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Olivia 😒😒

during practice I joined the girls team and unfortunately guess who was the team captain....... OLIVIA!!! at first I taught she was the captain because of her parents status but she could really play but I definitely could play better after practice everyone gathered around me asking me questions like, w can you play better than Olivia or can you teach me how to play like her. I replied in a calm voice, with enough Valerhpractice you can play better than Olivia but when you're from the village you literally start when you're three. I watched Bradley play and he was so good,at least we had something in common, I was staring t him when he scored a goal I didn't even notice when Aviva called me I ran over to her and we talked and laughed. it was the first day of school and it was the best. Aviva left with Bella to the cheerleading tryouts and I walked home with Bradley. mum left me and Diana and went grocery shopping, Valerie came over and we did homework together. she said she was feeling a bit tired and dizzy so I took her upstairs to rest a bit, I knew she usually had dizzy spells so she needed to rest, her mum had left her when she was 3 and her dad has been sick since then so when she left to the city she had noone until w moved in so she spend most of the day in the school, hospital or here in my place. I gave her panadol but she still complained I made noodles and she ate it, she felt better. Dad came home early and he looked frustrated, he hugged Diana and gave her some sweets like he promised her, mum kissed Dad and dad broke the news......he lost his job. I froze, mum fell down in tears while Diana was fast asleep, I had to start doing part time jobs and might even quit playing ball after school.......

I got dressed but Valerie didn't show up, I had to walk to school alone, I called Bradley and he said he'd be happy to come over, I wore a black shirt and white mini skirt and I got my phone and my back pack and Bradley and I walked to school.In school the most horrible thing happened.

After geometry class I, Bella and Aviva went for lunch but something horrible happened, I got my lunch and as soon as I was going to sit down Olivia tripped and her food poured all over my shirt ketchup and mustard was all over my face, everyone burst out laughing at me and Olivia's minions Nora and Michelle were taking pictures of me, I ran to the rest room to wash off Olivia walked in with a smirk on her face and laughed. you're the pathetic loser, get that stuck in your thick skull, I exploded on hearing that and I replied, well lucky me I've got beauty I don't need to care if my face is ruined but people like you get worried because it'll ruin their makeup.she angrily left and I washed off my face, Aviva walked in with a black sweater she angrily threw it at me and walked away, what was that for, but it was really helpful I wore it and it was huge, of course I didn't mind, it felt and smelt comfortable back in the village I wore big trousers and shirts because mum couldn't afford to buy more later so I wore a dress for like 3 years. I walked out and went for my class we had PE today and I was paired with Lola for dodge ball and I literally was the first to leave Lola on the other hand won, I hate dodgeball I was better at football than at dodge ball soon school closed and I went for practice.

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I walked nervously with Vanessa to the principals office and I got fully registered in, I got my schedule and I had literature and she had biology. my class was in the second floor 2B I walked up the stairs and turned left and right looking for 2B, a thin tall dark girl with blue eyes, blue braces and blue glasses she tripped and almost fell but luckily I caught her. Thanks umm.....Rose, hi rose I'm Bella I'm new here and I'm looking for room2B, what a coincidence I'm new here and I'm looking for room2B we can search together. We found the class in no time I was getting settled in when a familiar face appeared it was Olivia. get up little brat she said with a smirk on her face, I don't see your name on it and don't you ever in your stinky little life call me a brat. I don't know what gave me the courage to say that I really wanted a simple day because back home I was known as the boy born in a girls body I had love for football and was part of the team. I also had passion for cheerleading a bit mostly because of mum. BTE( back to earth) I continued with what I was doing but she didn't stop. get up you freek, i stood up and walked to another seat silently but every going breath was an insult. Bradley walked in and Olivia jumped up screaming. OMG!!! there's a spider over there,I picked it up and it crawled on my hand and murmured "now look you're a pathetic loser. I had a wonderful time with Mrs.lynn and soon it was recess we went to the cafeteria to eat I saw Bradley talking with a group of boys and behind him was a football poster and a boy sitting there registering some boys in, I pulled Bella and we joined the line. umm Rose I don't think this is where we get lunch, I know babe this is where we register for the football tryouts, you play? yeah I play, football was my life back in the village. I registered and everyone stared at me and whispered silently. I ate and talked with Bella and she told me she wanted to tryout for the cheerleading squad and I replied "go for it babe" you'll rock. after school I went to the field to play a bit and Bella sat on the bleachers, I wore a nose mask and a pair of glasses so no one would notice it's me I played a bit and showed her some of my old tricks , I was dribbling and I kicked the ball into the goal bradley,Bella and this girl (average in height, black hair, black eyes and fair skin) clapped and in my uttermost suprise the coach was also clapping and said I was part of the team but when he left I immediately removed my facecap, glasses and facemask, bradley stood there stunned and shocked and I ran to Bella and whispered softly " I told you I could play ball" but Bradley ran to me and smiled. hi Rose, you played wonderfully today oh yeah and this is my best friend Aviva, hi Aviva, hi Rose, so rose are going to watch practice, Aviva here says football is boring. WHAT!!! football is the best sport in the world in fact football is my favourite show and if there was a football song it would be my best song but for now Lola Brooke is my best singer. OMG!!! me too rose I love her songs. back to the girl stuff again. okay see you practice. yeah see you then.

