Shyoming Minor

A sixteen years old stuttering boy Kenji Pax go to Mirage town stay with his dad Steven Pax and he met a mystery girl name is Neva Noctie .

Fantasy Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

#Kenji-Pax-x-Neva--Noctice #Neva--Noctie # #Kenji--Pax
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One chilly breeze Friday evening in Forgotten city at the condo , in the room a sixteen years old stuttering Kenji Pax pick his clothes in his stuff bag and then his mom Kura walk up to him and she tell him . " My sweet son Kenji ready tomorrow go to Mirage town stay with your dad because you need bond with him and get to know him and I has he will take care you and also I has a feel you will find a friends who will accept you who you are ." Kura smile at him and kiss him on his forehead and then she walk away. He finish pack his clothes in his stuff bag , then he put his bus ticket on top his stuff bag and he want to bed.

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