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Iluvia is In a new world where she learns new things and she struggles to fit in. She has been living her life in a different world where she has different beliefs, religion and different studies but when she begins to let her past be her past she faces challenges. Will she be able to overcome them?

Drama Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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Chapter 1


"Please, please stop this madness" I begged for my life. I can't believe my own parents would sell me just because we are in debt

"Sweety stop fighting, let them take you" my mother was crying and I could see that she was hurting but she sold me to the first highest bidder

My vision started to blur and I knew that I was going to cry. I couldn't take it anymore. She said she will love me and be with me till the lord remembers her but no she didn't. She sold me.

I dropped to my knees in front of my dad "Please Pa don't let them take me " I felt my heart shatter to a trillion pieces. This was all overwhelming and I couldn't believe it

My own parents?

"Daddy, listen to me, I'll find a job and I'll help youpay the debts" I hugged his knees holding him tight. I couldn't let go. They were my life and I was ready to forgive them even though it hurts to know that they considered selling me

"Listen to me baby, let go my love, they'll provide a better life for you" my dad croaked and a tear fell down his eye

"Let go? You telling me to fucken let go ? How can i let go when you are my life?" I yelled but whispered the last part because I really meant it and I just couldn't up and leave just like that

"Sir it's getting late and we still have a lot of things to do" the man speaks up and my dad motioned the two buff guards to come to us

I tightened my grip on him and my cries and screams filled the room. The guards pulled me away from my dad and I kicked, punched, screamed, bite and elbowed them.

I looked up to my dad and he nodded to someone behind me but I wasn't paying much attention to it, all I wanted was to run to his arms and beg him to consider this

I winced as I felt a sharp stinging pain on my neck and blackness took over me.


I tried to open my eyes but they were heavy and I tried to shift but my body was hurting. Every part of me was in pain.

The memories came flooding back and I shifted again and felt a sheet under my skin.

Thank Lord.

I slowly opened my eyes and winced as the light was too bright. I looked around the unfamiliar room that had a sky blue wall, sky blue couch, sky blue chest of drawer, sky blue bedding and sky blue curtains

I winced in pain when I tried to lift my body up.

"Sir, the girl is awake" a feminine unfamiliar voice said and I slowly lifted my head up and ignored the pain that made my eyes wet. I heard shuffling and I saw a lady that looked like she was in her mid forties walking up to me

She fixed the cushions on my bed and I slowly got up and laid my back on the cushions that was fluffy and made me let out a low soft sigh

"Good morning. I am Maria and I'll be your caretaker for the period of time that you will spend in this house. There are two guards at the door that will always keep you safe and we have staff that will always prepare you for our competition and I'll be at your service in everything you need my lady?" She explained and smiled at me

Your lady? She must be one of the psychos that escaped

I tried to smile but winced and I touched my cheek to only feel a bump on it either way I have to find my parents. I need to see them.

"Hi Maria can you call my parents for me, I need tosee them" I said while looking around the room again.

Where did they get the money to put me in a expensive hospital like this? I kind of like the blue in it.

Maria let out a nervous laugh and flicked her gaze to a door that was opening. I flicked my eyes to the door so I can see what she was looking at

A man walked in, Unfamiliar. He was wearing a black tuxedo. Neat. He had brown eyes and a pale skin tone. He had his hair styled and gelled to the side.

He walked up to the bed that I was currently in and nodded to Maria and she curtsied to him.

What's happening? Are we on some Cinderella shit?

"Maria. Thank you for keeping a eye on our beloved contestant" he said with a neutral tone of voice.

My eyes widened. I never entered a competition and I never received a letter or a email informing me that I have been chosen for some competition

I shook my head and looked straight to his orbs "Sorry but I never entered a competition, sorry to disappoint you but you got the wrong person"

He let out a cold chuckle that made me shift uncomfortably

"Iluvia right?" He raised his brow in a questioning manner

No you are not Iluvia

I let out a nervous laugh and shook my head "No, sorry Sir. I told you that you got the wrong one"

He looked at me and slowly dug his hand in his pockets and took out his phone

"So you say? Aren't you Iluvia Greene? Born 12 May 2000, attended Education Alive School till you transferred to Victoria Secondary School. Lived in KwaZulu Natal, Newcastle with your parents-Antoinette and Devon Greene? Shall I continue Iluvia?" I gulped and stared back at him

I shook my head and nervously smiled at him "No that's not me, maybe that's my dead twin that I didn't know of. Definetly not me! You say Devon? Whose that?"

