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What's next for Cam Roze

I believe in everything making possibilities for the future and so I am migrating my stories over this way One by One.

The one you may see has joined my collection of stories is called 'A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse' which is the first of three planned novels. So enjoy as you get to experience what I write as it's being released with these new novels I am planning on publishing in paperback formats along with E-book. I hope that this will help reach more readers, along with interacting with more of my audience.

I am happy to say that one book that will be making its way to the platform next is a standalone called "Coming Of The Reaper". Keep along as all of the books I figure I can release here, I probably will. some content will obviously paid, as that is my content I plan on being purchased. However other content shall always remain free.

Not to mention some of my content, such as this blog will remain on this platform exclusively. I hope the varying content approaches are understood and respected. I have many many books in the planning and so while I write them I am also working on them being brought over here.

Thanks everyone for the patience and support.

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