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All of us need motivation to be successful. Some times we feel demotivated and need to be motivated. There are volumes written on this subject. Book shops are filled with innumerable books of self... Sachliteratur BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Celestine's World

A young woman suffering from hallucinations sees a different world thru the eyes of an abused girl, desperately asking to be saved from her hellish life. Thriller BEGINNE ZU LESEN


<<Último aviso para los pasajeros del vuelo IB7856 con destino a Nueva York. Embarque por puerta D27>> Kurzgeschichten BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Jana & Angel Vol. 2

Angel and Jana's relationship has been going perfectly since they have met. The bookstore cafe has a name now called Windsong with a spiritual feel to it. Now that time has flown by for a year wit... LGBT+ BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Baying of the Hounds

A man tormented by his past hides from the world. Kurzgeschichten BEGINNE ZU LESEN


Secrets hidden, pasts forgot, and a mystery unsolved. But not for long. Horror BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Vale Dicere

Uma poderosa Rede Científica chamada “Organização Phoenix” é comandada pelo ambicioso Dr. Addan Melvick que realiza experiências ilícitas nos laboratórios do hospital sem que as autoridades britâni... Postapokalyptisches BEGINNE ZU LESEN

El exorcismo de Abby Crown

Mike, Jack y Edward son tres hombres que llevan diez años asistiendo y resolviendo todo tipo de casos paranormales con éxito en todos aquellos a los que se han enfrentado. Sin embargo, un suceso de... Übernatürliches BEGINNE ZU LESEN

El fotógrafo de Villa Santa Rosa

Dante García, un amante de la fotografía, se muda a un pueblo llamado Villa Santa Flor para trabajar como fotógrafo en un periódico llamado El Anunciante. El pueblo parece ser un lugar tranquilo y ... Horror BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Expediente del piso número 8

“Él no necesitaba tener pesadillas. Vivía entre ellas.” Übernatürliches BEGINNE ZU LESEN

La Institutriz

Todo cambia cuando la institutriz llega al hogar. Thriller BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Los exploradores del miedo

En youtube hay muchos canales que se dedican a explorar lugares desconocidos y según nos muestran no siempre pasa algo pero...¿que pasa cuando esa exploración sale mal? Horror BEGINNE ZU LESEN


a deep fear of illness and the struggle between good and evil in himself... um medo profundo de doenca e o combate entre o bom e o mau dentro de si... Poetry BEGINNE ZU LESEN

One day a month of concern for the king

From the book: Stories the school forgets to tell (Vol. 1) - The World A curious fact in the life of Louis XVI, King of France. At the end of the story there is an amusing test of what has been t... Kurzgeschichten BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Pokedex Expandida - Biologia Pokémon

Todo Pokémon é único. A Pokedex é uma tecnologia útil para treinadores, mas que contém apenas petiscos de informação, e serve apenas para contextuar aquele Pokémon de um modo muito geral. Ela não f... Fan-Fiction BEGINNE ZU LESEN


The fear of a tormented single woman, who has been visited by aroused spirits during the night, leads her to look for help of a local priest. Following his perverse instructions in how she should p... Erotik BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Last Royal Standing

I've lived my whole life far away from home, my name is Kate, short for Kathering De Lavingee the second. I was never supposed to be born, nobody in my kingdom knows of my existence. I'm the last d... Jugendliteratur BEGINNE ZU LESEN

The Man Who Was Not There

As I was walking in my house, I saw a man who was not there, he was not there again and now I hope for the man to go. #MicroPanic #HorrorStory Kurzgeschichten BEGINNE ZU LESEN