He took two steps forward and I glanced at Maria who looked scared and I glanced back at this tuxedo man. I gulped hard knowing very well that I've took a wrong step

"Listen here Iluvia, I will not tolerate any kind of disrespect. If you ever disobey any rules I will be forced to punish you and it won't be nice so let's start afresh and get to know each other better right?" He smirked at me and it was annoying

I nodded and said "right."

His face turned to a grim expression and then he started " Iluvia right?"

Really brother? Really? I thought we were pass that stage now!!


"Do you know why you are here?"

"No but I would appreciate if you would call my parents for me, maybe they know why I'm in hospital"

He chuckled then turned to look at Maria for a few seconds before moving his gaze back to me "this isn't a hospital. Your parents sold you to us in order for us to pay their bills "


It felt like the world stopped but no, it was slowly rotating and time was moving. I couldn't breathe. I looked up at him and he still held his grim expression that showed no remorse or sadness.

"M-my pa-paren-" I cleared my throat and took a deep breath and let it out after a few seconds "My parents wouldn't do such thing so can you please take me back and stop kidnapping people then telling them that their parents sold them to you. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" I didn't yell and I didn't whisper or croak I just played it cool and kept myself together because the last thing I want is this man punishing me for dumb reasons-yelling

I really wish to have this man's face. Emotionless, it makes me wonder what he is thinking about.

"As I said, your parents sold you to us in order for us to pay their bills"

"But that doesn't make sense, would you sell your child just because you are drowning in a few thousand rand bill?"

"The thing is, in your parent's case it wasn't just a few thousand rand bill, it was more than that and they asked for our help, Your parents. Heard that? Them, they, your parents, Antoinette and Devon did. Not us"

"I heard that but why do you keep emphasizing on the word us? You and who?" I asked

"Okay let me explain everything to you. This is King Devante's palace. You have been chosen to compete in a competition with other humans."

What are you? A gorilla?

"This is a competition where you will have to show us and prove to us that you will be able to take over the kingdom with your Prince when the King surrender. There are five of you in this competition and the competition will start in two days. You have two days to learn and figure out the Prince before we get serious-"

"And if I don't want to participate?"

"You don't have a choice"

"Okay so if I don't want to figure the Prince out?"

"Well that will be your own problem. If you don't know what the Prince like and dislike you will have less points and you will either be the servant of this palace or you will be transferred to one of our less fortunate allies and you will be out of our consent"


"Well I don't mind being a servant-"

"It's not your choice, the government will decide and I'm certainly done with the twenty one questions so can you humor me and get ready for the competition"

He didn't wait for any answer, he walked straight to the door and went out. I turned my gaze back to Maria and asked the first question that has been on my mind

"Why do I have to compete? I mean surely since this is a palace there are many people who would want to participate in this competition of yours"

"Well, the thing is you are humans and the palace needs a female human that will bear children for the Prince" Maria explained

"Oh so the palace wants a human baby making machine? I asked " and what's with the human thing? Do you live with different creatures here?"

Maria shook her head and gave me a soft smile "No, there are no creatures here. This is a Vampires Palace "


I laughed, even though it hurt my body I couldn't stop myself. I wiped away the tears that were streaming down my cheecks and looked back to Maria

"What's so funny?" She asked

I laughed again. I just couldn't hold myself. I realised that Maria was still standing beside my bed with a serious facial expression

"What's up with you? You just shared a joke and you look like you want answers from a child who just came back from a party without your permission. Loosen up Maria"

"A joke? I didn't share a joke"

What? That wasn't a joke?

I chuckled and locked my eyes with Maria's green eyes "What do you mean when you say you didn't share a joke?"

She kept up with her serious expression " I mean that we are Vampires"


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