult that adores these animals or the savage custom that has also occurred of forcing widows to die cremated with their dead husbands. However, it must also be recognized that in India a great development was achieved in the metaphysical understanding of the universe, as for example with regard to the reincarnation of the spirit in a new body, unlike the Egyptians who, because they did not understand This they persisted in embalming the dead, a custom that the Christian world continued with the conservation of corpses in pantheons and organizing cemeteries as if they were cities due to the absurd belief in the resurrection of the dead on the day of the final judgment, it is necessary to understand the apocalypse in a symbolic and not literal way as it is done in this case. In this sense, Indian philosophy is much more logical, because it admits that the body and the spirit do not have to be united indefinitely and consequently accepts that the spirit can evolve after death towards a new reincarnation, which would be the true form. of resurrection. Our body is made of earth and that is why it must return to earth without pantheons or lapads and let the spirit be free and continue on its way.

But it must be borne in mind that even though the great spiritual development of this philosophy is true, it must also be recognized that it was not the first in the world to study metaphysics in depth, as it was actually inspired by the previously existing Mesopotamian culture to them represented first by Enoch and Zoroaster and later by Christianity. Because actually Zoroastrianism started 2.000 years a. C and represented the culmination of social and philosophical progress since the origin of civilization in Sumeria. Later the migrations of the Aryan tribes towards India gave rise to the Buddhist religion fifteen hundred years later. Therefore, it is unfortunate that today there are so many scammers who rely on the supposed antiquity of Indian philosophy to offer false miracle remedies to all ills, because in most cases it is nothing more than a way to obtain money with tricks.

There are also those who claim that Christianity was a religious derivative of the Krishna cult that emerged in the 3rd century BC in India. It is true that between these two religions there are some similarities that suggest that some influence could have been produced, but we must not forget that even if this were true, it would in any case be a back and forth influence, because first there would have been the influence of Zoroastrianism in the development of the Indian religion which would have returned as Indian influence on Christianity. Due to poor knowledge of the life of Jesus, the founders of Catholicism could have copied some aspects of Indian philosophy regarding the life of Krishna to give Jesus a more deified aspect. It is possible that Krishna was an ancient king of India who was later attributed divine properties in local mythology. In the past it was common for kings to proclaim themselves divine beings in order to monopolize religious and civil power at the same time and thus increase their power, this is how the legend of Krishna would arise. On the other hand, at the origin of Christianity, Zoroastrianism and the books that later formed the Bible would surely have had more importance, although it could also have received some influence from Indian traditions.

This also happened with the date of the birth of Jesus, since the feast of the winter solstice that already existed was taken as the supposed date of his birth to turn it into a Christian holiday, giving rise to Christmas. The truth is that nobody knows the real date of Jesus' birth, but the church plagiarized the solstice feast in order to appropriate it and make people believe that he was always Christian. We must not forget that Christianity did not become an important religion until several centuries after the death of Jesus, long after that festival began to be celebrated. In places like Stonehenge, high stones were erected to be able to calculate the shortest or longest day of the year by the sun's shadow, and a party was held to celebrate that the sun would no longer descend and from that day on it would rise again bringing light again and life with spring. Therefore, December 21 was used to set the beginning of the year. These stones also served to know exactly the months of the year and to organize the time of sowing and harvesting. In ancient Rome these festivals were called Saturnalia.

Another example of how the organs of power sometimes use religion to perpetuate themselves is that of the lamas of Tibet, because when they claim that their religious leaders can be reincarnated in the children of their choice, what they really do is choose a position of power in an undemocratic way, and they also use that argument to manipulate and condition the future behavior of that leader from childhood. An example of this is what happened with the child Osel Hita, this child born in Spain was designated by the monks of Tibet as the reincarnation of the Lama Thubten Yeshe, but in my opinion, what really happened was that they used the of course birth of a lama in the West as a tactic to involve Western countries in attempts to separate Tibet from C h ina as this could give them a lot of publicity. Using a child and indoctrinating him from childhood to serve his political interests under the presumption of being the reincarnation of a religious leader is undoubtedly a clearly undemocratic act, because by doing so they deny others the right to aspire to office that they offered him, but also, it is a contempt for the right that every child should have to an education in freedom. Because, even if it were true that a person could choose the body in which to reincarnate, that, in no case has to prevent access to that position to the rest of the people according to their merits, nor is it a reason to manipulate a child from his childhood.

In the West, there are many who try to show Indian philosophy as the panacea to all the ills or lamas of Tibet as an example of wisdom, but, the effort they have to put dogma before progress as the Catholic Church does shows that they lack the will to seek the truth. A proof of this is their medieval customs such as wearing simple tunics or wearing a shaved head, if we take into account the intense cold that it does in those regions it is evident that these customs are not very practical and even supposing that they use heating it is evident that the word progress is not one of his favorites.

They say they want to be simple, but simplicity does not have to be in contradiction with progress and when a religious organization refuses to progress it is because it is dominated by dogma. This shows that beings endowed with great intellect such as Buddha or Jesus can arise on all continents, but that does not mean that those who say they follow them have it.

Even though the aforementioned facts are true, it cannot be denied that a high degree in the development of philosophy was also reached in India, because throughout history there were many prophets or inspired people who have existed, but unfortunately their Message has almost always fallen on deaf ears when the social mass that receives it lacks the same inspiration. For this reason, the brilliant ideas of these prophets used to be mixed with the most absurd superstitions causing that in the end they had little benefit for humanity.


Some people think that to be able to meditate effectively it is necessary to adopt complicated postures or surround oneself with strange objects, but in my opinion all you need is to find yourself in the situation that each one considers most comfortable and of course have time and tranquility necessary to be able to concentrate. Others think that it is necessary to go to monasteries or similar places, but that is the consequence of not understanding that the journey of a philosopher is mental and not physical, in addition, these places are generally influenced by negative energies as they depend on organizations religious. This is because these organizations use dogma as an excuse to prevent freedom of thought, which is just the opposite that a philosopher needs.

I also consider rainy days more useful than sunny days, since the rain produces a relaxing effect that facilitates concentration, in addition, from a metaphysical point of view, rain is related to the philosophy that is the essence of meditation. When it rains or there are clouds, the sky fills with white light, this color is ideal for meditation because it represents justice and the balance of universal values by having the correct proportion of all colors, therefore, it helps us to better understand the true value of each thing. After white, the best color to meditate on is blue, because it is the one that represents serenity and spiritual values.

The sun is more related to matter and the practical realization of things, and rain or water are more related to the spirit and the theoretical analysis of the world around us, both can provide us with happiness equally, but each one in a different way. Sunny days are perfect for realizing the dreams that we plan to make and rainy days are perfect for designing those dreams and understanding the essence of life. Reading a book or watching TV can also help in meditation, because the brain cannot be continuously focused and mixing meditation with entertainment can help to unblock a stuck analysis. For an ideal philosophical analysis it is necessary for the soul to be at peace, therefore, it is necessary to consider justice as the essence of being. In this way, the tranquility of conscience is acquired that allows us to achieve maximum concentration, by not having to worry about the consequences of our actions as they are ethically correct.

There are those who think that inspiration is only possible with the help of superior or extraterrestrial entities, this is not true, but, if that help occurs, I think it is a mistake to think that they are going to give us the discoveries that we can make. The triumph without sacrifice makes no sense, therefore, a higher being can only point us the way but will never do the work for us, they can guide us, but the essential deductive work will depend on ourselves and no philosopher without talent and dedication can never discover great ideas only with the help of higher beings.

It is also true that to meditate it is good to have an introverted personality, because detachment is a key element for the progress of a philosopher. Having this type of personality helps in everything that has to do with the design and analysis of things. On the other hand, having an outgoing personality is useful when it comes to carrying out projects already decided on in a practical way. Each of these personalities leans more towards one of the two polar aspects of life that we could define as masculine and feminine or crystalline and solar, the introvert towards the crystalline and the extrovert towards the solar, or also the introvert towards the horizontal dimension and the extrovert towards the vertical dimension. Normally, personality differences determine that each person has better developed some intellectual aspects and worse others, when these differences are simple they do not imply any damage for those who have them because weakness in one aspect is offset by strength in the other, which balances The balance, however, when the differences are great, can be detrimental since people need all their qualities in order to have a full life. For this reason, those who try to disguise injuries and physical handicaps by defining them as special or different situations are despicable. It is not different who has a serious deficiency, but rather a handicapped person, and it is an act of arrogance not to want to recognize it. Nor does it make sense to use an augmentative qualifier for what corresponds to the opposite, because it can be said that a patient is given special treatment, but it is not logical to say that the patient is special when they suffer from a disability, because with this attitude an attempt is made to hide the truth of his serious deficiency by inverting the meaning of the words just so as not to hurt the vanity of the family. It is true that there are exceptional cases in which people with a serious disability have come to stand out using their other qualities, but that does not change the reality of their serious injury. But, sadly, we live in a hypocritical society in which nobody wants to admit that they have lost something. It will always be better to humbly acknowledge our defects and from there begin to progress before s than to live denying reality.

It could be said that a philosopher is like an explorer of the mind, people with an extroverted character feel more interested in geographical travel and people with an introverted character have more interest in mental travel, they are ways of being different but just as important, for That, the ideal would be for all of us to have those balanced faculties. Unfortunately, very outgoing people cannot stand rainy days, because they do not know more forms of stimulation than those derived from the bodily senses, that is why, when it rains and they cannot go out they feel anguish, because they are not able to use their mind to entertain themselves creating projects or looking for a way to improve your life. Each person is as if he had two wheels that define his displacement, one material and another spiritual, one is the one that represents the planet on which we move with our body, and another is the one that is inside our mind and that we use to moving with thought, unfortunately, many people think that there is only the outer wheel that is why, when they are alone or it rains they suffer, because they cannot make the inner wheel that they have in their mind go. This happens to people who are gross, materialistic, or who are too outgoing.

Although it may seem surprising, depression can also help meditation, because it increases mental concentration and allows us to see more clearly the mistakes we make, but it can also cause the conclusions we draw to be more pessimistic than reality. Excess optimism can also cause a risk, because it makes us lower our guard and predisposes us to accidents as it is an unstable state. These examples show us that it is best to act with moderation in the face of the problems that life can show us, because an extreme attitude can make sense, but only when it is necessary to rebalance another extreme attitude in the opposite direction.

For a philosopher, it is as if the passage of time hurts, because what he is looking for is the part of the universe that is outside of time, that is, the immutable truth that exists constantly at any time and place. This is the reason why he tries to isolate himself from the world, because the continuous changes that time produces disturb his perception of what is outside of it. Because the universe is divided into two equally important dimensions, one is time, which represents the continuous change of matter, whose behavior is similar to the way in which electricity flows from one pole to another in a battery and that we could consider belonging to the horizontal dimension, and another is the part that is always constant and that represents the essential and immutable truth that controls the physics of that battery or of the universe and that would correspond to the vertical dimension. In this case, the horizontal dimension is warm and unstable and the vertical dimension is rigid and stable. To do his job, the philosopher needs to separate both dimensions to discover what are those immutable truths that exist eternally and from that knowledge use them to improve our lives. Those universal truths are still and at peace indefinitely, unlike the dimension that contains everything that is mobile and variable, that is why, until he finishes his research, the philosopher needs isolation to seemingly stop time in his personal sphere, In this way, by reducing the changes, you can concentrate on the study of the immutable reality that manages the process of evolution of the cosmos and that is outside of time. However, for a philosophical investigation to advance, it is also good to dedicate some time to other types of activities other than meditation, so that the brain rests and can return to the task with renewed energy, this would be a valid exception to that rule.

These two dimensions are those that regulate the way in which energy is related to immutable laws, in this way, one is the one that determines the evolutionary changes in which the energy of the stars is transformed into evolution with the participation of the spirits and beings that populate the universe, and another is that which refers to the immutable and eternal truths that determine the universal laws. The existence of this constant reality is what allows the philosopher to travel with his mind through time and space. This way of traveling has as much or more value than geographical travel and is undoubtedly the closest thing to seeing the face of God, because with his research, a philosopher is able to find the keys that sustain the universe and use that knowledge to improve the world around us.

Unfortunately, only a few people throughout history come to understand for themselves the metaphysical depth of the universe, because life circumstances such as work or raising children make this work difficult, moreover, even in the case of only a few of them achieve public recognition. But that should not be a cause for sadness, because in reality, each person is as if he were a terminal of that great machine that is civilization and therefore, it is not necessary that all dedicate themselves to the same function. This philosophical work could be compared to what computer programmers do, because when they meditate, with their dreams they build a better world for the rest of society, because what they do is not only imagine, but work to understand the philosophical keys and technologies necessary for the world to evolve, and that is possible, because in reality , that future world in which philosophers dream already exists in theoretical form, because progress is derived from the laws of nature created long before that man existed, therefore, they only have to discover it and give it to the rest. When philosophers meditate to deduce progress, they need to rely on the laws of nature that already exist, and at that moment they become part of God, because through them nature makes those dreams come true.

All the discoveries that philosophers and scientists make are then transmitted to other citizens through education, so, although most people cannot dedicate themselves to research, that does not prevent them from benefiting from it.

