alicealamo Alice Alamo

We just receive the news that you’re sick. And I don’t need anyone putting the blame on me to feel myself guilty. It’s strange the way world works. Every single time you call, I answer. I refused once, and that’s enough to make me feel miserable now with you in this hospital. But don’t get me wrong, Sis, I’m here because I do care, not because I forgive you. I learned very well how to get near to you without being hurt. I’ll pay the hospital bill, and this is closest I’ll be.

#themicrostoryller #drama #theauthorscup
  23. Mai 2019 21:09:09
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Ariane Munhoz Ariane Munhoz
Essa separação é um ponto muito importante na história e nos mostra como é na vida real, embora na maior parte das vezes as pessoas não saibam separar isso. Gostei muito
26. Mai 2019 14:51:37

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