Last Chance

Looking at the list of candidates my dad had established for me I got even more depressed, I couldn't just marry somebody who was only interested in my money and body. Looking up I saw him, he has always been there for me since he started working for my dad. We used to play together since we were kids, becoming a teenager was easier by his side a…
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Aria is just a girl. Well, just a girl with an amazing talent. She grew up in a rich family of musicians, so, of course, she was expected to take on a musical journey of her own. At only four years old she began taking lessons from world-renowned teachers, and she chose no instrument other than cello. Now a late senior in high school, she is vying…
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When the Skies Come Crashing Down

A queer young adult romance. When Miesha's world comes crashing down, she finds safe harbor in the arms of her friend Kaia in Japan. Their friendship blossoms into something more as Miesha struggles to reconcile her abusive and troubled past with a future she could never have imagined.
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My Soulmate

Sometimes we don’t know that our soulmate is already infront of us. This is how Margarette’s story begin.
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Shattered Hearts

In this heart warming story, two best friends Kimberly and Anna have their friendship put to the test when Piere, the school's heartthrob and star basketball player tries to entangle them in his love plans and shatter their friendship and trust between them by poisoning them to turn against each other.
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Trapped in Circles

Meet Mirabelle, a teen whose life is nothing more than normal. She does the same assignments, goes to the same school everyday and faces the normal problem of every teenager: the bully. Meet Diana, the self crowned Queen of the school and AKA, the bully whose mission is to make Mirabelle's life nothing short than a crazy life. As Mirabelle fin…
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No Strings Attached

Krista Crow is a 21-year-old girl whose dream was to go on tour with her favorite band, 5A. A week after the concert her best friend Sophia tells her about a contest where the winner will go on tour with 5A! Krista was suspicious, 5A never mention a tour on their website. Maybe it was early access? Come to find out, the contest was fake. After los…
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Beinhaltet in: Your Way Or The High Way ($5/Monat), Faster Post ($3/Monat)

Diary of a Teen Girl: Arts High School

Hi! I'm Sophia Brown and I just entered an Art High School! Squeee! But don't be surprised if drama had a way of showing up.
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Part of the Universe of Equality This is the main story of my universe
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Gespalten- Zwei unterschiedliche Welten

Es ist das Jahr 2060. Auf der Erde leben nur noch zwei Milliarden Menschen. Die restlichen fünf Milliarden wurden durch absichtlich herbeigeführte Umweltkatastrophen und Pandemien ausgelöscht. Die Gesellschaft ist gespalten: Die Mehrheit lebt unter der Obhut des Staates im Sklaventum, während sich einige wenige eine Parallelgesellschaft außerhalb …
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Eine schwere erste Liebe

Alle Freundinnen der 18-jährigen Alea hatten schon einen Freund- nur sie nicht. Sie ist schüchtern und voller Selbstzweifel. Dann meldet sie sich bei einer Online-Plattform für Singles an. Vielleicht findet sie dort endlich ihren Traummann, denkt sie sich und geht voller Hoffnung, aber auch Angst, zum ersten Date.
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Wer bin ich?

Hass, Schmerz und Leid. Diese Gefühle empfindet Lilli bereits, seit sie denken kann. Abgeschoben von den Eltern, an die sie sich nicht mehr erinnern kann, verbringt sie ihr Leben seit Jahren in einem Heim. In einem Heim, in dem auf ihre Gefühle kein Wert gelegt wird, jeder Tag dem anderen gleicht und alles trostlos ist. Doch eines Tages bekommt …
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Secrets Of The Heart

In a small town, teenagers Emma, Ryan, and Sofia embark on a thrilling journey of love, mystery, and self-discovery. Emma's discovery of a mysterious diary sets her on a quest for answers, testing her loyalty and courage. Ryan, her best friend, grapples with his feelings for Emma, torn between love and preserving their friendship. Sofia harbors he…
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Deep Within

Olaedo is the perfect kiss-ass. She loves her family so much. A little too much. Growing up in a rich family wasn't as hard as those cheesy romance books painted it to be. She had the full attention of both her parents and her sister. She—or her parents—have enough money to stock up her gigantic library every three weeks. She's homeschooled for t…
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My Life

The story goes through the life of a young girl named Kate and each chapter is her age and how she grew up and lived her life the decisions she makes and the friends she gains and loses
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The Hidden 9th

"Rae! Stop! Please, you mustn't use your powers! Don't do it…RAE!" "I'm sorry, Tara…"  I originally made this as a fanfiction. But have decided to alter several details about the characters to make it more original. The Hidden 9th fanfiction can still be found on
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Have you ever felt Anguish, Agitation, Nervousness, Fear, Repetitive thoughts, Obsessive thoughts, Difficulty in learning and Excessive worry? It may contain more other subjects that you need to read and understand. Your future depends on you and you cannot run away from it. You are capable of anything, just seek and believe. I feel happy to w…
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The secret you keep

A college boy meets his first love and think about her ever single day. She is the most perfect girl he have ever met. But will she love him back? Will he ask her out? Is she really his first love or just a crush like many before?
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Our Last Goodbye

Kira an antisocial, depressed 16 year old who is trapped in a "home" where he is being experimented on because of his gift. His gift is very destructive and he refuses to use it because of past incidents. Ryu is a positive, optimistic person who is also 16. He was childhood friends with Kira until he escape their "home" with 5 others without sayin…
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The Gene

At young age Lei's parents where killed by the rock. The death killed everyone except the people who had the gene. Now she's 15 and has to save her friend from the death of the rock while trying to save herself from her on hands. Will her friend Kat be freed or will she die from the death? Will Lei stop herself from death?
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My Lust For Love Since Childhood

Webster, in junior school had always wanted a way abroad to continue schooling and meet his father. While in Junior school none of his tea mates liked him but got to be best friends with Mia, their new mates who teams up with Webster to win a national school competion which would send to the winner on a scholarship abroad
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Curly Headed Cutie

When awkward, anxious teen, Tiffany Green, accidentally spills her drink on the school's "asshole/badass", Travis Reel, she runs away before he could even ask her name. Little does Tiffany know, this caught his attention...
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On the Other Side

Stellar has always felt unusual, but when she makes a new friend, and they go hunting, she realizes she may be more unusual than she thought. As she travels to seek help on how to get rid of this burden she starts to realize maybe it isn't as bad as she thought, but when she meets Alex, things take an unexpected turn. Embark on this journey and fi…
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The World that Sings

Book two of the TWTC series! Make sure to check out my first book, The World that Calls! ------------------------------------------- After escaping the clutches of her father, Melynda Haynes is now on the run. With uncontrollable magic and a venomous past, she is dangerous and unstable. She finally has to rely on her allies and friends to succeed…
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Part of the Universe of Galactic Marie is just a 9 year old girl. Her parents were killed. Now all she has left is Rachel and Rebecca. Can the 2 pull it off with Rebecca by their side?
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Surviving Ivy

Ivy Stage School is a school for kids who are, against the odds, becoming actors. Meet Roz, an aspiring actress who is incredibly talented but thinks she’s terrible and ugly. She’s been going to Ivy Stage School since she was ten, but she feels like she isn’t getting anywhere. That she’ll never be good enough. Maybe she should just quit. TRIGGER W…
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Camp Eden

Rosalia Hoffman, a fifteen year old girl, is an assassin for the mysterious Camp Eden, infamous for training killers and murderers. But when she is sent to kill the governor of Loriala, the walls she spent years building are slowly crumbling to the ground. Will she be able to complete her mission? Or will her heart finally betray her?
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A short story based on the songs "August" and "Betty" from Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album.
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