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The clock is counting the minutes, unstoppable. If it reaches midnight it’s doomsday. And we continued to sing, towards the stars and eternity.

Fan-Fiction Bands/Sänger Nur für über 18-Jährige. © Linkin Park doesn't belong to me. Story written for fans.

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A Tribute

Wake up, are you awake?, this isn’t a dream, listen, you’re Given up, shattering everything, you must Leave out all the rest and try to get up on your feet again, Bleed it out if you have to and forget the Shadow of the day bringing the cold night, ask yourself, What I’ve done with Hands held high to the sky, No more sorrow, please, find happiness and be in love at another sweet Valentine’s day, In between your soul is In pieces, I know, I’ve always known, it’s all a big lie, because The little things give you away.

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Andre Tornado Gosto de escrever, gosto de ler e com uma boa história viajo por mil mundos.

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