Because life can be lived in two ways, one is the practical way in which the body is used to experience everything that the world and our senses can offer us, and another is the theoretical one in which you enjoy studying and discovering how improve civilization. The correct thing is that the majority of citizens live in the practical way and only a minority dedicate themselves to the theoretical, because the progress of science is slow and the human body is ultimately a machine made to experiment. However, that does not prevent us all from dedicating some of our time to delve into the fascinating world of metaphysical deduction. In fact, the correct thing is that most people spend 85% of their time on practical experimentation with the things the world has to offer, and only 15% on mental analysis. In the same way, it is necessary that 15% of citizens dedicate 85% of their time to meditation, research or the invention of new things. This means that the practical activity represents the majority, horizontal and crystalline dimension, and the theoretical dimension represents the exceptional, warm and vertical dimension. This is the right thing to do, because the function of research and invention is a secondary task that is not essential for life, but it is necessary to improve our lives and create progress, however, this task will practically cease when the world finishes completing its technological development. Evolution is not a continuous or indefinite process as some think, because its mission is to complete the technological and moral development of man so that he becomes an evolved being of the cosmos.

It's nice to think that in this world there are people whose free time is spent not only watching a movie or taking a walk, but also trying to understand how a black hole works or what the mechanics of the spirit are, the truth is that when we meditate We become creators and at that moment we become part of God, because we become participants in the progress of all humanity.

When the world finishes its current process of technological evolution, all that knowledge that is actually light, will illuminate the minds of those terminals that are citizens, and then everyone will be able to understand it as if they had created it, because although the Life circumstances or their intellectual limitations do not allow them to find this knowledge for themselves, however, they will be prepared to understand and assimilate it, as long as it is explained correctly.

Each citizen is like a terminal, because it is impossible to gather all the knowledge in a single person, therefore, each one has only a part of that knowledge, which gives rise to the appearance of specialties, therefore, the total knowledge of a civilization is only acquired with the sum of the knowledge of all citizens. U n philosopher tries to change buy nder all knowledge globally to discover what science have in common, but it determines that it can only do so in their generic aspects , it could then be said that their specialty is the study of the metaphysical foundations of the universe usually.

For a philosopher finds light necessary to live with dignity and justice, because justice and light are related, and who has justice as the core of their behavior also has light com or guide their way, this is so, because light leads to knowledge. Because only those who are just find the peace they need to be able to concentrate by not having to worry about the consequences of their actions. A fair person can progress more in scientific research than those who are not, because it only considers obtaining benefits through the fruits of science and not through unworthy behaviors, because these behaviors would cause conflicts with their peers, which would reduce their ability to concentration and consequently would harm the quality of your investigations . Nor should we forget that in the spiritual world emotions have as much value as material things in the material world, therefore, those who renounce ethically correct behavior in order to achieve material things impoverish their spirit and condemn it to emotional poverty. In order to meditate, a philosopher needs the stability provided by a life based on justice, because justice belongs to the horizontal, crystalline and spiritual dimension, which is necessary to be able to progress.

Those who judge the worth of a writer based only on how strictly he follows the spelling rules are also wrong, because when it comes to a philosopher, it is necessary to emphasize that meditation is not done with written words but with thoughts. Writing is a physical act, while meditating is a mental act, that means, that a philosopher can be a great specialist in the development of ideas, but not in the field of grammar, because it is based on written rules, in addition, A philosopher is characterized by being a creator of dreams, that is, a man dedicated to questioning everything, including the rules of spelling, therefore, whoever makes the mistake of judging someone only by the way in which he adheres to the rules, forgets, that those rules may also be wrong.

The real dilemma of a writer when it comes to spelling is that every time he reviews a book he modifies it by trying to improve it with the risk that this entails causing new errors, therefore, the only way he can avoid it is have someone else do it for him before posting.

Many people think that philosophy is only secondary, but they think this way because they do not understand that it is present in everything, from marital relationships to politics or habits of life, so spending some time in meditation is always useful. It could be said that philosophers are the designers of the world around us, that allows them to differentiate the truth from appearances better than other people.

In order to progress, a philosopher has to be somewhat nonconformist or undisciplined, but not because of doing wrong, but because his duty is to seek the truth, and only those who are naturally prone to doubt are in the right conditions to discover the falsehood that around us.

Philosophy is like energy, because as she can not depend on itself to be complete, because you need Demostra r is the practice applied to everyday life to see if it is correct, and energy needs of its union with the matter to produce force, because both energy and matter when they are alone are useless if they are not combined properly. In the same way, the spirit is also mostly energy, therefore, it needs to unite with the material body in order to achieve happiness.

The truth is that most of those who live on this planet are not real men but evolved animals that want to be men, only when we ask ourselves what the meaning of the world around us is and we come to understand it do we become real men, but unfortunately they are few do. One of the greatest defects of contemporary man is that he allows himself to be too dominated by prejudices and passions, instead a true man tries to find the truth above all else. The ability to differentiate appearances from reality will only reach its maximum expression when humanity completes its process of evolution in technological, biological, intellectual and moral aspects. The main difference between animals and man is that animals represent the path, whereas man represents the end of the path and also the goal of all evolution.

A philosopher is like a mother, because a mother tries to make her children grow up healthy and live longer than her, in the same way a philosopher tries to make her teachings outlive her, but unlike a mother her chances of achieving it are much smaller, because Throwing higher teachings amid primitive minds is like throwing seeds amidst rocks.


In reality, human life is the sum of two lives, one is the mortal life that our body has and another is the eternal life that our spirit has, both lives coexist simultaneously without our being aware of it, because each one acts in a different plane. When the universe began, there was only a single being formed by a spherical particle, then, this being was divided into different beings, breaking the material link that connected them, because it is through the breaking of that connection that different beings are created since the same being it can have multiple particles directly connected at the same time.

This means that in reality the universe is divided into two parts, one is the universe that we know, formed by particles all of them apparently surrounded by vacuum, and another would be the one that represents the real or invisible universe in which all the particles that form a same being are directly connected. The invisible universe would act as a support for the visible universe in a similar way to how the foundation of a building acts so that it can operate. To prevent the filaments that connect the particles from colliding with each other, the material universe vibrates in two phases at the speed of light, so that in one phase the matter would be empty and in the other matter, thus, a particle of matter could only collide with another if both were in the matter phase, but they would intersect when one of them was in the matter phase and the other in the vacuum phase.

When the initial being was divided, all the new beings that were created were also eternal like him, as they were derived from the initial being, but now divided into multiple particles to form different beings. Once the universe finishes its current cosmic cycle, all beings will come together again to become a single particle and then time will repeat itself again and the same events will occur again, but each being will begin the new cycle playing the role from another life, this means that the universe will not repeat itself completely until all beings have lived all lives.

All spirits have two personalities, one is human, which is lower because it is limited by the evolutionary level of civilization, and another is the higher one that is stored in the spirit, this second personality is higher because although it also evolves with civilization however keeps the spirit knowledge that went into creating both the spirit and the body in which to incarnate it. These knowledge of the spirit remain deactivated during human life and also after the body dies, and are not remembered until the spirit detaches itself from the human personality of its previous reincarnation, this personality acts as a ballast that prevents it from ascending towards the world. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for the spirit to detach itself from this baggage and recognize the personality that persists from one reincarnation to another. Once accomplished, you will be able to ascend into the spirit world and begin preparations for your next reincarnation. Those people who in life did not want to accept life after death take longer to advance towards the spiritual world and therefore usually cause the paranormal phenomena that occur in haunted houses.

From the moment a spirit begins its existence, works to fo rm a body in which to reincarnate is because the creation of this body is a necessary step in order to be happy. During his innumerable reincarnations in the different animal forms, the knowledge he learns is preserved in his spiritual memory in order not to interfere with his bodily memory, because the body is mortal but the spirit is immortal since the spirit is life and the body is only form, because life cannot die, only the form with which it is represented. For this reason, bacteria or some plants such as grass can lack individual spirits and as if they were biological automatons they have only one spirit to govern them for each of their species. Something similar happens with matter, because atoms, rocks or atomic particles are not individual beings either, but each one of them represents only a part of a greater being that is each planet or the material universe itself. This means that on one side there would be the universe with all its stars and planets and that it could be made up of a single being, and then there would be the individual spirits that would reincarnate in animals and man. This is so, because it does not make sense that all the elements or forms that are in the cosmos have individual consciousness, but only those that can offer a satisfactory life or are necessary as a stage for spiritual progress. This means that a rock or a drop of water would have life and consciousness of their existence, but not as ro ca or raindrop differentiated but as part of the planetary being that controls, in the same way, the fingers of one hand are not beings different but just different parts of a person.

The knowledge accumulated in the spirit determines that the beings that have been reincarnated more times in a form are more experts in it, but if they commit an immoral act in a form, the logical thing is that they are punished in it without living again in animal forms inferior as some people believe, because the fact that someone behaves immorally has nothing to do with their ability to handle the human form correctly, just as it is not logical that a good driver is prohibited from driving a car Just because he doesn't know how to cook, because the ability to live in human form has nothing to do with his level of moral evolution. In reality, evil arises from ignorance, therefore, the world will not be able to get rid of it completely until its evolution ends, when that happens, full knowledge of the truth will not allow margin for speculators to continue deceiving the people. Then, those spirits that reincarnate in human form but that come from lower animal species will be safe from falling into evil, because those who receive them will be able to teach them from their childhood the fruit of so many centuries of technical and moral progress, in that moment there will be no more darkness and God will live with men, because in reality God is the truth and in a perfect world there is no room for ignorance.

When an evolved spirit is reincarnated, it immediately receives the superstitions of its time, but through the strength of its spirit and the wisdom it contains, little by little it forges a more cultured personality, that is what is called innate intelligence or intuition. , which we should not confuse with having a lot of memory, which is what commonly happens with poorly called gifted children. That intuition is the consequence of the gradual influence of that higher being that is inside that struggles to go outside. In this struggle, the higher spirit tries to take control of the mind dominated by the superstitions of a lower world. The so-called clairvoyance can also be the consequence of the influence of the spirit on the body, but with some differences. Because the normal thing is that a superior spirit possesses a high level of intuition that is very similar to clairvoyance, but clairvoyance understood as the ability to see images when touching objects is rather due to a failure in the anchoring of the spirit to the body. In other words, this quality is characteristic of the spirit, but due to an accidental situation the door that the two dimensions close is not properly closed, which allows a flow of information between the two dimensions greater than normal. This situation offers the seers some qualities, but also deprives them of others. Because, for human life to be lived fully, it is necessary that the two planes do not mix. It is good and necessary that spirituality is present in human life, but not because of a failure in the mechanism that separates both dimensions, but because people make material life in line with spiritual values. Because to be happy, is n ecesario both the world matt ria l as spiritual participate in the same proportion.

The spiritual mind can be much more cultured than the human mind, but it is only activated when the spirit detaches itself from the human personality. For this reason, those who, after the death of the body, refuse to ascend to the spiritual world, do not achieve the full potential of their spirit. But, when the ascension process is complete, the spirit can spend time in the spiritual world dedicating itself to improving the genes of the species to which it belongs, adding those changes that, according to what it has experienced in its previous reincarnation, it deems appropriate. After a transitory time, the logical thing is to reincarnate again, and if the spirit belongs to a plant or animal, then it must continue to evolve until it reaches the human species. In this way with each new reincarnation both the spirit and the body are constantly improving and they will not stop doing so until they are both perfect.

A person is as if he slept twice, one is the one that occurs when we go to bed and another is when we die, but on neither occasion does the mind stop its activity. During sleep our brain is still active, but it recovers from the fatigue of the day because it works in a different way and uses that time to assimilate what was learned on that day. And during the interval between two reincarnations, our spirit is dedicated to taking stock of the lessons learned throughout life. That means, that the periods of sleep or stay between two lives are not wasted time, but that our spirit uses them to be prepared for the next day or for the next life.

In reality, a being in its original form is formed by a reduced group of particles of matter different from those known from the periodic table, these particles belong to and form a single being by being directly connected to each other. This being is what we call soul and its main function is to feel and issue l ace or orders of our desires in its most essential form. This being or soul, in turn, is covered by a group of particles more similar to those known and that have been obtained from planetary matter. With the union of the soul and these particles, the so-called spirit is formed, which sometimes appears in the form of a spectrum or phantom and allows a slight influence on matter. Only on exceptional or accidental occasions can spirits influence beyond simple superficial effects, because spirit is mostly energy, but with very little matter and force is the consequence of properly uniting energy and matter. This is precisely what reincarnation is for, to provide the spirit with the amount of matter it needs, because only when there is an adequate balance between matter and spirit can happiness be achieved. Normally, when a person dies, his spirit moves away from the place where he lived and enters the spiritual world, but sometimes he does not leave, either out of fear of that new plane of existence or because he believes that he has unresolved pending issues.

Sometimes, fans of spiritism unintentionally attract evil spirits that in order to return to the place where they were invoked, they fix on some object a location marker that allows them to return without the need for a new invocation, this is what is called possession of a object. When those spirits place the location signal on a person, the so-called diabolical possession is produced, these entities are generally degenerate beings who do not want to leave this world and mistakenly believe that their only possibility of returning to human life is to steal a body, then they pretend to be demons to scare those who try to cast them out, but demons do not exist in the way that people believe, because nobody is always evil, these beings will one day understand their error and return to good. It is normal for a spirit that lives in a primitive world like ours in which lies and truths are mixed to go through a process of falling into evil and returning to good several times. Only when the planet finishes its evolution will all the beings that populate it know the truth and there will be no more risk of falling into evil, because evil actually stems from ignorance and in an evolved world and there is no place for it. Because you can be ignorant at birth, but if children are taught the truth from the beginning and are given the necessary moral values, they will become educated adults and evil will no longer be able to act in them.

