Brokshire Manor

This is a short story: The year is 1920, Eleanor moves into an English home with her daughter Elizabeth. After only a few days Eleanor begins to believe the home is haunted. Though Eleanor’s stay at the countryside manor is strange will she stay or will she run? After learning that the previous owner had disappeared after strange events began oc...
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Lost in Seasons

Choose your own adventure-style story occurring in an alternate dimension
Kurzgeschichte 4.4k Abrufe 123 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Heaven or Hell?

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Hey everyone! In this story (Philosophy) I am making Heaven and Hell a clear topic for you! It's going to be fun😀....... No, actually Mysterious!😲😫😱🦊🦉
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Mirror People

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte As an undergraduate college student struggling with anxiety and demanding family life, Julieta can't help but feel at her lowest when her classmates isolate her during a field trip to the lands of an Indigenous community. When her legs start feeling strange and a mysterious entity appears to tell her of imminent danger, Julieta realizes she need...
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Teddy Fuxbin

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte In this chapter we learn about the birth of Fuxbin and you never know, in the next chapter he may run away! 😲🤗🙂
Kurzgeschichte 2.8k Abrufe Im Fortschritt

Perception Immaculate

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Do children have a sixth sense; can they realize what adults cannot and is beyond this life? This mini-story is a short account of this possible condition.
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Aberrant Anecdotes

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Ed is who he says he is, a person as simple as his name. Being four percent ghost grants him limited telekinetic abilities after an event that happened 2 years ago. With little social tact he mostly speaks to his demon-possessed teddy bear, Wellington, and an annoying witch who goes by the name "Bookworm". Noticing an abundance of missing animal...
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