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Kiara Kendrick is living a happy life in a world to herself. She is now in a high school where she encounters a boy, senior to her who changes her life completely. She has been kep away from the tr... Thriller BEGINNE ZU LESEN

HeroBoss - Edição Olimpo

+12 | Classificação indicativa* Hélio é um descendente dos bosses mandado para a Terra quando nasceu. Nunca desconfiara de sua verdadeira linhagem até conhecer seus amigos Enzo, Luiz, Cadillac ... Action BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Game of Love and Hate

There are some things that can change your life forever. I expected that something to occur in the distant future but my something happened in high school and all because of Nicolas Carter. Avril... Jugendliteratur BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Night They Knew Nothing

Thus, with no critical task to complete and three hours left on the clock, the teens played. Roaming here and there with no purpose. Unraveling their work to do it over. Counting the numbers of cir... Kurzgeschichten BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Kidnapped by the Hot Beast

(Full story on Wattpad)"I-I'm sorry", I whispered. "How can I know that you're sorry", he said placing his hand over my thigh. The sadistic smirk displaying over his lips. I could feel the heat... Erotik BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Bandage Love

A seventeen-year-old boy who's looking for someone's love in his tragic life. He will witness the true definition of life and love. From the girl that he will meet that will make his life change ev... Romantik BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Segredos - O Princípio | Série Segredos

Amélia, como sempre extrovertida, que precisou se tornar independente quando sua mãe, Fernanda lhe deu um beijo no meio da noite e nunca mais voltou. Não até agora. Matheus, nunca achou perigo em ... Jugendliteratur BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Newbie

Attending one of the best high schools in town was a very great very big opportunity for Eliza. But being the new girl was not as good as it sounds, especially since it was her last year of highsch... Jugendliteratur BEGINNE ZU LESEN