The truth is that the fact of not being fair always does not imply being evil, because evil only appears when injustice becomes the axis of conduct and not as a simple exception. In my opinion, most people use what we could call justice with exceptions, this implies having justice as a basic norm of conduct, but admitting exceptions in certain cases, although this is not usually recognized. The fact of not accepting justice as the only moral behavior, determines that it is much easier for them to fall into evil than those people who choose to be fair always, and if we pose evil as an imbalance of behavior that is defined by having injustice as the main behavior, then it is obvious that they have to return to good to be happy. Because balance is achieved by being fair always or almost always.

However, in the event that someone decides to choose total justice as the only moral conduct, there should be no problem of any kind, because in human relationships coexistence is fundamental, this means that an untenable situation can only be created when someone chooses injustice as the main conduct. Because injustice represents the color red, risk and chaos and justice represents the color blue, stability and order, therefore, those who choose to be unfair are always placed in chaos and consequently are destined to collide with their fellow men and suffer for it. This would explain why most philosophers defend justice, because only when the mind is at peace and has a clear conscience is the stability necessary to be able to concentrate, this is necessary to be able to ascend towards the spiritual world. Furthermore, from a dimensional point of view, the spiritual world that governs philosophy is found in the blue dimension, which is the opposite of the red dimension that governs injustice. Therefore, the further they move away from injustice, the greater their stability will be and consequently the greater their concentration. For a philosopher, being fair is not only an option but a necessity, because in addition to providing an impartial view of the world around him, it allows him to easily discover those who pretend to be fair and are not.

But, in the event that the theory of the exceptions of justice were true, then, to be fair would always also be a mistake, but the consequences would be infinitely less damaging than if it is stated the other way around. Because those who choose to be unjust as a mode of normal behavior are placed in the red dimension, which condemns them to permanent confrontation with the rest of the citizens and to suffer the consequences of it. But, those people who always chose to be fair, would be completely in the blue dimension, which would imply having all the stability, but perhaps as a consequence their life would be more boring, although they would have a quiet life assured. This means that an unfair behavior would only make sense if it is done as an exception, in this way both dimensions would be combined in a balanced way. In this case, fair behavior would be the norm and injustice the exception, but they would find their balance because each would act on a different plane. In this way, justice would act mainly on the horizontal plane and injustice would act mainly on the vertical. The plane that governs human behavior in regard to morality is horizontal, therefore, it is necessary that justice be the basic norm of conduct.

If the exceptions theory of justice were true, then people would only find emotional balance by being fair as the main rule, but also by agreeing to be unfair in exceptional situations. This is necessary, because the human being is made to relate to their peers and those who pretend to be unjust would always end up turned into despots or tyrants, which would lead them to jail or to live a lonely, sad and bitter life. But, at the opposite extreme and assuming that this theory were true, those who chose to be fair always, would have a quieter life, but perhaps more boring than those who were not so strict in this. It is also possible that they had a certain inferiority complex, seeing that those who admit exceptions to justice would achieve added benefits in the present that they could only reap in the future through the cyclical nature of the universe. This means that those who defend being fair but admitting exceptions would do so within a police approach, that is, they would only agree to do those forms of injustice that do not cause comparative damage in the present. In other words, they would be fair as the main rule to avoid having conflicts with the law but would allow those exceptions that did not imply conflicts with it. In this way, the fact of defending justice as the main rule would not imply a comparative disadvantage in the present with those who were not, because they would be fair in everything that could provoke a reaction against the law, but not in those exceptions that they did not.

These forms of permitted injustice would have nothing to do with crime, but would mainly be found in the benefits that are acquired through business or political positions, as these are more remunerated than those of the normal population. Evil, therefore, would only appear when someone makes the mistake of choosing injustice as the main form of conduct and not only as an exception, which would be the right thing to do.

It should be borne in mind that these assumptions would only make sense if this theory is true, because only what is logical should be done as an exception, therefore, when in doubt, I consider it better to defend total justice, because, Although it is true that by performing unjust acts it is possible to obtain some benefits, however, there is also the risk of suffering a reaction against it. Furthermore, those who defend total justice can always be happy through the fruits of science. In any case, this issue is not at all clarified and only the science of the future can solve it. This shows that defending justice as the main moral conduct is the best option whether it is raised with exceptions or not, therefore, it would be best to teach it to children in schools.

Nor should the defense of the exceptions of justice be confused with the defense of private companies, because a person can defend total justice and the existence of private companies at the same time, this is so, because the decision of how to act morally it is something individual that each one has to decide for himself. In addition, the existence of private companies is useful for society, because competitiveness favors economic progress, but as long as the rights of workers are respected. It must also be said that although private companies are necessary at this time, in the future, the economic system will change to become more participatory, so that the power of companies can be more distributed among all employees. When that time comes, the salaries will also become more similar, but not as a result of a political imposition, but because being a more peaceful society, those who held power would no longer be so afraid to share it with their employees, because in a Evolved society fear of poverty would no longer exist, as employment is guaranteed by the state for life.

Those people who in life have a materialistic personality and deny the existence of life after death, when they die, many end up turned into evil spirits, because they naively believe that their only way of coming back to life is by stealing someone else's body. These evil spirits put a location signal to create a very close bond with their victim and, although it is impossible to steal their body, it is possible to interfere with their mood to the point of modifying their behavior, but that also depends on strength of the will of those he tries to use. Sometimes, when a person dies, at first his spirit does not remember his previous lives and that is why he behaves in the same way as it was in the life he just left, only when he detaches himself from that personality and progresses upwards does he manage to return to a balanced behavior. Because being ignorant is not the same as being evil, ignorance can degenerate into evil but not necessarily. Once the spirit remembers its previous lives, it detaches itself from its human personality and assumes its spirit personality, which is the consequence of all the progress made in its previous lives. After reincarnation the most generic spiritual memories are deactivated, to allow human life to be fuller, but the most valuable skills acquired throughout its existence are preserved. The fact of not being able to remember previous lives when we reincarnate is not important, because when the world finishes its process of evolution, culture will be common to all and science will offer all the answers, being able to equal or exceed the knowledge that we could save in our spirit.

In reality, the spirit is a sphere of energy that is housed in the brain and activates the neurons through subtle energy impulses, however, it is foreseen in advance that when the body dies, the spirit will adopt the shape of the body in an apparent way, so that the soul does not suffer when its previous aspect is destroyed. The immortal spirit needs to reincarnate in a mortal body to be happy, but not as something temporary, but indefinitely, because by immersing itself in the matter that represents the world and its own body, it becomes vulnerable to the circumstances that surround it, this determines That the experiences are more intense as events do not depend only on his own spirit, but also on the planetary being and the rest of the beings with whom he lives. Because it is with the union of the energy represented by the spirit and the matter represented by the body that the being is able to get the maximum benefit from life. Through the death of the body, the spirit can forget and relive the emotions again. For this reason, reincarnation is necessary, because happiness is not achieved by abandoning matter, but by making life in matter in line with spiritual values.

The body is mortal and the spirit immortal, the body is weak and the spirit strong, the body has to be vulnerable because unlike the spirit it is made for a limited time, in addition, it is through its weakness that its sensitivity is increased, and its main function is to serve the spirit as a means of connection with matter. In a certain way, the body and the spirit represent opposite dimensions, the spirit the vertical and the body the horizontal, the spirit is strong, invulnerable and immortal, while the body is weak, vulnerable and mortal. But the sensitivity of the soul is inversely proportional to the solide z or invulnerability of the means used to demonstrate, therefore, the spirit needs to reincarnate in a fragile and vulnerable body because that way is greater sensitivity and consequently also their happiness. E l spirit alone can only feel the 15% of sensations and the body being more sensitive can provide 85%, this means that only with its binding is 100% sensitivity ne reaches cesita to feel all the sensations necessary to be fully happy.

In reality, the fact that the spirit is invulnerable does not prevent it from feeling, but that capacity to feel cannot provide the maximum of happiness if it is not with its union with the body, both aspects represent the two poles of nature the spirit the red and solar dimension and the body the crystalline and blue dimension and only with their union the balance represented by the green color is generated.

The importance of spiritual philosophy is to recognize that life is eternal and that we are all creators and can participate in the design of the universe and our own lives, but to achieve the maximum of happiness it is also necessary to have a body in which to be able reincarnate. Primitive worlds like Earth are full of conflicts and problems because they are in a process of continuous change that aims to complete the development of civilization, therefore, humanity will not be able to get the most out of life until to finish that process.

It could be said that the world will have finished its evolution, when human civilization reaches the same evolutionary level as the body it manages, because the scientific knowledge of the human being is much lower than that which is contained in his own body and that is the result five billion years of biological evolution. It is also necessary for man to recognize that within his body there is an immortal spirit that has worked for a long time to build it, because the process of evolution is not only a physical effort it is also spiritual, therefore, only when humanity give the same importance to spiritual values as to matter, you can complete your evolution and achieve peace. People believe that a child is made simply with a sexual act, but they are not able to understand that this is only the simplest part of creation, because before it was necessary for spirits and nature to work for billions of years years to create those bodies.


In principle, the sexes are derived from the universal male and female values, these two values have the same importance in the development of the universe and therefore the sexes that are derived from them also have the same right to be just as happy. However, it is true that command is a masculine quality because it is evident that in order to govern a complex system it is necessary that there be a means of control that unifies all its elements in a single command and to solve this, nature chose the male sex. This was not done by chance, but because the active attitude is by nature masculine and the passive attitude is by nature feminine and if these functions were granted to women as an experiment then they would gradually transform to become more and more similar to men both physically and mentally, which would be a contradiction, because nature made us different and with different functions to increase the potential that human beings can have as each sex specializes in different functions. Each sex is different because the man the action and the woman the reaction symbolize different things, the man the vertical line and the woman the horizontal, in this way each one is different but just as important. Man obtains his happiness mainly from the solar dimension of nature and woman obtains it from the crystalline dimension, but both have the same right to be happy. If nature had not acted this way, the potentials of the two sexes would have canceled each other by acting on the same plane and evolution would not have existed.

The sexes are better and more beautiful when each one is correctly defined in its functions, because this is the best way to represent the two poles that govern the universe. An example of this we have in hyenas, in these animals the females have assumed the male functions in such a way that even their body has been disfigured, making it difficult to determine what sex each one has, this deformation in this case may have a justification, but it is not something to look for on purpose. It must be borne in mind that any specialization process has its advantages and disadvantages and the fact that men are in charge of management favors their ideas being taken into account, but for women, it means the comfort of assuming a lower responsibility. At present and for political interests, only praise is made of the advantages of being a man, exaggerating the reality of both the past and the present. Because when feminists ask for labor equality, they only refer to equality in salaries or in management positions, but not in functions, where are feminists in public works? They are only seen in comfortable tasks such as union representatives or sitting behind a table, but none are seen picking up the shovel like their male colleagues or in the sun repairing roads. And when they work in the police, why is one not seen in front when they have to fight in the demonstrations? Well, because in these cases they forget the equality of the sexes and let their male partners take the hit. Many demand that they be allowed to enlist in the army in peacetime, but few propose to participate with men on equal terms in times of war. They say We have less strength than men and that is why we do not want to know anything about physically hard tasks!! But, isn't it better to recognize that each sex is different and made by nature for different functions? We have another example in how the parties use gender violence in their favor, because they try to make the whole society assume that when a man assaults a woman it must be considered as sexist violence, but when it is the woman the that assaults man then is only violence without added adjectives. The logical thing would be that if the violence of a man to a woman is always sexist, then, when it is the woman who attacks the man, it should be considered feminist violence, with the political connotations that could also be associated with it. Isn't it more logical for a judge to decide what kind of violence it is, rather than for journalists or politicians to assume the role of judge and prosecutor? Because every time a crime of violence occurs, they decide to classify it when the victim is a woman, but not when the victim is a man and the guilty is a woman. Feminists will say that feminism is good and consequently it cannot be said that feminist violence exists, but that is only their opinion, because there are many who think that feminism, or a certain form of feminism, is one of the worst scourges of contemporary society, because it has condemned many children to not being able to dispose of their mothers because they believe that caring for their children is outdated and prevents them from dealing with typically masculine tasks. All this confusion is the consequence of believing that a woman can only be fully realized by developing masculine functions and despising feminine ones, but that only happens when it is not understood what it means to be a man or a woman.

Feminists say that they want to be a role model for women but living like men, that is complete stupidity, because in the same way that it makes no sense to ask for equality for a duck to live like a swan or for a deer to live like an eagle In the same way, it is absurd to ask that a man and a woman perform the same tasks in life, because although it is true that they both belong to the same species, that does not change that they are genetically different. What does not make sense is that those women who want to be like men try to convince others that this is a way of fulfilling themselves as women. And if men and women are equal, then why do they participate separately in sports competitions? There is no injustice in treating differently what is different, injustice only occurs when treating different than what is equal. But a man and a woman are different, therefore, there can be no injustice in being treated differently in those respects in which they really are. In other words, this difference should be limited only to those aspects of life in which they are different but not to those aspects in which they are not, because sexual differences do not cover everything. To understand this is enough to look like live most animals because nature chose a different task for each sex simply because it is best for them.

