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Fat Woman

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte My husband Dave worried about his beloved wife Dionne's binge eating problem and gaining weight.
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Meet María! María lives anything but an average life. Living on her family estate with four Mafia bosses, Dangerous men if you come to cross them. Two of the men being María's older brothers, Lorenzo and Diego. The other Two men, Marcel and Lucien. Lucien being the man she has a past with, Although they are not in a romantic relationship ...
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Novah Nelson and Matt walker are basically opposites. Not compatible in any sense of the word but for some reason they can't get enough of each other. Novah brings out the light in Matt. Unearths something in him that he'd lost years ago with the tragedy that occurred in his home. But can Novah put up with his inconsistency and broken promises? ...
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Always by your side

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Lyanna ,nueva en la ciudad dispuesta a no enamorarse y vivir el poco tiempo que le queda de vida . Waylon , este al verla se siente atraido por ella . Una vez que la conoce le promete siempre estar a su lado
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At First

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Escaping, Running, and Lying. It's the things I've done for two years to survive. Escaping from my father's grip and the monster he made me be. Running from my ex-fiance's promise of making me pay for leaving and lying to the person I love. I started a new life in Manhattan, focusing on my career, stable life, and illegal fighting at night. Love...
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Meet Savanah! Her life is pretty simple! Or so that's how it looks from an outside point of View. Go to school, Hang out with friends! You know your everyday day to day activities of a Highschool senior. With Abscent parents, An aggressive boyfriend and a protective bad boy that lives next door. Her life becomes pretty problematic. Follow...
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What If...?

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Swaziland was her home. Key word "was". But now she faced the challenge of having to go back there again. The place she left behind. PSA / Disclaimer: If you're on wattpad, you might have seen or read this story (Swaziland). I've decided to re-write the story. Just thought I'd let you know incase the story seemed familiar but unfamiliar. Happy ...
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The Painting Dimension

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Sera-21 years old trying to live a new life in a new place but who knows there'll be lots of things that change her life since she met a young man from aircraft that will give lots of impact in her life.
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The Lunar Maid

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte *the picture isn't mine* Three words, Selene's life is summed up with three words. Sorrow, deception, and a lie. But how lies exactly will Selene have to endure through, in order to finally get to the truth?
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Sierra & Aiden

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Sierra and Aiden aren't always meant to be. Sometimes they've known each other forever; some others they've just met. Sierra has anxiety issues and used to be prone to panic attacks. Aiden is a sensible guy who likes to hide that fact and is addicted to video games. Together, they go through everyday life in parallel universes, where different...
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Summer Bygones

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Tia seems to have the perfect vacation, spending her summer abroad in a paid internship in a popular island in Greece with her best friend and cool new acquaintances. There's only one tiny problem, she hates working in the hospitality industry and is planning to quit studying hotel management to become a kindergarten teacher. She feels like she ...
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Time and time again

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This story is about a girl, Sagelynn who is forced to marry. What her husband doesn't know is that she is a spy and a good one, she also has magical powers. It tells the story from the husband and Sagelynn's perspective.
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Delhi Escort Services Are Effective by Alina Chopra

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte If you think love is undefined then you need to take our Delhi escort services. Holding the most outstanding services in Delhi
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My fairy girlfriend

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte I thought she was a normal girl but she was a normal girl?
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Heaven Reclaimed

Five years ago, a boyhood dream came true when the hottest senior in the school, Shiloh Brookings, kissed me on a dare and sent my world spinning. Now she's back at my school as my senior English teacher, and hotter than ever. Not only that, but I've discovered that in order to pay her brother's medical bills, she's stripping in a club in a nea...
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Delhi Escorts Would Surely Be Enticing Your Nerves

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte It isn’t a matter of issues to be raised against the qualities of the kinds of escorts services Delhi from the darlings at this organization.
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I woke in this body

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Yesterday I was Maria. Today I am Elise. I woke in this body.
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Did I just fall for you

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte When young model Lemina is forced to live with her famous agency's racist and emotionless son 'Toby Deboire' her life turns into chaos but after experiencing a taste of what he's like as her assistant or 'babysitter' as her agency likes to say she finds herself uncovering unseen parts of him and through the midst of it all starts falling for him...
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I'll be there for you

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Starting a new school is hard, trust me, I know... So, I'm starting a new school today, and I'm SO nervous, because mother as said that it will be "a school you'll never forget". That alone scares me! So welcome to my life!
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When I met you

A girl convinced she was born to love and be loved. A boy trying to forget the past, only this way he will love and be loved. A story that shows two people after their love story.
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The Motherhood Plan

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte What Odeya wants the most in life is a family of her own but there’s just one problem; she has always been single. Moving to a new country is a new beginning and she takes advantage to reinvent herself. She plans to go to a different bar every weekend to pick up guys, in order to find the most eligible man possible and get pregnant even if it me...
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Pages by Paige

Paige Murray is a young woman, lost in a big city. Unfortunately, when she moved from her home town, her emotional baggage moved with her. To say she is emotionally crippled would be an understatement... But there is hope. As she gets to know Mark Cassidy, she founds motivation to get her act together... which will mean facing some feelings she ...
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A Bonnie and Clyde story

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte My friend suggested I used this website please don't hate
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Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Anna's simple life starts to change the day she meets Theo, but at the end the only thing they both want is that simple life. Will they get there?
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My Week Whit You

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Julius is tired of the name of the family attracting more people than himself. He had few sincere and loyal friends. The women wanted him as their husband because they wanted to use their money. He decided to relax from work and traveled alone to a beach in northeast Brazil where he met Eliana Mondelez and lived wonderful days ... Until he neede...
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Intriguing characters, battles between good and evil, forgiveness and passion are the highlights of this book. What more could a reader wish? “Unveiling” is a series of tales that narrate Ana's adventures and misadventures in the spiritual and material worlds while mysteries are unfolded. It goes through a dilemma involving light and darkness a...
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I fell in love with him

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte a love letter
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My Personal Bodyguard

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A story about a happy and handsome rich man who falls in love with an emotionless female bodyguard of his.
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