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Moving My Work

So this post does not pertain in particular to Inkspired. however I feel that this post is worth while to mention. so onward with the blog post.

I am nervous and excited at the same time as I see the date approach where my book will be hitting the radio in the U.K. well, with that being said, The Draconus Wars has gotten its first review on Amazon and I am all excited. someone I don't know read and actually said I have an approach like Clive Barker, if you don't know the name, Google it. Hellraiser was an awesome series.

so I hope that though this is all happening, that I can keep pushing for the quality that gave me that kind of a response on my debuting novel. I know this industry moves quickly and that time is very precious. so I hope that we see that my timelines for releases and promoting to reach all kinds of people, become a success.

I admit, I write for myself on the main purpose. however, I figured that if I thought of it someone may think of it as cool. I figure that's how most trends start.

I want to take a quick minute here to thank you all for reading through this, an do encourage to get my paid content, as every bit supports more releases and ideas. it also helps me keep in sight that you all enjoy my content as well. I hope that somewhere in my works, you'll find something that pleases you.

thanks for the time to read this.

Cam A. Roze.

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