Another scourge is the birth rate, because in those countries where feminism is more widespread, it has descended to one child per couple, as if the child were a simple pet, even many women choose to have dogs rather than children, but, as might be expected Feminists and the politicians who support them do not want to talk about these things. At present, much is said about the extermination that the Nazis did to other races, but nothing is said about the extermination that feminists are doing against the birth rate of their own society. The feminists' argument is absurd from its very roots, because you cannot ask for equality of what is different, and a man and a woman are not equal, but not because one is inferior to the other, but because nature has them designed to perform different tasks.

Regarding the advantages of command, it is true that those who have greater power can obtain a greater profit, but it is also true that the risk assumed is greater, in addition, the fact that an entrepreneur can earn double that an employee does not mean that they will be twice as happy. In reality, happiness is not proportional to profit, because the higher the profit, the lower the ability that profit has to provide happiness. This is so, because when the brain does not receive stimuli, anything, no matter how simple, can produce pleasure, on the other hand, when a person has everything and the brain is already stimulated, then it is quite difficult to increase the sensation of pleasure for a lot of money that you have. In other words, money can help to achieve happiness, but it does not determine it, because the increase in wealth does not cause an equivalent increase in pleasure, therefore, to be happy, common sense is more important than money can be had. In the world there are many professions that have a salary higher than the average, but the responsibility they assume and the loss of free time that they have associated means that the salary they pay even being higher does not compensate the effort dedicated, therefore, believe that more money is always synonymous with more happiness is a mistake. For this reason Siddharta Gautama, the founder of Buddhism, left a position of privilege to live as a normal man, because power has some advantages but deprives others and he preferred to leave power in exchange for gaining the tranquility he needed to dedicate himself to his true life passion that was the philo sofía.

Regarding the way in which power is distributed between the two sexes, it must be borne in mind that although here it is considered that the power of command should be held by men, it does not mean that any type is supported of mistreatment of women, because the power that a man can have should be used only to serve his wife, that is, to make her happy and provide her with everything she needs to help her family move forward. Therefore, with this system, the woman serves the man by accepting his command and the man serves his woman by using the command to make her happy. I do not mean to say that decisions cannot be made in common between men and women, what I mean to say is that the value of command consists in preventing a situation from remaining static when two forces show the same determination to defend their thesis. In this case, the existence of a command eliminates the blockage. This means that for a relationship to be effective, it must be fair, reciprocal and democratic.

In the same way, using the word men to refer to men and women in general is not contempt for women but rather a way of advancing, because when a criticism is made it is also said men, although the fault also lies with women. It must be borne in mind that progress does not consist only in changing to improve what we know, it also consists in rejecting what is later in fact discovered to be a mistake, as is the case with bad feminism that they want to propose to us as the only possible.

But, even if power gave rise to injustices, it must be borne in mind that this does not mean that a woman will be the most harmed just because she is a woman, because an employer who is cruel to his female employees will be too with the masculine ones, in addition, if that businessman is married, he will also have a woman who benefits the same as his earnings. Because, when it comes to the family nucleus, the differences in the concept of power are greatly diluted, and the logical thing is that each man takes into account the interest of his wife even if he could make the final decision. And if a man were a scoundrel with his wife, then she must demand her right to separation, without anyone being able to reproach her.

Regarding the power relationship between the central government and its subjects, in this case the government assumes the male role and the subjects the female role, the government takes the initiative of the laws and society assumes a female role by obeying them. . However, that does not mean that the power of the center is absolute, because although each of its members is more powerful than each of the members of society, however, the society is much more numerous and consequently it can use that power to demand that their needs be taken into account , even when it is a dictatorship or an absolutist monarchy, power is never absolute, proof of this are all the tyrants who throughout history were murdered when they believed that because they were kings they could do whatever they want without fear of consequence. They forget that within the power nucleus their influence is only slightly greater than that of those around them, in addition, the power represented by the civilian population is equal to that represented by the center, although many times it acts indirectly. This shows that regardless of the power you have, you should never abandon a judicious and balanced attitude, because between the central power and the subjects there is a balance equal to that between the male and female pole that governs the universe. For this reason, it would be best if all the governments of the world were transformed into democratic republics and that all laws were approved individually by all citizens.

Regarding the relationship between power and wealth, it is true that the greater the power, the greater the possibility of obtaining wealth, but, we must not forget, that power is usually associated with greater responsibility, which it also implies a certain loss of freedom, which reduces the benefit of holding that power. It is also true that to be happy it is necessary to properly combine power and dignity, power is masculine and feminine dignity, and the balance is only reached when both are properly combined.

It must be borne in mind that many jobs are better paid than others, but the responsibility and dedication they demand, sometimes 24 hours a day, mean that the salary does not compensate for the work, especially for those who want to have a life quiet and free time. Although in this as with most circumstances there are also exceptions. Many people with brutish souls desperately search for higher paying jobs, thinking that because they have more money they will be happier, but after getting them they find it bitterly that everything remains the same, because they do not understand that what makes them unhappy is not money they have but their own vanity.


It is unfortunate that there are people willing to do evil trying to make a pact with evil spirits. They do not understand that in the world of spirits there are also laws that must be followed just as in the world of people and a spirit also has to answer for its actions. Because in the universe all action has its consequence and the fact of trying to use the spirits does not mean that the desired objectives can be achieved or that this is without consequences. Most likely, such treatment will have negative consequences for those who do. Do they think that an evil spirit is going to collaborate with them for nothing, or that what they ask in return will have no harmful consequences? And how do they know that if they invoke an evil spirit to further their interests, they will not also provoke the intervention of another benign spirit against them?

These people do not understand that whoever worships evil is because they have a materialistic, arrogant and crude vision of the world, and striving to follow that path can only bring them suffering, because they condemn themselves to living a gray life because evil is based on a antisocial behavior. They are not able to understand that evil spirits are ignorant beings who are lost between the human world and the spiritual world, because they do not understand that the solution to return to human life is reincarnation and not try to steal the body from the living. Identifying with evil is typical of the naïve, because the fact that someone wants to be evil does not mean that others will allow their excesses. For this reason, to be happy, it is necessary to defend the good, because evil makes the lives of those who allow themselves to be dominated by it bitter and it makes them incapable of living with their fellow men.

In my opinion, believing that spirits can significantly interfere with human life when and however we want is nothing more than a myth, firstly because in order to intervene effectively in matter, it is necessary to have a material body and they no longer have that. Secondly, because if that were true, then no public figure like politicians or actors would ever reach old age, because they would all die young as a result of the spells or spells made against them.

The normal thing is that the spirits of the deceased do not have the ability to intervene in the world of the living except in exceptional or accidental situations, but, even when that happens, it does not mean that they will favor our interests just because we ask them, because In that world, as in ours, there are laws that must be followed and believing that what we ask of them will not harm us just because they are beings from another dimension is a naive belief. Because only mean people and people who have lost their way believe that it is enough to make vulgar sacrifices and those spirits will bend to our wishes. They naively think that in this way they will be able to please the supposed demons, but they do not understand that demons do not exist because the only thing that exists are degenerate spirits to whom these sacrifices are useless.

Those spirits that are interested in making a pact are generally materialistic beings who lost their bodies sometimes in advance and are envious of the living, therefore, they try to haunt houses or try to steal bodies even momentarily to revive thus their previous existence and they do not hesitate to lie offering what they cannot give only in order that their victims allow them to simulate a human life that they do not have. These spirits are not evil by nature but by their attitude, because in the universe no spirit is evil indefinitely, they do not understand that in order to live a human life again they must go forward and progress in the spiritual world until the time comes moment to be able to reincarnate again. Because the world of spirits has its own rules and those who in this world are the kings in the other may be the vassals and those who believe that making a pact with those beings will not have negative consequences just because they belong to a different dimension commit a serious error. The truth is that people who try to make a pact with evil spirits are no better than them, because they are also despicable beings and bad losers who try to use spirits to compensate for their own mediocrity, they are dry-minded people who do not understand that the The reason for their situation is their inability to understand that happiness is only achieved by living with justice and dignity, they think that by doing vulgar rituals they are going to achieve what they want, but they forget that in the universe every action has its consequence, be it in this world or in the other one. They are not able to understand that in the spiritual world, wealth is not measured by the material objects that you have, but by the spiritual merits that you have achieved, this is so, because in that world feelings have as much value as objects in the material world.

In reality, the spirits that haunt the houses are generally ignorant beings, and the longer they take to progress towards the light, the longer it will take to reincarnate again and if they do not understand it it is because during their life as men they refused to accept that the hereafter existed and now that they are in it they do not know what to do and that is why they refuse to leave the house in which they lived. Other spirits do not leave because they think they have a task to do, and there are also those who stay out of fear of reprisals in the afterlife for having committed crimes in this world. But their attitude is a mistake, because the longer they take to ascend, the more difficult their own evolution will be. Therefore, those who try to make a pact with these spirits with bad intentions are wrong, because these spirits can hardly solve the problems of the living when they are not able to solve their own. Because in reality there are no demons if that is why the beings that dedicate themselves to doing evil indefinitely are understood, because evil is only an option derived from error and that is why all beings who fall into evil have the need to return to good. That means that when the devil is quoted in the bible, they only refer to a symbolic character and not to someone who dedicates himself to doing evil permanently, because a devil is actually every being that at a given moment is left dominate by evil, but since evil is an error that makes those who dominate suffer, in the end all beings dominated by evil end up returning without exception towards good.

In reality, biblical devils such as Beelzebub or Satan, are only symbolic characters and were invented taking as a model the ancient gods prior to Christianity. The Hebrew religious leaders did it to reject polytheistic religions, therefore, they decided to associate their gods with evil as a way to keep citizens away from them, so the god Baal was renamed Beelzebub and the Egyptian god Set was renamed Satan. In principle, the ancient gods did not necessarily represent anything evil, but it was considered appropriate to consider them demons because although they were not evil, nevertheless, polytheism was considered a wrong option and therefore evil. Religious organizations are also interested in promoting the belief in the devil as a personal person, because in this way they use fear to try to keep people under control so that they cannot realize the danger they represent, because many claim to represent God but the truth is that they are given over to evil. So ideally it has a religion, but understood as a philosophy of life and the universe, but if n depend on any religious organization.

The truth is that happiness and progress are only possible when we consider justice as our main reason for being, but, it is frequent that during the process of evolution, some spirits make the mistake of reversing the situation by taking injustice as the axis of their main behavior, that decision is a serious mistake that makes them suffer, because they forget that the rest of the citizens are not going to indulge their arrogant behavior and their vanity, therefore, in the end they have no choice but to return to the all right. This process of falling into evil and returning to good can be repeated successively several times throughout the evolution process, because in each new reincarnation one returns to ignorance by losing the memories accumulated in the body and consequently the risk of falling back into evil. It is true that the most evolved spirits run less risk of falling into evil than primitive spirits due to the knowledge that they accumulate in their spiritual memory, but the world will not be able to eradicate it completely until the teachings that are given to children are based on the truth, which is not the case now. So when the world ends to complete its current process of changing the culture it will enlighten all as if in a spiritual light is already trying no more risk of falling into error and therefore there will be no rie sgo falling into the evil, because evil ultimately stems from error.

It is also unfortunate that there are people who spend their lives waiting for the end of the world to arrive, understood as a catastrophic end, as if they wanted there to be violence, and when they see the years go by and that day does not come, they decide to provoke it themselves through crime. This behavior is due to the fact that they have a contained aggressiveness caused by their personal problems, but, instead of admitting their guilt or that of their family and correcting what is wrong, they prefer to accuse innocent people in order to turn their aggressiveness on them. This is the same as usual with those who adhere to extremist nationalist groups, terrorists or because they use politics as an excuse to take violence inside them, but the truth is that they do not attract politics but the violence. These people are evil and that is why they look for a way to commit crimes without being blamed, because a decent person, if he thinks something is wrong, uses the methods that the law offers to solve it instead of joining vulgar gangs of criminals.

In reality, all political groups have some reason, because the division of ideas by parties is something artificial that does not correspond to the truth since it is neutral to all of them. It is also true that many times governments favor the radicalization of nationalist groups when they do not treat all their autonomous communities or provinces equally, if they really want a country in peace it is necessary that they accept this truth, because it makes no sense to create rights to some who at the same time deny others on the basis of supposed historical rights, because in an evolved country the first thing is not history but justice and it is frequent that these supposed historical rights are used to cover up simple discrimination. In any case, no one has the right to use violence to defend political ideas and when that happens, the most common is that it is used to cover up their own evil.

