Elven Gambit

A queer romance set in the casinos of Las Vegas featuring a psychic detective as a tortured hero. When he seeks adventure, he finds it in the form of a cabal of ageless elves enchanting the casino goers. Running into an airplane thief, he isn't sure whether to turn him in or fall in love.
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Magic School

Es geht um eine Schule die von Menschen mit magischen Gaben besucht wird
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A Sorcerer's Journey

This one took a while and it's about a sorcerer who loses their powers saving the one they love and they try to find a way to get them back. Hope you enjoy it although it isn't done yet xxx
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Records of a Magic Archive

These records were found after the 'flower garden incident' at Gratamal Academy of Arcane Excellence. Due to the severity of this incident, the records along with the incident report are being sent to the Gratamal Agency of Magical Misconduct (GAMM) to investigate and resolve the matter.
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A Long and Lasting Love

Title: A Long and Lasting Love Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Vampire Romance Summary: In the land of eternal twilight, where shadows danced and secrets thrived, the story of Salvatore and Ayaka unfolded. Salvatore, the enigmatic vampire prince, held dominion over his realm, yet he yearned for a love that would transcend the eons. It was a long…
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The Witch Spell

The Witch Spell Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Fantasy World Summary: There was a Kingdom There was a Royal Family There was an Evil Witch There was a Curse There was a Prophecy There was a Baby Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Kingdom of Evergrandeur, a just and wise King, Richard, and his compassionate Queen, Isabella, rule with unw…
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Walpurgisnacht am Brocken

Die Schwestern Amanda und Mai fliegen gemeinsam zum Blocksberg, um in der Walpurgisnacht an den Ritualen der Hexengemeinschaft teilzunehmen. Die Geschichte entstand aus einer "10 Words Challenge": 1. Hexe 2. Zauberei 3. Feuer 4. Trank 5. Fliegen 6. Wald 7. Vollmond 8. Ritual 9. Blocksberg 10. Natur Ich freue mich über Feedback.
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Special report anthology: Pandemic

Not only the real world is in a health crisis, the literary world is also facing this pandemic. Discover news story by story, everything that happens in each of the known worlds in literature. From Hogwarts, through the Shire and even to Wonderland, no one is safe and our special reporter A. R. Grimán will keep you informed of everything that happ…
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Star Love

A young woman who is a famous author is connected by the son of stars. Focusing more on her career 21, year old Kara Wells is an author who is known from everywhere. With her mother keeping secrets from her she finally finds out the truth. She not what she thought she was at all. She wasn't human. She was the wife of the son of stars who died …
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The Blood Family: Book And One

The stories about the first supernatural, how they became who they are. this story follow the story of Anniessa the queen of vampires. The life that she wants and the life her grandmother wants.
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A World Of Magic

A girl, Jess, keeps dreaming about a fantasy world, but her dad doesn't believe her. She meets her friends Lilly, Slya, and Amara in The Kingdom Of Kimesin. They show her something wonderful! Read the story to see what happens next!
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Somewhere Between Magical And Real

As a siren, Calliope was perfectly content with just hooking up with other supernaturals and partying. Then she discovers she has a lot of powers that other sirens don't. And someone wants her dead for it... Can she and her supernatural friends stop this mystery person before it's too late? Join them as they go on their journey, meeting monster hu…
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The Fight For Love

Rose Hineki, a 18 year-old girl who happens to be a member of the Elorian Secret Unit and who is still traumatized by events that happened in the past, gets a top-secret mission that will forever change her life. Will she get the opportunity to find out who is behind the crimes committed in the past? Will the love between her and a guy she met alo…
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Crown of Silver

Naomi will do anything to survive and cure her sick brother. When she is accused of two murders, she does the unthinkable; she seeks shelter and safety from the monster, Sebastien Steel. The infamous prince known as the silver devil. ********* He glances up at the mob below. Their touches creating a small sea of flames. "It seems you are in bet…
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Life After You

Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequently assigned into four pairs and …
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The Priestess

Nicole an eighteen year old ordinary girl, moves to a magical town filled with extraordinary beings undercover. with her otherworldly beauty and her kind caring heart, she makes many friends even unexpected ones. She finds out that she was caught in-between something big and mysterious, and that moving to the new town and even her existence was ne…
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The Otherkind

Eris has never had a normal life, but it takes a turn for the worse when she makes a nearly fatal mistake she can't take back.
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The Second Dawn Of The Conjurer

After being summoned to another world, being tormented, and being toyed with by a god, Nolin finally managed to stand up against him. However, he was powerless against him even after many years of training. After suffering a decisive defeat, Nolin was sent back to his original world, back to a world where although magic exists, it is primitive. H…
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The World as I Know it

"No way. This can't be happening." Thought the girl as she watched the spectacle in front of her. Maybe it was something mortal eyes were never supposed to fall upon. Maybe it was a sign. Or maybe it was a chance encounter. Whatever the case, Morgan Hamlett's world was just shaken, expanded, and reduced to nothing more than a single word. "Hi." Sh…
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Without an Angel

The boy stopped for but an instant before the truck driven by a drunk driver ran him down. How he lives is a mystery to doctors, let alone how he had no scratch on him. He wakes from a coma with no recollection of the time he spent asleep, and even afterward strange things begin to happen to and around him and the odd girl that appears to be close…
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Once, long ago, a group set out to meet the ends of their own goals. In the process, they became a beacon of hope for the end of a secret war. By its conclusion, they all but perished. Since then, others were called by their moniker who would be called upon for impossible tasks that would likely end in death with success or failure as they smile i…
3 KAPITEL 5.6k Abrufe 2 Im Fortschritt

Starry Eyes: Blood Moon

Twenty years after the events of 'My Eyes Are Stars', Oscar finds himself involved in a series of mysterious events involving the blood moon and Beatrix; a young woman with familiar eyes.
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Beinhaltet in: Of Magic and Memberships ($3/Monat)

Märchen von Rebecca Wolff

Vier Märchen, darunter: "die singende Schlange", "Ein Herz aus Stein" "Prinz Daniel und seine Anhänger" und; "Der unbezahlbare Preis".
1 Kapitel 2.9k Abrufe 2 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Das Drogenkind!

Ein Kind in Trümmern und Hoffnungslosigkeit geboren. Wird den Menschen den langersehnten Frieden bringen.
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Der Wald

Der Wald! Prolog. Solange die Menschheit existiert, gibt es ihn. DER WALD, so dicht und undurchdringlich, dass kein Sonnenstrahl hindurchdringt. Magische Wesen nennen ihn ihr Zuhause. Von diesen magischen Wesen will ich euch in dieser Geschichte berichten. Von ihrem Leben, ihren Abenteuern und vieles mehr. Hauptpersonen der Geschichte: Der oberst…
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Blue (English Edition)

This work is full of symbolism about life, friendship, hope and faith. Blue is an archer who decides to leave the village Torture, where she lived for a long time, and that time could not last any longer. She needed to get on the road and search for Peace. A mythical place for many, revealed by The Master as a unique corner for each one, and true.…
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Spider's Edge

Part of the Universe of New London Spider’s Edge hovers on the border between the magical and the mundane, between the living and the dead, between the violent and the peaceful. It is like nothing any of us have ever seen before. And it is about to explode. My author website: https://caswilliams.wixsite.com/website-1
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Death of a King

Part of the Universe of New London Katherine did not want to return to the Institute. The monolithic establishment- born from dead Gods and mandated to protect humankind- is broken. It is also a painful reminder of her dead girlfriend. But old enemies have resurfaced, and Institute strongholds around the world are falling under vicious attacks from beasts and faceless armies. She h…
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