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Eternity is just a second, in which love manifests itself and makes of everything, serendipity. © miewgic | Yasmin de Carvalho 08/10/2019, 19:27hs. All rights Reserved.
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Long Way HOME.

S.J High school, famous for bringing the girls from trips pregnant. It was that way all the time, and our parents still kept on sending us on school trips. But this time it was a different case, we were the ones going for the school trip and our story was all way scarier than the girls who got pregnant. We were all happy, and we thought a month ...
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No Service

These are transcriptions of the audio recordings made by Edwin Richards, CFO of Datinch Technologies, when he was marooned on Oileán Glas Nathair- the rough translation of which is "Green Snake Isle"- in March 2019.
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It wasn´t me

It wasn´t me , It can´t be me. Why isn´tshe reacting, my darling wake up, those are not my finger tips, they can´t be.
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That One Song

Walking down the streets, observing how everyone wastes their materialistic time. Maybe we should all just stop for a second and appreciate the small things in life.
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A Moving Body

The world through the eyes of a homeless man, who walks by the streets observing, judging how the world moves now a days. A reflection on the way we all live our lives, in a rush to be the first ones without truely living.
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A microfiction piece on mirrors
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The Lakeshore

I live in Miami, and I wrote this piece in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, in the brief respite before life resumed its hectic pace. It’s placed in my hometown of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan. The rest of the story is fictional, except for the grandmother, which is based on my own. Her name was Erna, and for obvious re...
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Of Foxes and Failure

This is a short, nonfiction piece about a few episodes in my life. I’ve always wanted to write about failure, perhaps to gain more sense of the experience. When I sat down to do it, this narrative that came out.
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The Wedding

"I'll love you beyond life and death. I'll love you every moment of my life." This story was written together with H.F. Ártico, a wonderful woman.
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Time Waits For No One

TWFNO it's a short story that reflects what happens if you let the time beat you, if you didn't do the things that you should have done in the moment. Is that feeling when you feel down because you wasted your time. -- TWFNO is a star in the Mirai Project sky. Wanna find out more? Go to https://0miraiproject.wixsite.com/miraiproject/home.
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Valentine's Day

Niklas and Arthur celebrate Valentine's Day in their own way.
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Those left behind

Transiting into a new world. Restarting your life. A second chance. But... what about those left behind? A Transition and Restart sideshow. Short story, completed at publication.
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Cave Dwellers

Three dragon brothers, ages sixteen, eighteen, and twenty-two, had been stuck with their sister's one-month-old egg when she had gone missing only a week prior. Not only was the egg destined to hatch within the next week or two, but the boys also had no experience with raising children whatsoever.
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What happens when dreams and reality are intertwined? Becky & Nick are about to find it out.
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Little Princess without Kingdom

This story of the dream of a girl who wants to be a princess and in a book finds the way to achieve it.
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La Obra, A world beyond dreams

One more story, also available at Inkspired. The stories of three children alone in the world who have an experience beyond the possible.
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Heaven's in Reach on St. Pete Beach

Your best friend loved her and died for her and for you. Now should you still love her?
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Angels & Demons

Sólo algunos pensamientos sobre la luz y oscuridad que habitan en mí.
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The main character, Sam, reveals to us the feelings of regret and hope as he faces the ghost of the past love of his life, Ariana. Perhaps it is never too late to make things right.
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The Testimony

A family of five invites their good neighbour over for dinner. Things get ugly as someone decides to teach them a lesson they will never forget.
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Manet and Monet: Mastery and Mystery

If your sweetheart robs you and leaves you, do you crack up or find someone finer?
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The Baying of the Hounds

A man tormented by his past hides from the world.
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Winner of Inkspired's microfiction contest
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The Balcony

Can a wild girl force her socialite friend to marry the man the wild girl loves?
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A Romance In The Subway (short) (English Version)

COMPLETE. One romantic shot. Love arrives in strange and unexpected ways. Sometimes it comes when we least expect it, or when we are tired of looking for it. This is the story of Carly, the girl with unexpected love. Come in and have fun with this micro story. **** No adaptations allowed Please be respectful and do not use someone else's work.
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The house

The cursed house keeps a danger you may not know.
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Interview With Vivi Devereaux

Hi! Check out my new blog post about the best actor of humans show!
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