Other people think that both good and evil are necessary but this is an error, because progress and coexistence are only possible when good is defended, because in reality evil is only the consequence of error, that is, the error of consider injustice as your reason for being rather than a simple exception. In reality, progress is only possible when the good is the main standard of conduct and those who do not understand it are condemned to a gray and antisocial life. These people think that evil is necessary because they confuse the poles of nature with good and evil, but they do not understand that the positive or negative poles or masculine and feminine are both benign and necessary but instead evil is not, because it is only the consequence of the error. It is true that evil is opposite to good, just as the positive pole is the opposite of the negative, but while the poles are benign and both are necessary, on the other hand, evil is opposite to good, but it is also the enemy of good unlike what it occurs with the poles of nature that act in a harmonious and benign association. This difference is due to the fact that evil is actually suffering that derives from error and ignorance and therefore is not necessary. The universe needs to regenerate and return to ignorance, but it does not need the evil that stems from error.

Evil represents a form of opposition different from that used by the poles of nature, because in this case good represents what is correct to do and, on the other hand, evil represents what, because it is wrong, should never be done, therefore, when the world ends its current process of evolution will disappear from the earth and the world will have peace and happiness forever because all citizens will be fair. This means that in the future polarities such as day and night, cold and heat, man and woman will continue to exist, but on the other hand, evil, even if it is opposed to good, will disappear, because being the consequence of the Ignorance and error makes no sense that it continues to exist in an evolved world. Because the simple fact that one thing is opposite to another, as occurs with polarities, is not a reason why it should be done, and in life there are many things that should not be done even as an exception, simply because they do not make sense.

The evil occurs as a consequence of what we could call a negative reward, that is, when a person commits a crime and is not punished or is punished in a mediocre way, then the offender thinks that his conduct is worthwhile because the reaction against it has been too simple compared to the seriousness of the crime committed, then he considers increasing the degree of violence in his next action, and if this time he is not punished either, he comes to believe he is more intelligent than the law and considers committing more serious crimes such as murder. In most cases, this behavior ends when they are arrested and sent to jail, and in those cases in which they are not discovered they also do not benefit, because their antisocial personality makes them incapable of living with anyone. Because despotic people it is as if they have a dry and brutalized soul that makes them unhappy, so they try to compensate by stealing from others or trying to get higher paying jobs. However, they are not able to understand that no matter how much money they get they can never be happy, because the cause of their ills is their petty behavior.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior usually begins when parents are too permissive with their children and allow evil to grow in them. This can also happen when two people live together, one of them very dominant and the other very permissive, then the dominant person, if he is evil, can try to occupy the space of the other by behaving like a dictator and if the permissive person does not stop that behavior From the beginning the evil of the dominant will increase and the situation may end tragically.

For this reason, it is necessary to consider justice as our reason for being and to seek happiness through the fruits that science, technology and peaceful life can offer. In addition, those who act with justice can increase their concentration and intellectual strength, by not having to worry about the consequences of their own actions, since they are based on good. At the end of progress, when the earth completes its process of evolution, evil will disappear, because it only appears when the mistake of considering injustice as the reason for being is made, this error causes the imbalance of the soul and with it suffering occurs, But, as the society of the future will know the truth, it will always live in balance and there will no longer be a place for error, then it will understand that only when justice is the axis of our being will peace be achieved that guarantees happiness until the end of time.


It is admirable that throughout the ages there have been so many people who have been excited about the progress of spirituality in the world, but it is also regrettable that there have been others interested only in power and money and who have used the philosophy to fool people. In this article I want to show my opinion about some books without going to assess whether their authors belong to one group or another, but because they give the spiritual world its rightful place, although that does not mean that they are necessarily right in everything that is exposed.


The great value that the author of this book places on spirituality is surprising. This can be deduced from observing how he tries to explain the process of evolution of the cosmos from a different approach than the classical materialist one. But in my opinion, all that enormous effort dedicated to that work is only a way of responding from a spiritual point of view to Darwin's theories, but done without adequate knowledge of science and the evolution of species. Because it seems excellent to me that it emphasizes the existence of other forces than the material ones in the conformation of species or the universe, but its great mistake is to submit to biblical writings taking them literally without understanding that sometimes they only represent symbolic facts or superstitions, and others arise from the memory that primitive but deformed and idealized peoples have of their history. For this reason, the great error of this book is to try to impose the biblical dogma on science, because a science without spirit is so despicable, as a religion without freedom of thought.

An ideal religion has to be flexible so that it can evolve and accept changes that make sense, but when someone tries to impose a literal or rigid model of an ancient writing, they show that they are not trying to find the truth, but to monopolize a totalitarian power, as is common in destructive cults. An example of this submission to the literal approach we have in how the creation of the different human races is presented in this book, when saying that a single couple had two children of each race, which is absurd, because even the most naive scientist knows that the differences in pigmentation are the result of adaptation to the climate of the different continents and not to a natural whim. Or when he proposes that spirits created human bodies from semitransparent forms, but without going through the phases of evolution from lower animal species. They thus intend to propose the existence of two parallel creations of the human being, one of animal origin and the other of divine origin, and all this in order not to question dogma. It is evident that when they pose that, it is because they do not understand that a man can be both animal and divine in origin, therefore, it is absurd to suggest that there are two simultaneous creations. In my opinion, the author of this book made up this story to justify the biblical quote suggesting that angels married human women, because he thought that then there would have to be two different human creations. This biblical quote arises from primitive mythology, in that mythology it is a question of suggesting that in the human being there are two parts, one material that corresponds to our body and the other divine that corresponds to our spirit, which is correct, but it arises from wrong way. The solution to this conflict between matter and spirit is to recognize that man does descend from animals, but it is not true that in the process of evolution only Darwin's theories have existed, because, for the development of each animal species The participation of the spirit is also necessary, which carries out this work and then reincarnates in them. In this book these things are suggested but not properly understood.

Another example of dogmatism is when it comes to resurrection machines, in this case the author again subjects the book to religious dogma, without being able to move towards a more evolved approach such as the reincarnation of spirits in a new body, and suggests the crazy idea in my opinion, to build machines so that, not the spirits, but the personalities of the dead are reincarnated in an artificial body, but only, if the leader in question gives their approval. It is evident that with this he intends to maintain the Christian myth copied from the Egyptians, which proposes the resurrection of the corpses, but, in this case, replaced by mechanical bodies. It does not seem impossible to me that a spirit can reincarnate and take control of a mechanical body, but it will always be better to do it in a human body since this planet has dedicated five billion years of biological evolution for that.

Another great mistake is to propose God as a great universal dictator, because it is true that in every organized system there must be mandatory laws and the universe is no exception, but, in this book, the use of the word is missed democracy, as regards the universal order. In my opinion, God cannot be an old bearded man on a cloud who spends his time giving orders, but rather that which is common to all beings in the cosmos, because in reality, we are all part of it. Because God addresses us but also comes out of us. A just universe is only possible if it is democratic and in this book that word is unknown. As I have said before, those religious leaders who emphasize the immovability of a religion, it is because deep down they expect the unconditional submission of their followers and that is not something divine but diabolical and more typical of evil beings than representatives of superior forces. Because justice does not have to be in contradiction with order, therefore, every law, whether human or universal, must be democratic and respect the right to be able to think and decide freely. That is why God is just, precisely because he is democratic. Despite this, it is admirable how the author tries to convince readers of the existence of a spiritual world beyond the material world, but his determination to submit the truth to religious dogma has deprived him of the possibility of making a book truly splendid.


This book by Elena Blavatsky seems like a tourist propaganda book about India more than an impartial philosophy book, because in each and every one of its pages it tries to show us the benefits of her ancient philosophy. But in my opinion, she forgets that science before flourishing in India did it in Mesopotamia thousands of years before, and it was not until the emigration of Aryan peoples from the West that culture reached its maximum expression in India. Although it is also true that later, some of the ideas that were developed in India returned to influence the West. Like the urantia book , this book has the merit of underlining the importance of the spiritual world and denounces the arrogant attitude of materialistic scientists, because it is true that spiritistic phenomena are in many real cases and not just the result of magic tricks , and even if there is evidence of this, classical science refuses to recognize it in an example of pride and sufficiency, because scientists in general refuse to accept everything that is beyond their control, such as the UFO phenomenon or the existence of spirits. But, in my opinion, the great mistake of Elena Blabatsky is to behave in the same way as the scientists she criticizes, because she shows the same stubbornness as they in stating that ancient philosophers knew as much or more knowledge than current scientists. With this behavior he tries to question his own evolution, because the logical thing is to consider that progress goes from the past to the future and not the other way around. It can be understood that she tries to underline the stubbornness of current scientists when they refuse to acknowledge the proofs of spiritual facts that ancient philosophers did acknowledge, but, it is a great mistake to claim that ancient philosophers or religious knew everything, only because in the development of spirituality and philosophy they had made important advances. It is also pathetic when he says that great scientific knowledge was kept secret in ancient temples, because it seems that he wants us to believe that something has to be important just because it is secret. It is true that throughout history there have been numerous persecutions for religious reasons and that has made it frequent that some beliefs have been hidden to avoid reprisals from political or religious leaders when different religions coexist in the same territory, but that does not it means that those beliefs are necessarily true. It is also common for some religious leaders to hide parts of their ideas out of simple arrogance, because they try to retain their followers by making them believe that when they reach the level necessary to access these " secret knowledge" they will find themselves at an intellectual level higher than the rest. However, these alleged knowledge, in most cases are nothing more than simple superstitions or half truths, although in this as in other things there may be exceptions.

It is also striking to see how much of the ancient myths are believed and it is not that I intend to deny that in those myths there is always a part of truth, but in its effort to literally believe those myths in the end it behaves like scientists those he criticizes, only in his case instead of rejecting everything, what he does is accept everything beyond a reasonable criterion. As when she says that the existence in America of beliefs common to other peoples of the world shows that there was a continent in the middle of the Atlantic that according to her served as a bridge before sinking. But, he was not able to deduce that if this knowledge existed there, it is because its first settlers passed through the Bering Strait from Asia during the last ice age 12,000 years ago. This glaciation created an ice bridge that held the Asian continent together with America for thousands of years, making the passage from one continent to another easy during that period. Although some settlers were also able to arrive from the Pacific islands by sea, taking into account that during the glaciation half the planet would be frozen and the sea level would be much lower than the current one, that means that the size of the islands would be greater and consequently the separation between them less.

Another mistake he makes is to relate everything to morality, as for example when he relates the legends about the flood in which he speaks of a supposed divine punishment as a cause, but he does not understand that these legends were a consequence of the increase in rains and the I retreated from the coasts when the last ice age ended.

It is also surprising as it underlines the selfish and manipulative attitude that is prevalent in the power organs of contemporary religions, but at the same time it only has praise for ancient religious, especially Buddhists. Do you think that in the past there were no deceptions and manipulations by religious organizations such as those that occur today? Because if you think that, you prove to be very naive.

With regard to the alleged powers that she attributes to the fakirs of India or the Buddhist priests of Tibet, it must be said that in some cases they are most likely due to simple magic tricks, and in others to the collaboration of the spirits of the dead, be they evil or benign.

However, it must be recognized in his favor that his interest in learning about ancient religious beliefs and rituals is admirable, or how he tried to demonstrate the contradictions of materialistic scientists determined to deny the reality of the spiritual world, but it is difficult to know, if what she wanted was to promote knowledge or rather to show herself as a kind of ambassador of that supposed knowledge from India and with it hope for public recognition. Even so, I consider it advisable to read this book for those who want to have a different version of reality from the official one.

Also interesting is the research he did to demonstrate how the Catholic Church appropriated the symbols of other religions and then added them to its own and once this was done it tried to destroy them to hide the fact. It is also interesting to observe how he continually resorts to defending his ideas with quotes from others, what is not very clear is whether he does it to demonstrate his claims or because he tries to rely on them, taking into account that at that time most writers were mens.

In my opinion, she shows so much devotion to India that when it comes to biblical facts it seems that instead of investigating what she is trying to do is to discredit the Bible in order to justify her interest in Indian philosophy. With that attitude, he questions the objectivity of his conclusions. Like when he suggests that the Egyptians or the Hebrews came from India, which is in contradiction with most of the historical evidence.

It cannot be denied that his research on ancient books and beliefs is useful to those who research history, because it provides a lot of interesting data, but his excessive effort to propose Indian philosophy as the only universal truth limits considerably the usefulness of his research. For this reason, the phrase "sometimes the trees do not let us see the forest" is perfectly applicable to him, because by believing in such a blind way in ancient myths, or putting India as the only focus of culture, in the end it ends losing perspective of reality.

It is possible that all this is due to the fact that he could try to use Indian philosophy as an excuse to gain prominence in the West, because first he exaggerates the benefits of this philosophy, then he tries to show the defects of the Bible or Christianity, and then it shows itself and its supposed knowledge as the solution that can free us from our ignorance. In other words, although her interest in this philosophy cannot be denied, it is also true that behind all this could hide a desire for power, let's not forget that she participated in the founding of the New York theosophical society.

It is true that the great merit of ancient philosophers or religious was to have an open mind when it came to the world of the paranormal, but, like contemporary men, they were also influenced by ignorance and superstition. Unfortunately, today's scientists have more knowledge, but it is precisely for this reason that they have become more arrogant and less predisposed to admit everything that is beyond their sphere of influence.

