alicealamo Alice Alamo

I need to stop looking for you in every person around me. I’m feeling like an orphan, even knowing that I’m not. Your absence gave me a lack of something that I don’t know how to deal with and I keep trying to full it with every piece of love that I receive. I miss someone to be my safe point, to be my house, the lap where I can lie down and cry. And I blame you for it, I blame you for abandon your responsibility as I was nothing to you. I blame you because it is the only option you left me.

#betrayal #pain #rejection
  2. Mai 2019 20:03:25
AA Teilen

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Atingiu tão forte aqui que eu já tô soluçando. Eu vejo seu nome e ele grita artista por cada toque que suas palavras dão na alma de quem lê.
2. Mai 2019 17:44:25

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    Oi, EC, muito obrigada!! Eu fico muito feliz que essa micro tenha conseguido passar os sentimentos nessa intensidade <3 Muito obrigada mesmo pelo elogio!! 8. Mai 2019 19:54:08
Galo Vargas Galo Vargas
I liked it! Can feel the emotions. Just change “let” for “left” at the end.
1. Mai 2019 21:49:18

  • Alice Alamo Alice Alamo
    Thank you! I already changed the verb, thank you very much for this ;) 8. Mai 2019 19:55:09

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