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The Game of Love and Hate

There are some things that can change your life forever. I expected that something to occur in the distant future but my something happened in high school and all because of Nicolas Carter. Avril... Jugendliteratur BEGINNE ZU LESEN

What If...?

Swaziland was her home. Key word "was". But now she faced the challenge of having to go back there again. The place she left behind. PSA / Disclaimer: If you're on wattpad, you might have seen or ... Romantik BEGINNE ZU LESEN

Boy In Luv

O amor é um sentimento engraçado e que surge sempre quando menos esperamos... Ele é um sentimento que mexe com a nossa cabeça e com os nossos sentidos, mas que principalmente... Mexe com o nosso co... Fan-Fiction BEGINNE ZU LESEN