Another mistake that in my opinion Elena Blabatsky made, like other followers of the metaphysical, was to propose that the stay of the spirit in the human form would only be temporary, supposedly until reaching higher levels of spiritual evolution. This error is the consequence of equating the ugliness and backwardness of human society with our material body, but it is forgotten that the human body is in its essence perfect, except in those cases in which diseases do not allow it to be seen. This means that it is not the human body, but the human civilization that is backward and should change, therefore, when this process of evolution achieves that the level of technology reaches the same evolutionary level that our body already has, then the world will reach perfection. Because happiness is not achieved by abandoning the material world, but by making human life in line with spiritual values. When that happens, spirits will be able to reincarnate in this world and be happy until the end of time, because this is the true reason for all natural evolution. In my opinion, she underestimates human life, because she does not understand that this body that we now have from birth is not something that arises out of nowhere, because the world has needed many millions of years of biological evolution to be able to have it and therefore, it is reasonable to think that its use should not be limited to being something temporary, because the human body is not a means but an end in itself to achieve happiness.

What does not make sense is to believe in a spiritual life, but imitating human life in everything, which is what those who believe in these hypotheses propose, because it will always be better to have a real human body rather than an imitation one. Because in reality the spirit is nothing more than a simple sphere of energy that is housed in the brain when reincarnation occurs, but it takes the form of a ghost or phantom because in that way the passage from a life to life is less traumatic other. Therefore, it does not make sense to pose it as a final form of life, since that spectrum is a simple imitation of the real human form. Therefore, the solution to evolve is not to abandon the human form to live in the spiritual world, but to make human life in line with spiritual values. Energy without matter or matter without energy cannot generate force by themselves, only when they are properly combined do they do so, this means that to be happy it is necessary that matter and spirit participate in the same proportion.

It is surprising how some ancient philosophers managed to achieve a high degree in the metaphysical understanding of the universe without having complex technical devices, however, this was possible because they had the most complex device that nature could create, which is the human brain. Because, in order to meditate, a philosopher only needs tranquility and meditation as tools, since his research is based on looking for those universal truths that always exist, and therefore are the same in all times and places. But, sadly, many of his discoveries ended up being ignored because of the mental confusion caused by ignorance and superstition in society. Because it is one thing for them to be able to see the light and quite another to get others to understand them when they try to explain what they have discovered.

There is no denying the great research work carried out by Elena Blabatski to unravel the origin of religions and the connections they have with each other. We must also recognize its value in terms of considering it perfectly plausible that religious or ancient mediums had contacts with spiritual entities, however, it is regrettable that this audacity did not also include the possibility of contact with beings from other worlds, since Everything seems to indicate that they have been among us for a long time.


A primitive spirit runs a greater risk than an evolved one of falling into evil due to its ignorance, but the fact of being primitive does not imply that this is its natural state. Because ultimately, evil is nothing other than an imbalance of moral behavior that occurs when someone makes the mistake of assuming injustice as the main behavior, this makes him unhappy and consequently sooner or later he must return to good. This means that it is possible for a spirit to go through a process of degeneration and recovery of balance several times during its different reincarnations. This can also happen with civilizations, because in periods of economic prosperity, vanity tends to grow, which in turn unleashes economic mismanagement that leads to the collapse of the system, then the population must regain moral values and good management if they want to return to progress. The fact that a person is unbalanced in his moral conduct is sometimes favored by too consensual treatment on the part of the parents and other times it is simply due to his own ignorance. A genetic failure or a disease can also favor someone to have an aggressive personality or an excess of character, but this, in no case forces them to be evil, in any case, only when you return to balance is it possible to be happy. During each new reincarnation the spirits accumulate experiences in their spiritual memory, but these memories do not interfere with human memory so as not to damage each plane. This means that when a spirit is reincarnated the memories of previous lives are saved and are only recalled during the period before and after each reincarnation. What instead is remembered are the spiritual qualities that contribute to the progress of your intelligence. It can also happen that a person is evil and at the same time intelligent, this is because the final intelligence is the sum of the qualities of the spirit, the acquired culture and the quality of the body in which one is reincarnated.

Each time a spirit begins a new stage in a more evolved body it becomes more vulnerable to the attack of evil, that is to say that each time a spirit changes from an animal form in which it reincarnates to occupy a more evolved one, it becomes vulnerable to the Ignorance by not knowing the proper handling of this new form, and then the mental confusion that ignorance generates makes it more exposed to the attack of evil because evil depends on ignorance. At present, most of the human beings that populate the earth have little evolved spirits due to the great demographic expansion of the last centuries, this means that most of the spirits that today inhabit the human species have just arrived from animal species lower and due to their poor knowledge of the human form are more exposed to confusion and error and therefore to the evil that derives from them. For this reason, there are people who have a perfect body but intellectually they seem quite below what would be expected, that is to say that the evolutionary quality of the spirits is inferior to the quality of the bodies they handle. These spirits are, on the one hand, superior, because they have contributed to building the bodies in which they are later reincarnated, but at the same time they are inferior, because the human species is new to them as they proceed from animal species and consequently their difficulty in understanding their handling encourages them to make mistakes. In addition, it must be taken into account that since human society is immersed in a process of evolution there are many things that still remain to be learned, this means that the backwardness of the spirit is added to the backwardness of human culture.

This is taken advantage of by all kinds of social parasites that try by all means to seize the media to control the human mind. This is the reason for the tough confrontations between political parties, or the great proliferation of religious organizations and destructive sects. People generally do not want to seek the truth out of simple laziness or lack of time, therefore, they assume the postulates of political parties or religious organizations, but these organizations do not seek the good of humanity but their own interest, because evil spirits feel unhappy because of their antisocial behavior and mistakenly believe that through power or money they will be able to solve that inner emptiness they have, that is why they fight to get those more paid positions. The population should tell politicians that if they really defend democracy, they should show it by handing over the decision of each law to the people. And they should tell religious organizations that if they truly defend justice, they should show it by ceasing to hide behind the dogmas or idols of saints and virgins, and give citizens back their right to think freely and without coercion.

Spiritual and material progress are two different forms of evolution, this means that the fact of falling into evil does not imply that it is necessary to live again in animal forms as some think, because although their moral behavior is wrong, that does not prevent that he has reached the evolutionary level necessary to be able to live as a human being. Because the logical thing is that if a spirit has degenerated living as a man, then also as a man it must return to the correct path. Most of the spirits that currently inhabit the human species are primitive due to the great demographic expansion of recent times, that means that if these spirits had to abandon the human form every time they make a moral mistake to reincarnate again As animals, then there would be no other spirits that could take their place and then couples could not conceive, because for a child to be born it is necessary for a spirit to be reincarnated in its body, and on earth only a small part of the spirits Humans can be considered veterans in this way. Nor would it be reasonable that an evolved spirit split into two to solve the problem, because then the spirits who are now reincarnated as animals or plants lose their just right to ascend and reencar Narse as people. In the future, when technology completes the process of evolution and humanity becomes an adult society in the cosmos, the intellectual backwardness of the newly arrived spirits can be compensated by the high level of science, which will compensate for their ignorance.

Another problem for the development of the intellect is death. This is necessary to be able to apply genetic advances in our new bodies and also for the spirit to forget its previous mistakes and it is easier to be born again without prejudice from other lives, however, the fact of losing our memories is also taken advantage of by the speculators to try to use that ignorance for their own benefit, which is why politicians and religious organizations show so much interest in controlling the education of children. To have a good education in schools, it is essential to include moral teaching among its subjects, this education must be done rejecting dogma so that it is possible to unite science and religion. Religion must be based on truth and freedom of thought because religious organizations use dogma to manipulate people into their interests.

It is necessary to put an end to religious dogmas and promote freedom of opinion, so that everyone can contribute to improving ideas and philosophy. We must end the infallibility of religious leaders, which is nothing more than a mockery of the truth. We must finally end the monopoly of the truth, so that no one can claim to possess it ahead of others. Because science and religion cannot come together until society rejects the dogma that acts as a brake on scientific progress. It is good to have faith, because faith means to believe in what is considered reasonable, but dogma is based on trying to impose ideas by force, denying others the right to think differently. In other words, dogma is used as a means to obstruct the right of citizens to contribute to the progress of religion by contributing their ideas and changing what is proven wrong. This is an act of great frivolity on the part of religious organizations, which try to root for their prejudices and have a monopoly on the truth, and from there create a parallel government and obtain power and money with it. Therefore, it would be best if all religious organizations disappeared from the earth and religion, already in line with science, was taught in all educational centers.

The death of the body also means the disappearance of most of the knowledge acquired in that life, however, the most fundamental are preserved in spiritual memory, and even if we do not realize it, these knowledge will also participate in the definition of our personality in future lives. Although with death generic scientific knowledge is lost, it is not important either, because this knowledge is transmitted by human science from generation to generation and can be learned during the first years of life, in addition, when the world finishes its evolution, both knowledge present in the spirit as those transmitted by science will reach their fullness and at that moment the world will have reached perfection.

Although it is true that the technological and biological progress of the human being are quite related, however, at this time the evolutionary level of our body has practically reached perfection, but only in those people who carry the best genes and free of genetic diseases, Because while the body has been evolving for 4.5 billion years, human technology has only been doing it for a few thousand. For this process of physical evolution to be possible, it is necessary that the spirit intervenes in the same proportion as the natural selection proposed by Charles Darwin. This means that once the rapid process of technological evolution that occurs today ends and the physical and technical level of humanity are equal, then it can be said that the complete realization of the human being will have ended. This is so, because progress is the sum of three forms of progress, the physical, the technological and the spiritual.


Every time our spirit reincarnates it has the possibility of doing it in a better body, because due to natural selection the body that we use and that we could also call a biological machine evolves little by little. The normal thing is that with each new reincarnation the spirit forgets the simple memories acquired in its previous life, but nevertheless conserves the summary of the most important memories that are necessary to evolve, these memories are temporarily deactivated during human life but continue to act on us in the form of skills that make us better, these skills are the product of all previous experience. These skills are not memories of concrete events, but they make us smarter because they are the consequence of having a more evolved spirit. However, after the body dies, the spirit regains its full potential and its memories of other lives, but only when it manages to detach itself from the personality acquired in the last reincarnation, this is necessary to ascend in the spiritual plane.

Through sexual reproduction, human beings can share the genetic advances that each individual acquires. That is to say that if an individual achieves a small advance through a genetic mutation, or the work of our spirit, when he has offspring that superior gene passes to them and because the best genes have a better chance of surviving than the worst ones, with the time, that better gene ends up spreading until it becomes common to all. It could be said then that in each individual a substitution process is produced incessantly by which the most primitive genes are replaced by more evolved ones, this is the reason why there are currently people whose physical features seem more typical of the age of stone that of the time in which we live characterized by a hairy body, prominent jaws and excess of character.

The truth is that every time we logically choose the couple that we like the most, we do so from among the most evolved specimens, in this way and without realizing it, we encourage our children to acquire the best genes, with this system the primitive genes that still exist will go decreasing little by little until there comes a time when they disappear completely. This process of genetic substitution also occurs with species, in fact, the main reason why homo sapiens spread across Europe was simply that the temperate climate in which it had developed for thousands of years in Mesopotamia became common on the European continent and consequently that place became suitable for them.

The planet Earth had been subjected to an ice age for thousands of years that only allowed an ideal climate in the southernmost lands, that is the reason that it was in Mesopotamia where civilization began. For this reason, when the glaciation ended, Homo sapiens spread northward, replacing the humans present there less adapted to the mild climate that was arriving. It is reasonable to think that there were also cases of crossing between the two species, but as in the end what counts is the predominance of the best adapted genes, it was those of homo sapiens that predominated, although due to the crosses this process of substitution probably still continue today. It is also possible that during the glacial period blacks did not exist or did exist in the most equatorial regions of the planet, being the only sit i will warm that opened across the Earth. This means that the first settlers to arrive in Europe after the ice age may have been white, contrary to what is now thought. Homo sapiens was able to overtake other species in its evolutionary process because during the ice age, racial or technological progress was only possible in those lands that maintained a better climate. Unlike Mesopotamia, in the territories that were frozen the number of inhabitants was very small, which made progress difficult both in technological and racial terms, because where there is a better climate there are also better crops and more people which determines that the possibilities of progress and of sharing knowledge are greater.

The process of evolution of spirits is forward never backward, because it does not make sense to mix physical and spiritual evolution, therefore, when a spirit degenerates spiritually the consequences are also in that plane, but it does not have to imply that he has to reincarnate in lower animal species. A man must be punished for his mistakes on the human plane and it makes no sense to think that the solution is to reincarnate as an animal again, because if he acquired the qualities to live as a human it is because he is prepared for it.

At present, it could be said that most spirits are young, that is, they have only been in human life for a short time. This is because the spirits first exist in mineral form at that time are as energy spheres but with some stuff, then with struyen bodies to reincarnate it and pass the plant form, then we make the way animal and finally wait for a chance to reincarnate in human form. But for thousands of years the human beings that have existed on earth have been very few, for that reason, due to the great demographic expansion of the present time most of the people have primitive spirits because they have lived as animals in their previous reincarnation. For this reason, today there are people who have perfect bodies but inhabited by mediocre spirits. To give a similar example, it is as if a young man who has just obtained a driving license is given a racing car, this causes the quality of the device he drives to be higher than his experience. This situation will end when young spirits are adapting to their new situation and when man overcomes his fear of accepting that an immortal spirit dwells within his body.