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It was getting late so I walked home in the yard I saw two cars one pink and one black, the pink car looked like a students car. I walked in and I saw a bald man and a lady with loads of makeup and a beautiful girl sitting in the living room......our living room, I planned on leaving but before I could step out mum called me in, I smiled and greeted them. hey mum I said while I blushed. welcome home honey, this is Mr and Mrs Williams and their daughter Olivia, hi Olivis, Mr and Mrs Williams I said with anger and frustration filled in me, hello Rose your mum told me a lot about you and you'll be starting school with others tomorrow your dad has already got your uniforms and books and everything else,well good night everyone and bye rose. After hearing that I managed to wave goodbye and when they were out of sight I totally blew up. OMG mum you never told me I was gonna start school tomorrow, I've not even met my dad and I'm starting school I'm so over this new life of a thing.suddenly my phone rang,I ran to my room in tears an answered the call with tears but unfortunately it was Bradley (the guy from the park)I really taught it was my old friend Vanessa that moved here 3 months ago. I said "hello" and then I realized who it was and I ended the call,immature I needed to call him, I had my bath and called him. hi Brad, hey rose I'm sorry if I called you ........the wrong time, oh no Bradley I just......, you don't need to tell me rose. thanks umm would you be at the park tomorrow,yeah but I'll be coming with a friend, oh really .........I'm starting school tomorrow in blue valley high, oh really that's my school that's like literally the only high school in blue valley,oh really I murmured. yeah umm talk to you tomorrow I guess. yeah bye. I went down for dinner where mum finally introduced me to dad not me well Diana I ate quickly and went to bed.

Ring!!! Ring!!! it was morning already and I was actually excited but nervous, mum had already dropped my uniform on my bed. I felt kinda bad about what happened yesterday I really blew up and I had to apologize to mum so I went down I saw a girl of about my height and pink long hair wearing a hoody and my uniform( I must admit it was cute) OMG it was vanessa. I screamed in joy and I jumped on her. mum said she would walk with me to school since dad had to use the car for work. I ate breakfast got dressed and walked to school with Vanessa

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First day

I just got to our new home, a very beautiful apartment in blue valley, I never wanted to move here mum forced I and Dianna to move here to live with dad. dad left us when mum gave birth to Dianna. I never really remembered much about him but I hate talking to my friends about him how could he abandon us like that because mum gave birth well he wasn't blind when he gave her in. when I got there I met a tall fair man with beards and red hair so that's where Dianna got red hair from and I got blonde from mum.

Dianna and rose are really awkward being around here so they went for a walk, thanks darling I really appreciate you for coming here and leaving home.

I and Dianna went to the park to get ice-cream Dianna met a little girl Valerie and was playing with her when someone sat beside me on the bench I looked up to see a tall fair guy with green eyes and white long hair packed up in a bun. I have never seen such a cute guy.hey umm.... rose I murmured softly, rose how are you doing, you must be new in town. yeah I am n...new in town. great it was nice meeting you and you too. umm bye now. umm can I have your phone number.....in case you needed some help going around town you can call me.

sure. obviously I gave him my number, It was my first day and I had already made a cute friend.

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