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Upcoming Universe For The Badlands (kinship's world)

so I have begun to stitch together a new Universe that is Centered around the Book 'Kinship' and the world it takes place in. I'm enjoying alot of the fun mechanics on inkspired. I'm still learning more every day. I hope my microfictions are entertaining you in between chapters as I have books I keep on in many platforms.

so much lore is coming into existence that I want to finish bringing in the lore I have already for the universe to help it finish off for publishing. I want to make this easy and fun and I don't know what the universe will do for me or my readers, but it has been alot of fun interacting with. I know I don't say alot in my blog posts here, and it's because I always am working on more content for each of my platforms, sometimes I find it a fair bit more difficult to keep up with all of the places I am active. my main ones are here, wattpad and Webnovel. so feel free to look me up there as well. I also have my own work already in distribution by the name of The Draconus Wars. it's a dark fantasy novel, as that's my main subgenre. however, I always like to break the mold with new ideas and concepts.

I thank you all for being patient with me as I continue with my journey as an author.

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