Although reincarnation serves to provide us with a new existence as if it were the first, however, it has the drawback of being associated with forgetting the events experienced in the previous one, except for the qualities that persist in the spirit. This implies that those who handle the collective knowledge that is taught to children in schools may be tempted to manipulate that information to divert them from the correct path and turn them into simple automatons at their service, for this reason, intelligent children tend to reject educational systems that rely too much on memorizing what they are told without leaving any margin for the development of their own personality. The normal thing is that these children end up losing interest in studies and seek the culture they need by other means. In this situation, those children with a memory capacity greater than normal are unfairly considered gifted, because they learn quickly what they are taught, but the educators do not understand that in this way they are not creating adult men but automata. Nor do they understand that if children limit themselves to memorizing what they are told, they will have the personality that is expected of them and not that derived from their own self-realization, which is precisely what authentic intelligent children seek.

Because what a child needs is to learn slowly, to have time to assimilate things according to their own personality and also learn to differentiate appearances from reality. In this way an intelligent child will take longer to learn than a child with excessive memory, but the conclusion of this process is that in the end the intelligent child will have learned to understand the deep essence of things, while the misnamed gifted child will have learned just the generic and predictable concepts of the world. For this reason, it would be best if the compulsory education taught until they came of age were very flexible, precisely because it was compulsory, focusing only on teaching the most essential aspects, but leaving enough room for children to explore other aspects of life, therefore, it is essential that the time spent in classes each day is not too long. In other words, education to be effective must be inversely proportional to its obligation, that is, the higher the obligation, the lower the requirement and the lower the obligation, the greater the requirement, because it can only be demanding with the studies that we voluntarily choose.

It is evident that the process of death and reincarnation is useful to renew our body and allow its improvement, and it also serves for our spirit to relive the events of life as if they were the first, but the inconvenience of forgetting is that when losing Most of the knowledge acquired in the previous reincarnation we become vulnerable to speculators of information. In other words, both political leaders and religious organizations will try to control the media so that learning is conditioned by their interests. Therefore, it is essential to always preserve our mental freedom no matter how much they try to deny us that right. In addition, society should demand that all religious organizations are self-financing, because as private organizations that they are, their followers should be the ones who pay their expenses and not live at the expense of public budgets as is now the case in many countries.

It is also important to say that reincarnation is not only a means of action for the spirit but also an end in itself, because the spiritual world is abundant in energy but deficient in matter and to reach the maximum of happiness or fulfillment it is necessary that it exist an adequate balance between the two dimensional planes, therefore, the spirit needs to build a material body to serve as a means to express itself in matter. In this way, the human body is the ideal design for the spirit to feel represented in the material environment and the reason for this is that when reincarnated in matter, the sensations felt by the spirit are more intense than if it lived alone in a world spiritual. Because the spiritual world is mostly energy, but it needs to combine with matter to be balanced. In other words, what an evolved spirit needs is not to renounce human life, but to make this life in line with spiritual values and be maintained in this way through successive reincarnations until the end of the cosmic cycle. But we must not forget, that living in the spiritual world is also necessary, but only temporarily until the time for a new reincarnation arrives. This transitional period, the spirit uses to decide which ex perience should retain it for future reincarnations and what should be forgotten, because only the most valuable events are remembered. It also serves to carry out the genetic modifications that are considered appropriate to be made in the bodies in which they are going to be reincarnated, because the so-called natural selection only intervenes in fifty percent of genetic mutations, the other fifty percent are carried out by spirits according to your own preferences and discoveries. These qualities of the spirit are only remembered after the body dies, in order to avoid interfering with the two planes of existence. After death, the spirits must ascend into the spirit world to prepare for their next reincarnation instead of staying in the dwellings where they lived trying to steal the body from the living, because the true way to obtain a new body is to move forward in the spirit world to complete the necessary phases until the time of a new reincarnation arrives. But those who, before dying, refused to accept life after death or reincarnation, when it occurs they feel confused and do not know what to do in the new situation, that is why, sometimes, they try to return to human life for the wrong way to try to steal someone's body. After the death of the body, the spirits begin a different but temporary stage, in which they work to apply those genetic modifications that they consider according to their memories that their bodies may need to live better. Most spirits dedicate only the equivalent of fifteen percent of a human life at most to this, but those spirits who have been designated for the function of coordinating and studying genetic enhancement can dedicate the equivalent of a whole human life before to reincarnate again. The decision of who has to dedicate himself to this task does not depend on an arbitrary decision but is rotational, because we must not forget that although we do not remember during our lives there is another greater life that is the life of the spirit and in the same way that during In life we are learning experiences and performing different functions after we die, we change phase and the memories of spiritual life are activated. In this genetic improvement function, each spirit only takes care of a small part of the work in a specialized way, so that it is possible to quickly achieve a better result. This task would be carried out for the most part by the most evolved spirits, that is, by those who have reincarnated first in each species and consequently have more experience in it. In the case of the human species, they would be those who began to live as men in prehistoric times. These evolved spirits would also have been responsible for the main scientific advances of humanity.

Once the human species completes its evolution, it will no longer be necessary to apply new genetic changes and the time spent in the spiritual world between each reincarnation may be shorter. During life we cannot remember this knowledge because otherwise the correct process of evolution of human science would be disturbed. It is as if in each person two personalities existed at the same time, one the human and ignorant personality and the other the more cultured spiritual personality that is only activated after death. But, as the human dimension is different from the spiritual one, it is necessary that this progress be made by its own means and without external interference until it equals spiritual knowledge over time. Not only is it important to reach the goal, it is also important to walk the path with patience, because sometimes the realization of a project is more exciting than the project already carried out. It is evident that when man completes his evolution he will be happier and will be able to avoid everything that made him suffer during his evolution, such as climatic disasters, but everything has to come in time without excessively precipitating events. For this reason, the evolved spirits or extraterrestrial beings that may be on our planet can help, but without this implying a direct interference in the process of human evolution. However, accidents sometimes occur during the reincarnation process that prevent the door that closes the two dimensions from being completely closed, this happens especially in childhood, but when it continues until adulthood, the so-called phenomena of clairvoyance or the cases of people who can remember their previous life. Clairvoyance is a special state of mind that allows people who possess it to rise above matter and see beyond, because the spiritual world is less dense than the material. This quality can be achieved through spiritual progress, because advanced beings know that we must give the spiritual world the same value that we give the material. But it can also occur as a consequence of an anomaly or an accident that causes the spirit to be little subject to the body, this can produce some inconveniences for the normal development of life, but it also allows to have a vision of things in life with a depth that can only be reached in a spiritual state. It could be said then that clairvoyance is a form of intuition, but focused differently from how it is normally expressed.

It can also happen that a person with sensitivity or clairvoyance sees things or people they do not know when touching an object that belonged to those people, in this case, in the development of these visions, spirits do not intervene because what is seen are past events due to that the object acts as a link. This is possible, because when a person lives with an object, he transmits hidden qualities that remain and that a seer can notice. When this person with clairvoyance touches these objects, his mind generates sounds or images that reconstruct the events in which the person who used these objects was present as if it were a film recording. An event with a great emotional charge can also cause an occasional clairvoyance to people who normally do not have that quality, this clairvoyance would be triggered at the moment in which these people touch the objects related to that event.

The spiritual world is more difficult to understand than the material world, among other reasons because matter weighs more than spirit, which determines that spiritual things remain separate and elevated on a different plane with respect to the material world, even though they are perfectly coordinated, but, since from the moment we are born everything that surrounds us is matter, many come to believe that it is the only thing there is, they do not understand that within each person there is a spirit and for that reason, they come to believe that their spirit is her body. They do not understand that it is just the other way around, because in reality, everything is spirit and everything has eternal life, because the matter of our body is part of that great being that is planet earth or the universe. This being is also a spirit, but it is not reincarnated in another body, because the matter of the earth is its spirit and its body at the same time, however, we perceive it easily because the matter that forms it is so condensed that people think it is just inanimate matter, but in reality, it is a great condensed spirit as alive and conscious as we are. This is due to the spirit of a person remains almost immaterial and a den very low sity to reincarnate is a body formed with stuff that gives us this great spirit. In this way, by uniting the energy of our spirit with the matter of our body, the necessary balance is generated to be happy. Therefore, one day, in a future universe, we will be able to return to this being the favor that he does us in the present, and then we will be the ones who take care of coordinating the universe as he does now, when that happens, he will be able to reincarnate as a man and live the life that we have now. This is so, because in the universe all spirits are the same in their essence and all have eternal life, this means that during successive cosmic cycles we will all have to go through all possible situations, one day we will be up and another we will be down, One day we will be great and another we will be small, so we must be humble and never allow vanity to dominate us. Man will only be perfect when he accepts that spiritual values have to be at the same level as matter, because, although spirit is not visible because it is more subtle, it nevertheless has the same importance as matter in the development of life and happiness.


Existence and nonexistence or matter and emptiness are two aspects of the same thing and they must always exist because nothing can arise from nothing and what exists cannot cease to exist either because it is not possible that in the universe there is only matter or just empty. This means that the life that exists now is because it has always existed and the life that does not exist now cannot exist in the future either, because life, like matter, is not created or destroyed, it only transforms and is always the same, the Life is matter and matter is life. The only thing that is born or dies is the way in which life manifests itself, because time is based on the continuous change of forms but using the same life and the same matter. In other words, the life that does not exist cannot exist either and the life that exists cannot cease to exist either, what we call death or birth only refers to the cycles and changes of the ways in which life is shown and that they give place at time.

This means that in reality there are two beginnings in the universe, but only one is in time, the first is that of forms, which is done within time by renewing and changing the aspect of matter cyclically according to a harmonic process and it begins again every time time repeats itself, and another is the beginning of life, which is done outside of time in the dimension of logic, that is to say that the only thing that has a date to be born or die are the forms that it uses matter to manifest itself, but not the life of matter that builds those forms, because life and matter are the same thing and exist indefinitely outside of time. For this reason, you can try to explain why life or matter exists, but it is a mistake to look for their origin in time, because they never began in time but only in logic, that is why they are eternal.

Existence and time form a cross, in that cross the horizontal line represents time and the vertical line represents existence, this means that the creation of forms is subject to time and they are born and die cyclically, but instead, the life that intervenes in the creation of these forms is eternal, because it is outside of time on the plane of existence. Therefore, the concept of creation can only be applied to forms but not to the life that contains those forms because it is eternal and is outside of time.

Nothingness cannot exist by itself but only as a reflection of matter, this means that both have always existed. It is not possible that there has been a moment in which only nothingness has existed, because its existence can only be proven as a reflection of that something that matter represents, therefore, both must have always existed outside of the beginning cycles and final that represents time. The very word exist nothingness is a contradiction, since if there were only nothing, the word existence could not be used, because nothing is the opposite of existence, therefore, matter and nothing have always existed because they need each other to define what is existence or nonexistence. Nothingness, nonexistence and emptiness are the same, but considering the free emptiness of any material particle, in the same way life, existence or matter are also the same, as an opposite expression of the above.

The particles of the universe can come together to form a single one that is the minimum necessary to justify the existence of matter or a vacuum, but a particle of matter cannot cease to exist because there is no mechanism that makes it possible since matter and The vacuum is two parts of the same thing, therefore, it can only disappear by merging with another particle or dividing into others, but, in this case, neither the matter nor the life of the particle disappears, only the shape it had. All this means that to find the origin of life it is necessary to look for it in logic and not in time, because life from the point of view of time has always existed because the same time begins again when it ends. If, according to this, life is neither created nor destroyed, then we can only explain its origin by trying to understand its nature but not looking for that origin in time.

It can be said then that the universe has never been created if we refer to the matter or the life that contains that matter, but it has been created if we refer to the shape of the universe, because that continuous and harmonic change of matter constantly creating new forms is what time represents.

Existence or non-existence is within us continuously, because when we sleep we enter the plane of non-existence although our life continues to exist, the same happens when the body dies, because the form dies, but our life remains in the spirit. But there are many more ways to see the relationship between existence and nonexistence such as the sexes, rest or musical notes, because the silence between the notes represents the nonexistence and the crest of sound represents existence. This means that it is not possible to create sound without also using silence and it also shows that existence and non-existence are within us continuously, that is why it makes no sense to seek a beginning in time for our life because that life contains existence and nonexistence in equal parts and cannot exist separately, that is why they are eternal.

All things that exist in the universe and have life are eternal because they contain within them existence and nonexistence equally and cannot exist separately, therefore, the beginning of life can only be found in the plane of logic but not in time. Instead, time represents the wheel of repetitions that matter uses to seek its happiness through the creation and destruction of forms, and when that process ends then time will begin again. Also in this you can find multiple examples of this cyclical nature of the cosmos such as the continuous repetition of days or years, and all this will end with the repetition of the same universe.


