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Dear you

August 22, 2020

Dear you (world)

It has been so long since I last wrote you. Last time I was having a cup of wine accompanied with
the stars and moon with no pandemic, this time It´s so different we have chaos in cities, people who
have lost their values with no love to offer.

I have been very busy lately but I want to thank you for show me things that really matters, my
family that are always with me at any moment, for real friends who still there even I keep working,
for awesome pandemic moments that fills my hearth with love and hope but overall for health and

Last week I met someone so special, he gave me the best advices I could ever have and realized that

I´m blessed. If only we could listen to all signs that are given to us this world could be better. I
noticed that the best of us has to be shown and keep working for all we want, prioritizing our loved
ones, our friends, our neighbors, our city, and more.

How often do you receive these kind of letters? I really don´t know. For sure you must have many
of them but let me tell you this one is kind of special. This one explains the beauty in every moment
in life.

Almost all the time we must need money for buy things but it´s free to be happy, to enjoy you loved
ones, don´t let negative thoughts close you feelings just let it flow. Thanks for all

Sincerely yours Isa

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Nataly Calderón Nataly Calderón
So pretty.
September 07, 2020, 20:03