At present, we live in a time of scientific materialism by which it is intended to deny the existence of the spirit, this is due to the existence in modern man of a mixture between arrogance and fear. Arrogance, due to the "high" level currently achieved in the material science aspect that leads scientists to reject everything that is beyond their scope. This inability to fully cover the so-called paranormal aspects, makes them react with a certain contempt as if because they no longer want to see it, that is why it does not exist. A certain fear is also produced in them, because by not wanting to accept that there are things in nature that cannot be measured or weighed, every time they are faced with one of these phenomena they generate anxiety that makes them flee from it instead to face it with courage, they act like that, simply because they do not want to change their attitude. They say they are not biased, but biases are more widespread than you think, and scientists often simply do not want to investigate issues that go against officially established truths. Sometimes they look for evidence to prove things wrong and end up elevating theories to the category of evidence. This can happen when what they have learned in college is in contradiction with the new discoveries, especially when they enter the field of the paranormal, then they simply ignore it for fear of being ridiculed by those who wait for any opportunity to get noticed by making fun of his colleagues. Because what bothers scientists the most is not being able to determine all aspects of a thing and when that happens they prefer to say that it does not exist.

We have an example in the UFO phenomenon, because at present there are already many tests that demonstrate its existence, although the reason that causes it cannot be demonstrated with certainty. But there are already thousands of testimonies that exist at this time from people with total credibility, as is the case of many professional pilots, however, the attitude of official science is to continue ignoring the fact until a flying saucer decides to land in the middle of a university, that is not science but hypocrisy.

Another is the case of spiritualistic phenomena, because there are already many proven examples of their authenticity, regardless of the fact that there are also many cases of fraud. But it is not fair, to consider all cases as fraud, just because there are deceptions. There is also evidence of strange events in haunted houses or exorcism cases that official science does not want to address either. Or the case of the seers who have provided important evidence to solve crimes in close collaboration with the police, where are those who call themselves "scientists" to recognize the merit of these people? Why don't they interview these psychics in universities to explain how they solved the cases, or the pilots who have seen UFOs to study the photographic or radar evidence that they can provide? Because they use science to hide their cowardice.

In the past, it was common to accept the afterlife among primitive peoples and although it is true that the knowledge they had of the world was scarce, however, that does not mean that they did not have their successes and errors like current scientists. Because to find proof of the eternal life of the spirit it is enough to use logic. Materialistic people say that there is only one life that is the present, because they link their life with their body, but if they lose a hand, do they lose their life? Not true, because if you lose a hand you have fewer parts of the body but not for that reason you have less life, because the parts of the body do not determine what life is but only serve it, in the same way if they lose their body, then they lose life of that body, but not the life of its spirit, because that body, like the hand, is only a complement of the spirit.

They say that there cannot be life after the death of the body because after death the consciousness will disappear and only nothing will exist, but that reasoning is absurd, because if life cannot be created from nothing then it would not make sense for them to live in this moment, because before they were born if the matter of their body existed, but they did not exist as people nor were they aware of their own existence, if before the birth of their body they had no consciousness or life because for them there was only the nothing, so by their own argument they shouldn't have it now either. In other words, the situation they pose would be the same before birth and after death, which is a contradiction. They link the idea of life to the existence of their body but, if before being born they did not exist as individual consciousness then the simple fact that a body is created should not make it possible for that body to have consciousness of itself, they would have created a form human yes, but a form without life or individual consciousness. Furthermore, if according to these arguments they obtained their life from nothing by uniting the matter of their body, then how can they affirm that the same thing cannot be repeated again and have life again? The explanation for all this is that if at this moment we have life and consciousness, it is because in reality we have always had it and the fact that our life is linked to our body at this moment is only a circumstantial fact, because life just as energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed. This is so, because in reality our body is only a form that our spirit uses as a means of manifestation in matter, but it is not the body that contains the life and consciousness of our soul, but the eternal spirit that it carries in its inside.

Life, understood as feeling and consciousness and not as a simple sum of organic particles, cannot have a beginning and therefore cannot have an end, because life cannot emerge from nothing, rather on the contrary nothing and life or matter and emptiness have always existed because they are two poles of the same thing and one cannot exist without the other, and when time ends everything will start over from the beginning. Time can change the forms of matter, but the life present in matter is energy that exists indefinitely outside of time and space.

Unfortunately, the fact that official science does not want to address all these issues, even though there is much evidence to prove it, is a clearly anti-scientific attitude, but posed as scientific.


The great problem of metaphysical deduction is the great difficulty it has to see the bottom of things beyond their superficial part, this could be compared to storm clouds when they only reveal a small clearing of blue sky at the end. This forces those who work in metaphysics to constantly repeat the study of the same subject in the hope of achieving full clarification of each subject. The constant interferences of life act in the philosopher like that storm cloud obscuring the vision of the end, for this reason, philosophers are as if they were travelers of the mind who try to fly with their thought towards the essential key of things. When we meditate, we bring out the part of God that we carry within and then we can shape the world around us, and then we become participants in that great work that is the universe. Because in reality, all beings have eternal life in their essential spirit, this means that since the beginning of time we are all contributing to that progress, the fact that we cannot remember it is simply because nature has foreseen that at the moment of reincarnation those memories are temporarily forgotten so as not to interfere with the new plane that is human life. This means that we actually live two lives simultaneously even though the period of stay in the spirit world is shorter in most cases than the time spent in human form. This is so, because it is necessary to dedicate some time while we are in the spiritual world to apply the genetic improvements that from that plane it is possible to make in the bodies in which we are going to reincarnate. Spiritual life is longer than human life, or in other words, the memories we have when we are on that plane are the summary of all previous lives and will last for the duration of the cosmic cycle. When the current cosmic cycle ends, the universe will start over again and we with it because all beings have eternal life.

This means that the period between two reincarnations has two uses, on the one hand it serves to assess the experience learned in our previous reincarnation and preserve it in our spirit, and on the other, to apply the genetic improvements that from that plane were possible to do. This period of time is not greater than 15% of what an average human life lasts in most cases, because it is dedicated only to making secondary adjustments to be applied in the next life.

The days of intense sun can also be a brake on meditative activity, because from a metaphysical point of view the sun is masculine but the philosophy is feminine, this means that to meditate on rainy days, or with clouds and sun to equal parts. The sun gives joy to life and is ideal to make the dreams we have, but the rain is ideal to meditate and plan those dreams. The sun is physical, the rain is mental, the sun is material and the spiritual rain, the sun is sensation and the rain is reflection, therefore, the aggressive projection of energy that exists on sunny days is like a scream that attenuates the spiritual emotions that require sensitivity and silence to arise. But, as important are the values that the sun represents as those that the rain represents to achieve happiness.

The key for a philosopher to understand the universe is that it is limited, that is, it is like an onion that has its basic concepts gathered in its center and as one ascends to a higher level the same concepts become less generic and consequently more complex and specialized, that means, that a philosopher could come to understand very well the basic metaphysical aspects of the universe, but instead the smallest physical details could only be clarified by means of laboratory work. It is also essential to help you in that understanding to know that the essential truths are constant and eternal regardless of the time in which you live, this means that if a philosopher is intelligent enough and has the necessary time to investigate, he can understand all those essential truths. Another fundamental attitude to find the truth consists of trying to understand the essence of the universe without being dominated by the beliefs or superstitions that may surround us, that is to say that in order to progress, logic and the capacity of observation must be used more without discarding any hypothesis since the beginning. Because many human beliefs are based on error and ignorance, this means that to find the light you have to go towards the light yourself. Because when a political or religious power relies on erroneous beliefs, those who benefit from that power tend to reject any change in those beliefs for fear of losing their privileged position, this is how religious or political dogmas begin.

When a philosopher is ahead of his time he is left alone, because the people around him do not understand him, it is not that he is the only being in the universe who thinks this way, it is that by being ahead of his time, his true people no longer It belongs to this world, but is in those worlds that have already reached that level, this is the reason why Jesus said that his kingdom is not of this world. In the end, the philosopher tends to withdraw from this world, but not out of contempt for those around him, but because the only way he has to feel close to his own is by thinking of that ideal world with which he feels identified. However, they can always try to take advantage of this knowledge to teach others the way forward and thus favor this world to be more evolved. This is what probably happened to Jesus.

Unfortunately, the large number of obstacles that philosophers find along the way makes it extremely difficult to see the light behind the storm, which means that very few come to understand these essential truths and even fewer become recognized by society. But, in that case, if society rejects their teachings, they will always have the satisfaction of having made those discoveries and, as far as possible, they will be able to apply them in their own lives.


Today there are many who try to find the keys to philosophy in places like India or elsewhere without realizing that in reality the origin of all forms of philosophy is Mesopotamia, since it was there at the end of the prehistoric period when most of the philosophical principles that we know today were formed. These seekers of the origins affirm that it is strange that in all civilizations even those of America there are elements in common, but they do not understand that at first the civilization only existed in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates and that the culture of that civilization spread Throughout the world, it was even able to reach America by taking advantage of the Bering Strait that had frozen during the last ice age. At the end of glaciation many lands of North Africa and Mesopotamia desertific to rum prompting a shift of the population to those lands fertile still remained, this could favor that in those places be initiated methodical crops to increase production and also the beginning of the s civilizacio n it is Sumerian and Egyptian.

It is a bit sad that there are those who think that something is better just for being a foreigner, that way today there are many who believe they can find the answer to all the questions in religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, it is true that those religions They can contribute positive things to others, but also vice versa, what is a mistake is to believe that all the answers are in them. In my opinion, it is correct how in India the continuity of the life of the spirit is raised through reincarnation, but, at the same time, they have rejectable customs that seem more typical of the stone age such as worshiping cows or rats. For this reason, I consider that the ideal religion will be one that manages to combine the truths contained in all the others into one, but, at the same time, strives to reject everything that is wrong. Because religion should not be something static, but flexible to adapt to the discoveries that progress provides us.

It is also sad to see so many people go to the East to look for the supposed spiritual teachers and they do not understand that it is not the habit that a teacher does, nor the years that they can dedicate, but the spiritual level that each one has and how close they are that their ideas are seen r ty because it's a true statement than a thousand volumes full of lies. In India, these so-called teachers abound who claim to know of the human and the divine, as if acquiring enlightenment depended on their own will. We live in a world in the process of evolution, that means that truths and lies are present in all religions and it is our duty to learn to differentiate them.

Sometimes we naively believe that everything we seek can be found by traveling, but true wisdom is as slippery as a fish in your hands and has a capricious habit of fleeing from where it is supposed to be. We must not confuse which teacher is the wise man and not the one called wise, teacher is the one who knows the truth and not the one who claims to possess it, because the truth is what it is and not what it is supposed to be. It is not spending one's life in a monastery what culture gives, nor is it acquired by dedicating one's life to seeking that culture, because unfortunately not all people can understand the inscrutable truth that hides behind appearances even if they sincerely seek it.

Another example of this we have in the lamas of Tibet when they affirm that when they die they can choose the body in which they are going to reincarnate, but they forget that spiritual laws are not the same as human laws and the fact that In this world they are considered leaders or teachers, it does not mean that they will be in the spiritual world, rather it gives the impression that this custom of choosing a successor among children is not intended to promote the reincarnation of the supposed teacher, but to be able to control the trajectory of that child from infancy with the false claim that he is a reincarnated teacher.

In reality, Buddhism is only a derivative of the philosophy of Zoroaster or Enoch, just like Christianity or Hinduism, although they later suffered modifications, therefore, the correct thing is to look for the truth that each religion contains without making the mistake of thinking that the truth only belongs to one exclusively. It is good to have philosophical beliefs, but we must enrich ourselves with everything we can learn and at the same time discard what we logically know does not make sense, so that in the end the truth prevails.


With this book I intend to show that in life there is not only one way of seeing the world around us. If we strive to understand the intimate reality of things, we can visit the other universe, that is, the universe of metaphysical explanation that exists behind all the events of nature and once we have understood these discoveries we can apply them to our lives. Therefore, we must not settle for what religious organizations or politicians tell us, but we must seek and be excited about our own discoveries. The reader will have been able to observe that I often return to the same topics, this is because depending on the topic in question it may be necessary to return to the same topic to add something that was not said or also to study it from a different approach, but It is always better to repeat the same subject twice rather than to omit something important. We must not forget that metaphysics is such a complex science that only on exceptional occasions we can clearly see the bottom of each question, it is like trying to fly towards the sun, but the circumstances of life push us down and as if they were Storm clouds block our access to the full view of the horizon. Sometimes the trees do not allow you to see the forest, so the philosopher's job is to climb over them and see things in perspective. Because a true philosopher does not find the truth simply by learning what others think but tries to go to the source and use his own intelligence to find that truth, that is, he gives more importance to his own research than to fashions or prejudices with those found.

Unfortunately, there are many who call themselves philosophers, but very few really are, because to be a philosopher, it is not enough to want to, but it is necessary to have the necessary intuition to distinguish reality from appearances. The world is full of books by those who call themselves philosophers, but people have to understand that one true phrase is worth a thousand books full of uninspired content. Because a true phrase acts in the human mind just like the genes in our body, stimulating our evolution, and when that work is finished, human beings will be in perfect body and mind.

When I wrote this book, I did not think about making money, but about enjoying the search for the truth, because the best payment I can receive is the satisfaction of discovering the content of these books and sharing them with whoever wants to appreciate them. What greater pleasure can there be than to enjoy searching for the truth, what greater pleasure can there be than trying to touch the light with your hands.

My books are like energy and energy only has force when combined with matter, in the same way philosophy is based on ideas that need to be put into practice so that their usefulness can be demonstrated. That means that when we believe in something and try to put it into practice, we contribute to making a dream come true, and in the end, that dream becomes part of progress.


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